The creation of a hybrid son, the coming False Prophet

Michelle told the world in 2021 who her father is, the head of the first Sanhedrin. She was chosen to give birth to the False Prophet, mentioned in Revelation 13, 16, 19, and 20, also referred to as ‘the second beast’.
March 29, 2024



Adolf Hitler, Josef Mengele, and the true persona of Prince Philip…. all play a major part in the creation of the False Prophet.

Pastor Doug Riggs interviewed another of his many patients (from over three decades of practice). Her name is Michelle. Her story mirrors the account of Nadine. Both women discuss the ‘Hitler Project’, managed by the Angel of Death, Josef Mengele, beginning in 1943 and concluding at his ritual sacrificial death in 1979.

The project’s objective:

To create four generations of three hybrids (12 total) who ascend into the prophesied roles of the Antichrist, the False Prophet, and a third persona known as Apollyon (the Destroyer from Revelation 9:11).

The method:

Creating dissociative personalities (DID) using the trauma generated through Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA).
Michelle and Nadine are generational SRA/DID survivors. Their ancestry is fundamental to why they were selected and would ultimately give birth to two of the three hybrids in the fourth and final generation, named Nimrod (Antichrist) and Michael (the False Prophet). The Antichrist will likely be introduced into the world as Alexander.

Michelle, like Nadine, was conceived in a massive ceremony in 1943-44, involving 12 women whose ovums were captured and manipulated, leading to the generation of these hybrid beings. There births would result from the implantation of these zygotes (frozen since 1943-44). In 1962, Michelle would be born at the sacrificial death of Adolf Hitler (who obviously escaped the Fuhrer bunker in 1945). Six years later, in 1968, Nadine would be born. Michelle would live most of her first five years with Mengele. Nadine would become Mengele’s culminating project during the 1970s. Mengele would program into Michelle and Nadine (and one other woman not identified), pre-templated structures (or false identities), created in such a way to build shields layer by layer over the most vital structures to carry out the objectives of the program: given birth to the hybrid sons, and then marry them at 12 years of age.

Michelle recounts her story (which offers confirmation of the details that overlap with Nadine’s) to Pastor Riggs, who worked with her over several years (2016-today), to deliver her from the bondage created by Mengele, her Jewish biological father (the head of the first Sanhedrin, who was a great occultist), and her surrogate Greek father.

The details of Michelle’s story are astonishing

As was Nadine’s. Daniel G Webb was another survivor, who played a crucial role in the story of Mengele’s development of the Hitler Project.

Michelle is the mother of the False Prophet hybrid

The mothers are fully human, but the sons are hybrids, because their DNA is blended with angelic coding [fallen angels], and also includes a splice of Hitler’s DNA. Unbelievable? All the evidence taken together is a compelling account of the soon appearance of the final act in the last days. Their unveiling may be only months or years away.


Transcript of headlines:

Doug Riggs: I met Michelle over five years ago under extenuating [unforeseen] circumstances.

Michelle: Let me just say thanks for the opportunity. It’s never an easy journey to discuss, but let the goal be that Christ will be glorified through this, and equally God, the Father, through His Son.

We met about five and a half years ago.

I came into the miraculous sort of understanding that I was ‘divided’, so to speak. That was in 2016. My coming back to the Lord was at age 26, which is many, many, years ago. I then veered away from the church, and went to the Messianic congregations for 18 years of my life. I did attend Orthodox shul [synagogue]. I attended Reformed shul. I then landed also on the Messianic shul, and had gotten really, really disillusioned with what I was hearing in the church! Not that I had any premise to really assess it or discern it, knowing what I know now.
That was really me searching for myself and that Jewish identity, which had been so destroyed and contaminated and disseminated! I see that now.

I then reached out to a friend who was a counselor.

And I had in my sort of church life journey not really gone for much deliverance, or encountered many that could help with what was really deeply rooted. I went to one couple, a South African couple; they were pretty good at what they did. It was doing basic breaking of bloodline curses, that sort of thing. I had some form of a release.

I recall very vividly the one day….

The gentleman was taking authority, and it was like my neck spun to the right. He looked up, and said, “Ah, you’re very ancient. You’ve been there for a very long time”. And of course, I answered. He did not know what to do with that. I never went back!
However, I knew somehow this was not just a demon. I wasn’t manifesting demonically at all. I forgot about it, and I never really reached out to anybody else for help. Not the pastors, not the leaders, not other so-called deliverance counselors…. I walked my walk, but had a very deep-seated emotional…. I cannot explain it. I had lost my entire family, a surrogate family. The pain I had internally surpassed that!

Through my journey, they would drop me like a hot cake.

I would never know why, but the internalized pain was off the charts! I had two believing friends comment, who mentioned that there was something wrong emotionally. I mean, it was like I’d gone through the most grievous death. It was just awful. Continually.

I said to one of my friends….

“Look, would you be prepared to just sit with me, and maybe pray for me?”, and she agreed. We substantially discovered that she herself was SRA/DID. Somehow, there was some form of release. She actually identified for me that I was DID! So I sat with her one day, and three little names popped up in my discussion with her. The way we actually discovered the DID was the fact that I had said that I could hear Satan speaking. And she said, “Oh, what does that sound like?” I said, “Oh, I know his voice; he’s not growling”, and she took one look at me and said, “To me, that’s not Satan, that’s you”. And I was like, ‘No, that’s impossible!’
Anyway, she then explained to me what DID was. There was no mention of SRA. So I continued, and then I never really chatted to her about it.

