PART 2: The creation of a hybrid son, the coming False Prophet

Yes, there’s the False Prophet and there’s the Antichrist, Satan’s offspring. Satan wants to delay the Rapture as much as possible because it’s going to be his undoing! Michelle, one of the last 12 women, prays for the people at the end.
April 6, 2024


The bride of Christ ought to prepare herself and hasten the Day of the Lord, which is preceded by the Return of our Lord Jesus Christ:

2 Peter 3:10-13

But the day of the Lord (7-year tribulation) will come like a thief, in which the heavens will pass away with a roar and the elements will be destroyed with intense heat, and the earth and its works will be burned up. Since all these things are to be destroyed in this way, what sort of people ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness, looking for and hastening the coming of the Day of God, because of which the heavens will be destroyed by burning, and the elements will melt with intense heat! But according to His promise we are looking for new heavens and a new earth, in which righteousness dwells.

And every day we get closer, and the Lord shows signs in the sky like special alignments and solar eclipses, indeed to make us people alert. I really hope and pray that it is true that people come to repentance because of that, and also partly because of our prayers. I don’t see that around me right now. And in my opinion, the time is now ripe for His coming; no special things need to happen yet, it seems to me.

2 Peter 3, verse 12 mentions: ‘hastening the coming of the Day of the Lord’, God’s judgement, Christ’s coming for His bride. How can we do this? By living holy lives, by helping to make the Gospel known to all nations (Matthew 24:14), so as to accomplish the number of the elect, and by praying ‘Your Kingdom come’.  (Compare 2 Timothy 4:8; Revelation 22:20)

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The creation of a hybrid son, the coming False Prophet


Transcript of headlines:

Michelle: Just to go back to the heart…. in my situation, the heart was only truly released, and the fullness of Christ could only really begin…. He was always there, but [first] the death was being peeled off. So I could now come into life, a greater life, and a greater fullness and understanding of this person within, which was huge. Because I could never, ever, experience Him as a person. He was always far off; He was somewhere. To get there, was that journey of sitting at His feet. I had to work through every Scripture. I cried out over the book of Jeremiah. I cried out over Messiah [Jesus]. I would take that Scripture, and pray it into my heart. This was me as the idolater versus who God created me to be.

It was in those moments that I gained Christ.

Doug Riggs: Yes, you’re gaining. I have to share something that’s pretty amazing. There was a point when you were coming into your Jewish identity at 18 years. It’s some pretty high-level messianic roots, messianic congregations, some pretty high-level people that you met, rabbis…. I mean, you were pretty entrenched in that. I call it the ‘shadow religion’. And I’ll never forget when I sent you an article by Mr. Sparks about who Christ is: [He] is the Sabbath rest of God.

When you saw that Jesus Christ indwelling me is the Sabbath rest of God, something happened….

You were celebrating shabbat, which you were very much involved in as a Christian. You weren’t sinning! It’s part of the shadow religion. That’s the book of Hebrews, and doing the shabbat, and all those things. But when you saw that Jesus Christ is God’s Sabbath rest in your heart, something happened! Whatever connection you had with your entire 18-year history in the Hebrew Roots (Messianic) Movement [HRM], there was some form of liberation.

What happened?

Michelle: Yeah, Doug, what happened was, you did give me that article. You had read to me Galatians, you had read Hebrews, we went through Romans…. But I recall going back to those Scriptures, and having read that, and realizing: wrapped up into that, was Christ as resurrection. The life was there, the rest [in Christ] was there…. Something snapped within me! It was like, I remember explaining it like cogs on a wheel. Suddenly they just came together, and I understood that I no longer needed to keep the [Jewish] festivals, that I no longer needed to do shabbat. In essence, what the Lord revealed to me was, if I chose to keep doing that, I was not really embracing the efficacy [effectiveness] of Christ in His death, resurrection, and ascension. In other words, He would not be enough for me. And He had completed it! He had gone through the cross [crucifixion].

Also, I embraced the law in its full capacity!

