Part 2 Two Christian satanic ritual abuse survivors speak out (video & transcript)

Powerful inside information on the hybrid program, ‘UFOs’ & ‘aliens’, Area 52, manmade crafts, the ‘Disclosure Event’, AI, transhumanism, Luciferians and hybrids in church, underground bunkers, Nephilim ‘as in the days of Noah’, and lots more.
January 16, 2024


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Part 1  Two Christian satanic ritual abuse survivors speak out (video & transcript)


1/11/2020  Doug Riggs Second Interview with ‘Joshua Collins’ (USA) & ‘Joe’ (S. Africa)

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Two Christian Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivors Speak Out… AGAIN

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Doug: It’s a privilege again to have Joe in South Africa and Joshua Collins here in the States, who are both overcomers of generational satanic ritual abuse and trauma-based mind control. We met some months ago, and this is part two. I’ve been visiting with both of these men. They feel strongly that the Lord is directing them to share some important issues that involve both your history, actually. So this is going to be very important for the Body of Christ, pastors, counselors, and those who are not only working with generational SRA/DID…. but those who come out of that history, it may be important for them to be able to receive that which the Lord has got on His heart of mind for this time.
You can’t even talk about it in churches because the church has been so dumbed down. Pastors are not equipped. Christian counselors, there were not enough to minister to people like you, Joe and Joshua.

Joe: I’ll just share what the Lord has been doing in my life lately. The word that I want to share is John 1, verse 5. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness cannot overcome it. This verse is being very encouraging in my whole life because even if you go to church, it’s almost like they go like ‘there is no darkness’, and yet, in my life, I have experienced severe darkness! I have used this Scripture, and have trusted in the Scripture, knowing that in 1 John 3:8, the Word says: For this reason the Son of God appeared, to destroy the works of the devil. Now why would that Scripture be there, if there is no darkness and if there are no works of the devil? Joshua and I testified that we have first-hand experience of the deepest depths of the darkness, and we have experienced the light also. The reason Christ came is to give us salvation, to die for our sins! He also came to destroy the works of the devil, it says in the Word. My experience being in the church, trying my best to become part of the church, I see the darkness inside the church. I see the instruments of satan resisting the light!
Joshua and I experience Christ to such intimacy! And sometimes we asked, Why did these things happen to us? I don’t even ask why anymore! I just say, Thank You, Lord, because I can experience the depths of Christ, and His resurrection, and His life to such intimacy! I feel sorry for the church, because they miss it. I wish they would wake up. And it’s possibly too late soon if they don’t wake up and they don’t preach the whole Word of God.
The second thing that the Lord has been doing in my life…. Philippians 3, verse 10: that I may know Him and the fellowship of His suffering, by being continually conformed to His death. Now I’ve read these Scriptures also in Romans 6, verses 5 to 7, about how we become one [united] with His death…. I start to understand what Christ did for me much more.
Not too long ago, I saw Jesus being shocked in my place. I saw Him. Because of the trauma they did to us, I saw Him shocked with electric shocks. When you get these memories back, even now, it’s actually very traumatic. Your brain remembers. When I saw that Christ was being shocked in my place, I also saw Jesus on the cross, getting a seizure in my place. It is almost like I was released and delivered from all that trauma, and seizures! So this is the second thing that the Lord is doing in my life.
The third thing that the Lord is working in my life is of course about what satan did in my life. From being a small boy, satan unified me with the antichrist. And whether it was the proxy antichrist or one of the false Jesuses…. as the world becomes more evil with the antichrist and his birthday on Christmas, Christmases became more and more traumatic for me, as I was pulled into the rituals that were held. Until the Lord started dealing with me, Christmas was the worst time of the year for me. Because I just got called in. One of my personalities always was called, and I experienced what happened in the rituals. As the Lord continues to deal with me, and I unify myself with the death of Christ, I find that what Jesus did for me on the cross is more powerful than even satan’s work, regardless of what his plans were for me. Even if he did succeed with me as a boy and as he continued, the Lord is weaponizing me now. And whatever stronghold satan had in my life, the Lord is turning that stronghold into His weapons, so that I can now be used for the Kingdom. That is the victory of Christ! There’s nothing that the darkness can do that can overcome the light!
So regardless of what satan did to us, and what those evil people like Mengele did to us, the light is stronger and the Word is true!
How is it that we have experienced this, and we sit in the church, and we dare not share this? Because they cannot deal with it. It is too much for them. And that to me is very sad, because when Jesus himself said, If those times were not shortened, even My elect will fall away. It will be so evil; it’s not gonna get better, it’s gonna get worse and worse! If the church doesn’t wake up soon, I don’t foresee good times for them. So I want to just encourage them: Preach the whole Word to everyone, so they will know.

