Fake Antichrist Barack Obama, a perfect forerunner to the coming global ruler

Within the Illuminati, Barack Obama is called the ‘Precursor of the Antichrist’. Carolyn Hamlett exposes the plan to ‘fake’ the Antichrist; Russians and Americans are not really enemies; if they have your brain sequence, they know exactly where you are; there are masses of zombies out there today; and who is feeding different versions of prophecy? 

April 20, 2024


Is Obama the Antichrist or is he his evil forerunner?
Well, within the Illuminati, Obama is called the ‘Precursor of the Antichrist’.
And when the real Antichrist comes, many people will be deceived, even Christians, because they will worship the false messiah, because they may think the Antichrist has already been!

Hall Lindsey has published a screed, entitled ‘How Obama Prepped World for Anti-Christ’! You know, the famous Hal Lindsey, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and friends with 33rd Degree Freemason Billy Graham.

Barack Obama is a perfect forerunner; he is anti-Christian, using controlling words, manipulating the masses…. When Obama came on the scene…. the world applauded! The world, again showing who they support, applauding the antichrist spirit, pushing the antichrist spirit….
Also, Obama is just promoted as being the Antichrist in virtually all media! And everyone is falling for it…. including me. Now we know that he totally cannot be the Antichrist, even though he is cloned, has no passport, has great influence worldwide, etc.


The Illuminati plan to ‘fake’ the Antichrist

About 10 years ago, former Illuminist Carolyn Hamlett exposed the Illuminati plan to ‘fake’ the Antichrist, along with bringing an increasing level of chaos to the earth. This is done first, in order to set the stage for the revealing of the false messiah, the true Antichrist!

This plan is not of earthly origin, but comes directly from Lucifer/Satan.

Carolyn stresses the absolute importance of knowing who the real Jesus is, so that you won’t be fooled by the counterfeit one.


Carolyn Hamlett:

‘I wasn’t told about the Rothschilds…. I recognized who was in power, and they were pulling strings. The way it was shown to me, – and my personal experience backed it up – is, the ones in true power were not even human!’
[In the Illuminati, the Rothschilds are not humans. They’re not just the richest family in the world, they are gods in human bodies! More or less the counterfeit of what Jesus Christ was when He was on the earth. They’re the sons and daughters of Lucifer in human body, and his wife, and so on.]
‘They were the fallen angels, probably hybrid beings. Those were my superiors. Those are the ones that I took orders from; those are the ones my mother took orders from. The only two physical mentors I had in childhood were actually my mother’s mentors. Also, they were writers for Lucius Trust Publishing company, and they would be considered her handlers. They were also my handlers.

When I got a little bit older….

I had a new couple of physical mentors who worked directly with the spiritual Hierarchy [the fallen angels], and directly with Lucifer. That’s when we were working for this last stage of the plan, which was creating bodies [such as clones] and the hybrids, and all that. That was in the 80s and early 90s, when that was happening! And for all I know, it has been happening all along. It’s just that particular section of the plan: bringing in some of Lucifer’s most powerful warriors for this section of the plan. And bringing in the one that I was told was ‘the chosen Christ’, ‘the chosen one’ for that global office. And also….

They are going to fake the return of Jesus Christ after they fake the Antichrist.

I’m trying personally to get out my information, and warn people! I’m taking my time to warn people, because I figure that whatever God’s plan is, it’s going to happen. I’m not going to be sitting back and cheering on the fact that the third temple is going to get built. I’m not going to send money to get the third temple built, so Satan can sit in the third temple, so the power of prophecy can be fulfilled! No, I’m going to be warning God’s people, because of what I know is true.

What happened?

I was 4 years old, 1957, October 4th. I knew at that stage that in the plan there are no countries really; there are no nationalities. The top members of the plan serve the plan. They are not black, they are not white, they are not Chinese; they are just beings that are here to serve Lucifer’s plan! And at that night, my mother and I were standing out on the driveway at our house. And I knew that many, many people of our Organization were watching what we were watching, and talking about the same thing we were talking about, and celebrating what we were celebrating: that the Russians and the Americans were not really enemies. That we were united in the Space Program. That we were celebrating Sputnik, the Russian satellite being launched, and what it meant for the plan.

I was told that night how glorious it was going to be with satellite technology!