I had to go to that Scripture where God says, the law was good. It pointed me to Christ. But somehow, I was so stuck in the law, even though I was reading the new covenant [the New Testament], even though I had gone to churches. In all of that, He reached me with that understanding that basically I was saying, ‘You [Jesus] are not enough!’ And that hit me like a ton of bricks! So ‘what is the reason for me keeping the feasts? What is the reason for me keeping the shabbat?’ He is my Shabbat, He is my everything!

It feels like a relationship to me….

He is not ‘far off’ and: ‘I can’t reach Him’, because that was always the thought and the process. And thoughts like ‘I’ll never get there’…. that was the programming, you know?

The Jew and Gentile foundation

That entire structure, that entire biblical demise that the world finds itself in, is put into our structure as people. And Satan is able to build on that, and bring further division, further dissemination [diversion], further destruction, to the body and bride of Christ, and more delay in the release of the False Prophet and the Antichrist!

Doug: Now, Satan would want to do everything he can to bring this forward! Well, he knows, when that happens, then it’s too late. So he has to move towards this end, because he has no other option. But he wants to delay it as much as possible because it’s going to be his undoing.

Michelle: But he also wants to destroy as many Christians as he can in the process, and as many, many people as possible! The more humanity he can take with him, the more he flails [waves] his fist at God, the Father. That’s his demise! I mean, that’s his propaganda, that’s his driving force! If you think about every single looming (?) ritual, there is blood sacrifice on a mass scale. It’s horrendous, it’s an abomination, it’s beyond devastating! You know of all us ladies, the buckets of tears, the buckets of remorse, the buckets of pain…. It’s not even fathomable. And if I think that that on the humane level is what I have had to experience, then how much more is Christ experiencing?

Doug: There you go.
The deepest and most sacrosanct area that represents a domain that represents the body of Christ bonded with Satan, where he is actually lord over this portion of the body of Christ. He has hijacked it under his headship through incest, bestiality bonds, with a hybrid ‘christ’ and a hybrid ‘false prophet’.

Conceived by Satan himself

Michelle: And, Doug, it’s that bonding, that capacity to bond to your hybrid son…. And look, you’re having sex with Satan. That’s how your son is conceived. So you’re having sex with Satan. I’m talking on the level of 12. Definitely not some demonic force, not some incubus and succubus that’s perceived to be Satan. I’m talking Satan himself.

Doug: I believe, everybody [of the 12 women] reports that at this level.

Michelle: Yeah. Then what happens is, you give birth to his offspring. And we know there have been several false prophets, several antichrists, several Apollyons, to what’s left unto the very current one. That bond that you become, that humanity that gets taken into Satan, from that young incest bond…. I mean, you’re even digitally incested at birth already: birth, baby, brand new born baby. They don’t wait till you are 6 or 12 or 10. It’s right there at birth! And it continues throughout your life, because that is what they draw their power and the blood from. So that incest bond becomes a primary bond, which is really most of you! It’s the bonding capacity that you have with God, the Father, that has been hijacked.

Doug: And it’s the bonding capacity that God intended for you to have as a woman to be with one man; it has been hijacked!

Michelle: And it’s not hijacked at point of conception. It’s hijacked from the very time that you were given life, the very time that you were released into a body. The moment they have a body to abuse, they will abuse it! And therein lies the power. Okay, that’s what all that preconception is about. It is getting those release dates of individual women at certain times in order to release certain things, to bring about certain things in the World Order, to have the satanic ziggurat [massive structure or building or temple] firmly in place, so that he can keep his throne within the body and bride of Christ. That is where the most destructive power lies!

Doug: So do you think this whole ziggurat structure, wherein the whole kingdom of the antichrist has been structured in these generational people like you…. do you think we are pretty well coming on the backside in order to bring this whole structure down, and make it a way for the Lord’s Return?

The pillars are coming down

Michelle: I do. I definitely think the pillars are coming down. I do think it’s being whittled away [it’s crumbling down]. You started with Sally, how many years ago?

Doug: We started with Sally in the mid 80’s. We did the DID awareness till 1991. We worked with Sally for over 15 years. If I’d known what I know now, she could have been done within 12, 15 months at the most.