Joshua: When you were speaking, Joe, I can relate to everything that you shared. A lot of what I have realized has come out of that experience as a new Christian…. Feeling excited and really revved up, God is speaking to me every day, and telling me, showing me in His Word connections in the Old Testament, between idolatry and my memories that I was experiencing over the last 14 months, and being excited to share those insights with the Body of Christ, sending out messages, and kind of not really getting a response, inviting people to breakfast, and telling them a little bit of my experience. And then kind of this wall of silence goes up, and they just don’t even know how to respond! So this has all been very real and a very recent experience for me.
The church is really in a position of being upside down, because from God’s perspective, this is the central narrative of the entire Bible. From Genesis through Revelation, there has been this push and pull between the treachery of God’s chosen people. It has been this constant spiritual war over worship between God and satan. The church is in an identical position to the people of God as they were journeying out of Egypt. In the midst of this contemporary church, we hear a lot about not focusing too much on the devil, not giving the devil too much credit, etc. And what we don’t realize is, we are staring right at him [satan, the devil]! We just don’t recognize him. Because where our gaze is focussed: we have set our gaze on Egypt. And it’s like the people coming out of Egypt! In Numbers 11 they say, Who will give us meat to eat for it was well with us in Egypt. There’s this constant kind of complaining and grumbling, because they’re looking at Egypt. That’s what their comfort level is!

Doug: Egypt is a symbol for the world system that is ruled by satan, which under the type would be Pharao. If the Christian is caught up in the world system, then that’s exactly what you’re talking about!

Joshua: Yes exactly, Doug. We have set our gaze on the world; we are married to the world, in a sense of the Laodicean Church as well. Jesus is crystal clear, whether we like it or not, whether we understand the reason for it or not, the world is the devil’s kingdom! Satan is its king, though be it temporarily. Jesus described him as the god of this world. He tells us that we cannot serve two masters.

Joe: I was just thinking of what I experienced in the different churches that I have tried to join. And praise the Lord that the Catholic Church that I am in [now]…. though they are very careful of approaching me; they sense that I have abilities that they don’t understand. But yet, they accept me as long as I don’t cause any trouble.

Doug: Can you define ‘trouble’ please?

Joe: Well, the trouble is that I can pick up the activities of the Luciferians in the church. I know who they are. I know the pastors are Luciferians. I know who the worship leaders are, who are serving both Lucifer and Jesus, and they might not know this…. which means they are SRA themselves. They have just not come to a point, where they protect their personality. It’s just too strong. So I can sense these things. I know who they are. And when they are active I can pray the Word, and I can do warfare, so that the Christian part [alter] takes over if I’m present. I don’t know if they just sense that I am just different. They stay away from me, even if I stay after church! Sometimes, I’ve seen some presence of the Lord. And when they need to clean up sometimes, they just don’t clean up where I am. They wait till I leave.

Doug: This is too important for us to leave this this way! You were weaponized; both of you were programmed by Mengele, and you were born into a generational family, this part of the whole Hitler agenda, to bring in Übermensch and all that stuff. You were weaponized through the abuse by satan. So it’s who you are: as a weapon comes into wholeness, in more unification, and the Lord can fill in these places that were once very compartmentalized and separated through trauma. It sounds to me that, who you were created by satan to be a weapon, God now, in the anointing of Jesus Christ, you’re not only His weapon, but you in the midst of the church, or where they have people who are SRA/DID in leadership, you are able to see them. You’re able to discern them! And that could be a threat to anyone in authority, who has this background but may not even know it. So what I’m saying is that what you’ve gone through, God has allowed this for His ultimate glory. So to be His weapon in the middle of the church can actually cause a disturbance!