We were celebrating what was going to happen, when they brought ‘the Christ’ in the office, before the year 2000, they hoped. And that signs and wonders would be in the sky! The term computer wasn’t used, but I was told about electronics, that would connect every human being on the face of the earth with this, that they would hear audibly proclaiming, – like a heralding of the ‘Christ’. ‘The Christ is here!’, meaning the global ruler. There would be the signs in the sky. People would see him in the image they wanted to see him, as if he was really there. So what I was told, everybody would hear it at the same time, see it at the same time, whether it was day or night, and yet they were going to be fooled into thinking it was the real Christ! At the same time I was told that they were going to know that some of it were signs and wonders. So it’s like I got a little bit of a mixed message there. Well, actually it wasn’t a mixed message.

‘The New World Order speech’

That night was also the night that I was told that the next big moment in the plan for me to watch for was then, when one of our own members was going to take some of our esoteric words, speak them in a speech. He needed to speak them audibly to make them esoteric, so that they would blend into our language, and become household words, and then people would become numb to them. It would signify that our plan was stepping out from the underside, the underneath, and becoming working in plain sight: hidden in plain sight. I was told what these words would be. Well, those words were spoken by George Bush Sr. They call it ‘The New World Order speech’. I knew exactly what that meant! So that was the next thing.

Around 1983 or 1984, a portal was actually opened.

It took humans to open the portal! I want people to understand that ‘ascended masters’ [fallen angels]…. we don’t need them. They need us! Do you know that they need us to open portals, spiritual portals in order to open doorways for them?

They used humans to open a portal to bring in some of their beings.

The first one brought in was the one that they said was going to be the ‘Christ’. Without going into detail about this person at this time…. One of the next ones I met, the more they brought in, the more evil they were! I couldn’t understand it if I’m ‘working for God’s plan’: why these evil beings? You know, why were they so evil? And I was wondering…. So I was told, “Well, this is how warriors are”. ‘Okay’, I thought, ‘so that’s how warriors are; they are mean. So I’m going to accept it.’

I think Lucifer is too selfish of a narcissistic being!

He is like the narcissist, the CON of all CONs. You think that he’s not going to want a finale of finales to fool everybody? He wants to be worshipped. He wants to take the place of Jesus Christ! If he could kill Jesus he would, but he is going to try to kill Jesus in all of us, if he can. And this is what I want people to know, because how are you going to know the difference? You better know the genuine article [Jesus] before you can ever know what a counterfeit [Satan] is! Because if you think that Satan cannot counterfeit, or make the perfect counterfeit, then you don’t know your enemy, and you’ve overestimated yourself.

They want to confuse people and they want to occupy people.

One of the reasons they were saying that Bush Jr. was a Christian, before he got in the office, was because they were going to play the Christian card, and get people looking at prophecy. They wanted people to be prophecy-minded to the point where they were going to be oblivious to other things!
So prophecy-minded that they are no earthly good! And that’s kind of what happened. A lot of Christians quit! A lot of Christians quit thinking, and they started becoming prophecy motivated, and running their lives according to what they thought was going to happen in prophecy. Of course!

Guess who is feeding different versions of prophecy?

The Organization I came out of, that’s infiltrating churches! Infiltration churches began many, many years ago! I have lots of stories about that. I was involved in that. My mom was involved in that. Everything has been infiltrated.

They want to get people thinking about a lot of different topics….

to be wondering what’s happening next and like they have scorecards. They are using the Bible; there are different versions of prophecy as to what’s going to happen next. So people are too occupied! They are more occupied with that than they are in getting to know Jesus Christ, and living according to the standards that Jesus Christ gave. It’s live in love, be considerate, treat people the way you want to be treated…. In the meantime, what they are working toward is like a helter skelter sort of thing.

They are building up to instigate the fear and anger and pit people against each other.

They are going to have people say that they want to believe that Obama is the Antichrist.

No. Sure, he’s like an antichrist type of a figure, and he’s carrying out the plan! In the meantime, they are teasing, fooling, people in lots of ways!

So there are going to be other leaders coming up.