Michelle: So it’s a lifetime for you and Lori, Doug. Thank you! If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you. I wouldn’t be, because I think it had to start with those that were released first. And it’s whittled down to those that were released last, which is myself and Nadine. And there are some in between, you know.

Someone had to give birth to him

I don’t want to make light of it, because I know this can sound very flippant [light-hearted], and it really isn’t. I’m saying this before the Lord. I had to take one phase in my journey: ‘Okay, well, someone had to give birth to him. I’m devastated that it’s me, Lord!’, because, for a long time, I didn’t want to face it. But He knew that. He knew that before the foundation of the world, who it was going to be!

The shame and self-hatred

That’s something again that I’ve been dealing with lately. In this entire release and this responsibility before the Lord to recognize that I cannot be DID and still choose to shield my son [the False Prophet], if I’m choosing to abide in the Lord, and do what He is directing me to do regarding my history, and what I’m coming into…. I had to enter into a thing of realizing that there was a large degree of self-hatred: the sheer and utter hatred and self-hatred for the dissemination [diversion]! All I wanted to be was a pure bloodline Jew. I don’t want to be anything else. Judgment turned inwards, anger turned inwards….The choice to break the agreements with self-hatred, which means I’m in a place to begin to accept and understand God’s love, and for one another…. if I’m not aware of it, then how can I see God’s true heart for me, and have that ability to love others through that? It’s not possible if I’m perpetually choosing shame, self-hatred, and judgments.

Yes, there’s the False Prophet and there’s the Antichrist, Satan’s offspring.

We’re all aware of that. However, behind that is an entire army that the Lord speaks of: the army that’s going to raise itself up against Christ himself. That’s Revelation: 19:19:
[And I saw the beast and the kings of the earth and their armies assembled to make war against Him who sat on the horse and against His army.]

How is that army going to be born?

That entire bloodline project process took years of developing! I had a gestation of 18 years! That preconception demand for me is 18 years, before they released me into a body. So that took years and years of developing! Not only with the Buddhist monks, but we had [Prince] Philip involved; there’s money involved; there’s what people call the Illuminati, the Collins elite, whatever…. that’s all involved. That has taken a lifetime, has taken a generation! So they don’t have that time. So what do they take on to the end? It’s the hybrids!

‘Let’s develop the hybrids’.

Mengele is gone, so they develop the hybrids. That has to get passed on to some female who is of bloodline origin, because she is a bridging gap [bridging the gap]. And that happens to be Adeline. So there’s that entire convergence onto her, which is horrific, because it’s the coming together of me. It comes together; that whole structure comes together: False Prophet, Antichrist, comes together, and what is stuck in the middle of it is Apollyon. She comes through the middle, to the base, converges in Apollyon, which needs to get carried onto a person, a woman, who can then further it: further the iniquity force, and take it out over onto the masses. And that’s Jennifer Diane, 1989. And it’s not incidentally, not coincidentally! It just so happens to be the year of mine and Nadine’s marriage to our sons. So there is the combination of the project.

Did we know that a year ago?

No. Did we know it 5 years ago? No. Did I even talk to Jennifer Diane about it? No. It’s just came into sequencing by the hand of the Lord.

Doug: As you are being integrated, you know this.

Michelle: Yeah. And also, for the view for the people…. It’s not like I pick up a phone, and talk to Jennifer Diane, or anyone else, and say, “Oh, there’s a date in my head”. No! We all keep very quiet and just keep doing the work. And eventually, the Lord starts synchronizing it. And that is what He has done. And that’s why I think, Doug, it’s valid to say, we are really making progress in terms of that ziggurat structure in terms of the dismantling thereof. He is sequencing it; we can’t.

Doug: We’re at the end of the end. Well, that’s really tremendous.

What I wanted to close with….

What would you like to say to those who are SRA? They may not be finished and they can’t get help, or whatever. There are going to be those who, ‘Okay, this kind of resonates with me. I know I have an SRA/DID history. I really can’t find anybody to help me. What do I do with this?’ I mean, this is a big deal. What would you say in terms of your history with the Lord, that may give them some measure of hope?