Joe: Yes, I know that if the Lord gives me a mandate I need to stay humble, because it’s the Lord’s work in my life, and it’s by His grace…. But if I see there’s a handler, there’s a pastor that would like to be my handler, then I do warfare against him. And the Lord’s used me to take them out. I’m sorry, I have survived this far. I’m not going to quit now. So just like before, as we were charged up by satan to make portals in the church, – and it would cause great damage to the church – we are now justified in Christ and the Holy Spirit, and weaponized by God to actually cleanse the Church of the infiltration of darkness! Because we have the abilities to do this. I just trust the Lord, and hope, – because I’m not going anywhere; I’m staying in this church – that they will see our value, and that they will use us. There are so many SRAs outside, that the Lord wants to save! Many of them are seeking the Lord and want help. Where will they go? Well, I’m ready! I can help them, but I want to help them inside the church. I’m willing to submit to the church, and the godly leaders. I can help them because they don’t have the knowledge. I can help them because I have the knowledge and the experience, but I need to be accepted and they need to be willing to accept me for who I am. That will be a huge step for them! That’s a prayer, that’s a hope.

Joshua: I can relate to that so much! Your hope is that they would see our value, right? What is our value? Well, our value is that we have gone face-to-face with the devil. We understand the nature, the mechanisms of his trickery, of his cruelty, of his deceit. We understand much better than many! SRA survivors are not the only ones who are in this position. I think I actually feel like we would have more in common with maybe someone who has had say from China or Iran or Nigeria, or Christians, who are being killed or imprisoned, where there has been a very clear cost that has had to be counted for that person in following Jesus Christ. Brutal costs, for not just them, but for their families often!
The encouragement is, in my local church God is working. I’ve actually been for a year now kind of gently pushing to be allowed to give my testimony. It’s just a couple weeks ago that I was just sitting in church on Sunday, and the lead pastor’s wife just out of the blue, I was totally unprepared for it – just a church of about 300 people on a Sunday – kind of brought attention to me and held me up, and then her husband got up and corroborated, and basically made an announcement that I would be giving my testimony soon. He talked to the church, and he said something like, If you knew what this brother has experienced in life, your jaw would drop to the floor, something of that nature. And just validating! I thanked him so much for it afterward, because it was just a kind of a validation. Even if that was all that was ever said, that for me would be a validation! So this opportunity has been opened.
I’ve been working really hard and praying about, What do I want to share? Doug, you’ve given me a lot of really helpful guidance about that.
Keep trying! Don’t give up, keep opening your mouths! One Scripture God led me to…. this is really how He healed me, as He would lead me to Scriptures, each day along the way of my journey. He knew exactly what I needed to hear and understand at each time and at each stage. One of them was that He told me I was going to be eyes for the Body, because I knew the routes of the desert.
One thing I understand about satan is that he is absolutely through and through a deceiver. Jesus tells us that. He is the father of lies; when he lies he speaks his native language. Jesus warns us in Matthew 24 four times to be careful, that we are not deceived. Revelation 18 tells us that the whole world at the end will have been deceived, and by what? By the sorcery of Babylon. So satan is really essentially a magician or a sorcerer. And that deception is a deception of the heart. It’s also of the mind, but it’s really of the heart. In Deuteronomy 11 God says, Take heed to yourself, lest your heart be deceived and you turn aside and serve other gods and worship them. And worship equals to obey them. So even though churches may not be erecting Baphomet statues on their altars, and bowing down to them, we are worshiping and serving other gods inadvertently, because we’re obeying the world, we are obeying the standards, norms, rules, and morals of the world, which is satan’s kingdom.