And they’re going to claim that they are the Antichrist. Even the Bible says there are going to be many people claiming to be ‘Christ’, or say that ‘there’s a Christ here’, ‘there’s a Christ there’. And we’re not even supposed to go that way and look at them. We’re not even supposed to be really paying attention. We are supposed to be doing what Jesus told us to do. So if you don’t know what Jesus told you to do, then go check out the Bible.

The plan has a timetable…. things that haven’t taken place yet.

They want to bring this being in; it was not going to be like a human person. And then he may tell people what he is after that point, that he’s not fully human. But at that point, people will accept it. They want to believe he’s going to be brought in as a highly evolved individual that’s ‘come to help humanity’. So that’s not going to happen until after pretty much everybody is at each other’s throats! There has been chaos and wars! People are just fed up with everything. Now, they may change it though, but what I’m telling you is how it’s written in the books. And how I was told was that they want to bring him in as ‘peace and love’.

I was never told that he [the Antichrist] was going to change.

I was told that, of course, the Christians would be murdered. So it’s like ‘peace and love’, but at the same time….

Some horrendous things are going to be done in the name of ‘peace and love and brotherhood’!

So there’s going to be some hurting people. There’s going to be a lot of hurting, a lot of terrible things happening, building up, building up, building up, natural disasters, and wars, right in places that they have never had any devastation or wars. That’s going to be happening all over the world, because they want everybody in the world to want this ‘Christ person…. being’.

I think this one will be put in by the United Nations.

Of course, they may bring in another one before him. But the whole point is, when you see them killing the Christians, real believers, and the law of harmony through conflict, and people all ready to do away with people that aren’t following along with the global plan, then just look for the return [of the Lord in the Rapture].
[Project Zyphr’s goal – the project that’s running now! – is to remove 12-15 million American Patriots, Christians, free-thinkers, and anyone critical of Israel, from American society, and place most of them in vast underground bases across the U.S.]
People will be expecting the coming of Christ at that point! What I believe is…. 

They are going to do both: use satellite technology and real supernatural effects!

And they’re going to raise people from the dead, and everything. So they could use Project Blue Beam in combination with real supernatural things.

You start feeling evil more than ever.

They’re thinning out that veil! And see, the whole thing has to do with will, will of man. And if anybody is familiar with ‘the great invocation of the ascended masters’, it’s all about manipulating the ‘little will’ of man to go along with the ‘greater will’ that the masters [fallen angels] know and serve. The greater will is Lucifer, Satan! So they want people, and they need people, to be in agreement with them.

There’s so much evil in this world because people are agreeing with Satan.

Whether they believe in Satan or not, it’s Satan’s ways! That gives him more energy! It takes a great deal of energy for anything in the supernatural from the other dimensions, in order to manifest physically here on the third dimension. That energy is here now more than ever, because people are saying, Yes; they are in agreement with Satan’s law. On the other hand, Christians need to wake up to the fact that they can be in agreement [with God]. God wants us to be in agreement with Him! As in heaven, His will be done on earth. That’s what Jesus was trying to tell us back 2,000 years ago! We have that now; we can do that! We’re in agreement. We have dominion on earth; we’re supposed to have dominion. And yet Satan has duped everybody to be in agreement with him. So there are going to be a lot of beings that are going to start manifesting. People who have never been bothered by demonic manifestations ever before are going to have it in their lives. They’re gonna wonder, how are they going to get rid of these things? How are they not going to be tortured?’

Dream about Obama

‘Maybe it was a little longer than a year ago, I had the most frightening dream I’ve ever had in my entire life. That’s a lot of dreams and that’s a lot of fright. It takes a lot to scare me! I’m a person who grew up around demonic stuff. I just don’t scare easily. Well, after I had this dream, I had to get up. I woke up in the middle of the night. I could not go back to sleep. I had to cleanse myself. I had to pray. I was shaking! I was scared, I was trying to shake it off, the fear. I can tell you about it, but it’s not going to be able to tell you how scary it was. It was just a spiritual thing, I guess.

I was looking at a pit in the ground….

like earth caves in and like a sinkhole. Well, I was looking, and then there was this being crawling out of this pit! It was Obama! The evilness that surrounded him…. I mean, that whole thing just was so frightening! Like I said, I can tell you about it but it doesn’t even tell you how frightening it was. It took me hours to calm down. I mean, I’ve dealt with some pretty heavy-duty demonic beings, some of the worst. I had to battle those things, where you can have just a residue for a while of even having to be around one of those things. And I can get rid of that pretty fast, but this was hours afterward, just trying to shake that off, and asking God to help and to cleanse me. But before that, I knew…. 

