About Carolyn Hamlett: A short bio

She told her story to expose the lies and tactics of the enemy, and to point people to the One who she knew is, in fact, The Way, The Truth, and The Life, and the One she owed her life to. 

February 10, 2024



Our most important work was bringing in Satan’s most powerful warriors for his end-time plan!

I am a former Illuminist, born and raised in the Luciferian organization that is responsible for implementing ‘The Plan’ for the New World Order. I was used throughout my life in various capacities and departments in this Plan, which yielded to me a wide range of experiences, making me privy to information that most people do not know of or about.

‘The Plan’ for the NWO is a plan authored by Lucifer, who is Satan, and it speaks to the carefully designed schemes of the enemy (Satan) to lead all of humanity into deception. This is being accomplished by bringing all religions into one New-Age, Luciferian (Satanic) ‘spirituality’, whereby people are open to the supernatural and to Satan’s influence, allowing the demonic to have full access to people. He does this by using his infiltrators, both conscious and unconscious, to spread this universal ‘spirituality’ in many different ways and in every culture and religion throughout the world.
This is in preparation for setting up Lucifer’s chosen one – his ‘Christ’ – as global ruler, eventually leading to the appearance of the final antichrist.

For over thirty years now, I have spoken out against this Plan through television, radio, Internet podcasts, Internet forums, and on my former website, ‘Beyond The Physical Realm’. I have written articles detailing The Plan and The Organization.

My story covers a broad range of information, including my family’s part in the founding of the United States, as well as their allegiance to a hidden agenda that has been silently supported from generation to generation. Their allegiance was to Lucifer, who is Satan, and to his hidden agenda to implement The Plan for the New World Order, setting in place ‘the Christ’ – Lucifer’s ‘chosen one’ – as global ruler. Luciferians around the world have been tirelessly and incrementally working to tear down Christian values for many generations now, and will be bringing strife, war, famine, and chaos, so they can offer their solution for a so-called ‘global peace’, which will be a false peace. I now stand against this agenda, and do what I can to expose it and that which is behind it. The information I share is part of my ongoing testimony of the power of Jesus Christ to deliver us from the powers of darkness and to bring healing and restoration to the wounded and broken. I tell my story to expose the lies and tactics of the enemy, and to point people to the One who I know is, in fact, The Way, The Truth, and The Life, and the One I owe my life to – my Savior, Jesus Christ.


My childhood

I have been a serious person most of my life, evidenced by the many people throughout my life who have told me to ‘lighten up’. They always said I was way too serious, but I have always felt the burden of knowing to a large degree what the future held, so my response was always: “Life is serious business”.

Like all those in The Organization, I lived a double-life.

First and foremost, I had a life that was in service to The Plan. Part of this involved satanic rituals, as well as programming and being trained to be used in assignments that were out of the body, as well as assignments in the physical.

However, the cover story of my life was that I was an average girl with average to lower-than-average intelligence. This cover life, which didn’t allow me to appear very bright, was the purposeful creation of The Organization who used this to their advantage. Since no one thought I was a threat or smart enough to understand what was going on, I was schooled to use this façade to gather information.
In a way, I was used to such dismissive treatment, as my appearance and demeanor were the useful cover-up of my life when I worked for The Plan. No one outside of The Plan suspected anything of me or expected much out of me in the way of intelligence. Even my school performance, IQ tests, achievement tests, and grades were barely average, and often in the ‘special needs’ category.

My mother was the only family member I had who actually knew that my appearance was a cover for my work in The Plan.

She used to console me, when the pain of rejection and the ridicule of others was more than I could handle. The fact that she knew I wasn’t stupid helped take the edge off. She would hug me and remind me that all of us working The Plan had a ‘cross to bear’, and that each of us at times felt the same loneliness that I did. My mother would remind me of how important each of us was to the working of The Plan, and that humanity would benefit by our silent sacrifices to do our part. She would tell me how special I really was, that God knew who I really was and what I was capable of, and that was what mattered.

My mother was right about the God part, but she was wrong about The Plan working to help humanity.

I do think that my mother died knowing the truth that I know now – that The Plan is not the plan of God the Righteous Creator of the universe, but is actually the plan of the fallen angel, Lucifer, who is also the being known as Satan. I have no doubt that if my mother had not died so young, that she would have been one of the early whistleblowers working to expose this global conspiracy called ‘The Plan’. Perhaps she and I would have worked together on the effort. I can only wonder.