I attended an event for the youth ministry about future career. They were going to be around technology. They were emphasizing AI, and how it’s really not even the future anymore; it’s the present. They showed a video of an AI robot carrying on a conversation with a human…. And there was no talk whatsoever of the real spiritual context of this thing, that these kids were googling over. There was no discussion about transhumanism, where they push towards Artificial Intelligence is coming out of. That’s what drives all of this, pushed toward the singularity and AI. There was no understanding of how transhumanism is represented, one of the primary pushes of the Luciferian agenda over the last century, in the context of this final generation. There was no understanding that this fascinating seductive technology is actually an abomination before God, because it represents the culmination of Lucifer’s attempt to usurp the Throne of God!
Now, Lucifer can be the ‘creator’ too, because God breathes His breath of life into each human soul. And Lucifer (Isaiah 14) has vowed to ascend into the position of God. And Lucifer, I’d speculate, he probably understands that he can’t really accomplish that in actuality, but can he accomplish that at human beings hearts? And so all these young boys, teenagers, sitting around staring at this AI robot in total fascination and awe, thinking of future careers they’re gonna have, and how much money they’re gonna make, and how amazing this technology is…. Where is their heart? Their heart is completely  captivated and fascinated by something that they don’t even understand, because these adult men who are supposed to be training them, in the way that they should go, don’t even understand the context of this. So the worship of satan in a sense in that scenario within the church, because of our blindness, because of our vulnerability that comes out of that, satan temporarily wins, right? He has won in that situation, the competition for being worshipped with God, because he has blinded the hearts. He has deceived the hearts!
I feel very strongly that as survivors, we can give very real insight into these things! The admonition from Jesus that even God’s elect, if that were possible, would be deceived…. that’s serious stuff! This is really the final test of the church that we see coming in. The wheat will be separated from the tares. A litmus test in a sense for churchgoers is, how do we respond, how do people respond to the testimony of someone like us? How do we respond to the testimony that testifies to the darkness, that acknowledges the reality of the darkness, that discusses the severity of that darkness and of that evil?
What it really comes down to is that satan a long time ago planted a seed of deception within the church that has grown and grown into this vast weed. This weed is this false idea about God. The church misunderstands the world that we live in, it misunderstands God. Really, the primary lie of the devil has been, ‘Just focus on Jesus, people; don’t talk about the devil, don’t talk about evil, don’t talk about suffering; we don’t want to go there!’ So because of that lie of satan, it’s taboo to talk about evil, particularly in its radical very real forms, like SRA.
When it’s taboo even to talk about suffering…. Well, God knew I needed to understand suffering to be able to reconcile. I hated God, I blamed God, because that’s what I was taught and programmed to do! That was the trick of my ritual abuse! God needed to take me through His Word every day, of understanding suffering, understanding the work of the cross, understanding the world that we live in, and why He even had to come to defeat the works of the devil.
The church doesn’t understand really the work of the cross. We don’t understand the reason for God needing to insert himself into the world and human flesh, and to suffer in our place! Because we don’t understand evil, suffering, and the purpose of it either.