Obama is being used by the Organization.

And people would go, ‘Oh, he’s evil’. Well, most of the people that get in there, that are in control, are evil. Okay? So how evil is he? I don’t know, but that dream pretty well shocked me!

After that, I started thinking, ‘Maybe he’s more than what I thought he was’….

because I know he likes doing what he’s doing. Some of the Presidents are more like puppets, but I’m pretty sure Obama really gets off on what he is doing. Something else I see is that at this point in the game, the Organization can pretty much get people to believe anything they want. I mean, here we have this President – I call him a ‘resident’ because I think he was selected.

Supposedly his name was ‘Barry’, and that’s not even his real name.

Think back on 9/11, September 11th, 2001. It was Osama bin Laden, okay? Now who would think that we would have a President so soon after that, who has a name that’s close to that? And yet everybody accepts it.

And then you look at what direction he is going in the world.

At this point, the Organization has actually having fun. They can just make people believe whatever they want them to believe, and they’ll follow it. And so, if they want to make people think that somehow Obama is a wonderful man, and he has helped the United States and the whole world, and he’s what the whole world needs, then I think that this Organization knows they can definitely do that!
They went from the 70s and the 80s getting the blacks and whites to love each other, no race against each other, and ‘Hands across America’, and ‘The Pepsi generation’, and then ‘We are the world’…. all this stuff.

So then they turn around and play the same people against each other.

And how fast do people change! People are just mind controlled, obviously! You say ‘under a spell’; it’s literally! It’s not just mind control; it literally is a spiritual thing! And we know what the antidote to that is: Jesus Christ.

Be prepared if they’re going to use the fear tactic of ‘shock and awe’….

drive people to fear.

Get to know who Jesus Christ is, and give your life to Jesus Christ!

Because He is the answer to this warfare coming straight from the Antichrist, who is actually [a hybrid, born from] Satan. Satan is anti-Christ. The entire Organization is anti-Christ [against Christ]. They are totally death! And the only way you are going to have life is through God Himself, who provides that through His Son Jesus Christ. Faith cancels out fear. Build faith. Learn who you are in Jesus Christ, and how to walk in Him, and to be in agreement with God, the powers of heaven here on earth, and walk in it.’

When the real Antichrist comes, many people will be deceived, even Christians, because they will worship the false messiah, because they may think the Antichrist has already been!

‘Coming from the Organization, and knowing what they had planned, just what I was told and is also written in their books…. I don’t think they’re going to be deviating from the main outline of that plan.

What you can see happening now is that they’re leading people into a lot of areas of confusion.

They want everybody to be confused! They want people to get to the point where they don’t know what’s up, you know, who to believe! It’s really going to take proper spiritual discernment for people to know what is of God and what isn’t of God. That has been my main message all along.

There is only one way to know what is of God, and that is to be part of God’s Kingdom.

Some people don’t like to hear about that. I think if they understood the truth, they would agree with me. They don’t want to hear about it, because they don’t understand it. It has to do with the fact that Jesus Christ is real. He is the one that we are able to be connected to God, and have that spiritual discernment!

The plan is anti-Christ; they use the word ‘Christ’ for a reason!

If they use the English word Christ – and of course it would be the same thing in other languages, meaning anointed one, chosen one, – people are going to think it has to do with the Bible. It fools a lot of people; they want people to be very confused!

What the plan is, is they want to put a global ruler in.

Before the year 2000, they had hoped to have this, but it hasn’t happened according to their timetable. So what I was told is, this was going to be a leader that was going to come in as someone bringing ‘peace’ to the world.

The world was in a more peaceful place after World War II.

The world was progressing toward peace and good brotherhood, people loving one another…. and that was a problem for the Organization. They had to start working to take people away from that, to take away the goodness that people have, so they could hand it back to them according to the rules of the Organization. It’s so deceptive! It’s like they give people back, they give people the counterfeit, and tell the people that they’re solving the problems, but they started the problems to begin with!’

Satan is a master deceiver; he will get his minions in the Illuminati, and the Illuminists to do the deceiving.