Michelle: That’s a big one. That has been a point of many, many tears before the Lord for me. Because, you know, it’s His grace alone. He is not favoring me above them. He orchestrated this entire thing this way for a very specific sovereign reason. And I suspect, because, if He can dismantle the templating, which is in the likes of me and Nadine and the other ladies, they stand a much bigger chance of being released out of the captivity. Look, in terms of stuff like warfare, one cannot when you are divided on that level, but you certainly can keep seeking God’s hand and God’s face. And you know….

Pray about integration!

I remember hearing that from Sally, and I felt like I almost did that too late in some essence, because the Lord does the integrating. I don’t and you [Doug] don’t. So yes, certainly you might need help along the way, but it really is the Lord who does the work. So I would say, in whatever capacity you can, in terms of your humanity, is you keep seeking the Lord, you keep crying out to the Lord, in terms of a path ahead of you, an integration process, and His grace. I refuse to believe that He is not hearing those prayers on whatever level, because He heard mine.

Doug: And as far as the facilitator [helper], I realize that people who have this history, God didn’t expect them to go through this without having some navigational oversight. What I do, I just help you navigate through this, so that you with the Lord are doing the integration. I’m not doing it. I’m kind of like overseeing. I can ask the right questions, I can see what’s going on, and help facilitate as a sharing intercessory with the Lord, so that you know how to bring Him in, and so that you learn how to connect with the Lord, and so that you know what the next step is for you to reclaim your humanity for Himself.

I know that as this inner core, the King’s circle, is coming down…. what I’m seeing with others that I’m working with: a maximum acceleration! I’m seeing people that I’ve worked with, who began 9 or 10 months ago, are where you and Nadine are now. They started at zero! And they are part of that foundation. So that’s coming out; it’s kind of like a domino effect. And when the day of visitation comes, God is going to make provision for those who have been seeking Him, calling out to Him. He is going to make provision, whether it is through other members [of the body of Christ]…. I can’t help everybody, but He will! He is the good and great Shepherd. It says in Matthew, chapter 7: You keep asking and you shall receive. Keep seeking and you shall find, keep knocking and it shall be opened unto you.

[Matthew 7:7:
Keep on asking and it will be given you; keep on seeking and you will find; keep on knocking and it will be opened to you.]

So the Lord will do that.

Now, how He is going to do it? I don’t know, but I know that in His integrity and His name, He is more desirous of seeing John 17 realize, when Jesus prays, “Father, I pray that they may be one, even as we are one, I in You, and You in Me, we in them, that they might be perfected into a unity, that the whole world might know and believe that God has sent Me”. There’s where it goes back to! God will somehow see that realize in this final generation.
I’m just going to ask you to pray as the Lord directs it, okay?

Michelle prays: 

Father God, I just come to You in the precious name of Your son, Yeshua Hamashiach, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. And I just want to thank You, and give You all glory today. Firstly, that You are sovereign, that nothing lies hidden from You, Lord. And as hearts will cry out to You as a result of this, I just ask, Lord, that Your ears will be open, that they will receive an open heaven, Lord. Father, ultimately, this is Your responsibility. You knew this from the beginning, right from the beginning, creation, foundation of this world. So we glorify You today! Thank You that You will bring this to an end and a close, that You will have Your bride, Your pure and unblemished bride, regardless of what the world is showing us, Lord. So I ask, Father, that You would just bless those that have taken up the sword, Father God, that have taken up Your very person, to help those that are in need on this level…. the most broken in Your body! I just want to ask You, Father God, that You would empower them, You would lead them, and You would protect them from all satanic forces, Father, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. And Lord, just thank You for who You are; that sets us free from what we are, Lord. We just glory in that. And those hearts that are crying out to You, Lord, I ask that Your ears will yearn, Your eyes will see. We carry those prayers before You. And I thank You that You will never forget that You Yourself, Lord Jesus Christ, are interceding on behalf of every single saint, everyone. And we just praise You and thank You for that today, precious Lord Jesus Christ!



Doug Riggs

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