Doug: The primary work of the enemy is deception. Since satan is not omnipotent and omnipresent he has to use deception, his cloaking of his person and his works. 1 Joh 5:19 says, The whole world lies in the sphere of the evil one. He is the prince of the power of the air, the lower atmosphere. He creates atmospheres.
He uses divination, he uses an occult power to bring deception. He was serpentine in his very nature. The Bible has a lot to say about satan. Jesus referred to satan three times as the prince, the ruler of this world! Paul mentions in 2 Corinthians 2:11, referring to the devil: We are not ignorant of his carefully thought-out plans or his methods, in Ephesians 6, his carefully calculated methodical strategies against the Church of God. If we are ignorant of that we are vulnerable.

Joe: Joshua was talking about being watchmen for the church. I have found that God always encourages me to show me my value, even if the church doesn’t see it! He tells me what’s going to happen. He often gives me prophecies inside my heart to show me what’s going to happen, how He’s going to use me. And one way I know He is going to use me is to be a watchman for the church.
From my background, I know there are certain things coming, and the Word says that also. It says, ‘As in the days of Noah’ [when there were hybrids on the earth, offspring of fallen angels with human beings], so it will be in the day of the Return of the Son of Man (Matthew 24).
I have experienced a big part of my first twelve years [of my life] with hybrids. They are not human, and they are not fallen angels. In my first year of my healing process, I really had a very clear memory of them, but I could not describe them. In fact, the Lord of the Rings helped me a lot, because I saw all those things in the Lord of the Rings! They look exactly like those, those orcs [or orks] and those things; they look exactly like that. And nobody could tell me who they were. What were these things in my memories? In fact, I was visited by some, so I knew I didn’t make this up because the memories came from the same place as all my other memories!
I’m very much an analyst; I don’t believe myself when things come up. I test it in as many possible ways. I would check it out, and always trust the Lord for confirmation. And I have all these memories of all these strange beings that I have encounters with! So more and more, I have even had encounters with them in malls. So where I go, I seem to have the ability to pick up these hybrids. I can sense them, even if I go to a game park in South Africa. They seem to be able to send out waves through their mind and my mind. Because of all the trauma, they have also programmed me, I can sense their waves that they’re sending out! I could pick it up. They are used to put me in seizure all the time, but they can’t anymore.
If they are in a church, I could sense them there and I could walk to them! I’m in that sense a great threat to them also.
I know what a few preachers [true or false teacher is the question here] that have been talking about what happens, when this so-called ‘alien invasion’ is coming. Because I sense them, even if I drive through South Africa. I know where the underground bunkers or places are where they breed them. And I have another main piece of Antarctica that I’m not going to talk about now, where I have been taken. I can even sense them in Pretoria where they are. They’ve been in my church, sat next to me to threaten me.
My question is when they come – and this is going to happen because the Lord says it’s going to happen in Matthew 24 [‘as in the days of Noah’]…. How is the church going to deal with this? They are not going to believe this! And yet I said it, and I have all these memories about it! In fact, they have come to threaten me where I live, and I see them many times in my daily life.
Me and my wife went to this revival meeting that my cousin wanted to take us. I told him, There’s a hybrid here. And he didn’t believe us. I said, I’m going to show you…. I’ll walk to him right now. So we went there and this giant guy was just standing there and just worshiping. He was praying in a kind of tongue. We stood right behind him. He was like almost double my size. All those Christians didn’t pick him up. I’m amazed! We all stood there watching him and it amazed me. He was in the revival meeting! So what happens when they start coming into the church?
I know many leaders and preachers who are talking about this, and it has been confirmed what I already know. I knew this before they were talking about [the so-called] ‘the coming disclosure’.

Doug: By the way, the [Masonic] History Channel, when they refer to these as ‘aliens’, that’s a misnomer. None of these creatures are from out of space. They’re all born and bred right here on earth underground! So it’s all part of the deception to make you believe that these are ancient aliens, coming back to save us, and all that kind of thing! As it was in the days of Noah…. and Genesis 6:1-2. So it’s happening now. For those who are not Christians of course this is going to sound like science fiction, so they can go turn it off and go ahead, and watch science fiction movies, if they want. But you, guys, are the real deal.

[Note that in this interview Russ Dizdar is mentioned again, who played both sides, which Doug was unaware of. The same applies to Steve Quayle, the late Tom Horn, and L.A. Marzulli, Professor PhD Dr. David M. Jacobs, etc.]

Joe: I believe the Lord clearly instructs me that I need to stay put in the church for the sake of His  children. I feel very passionate about this and I almost weep inside, but I also feel like a warrior. I used to hate the Christians; the Lord has dealt with that in me, because it was in a Christian church where I was sacrificed to satan so many times. Now I love the Body of Christ and I love His children that are set free by Christ, even though they might be dumbed down, or whatever. They are God’s children, and He loves them!
If those hybrids start coming in – they really come into our church – I chase them out, believe me! There might be a time when somebody walks in and there will be a worldwide ‘disclosure’, I’m sorry, I’m gonna go tell the pastor I need to speak to the church. If the church is so overwhelmed by what’s happening, I’m just going to tell, You need to give me the pulpit, because I can just help the Body of Christ, I can testify exactly what my history was, what happened, who they are, and I have so many encounters with them, so many memories that are real. The Lord does not want them to fall away.