Throughout my developmental years, my life continued to be under the direction of Satan’s Spiritual Hierarchy who had very specific plans for my life. They instructed my mother on how to raise me according to the course the spiritual hierarchy had set for my life. My mother also had two physical members of Lucis Trust (formerly Lucifer Trust) and Lucis Publishing Company, who acted as overseers. Sadly, the things I loved most — music, the arts, and science — I was discouraged in. The exception was competitive swimming, which soon became a large part of my childhood. Looking back, I realize there were several reasons for this activity being encouraged. Not only did swimming keep me in good physical shape for the assignments and projects I was assigned to or used in, but I also learned discipline and how to ignore pain. In addition, the travel required for those meets were all around the state of Florida, giving the programmers easy access to me. All the travel easily facilitated the programming and testing I was going through, especially during those long summer months. So from the time I was seven until I was fourteen, I was used in this way.

After I was fourteen, I stopped competitive swimming, but I was still going through programming and training. They simply were not accessing me through swimming meets any longer.


Changes and transitions

When I was seventeen, my mother died.

A year later, at eighteen years old, I got my own apartment and stopped working directly with the spiritual hierarchy on astral assignments, although they continued to direct the path of my life. They contracted me out to a specific group of people who had been assigned by the spiritual hierarchy to not only protect me, but to use me for their own purposes and projects. Because I had my own apartment, I was easily accessible for programming, training, and to be sent on physical assignments at nights, on weekends, and on my days off. Between going to work and going to school, I had very few ‘days off’ from this programming, training, and assignments, and I slept whenever I had a chance, often falling asleep while I was out with my friends.

At twenty-two years old, I married a young man from the midwest and moved there, which marked the beginning of the next section of my life. Since my life belonged to The Plan, this relationship and marriage was another orchestrated event of my life. This doesn’t mean we weren’t in love, however. We were very much in love, and although, sadly, our marriage didn’t last, we were both expecting it to, and were looking forward to sharing the rest of our lives together.

Soon after marriage and the move to the midwest, I was placed under the care of a new set of handlers and programmers. They encouraged me to join a specific modeling school and agency which was actually a cover for various assignments around the city and surrounding areas.



Then in 1979, the spiritual hierarchy contacted me and recruited me back into service to work directly with the same ascended masters who had been overseeing and directing my life since my birth. At that time, I believed the spiritual hierarchy and the ‘masters’ were in service to God. Years later I came to learn otherwise.

Once again, a large part of my days and nights were consumed with working in service to The Plan, which I believed was God’s plan to help humanity evolve spiritually. Since I had a heart for God, I served this plan with all my heart and soul. My assignments were in both the physical as well as in the astral. Most of the time, in the physical I worked alone, such as on assignments where I made personal visits to specific pastors, Catholic priests, and medical doctors to gather or deliver specific information and sometimes recruit them into working with the spiritual hierarchy. One group effort I was assigned to was to infiltrate a Christian church.

The majority of my duties took place in the astral, working alongside high-ranking ‘ascended masters’. Our most important work was bringing in Satan’s most powerful warriors for his end-time plan. This was the part of The Plan that I had been trained for my entire life, and it was during this project that I learned the truth about this Plan.


My Illumination

In the mid-80s, I was shown what all ‘Illumined Ones’ eventually come to know, and was shown by the top ‘ascended masters of the spiritual hierarchy’ that the ‘God’ of The Plan is actually Lucifer, not God at all! Furthermore, I was shown that Lucifer is the literal Satan of the Bible, and that Jesus Christ is literally who and what the Bible says He is. He really is the Savior, the Only Christ – the Chosen One of God the Creator of the universe – to redeem and save fallen humanity.

So why would I be shown this?

Why would Satan want me to know the truth? Because Lucifer/Satan’s most prized possessions are those who know the truth that Jesus is Savior, and who understand God’s real plan for mankind, but still choose to turn their backs on God and Jesus Christ, and wilfully serve Lucifer as Satan against God. Satan offered me a place of power and authority in the global order to come if I chose to wilfully serve him as my ‘God’, and turn my back on the real God and Jesus Christ.
I chose Jesus Christ, and I have never regretted a moment of my decision!


Serving the true God

In my 60 plus years of life, I have experienced and witnessed many fantastic and sensational things, and have knowledge of many sensational topics, and yet, the most extraordinary, incredible, sensational, and amazing of all (by far) is the saving and healing Power of Jesus Christ and God’s plan of salvation through Him, Jesus Christ. He Truly loves us!

There is Power in the Name of Jesus!

This is my testimony and will remain my testimony forever that:
‘Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.’ ~ The Apostle Peter (Acts 4:12)



In February 2023, Carolyn Hamlett died of cancer.



About Carolyn Hamlett: A Short Bio

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