And it would be nothing difficult for him to create supposed ‘signs’, pointing to someone like Barack Obama being this anti-Christ. You’ve seen photos of him with horns and all sorts of things. People come up with ‘signs’ to say: “That shows it proves Obama is the Antichrist!” No, it doesn’t prove that at all, because it has to line up with Scripture for a start.’
There hasn’t been the economy crash [10 years ago]. There hasn’t been the major wars that have been planned….

The plan is to take down America.

And I mean, it’s working; they’re doing it from the inside out. And Obama is playing a big part in that role! So he can’t be a false messiah if he is a destroyer!
‘No, he can’t. And what they are going to do is, they want a destruction first. In many different ways, they’re going to do this. They have the fake ones….

I know this from being in the satanic inner circle….

I know it sounds crazy and it sounds unbelievable, but it’s true! I was in the inner circle with the high ascended masters [fallen angels!] that have written the plan. The father of the plan was the Master Hilarion; he was called ‘the father of the plan’. He is like right next to Lucifer. Master Hilarion and I were very close. I was also close to the other ascended masters that Madame Blavatsky wrote about, and also the ones like the Master DK or Djwhal Khul, who dictated the books to Alice A. Bailey for Lucifer Trust, which became Lucius Trust. Those were the ascended masters, that my mother and I also used to associate with on a daily and nightly basis.

People want to talk about secret programs in the United States government or governments around the world….

We were involved in secret projects that a lot of the people involved in the other levels of the Organization are not involved in. There weren’t that many people and humans involved in the section that I was involved in. And in this last section, I was part of the process to bring in the entity that they told me was going to be ‘the Christ’.

Whether they use this entity or not, I don’t know.

Whether they use him or not, it’s still going to be the same type of an entity, that will be charming. They want to bring him in as…. everybody is gonna wanna trust him; they will believe ‘he is a good person. He has come here to bring peace to the world’. The peace that the Organization was bringing, because they were the ones who started the chaos to start with, so that they could bring in this global ruler. It’s a trick. 

It’s the biggest trick there is!

I mean, it’s complicated for me to even tell you all the different angles they come in to bring this deception. They have the Christians believing that several different views that could possibly happen…. So if you don’t have the Holy Spirit of God in you, you can be totally tricked! For instance, back to Obama. Obama is being pushed and presented as a Muslim. And so do you think the Jews are going to accept that? No, they’re not! Whatever this Organization does….

They are in charge of the media all around the world!

So they’re doing mass programming through television and movies and there’s also satellite technology, that is able to change your thinking. This is real! So they can change your body chemistry; they can change your thinking…. I don’t know, maybe they have every human being’s brain sequence on file, but….

If they have your brain sequence, they know exactly where you are.

You don’t need a cell phone. I mean, you could be without your cell phone, and if they have your brain wave sequence, they can track you down and know exactly where you are.

They have instruments that can implant thoughts, feelings.

I mean, it’s worse than the craziest sci-fi movies! So they are totally able to mass mind control people, and are already doing this. So people ask sometimes….

Are there such things as zombies or are there going to be zombies?

Well, it’s happening today. They may not be walking around already like physically dead people, and dripping blood and stuff, but there are masses of zombies out there now, that don’t even realize they are zombies. And I recognize this because of being in the Organization, also have being a victim of mind control programming and coming out of it. And I know their techniques! I used to be one of those people who used to do this to people. So I know how it’s done. And I was told as a kid how they were going to do it. So what frustrates me is how easily swayed people are today.

They’re playing everybody!

So there are the people that think there are ‘good aliens and bad aliens, and they are highly involved beings’. Some people don’t even believe there’s a God, but they might believe that there’s a highly evolved being, or races of entities that are ‘going to take us to the next higher level in spirituality’. Well, you know, I always tell people, look around. We aren’t exactly close to peace, are we? We are getting worse and worse. There is murder, there’s chaos! It’s going to get worse, and yet these people are actually going to believe that there are aliens and higher people that are telling you, “Hey, we’re taking the earth to the next higher class”. And then there are the ones that are going to believe that the highly evolved beings – they don’t have to have spaceships, they don’t have to have bodies, they can come as light. There are some that can materialize, and they can be any kind of form whatsoever, and lead people to believe whatever they want to believe, whether they’re atheists or whether they believe in many gods or one God.
So they are taking it from all different areas to convince people.