Doug: You’ve shared with me before, Joe, regarding spiritual encounters of principalities and powers over churches, and being called into battle, doing warfare against these entities that take on human form, in terms of hybrid. You have actually been led by the Lord to engage in battle. Maybe you could just give us a little summarization of what happens, when you engage…. You go into a bunker and hide, like Saul’s troops? Or like David; he runs out to the battle line, and charges this hybrid Goliath, and engages him? What are your thoughts about engaging darkness that is not seen, that you’ve seen influencing the church, as well as who the enemy is now in its hybridized form?

Joe: What I encounter, for example, I believe Caton [New York] is one of the strongholds. When my family went on a holiday there, we as a family pray together every evening. So we just prayed for whatever the next day, we want to go see the wine roads, and this…. and immediately, I just went into spiritual warfare, which I didn’t mean to do. But I couldn’t stop myself; I already picked them up! They had picked me up already as I arrived! You might say it’s spiritual, but I think that they physically come. You can call it a UFO; I just call them …ships. They come in very high advanced technology, sometimes that I find is biologically connected to them, because there was one that attacked me. They want to take you out, I mean, by killing you! So then it seems that, because I was programmed in my third assassin by one of these guys, in a horrific way that I’m not going to talk about now, and shocked and raped…. So hybrids created my third assassin. God turned this around and He made this assassin His assassin. And this assassin is to take out these hybrids. So whatever they did to me, God has turned it around. And somehow I now have the ability to fry their brains. So I go in warfare and I pray the Word and are praying in the Spirit, and I fry their brains. And then, what I did is I also adapted the ship, because I sensed the ship was alive! Then the Lord said immediately to me, Stop! So I stopped because I was engaging in something that it’s not appropriate.
Many say that there are no female hybrids, but I have encountered the leader hybrid of South Africa, that met with top leaders of the world. I’m not going to give names now, but that female hybrid was sitting in the slumps of Table Mountain [Kape Town, South Africa]. So there are top leaders that went to South Africa. I’m not going to give names, but they went to meet with her. I engaged her, and as soon as I engaged her, they did everything they could. But for some reason, I haven’t picked up any underground bunkers under Table Mountain. So I engaged her because I was going to take her out. There were so many of them to protect her that they managed to take her away, so that I couldn’t take her out. She was the top one in charge of South Africa!

Doug: The whole ‘UFO phenomena’, which is all over the world, all these ‘abductions’…. Anybody who looks up TR-3B, these triangular crafts, are part of the Aurora Project black ops [Black Projects]. These crafts can go anywhere in the world in 15 minutes. This is science, I mean, this is not some fallen angel coming in out of other dimensions. These are real crafts [made by humans]. The whole presentation to culture is that these are ‘from other galaxies’. They’re not! They’re actually manufactured in Area 51, China Lake, Dulce…. different places. They’re made here, but what are they for? It’s part of the coming deception and ‘disclosure’. And you’re not going to pray them away; they have physicality.
Now, what’s really important is, I watched a documentary years ago. David Adair had access to Area 51, and there are levels below that. I have had survivors described it: below Area 51 is Area 52, it’s the nephilim and all this. I mean, I’ve had survivors who had actually been taken to these places! They are all over the world, where they have this hybridization thing going on underground! David Adair said this…. and he’s a brilliant scientist and not a Christian [a Freemason or CON perhaps?]. They always used the terminology of ‘aliens’. When he was in Area 51 in a very classified area, there was one of these crafts that are used. People have been ferried all over the world to rituals in these things! It can be anywhere in the world in 15 minutes! They go straight up out in space, and come down. They have been cloaked; the military has cloaking technology, so it absorbs the background, and all you see is the background. You don’t actually see these crafts. David Adair said that when he put his hand on this craft, he said it was like it was living.
In the Bible, if you look at Isaiah 66:15, when Jesus returns, He comes with chariots. These chariots, in Ezekiel, chapter one, are Thrown chariots. These are interfaced with the beings of God. These living beings, the Cherubim with the wheels. The Throne chariots are symbiotically connected and an extension of the living beings, and it’s the Throne chariot of Yahweh.
Well, satan has replicated the same thing. So when a ‘UFO’ as they were called is present, these hybrid creatures, that are piloting them, are symbiotically bonded and connected with these crafts that are physical, but they’re also biological. And where these crafts are – and all hybrids are an extension of satan and his throne, so satan is not omniscient – he can replicate his presence through these hybrids, and the symbiotic bond with these crafts. [Note that this a theory of Doug Riggs himself, influenced by controlled opposition media, so it might be true, but it might also very well be mixed with some lies.]
I don’t think we’ve ever got into this, his name is Hans Kammler, who was the head of the secret works in Nazi Germany. He disappeared after World War II. He was in charge of the antigravity crafts that were developed in Nazi Germany. It’s evolved to where it is today. He was the top advisor, and when the American troops were coming in, all those who were under him were assassinated! Because they did not want the United States or the Soviets to have the secrets! They developed, they got the technology from fallen angels to actually do this. So all of this has been very hidden, but it’s a part of the last day’s satanic strategy to deceive mankind! And the whole generational SRA/DID is a part of this. Because the [human] women have been selected to be templated, to be able to conceive hybrids, as a part of the last days phenomenon.

Joshua: We are totally dependent on Christ; we’re not some kind of superheroes.
God says, My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. The church and the world are utterly unprepared, I believe.
You see a lot of Luciferian propaganda that gets just dumped like toxic chemicals into the stream of the culture in these days! You take a look at a show like ‘Black Mirror’ [British television series], which was on Netflix. I watched a few of those episodes a couple of years ago, when I was still watching television, prior to finding Christ. It’s a science fiction type of show but very real and very current in terms of some of the projections, of how some technologies will have an impact on society in the near future. One of the episodes dealt with a social credit system. The plot of the show was based on the inherent vulnerabilities built into a kind of Facebook-based social credit system, where this character, every time she would interact with someone, she was getting a ding if she didn’t smile and didn’t perfectly act in the way that you are expected to. You could get a negative review or a positive review. Eventually, people were getting into situations in the show, where they couldn’t get a job. They couldn’t get an apartment. They could live because they’ve gotten so many dings on their social credit. And that was about a year prior to when just recently, in 2019, China actually rolled out exactly this system! It’s in place, I think, either now, or it’s being ramped up and put in place. So these things that seem like science fiction are really announcements pre-emptively by the Luciferian Fourth Kingdom! It’s this externalization of the hierarchy concept. They love to put these concepts right in our faces, and then sit back and have a good chuckle that we’re so dumb that we are not picking up on their little hints!
Another episode very interestingly of that same Black Mirror show was like a deep virtual reality technology, where people were literally kind of downloading their minds. Their bodies were still alive, but they were literally escaping into a completely artificial reality, being hooked up to machines, to be able to do this. It was kind of like the movie ‘The Matrix’. I think that this AI stuff is getting back to that as well. One wants ‘insight’ as the world moves headlong into all these technologies, incorporates them, and marries itself to them very innocently, so to speak.
I have a younger brother, who is really unconvinced caught up in this whole Luciferian system, probably at a fairly high level. He is a devout like a radical transhumanist, and he works for a robotics company in Germany at a high level as well. One thing he said to me was that he can’t wait for artificial intelligence to take over the world, so that ‘all these stupid religious people like me….’
The scenario he envisioned is so whacked out and bizarre! I think it’s actually very close to being implementable, as that black mirror episode disclosed to us. He envisioned the world, he said. He couldn’t wait for a world in which artificial intelligence literally regulated all of humanity. It would allow us ‘stupid religious people’ to kind of escape and to have our little religious fantasies and live in some kind of virtual reality, monitored and controlled by the AI, which would allow us to ‘go to church, and do whatever we like’. He was very adamant about it. This was going to become a reality sometime soon, and he couldn’t wait for it! Now, this is from someone who is brilliant, who is a scientist, who works for a major, massive international robotics company, doing this stuff, implementing these technologies across the world at a very high level, and has been doing so for years!
These are just some other examples to flash out this topic, of what do these vulnerabilities look like for the church. And what do they look like for the world, as we plummet headlong into the time of Jacob’s trouble?
We probably won’t be here. That moment [the Rapture] could come relatively soon.
My heart and my concern, my love, is for the people, many of whom are sitting in pews with me every Sunday now, who probably will still be here, I’m guessing. That’s a speculation, based on what Jesus says: Not everyone who comes to Me and says, Lord, Lord! To many He will have to say, I never knew you!
And I have family members, loved ones, who are not saved at all, and for sure will be left behind.
A very direct hint from Jesus is, He is sending the listener towards the testimony of the survivors’ satanic ritual abuse. He is 2,000 years ahead of time, nearly, steering the future reader towards a particular conclusion, through a kind of linguistic hinting, a multi-layered linguistic encoded message. And this is absolutely one of the things I just love about God! It’s a bottomless depth to His intelligence and layers of meaning, and applicability, when you really read. And that’s the mechanism whereby God’s Word is a Living Word! The words themselves are just black and white symbols on a page, but the layers of embedded logos meaning, that can be communicated selectively to the individual reader on an active basis, through this interaction with the Word, that’s where the real beauty of the Bible comes to life!
That’s just a little side note about that. So if God is counseling the current Laodicean Church to purchase gold…. we do have something to offer, and we have something that is gold. These kinds of things are incredibly valuable. We have a perspective that was hard-won. It’s like the perspective of someone who has returned from war, and has seen all kinds of horrific things, and understands the tactics of the enemy. That’s valuable information! If you’re an intelligence agency of a major government, you would covet that information! If you had someone, who had spent time behind enemy lines in a prison or war camp in World War II, and they somehow make it out and come back, and have all of this information to report, the general, who they might be speaking to, whoever it might be, would treat that information – if they had any sense – as incredibly valuable, because that’s really how wars are won!