First of all, all of that is anti-Christ.

It is anti-who Jesus Christ is. So I suggest everybody check out and see who Jesus Christ is. I think most people haven’t heard the story of who He is. If they actually knew who He was, they would have to go back and realize who we are in the creation, and why we are so important to the Creator of the universe, why everybody wants planet Earth, and wants to take us out.

I think it’s good to be aware of what’s going on in the world.

We can be overwhelmed by all the negativity; everybody needs to seek the proper balance. it may be different for each person. I don’t know a lot of what’s going on in global politics right now, because I know where we are headed and I see it happening. So for me, it is draining to do more than just read headlines on what’s going on. And I just try to refresh myself spiritually, you know, feed my spirit with what is of God.

Our only spiritual discernment is going to come from God Himself!

And it’s something we have to work on every single day. When the times get bad, who are we going to turn to? Who can you trust? Can you trust your spiritual discernment, your gut feeling? Can you? I mean, I found that most people can’t.

The United Nations was created to make this happen.

They want people to be excited and embrace this new global leader, the ‘savior’ of the world, who’s going to make the world ‘a better place’.

Programs like Lucifer on television

I’ve seen just a little bit of like a preview to it, and what I saw was disturbing to me. It’s not surprising to me that this program is out. It’s typical the way the Organization is trying to groom people to be ready to believe that Lucifer [Satan] actually is something ‘good’.

Also, these beings [fallen angels] that I used to work with: many of them are now hybrids.

They were back in the 80s. We were creating hybrids; see, you can imagine how many more are here now! They want people to think this is good, that these are like super humans, which are better, but they’re not! They are demonic!

If people think Obama is bad, then you are wrong.

Obama is nothing compared to these beings, these entities [hybrids]. The ones that I was involved in, helping to bring in, some of the most powerful ones that came in the 80s were setting up camp here around the world, – setting up camp to get this last section of the plan going. They are some of the most evil ones out of the entire spiritual Hierarchy of Satan!’
[They don’t have that much time. So what do they take on to the end? It’s the hybrids! ‘Let’s develop the hybrids’. Mengele is gone, so they develop the hybrids. That has to get passed on to some female who is of bloodline origin…. So now hybrids help to create hybrids!]

These are the ones that are creating hybrid bodies.

‘You know, people want to think that these guys can’t mate with humans. Well, they can. And there’s lots of offspring. And these offspring are evil. They’re just so, so very deceptive that if you don’t have your guard up, if you don’t have your spiritual discernment, which comes straight from God, you can be easily fooled, because they know how to play you. Go look up what a narcissist is, and go check and see what they do to people. Some of the most intelligent people in the entire world have been victims of narcissists. It means that anybody can be fooled by a narcissist personality. Well, these are the CONs of all CONs, the most narcissistic entities that there are! So everybody needs to be ready.’



So it isn’t Obama, who was and is more of a, let’s say, cover-up, or ‘the false Antichrist’, promoted by both mainstream and alternative media, in order to test us, to deceive us, to brainwash us, and to prepare us for the real one. And he is extremely evil (according to Carolyn Hamlett’s testimony). However, the fallen angels and the hybrids are worse.

“Remember, who I say it is, doesn’t mean he is!” – The late John Todd, who didn’t know ‘he’ was ‘just’ the forerunner.

Antichrist forerunner Obama = 333

The number 333 is very important in Freemasonry, as it represents the Forty-Seventh Problem of Euclid, which is signified through their symbol of the square and compass, which is set at 47 degrees. Also, the motto of Freemasonry is “Circumscribe Our Desires And Keep Our Passions Within Due Bounds”, which equals ‘333’. Freemasons are also an instrument of the Illuminati families.

Forty-Seventh Problem of Euclid = 333
The Hidden Hand That Rules The World = 333
Circumscribe Our Desires And Keep Our Passions Within Due Bounds = 333
Just Unbelievable and Sick = 333  (their own ‘Illuminati’ cipher: Illuminati reverse)

It is obvious that the Illuminati made sure that all the codes, all the numbers for Obama were in place!



Carolyn Hamlett

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