Doug: It would be gold.

Joshua: And I see it as a responsibility for myself that I’m honored to be able to hopefully do an okay job with. I pray every day that God will use me in whatever way He wants. We will just see how that unfolds.
People have a free will choice! And Jesus tells us most people will not look for it [gold]. He warns us that the world will hate us. But I am hopeful and I’m just trusting God that He will use this information that was shared today, and He will use our life experiences to touch the people who He knows, to be informed and touched by.

Doug: I think what you’ve shared, both of you, is so cutting-edge, and I’ve been doing this work for over 30 years, almost 35 years. I’ve never ever had an interview like this in my entire life. This is pure gold, and it’s going to get out there. So we need to pray into this that people have ears to hear. Those that say they’re on the cutting edge of this, this would be creme de la crème. I mean, this would top anything I’ve ever heard in the last two Legends conferences. You, guys, are insiders. This is not theory! You’re not talking about what happened to the Holocaust survivors [for example], you’ve come out in the powerful name of Jesus Christ! That’s where the power is going to be. You can have information, but where is the power of a living testimony?
You two, and others I worked with, are representing a living testimony as a ‘Holocaust’ survivor,  and everything that happened in the Holocaust happened to you, and worse!
But as little children, the only way you could survive is to split and compartmentalize in those histories. And it had to be unpacked incrementally, in order for your lives to begin to come back together. And so I praise the Lord for the work in both of you. I pray He will use this mightily!

Joe: We have been talking about the church not being awake, but you know, there are many believers who are awake. I want to thank my wife, and I thank Doug and Lori, those who have not given up on us, those who believe what we said now. I want to thank all those friends that I have who believe me, because for survivors that is so crucial. And I want to thank the ministries that believed me, even though they were rejected by the church. They’ve counted the cost.

Doug: So until the next time. The Lord’s blessing and protection. We commit these testimonies to You, Lord, and that You would multiply this bread, this massive feast, and revelation of the last days, leading up to Your Coming. So help us to walk faithfully and to be true to You. May You encourage a remnant that You are forming, that are coming out of darkness into Your marvelous light. And so we thank You and bless You, Lord, for Your faithfulness and all that You have done and been doing in Joshua and his family, and in Joe and his family, that blessing will come upon this, and special blessing and encouragement to those that are SRA/DID, that are still working to and coming out of the darkness, in Jesus name!



Doug Riggs

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