She recommended that I would look and listen to some of Amanda Buys’ stuff, which was Journey to Freedom.

She said, “Why don’t you go through this journey to freedom, and then speak to me and let’s see if we can get you some help? I knew at that time that she had access to you, Doug, through other people. So I had heard your name, but I didn’t have any clue. I didn’t even know what SRA was.

I then started to really tap in and seek the Lord.

And I said to Him, “Look, there’s something not right, and I don’t know what it is”, crying out to Him. In fact, I went through the course twice a month. And I had said to Him, “There has to be a banner over me in the spirit realm; something is not right here!” One morning, three o’clock, I recall sitting bolt upright in bed, and He had revealed the banner over me, and it was: wife of Satan. I had no clue what this meant! I had nobody to call.

For two weeks, I just thought ‘wife of Satan, what is that? Where does this come from?’

I then did reach out to this friend. I said to her, “Listen, there’s a banner. God has revealed the banner”. And she obviously knew what that was. She said to me, “Okay, that is SRA”. I didn’t know what that was; I still had no clue. Nobody explained anything to me, and in retrospect, maybe it was a good thing on some level, because I might have kept running.
Anyway, she said, “Look, you can just sit with me”. And I sat with her for about a year. That was 2016, but 2017, two weeks after this was revealed, I very dramatically lost the last member of my family, which was all wrapped up in the SRA/DID situation: the cult. It was a cult sacrifice, really, of my younger brother. I do believe that was meant to propel me and keep me cult-bound.

However, by God’s grace He cut through, and I know that you guys were praying.

I know that others in South Africa were praying, because she made it known to you. I don’t know if you remember it, but she made it known to you and your assembly, what was now going on right there in front of her.

By February 2018, I was with you fulltime.

So that was all about one and a half years, where she had reached out to you, and said, “Would you assist me?” I recall assessments maybe once a month and once every two weeks. You had identified that I was a full-blown daughter of Hitler. I had come into that understanding very early in the journey. I would say, by the time you and I were fulltime, I knew instantly that whole history of understanding Hitler. I then professed that I was born at his sacrifice in 1962, so that didn’t take years to get to. That went fairly speedily. And by the time you and I started working, that was February 2018. By February 2019, we had already dropped to the outer layer of what I call my core. And we had reached a layer there, which was a corporate layer, or shall I say structure, which was very evident in Daniel Webb, one of our brothers in the Lord.

I was very much coming forward as part on the Antichrist side [which appeared to be a cover-up].

I quite firmly believed at that stage that I was very much configured on the Antichrist side.

Doug: That was very structured, in such a way, for you the whole Antichrist domain was shielding who you are on the Jewish side!

Michelle: ….so that I was never intended to be released or get to that place of understanding, that I’m actually most heavily structured or have come from a false prophet background. So we worked on that, Doug, from February 2019 to October 2019.

I entered a prayerful time and asked the Lord if it’s well that I get to you….

because I know it’s always a pretty dramatic thing, when one of us [survivors] arrives and we are charged, loaded, weaponized, and still divided. It’s not easy for the assembly, I’m aware of that. So we prayed and interestingly enough yourself and Lori offered, and I had asked the Lord: “If they offer – that was the fleece – I will go”. And you did. Six weeks I think it was.

Four of the ladies in your assembly had, before I got there, already told you that I’m on the false prophet side.

I of course had absolutely no understanding of that. I got there on a Wednesday. We went straight to a meeting. One of the ladies in your congregation, Sally, instantly said, “Oh I see what’s going on here”, and basically went for the jugular [was going to the mat for me] in the best possible way. And I dropped instantly.

I could not contain it anymore.

I dropped into the smallest, tiniest, literally, baby state of who Michelle actually is.

Doug: What did she say to you that triggered you?

Michelle: She said, “I see what’s going on in you. I need to pray something off of you”, and she prayed the false prophet template off and out of me.

Doug: Because she was the one that was used to download this [in the Project] in a sense.

Michelle: Correct, so when she met me face to face I recognized that. And so it was one sentence, and I dropped.

Then the Holocaust really broke up internally.

It felt like hell every day on a whole other level.

Doug: You thought, ‘Well, I’m getting at the end of my journey. I think I’m getting close to integration’. But then the bottom drops out…. The ‘antichrist side’: it was just a shielding for the deeper core level.

Michelle: I felt like I was really a system, and layer after layer after layer, and lock after lock, and then principality behind the lock. I remember us going through an entire month of the most gruesome warfare, where it was the displacement of principalities.

Doug: Now, let me just say something about this. It’s one thing when you come across a demonic attachment. That’s very simple, removing a demonic attachment. But when you get to a deeper layer, where especially attached the human spirit of deep trauma goes back to conception, you have a principality embedded there.

Principalities are not demons.

[They are fallen angels.] Principalities don’t beg Jesus to go into pigs. Like the Prince of Persia in Daniel, chapter 10, these are high-ranking territorial entities! And so, when you start getting into these places, where these principalities are attached, it’s only through integration you are going into these locked down aspects of your compartmental identity. You are the one that has to displace them! There’s a displacement issue, not an exorcism issue.

Michelle: Absolutely!

It’s these very principalities that you are co-joined to spiritually, soulishly, and physically.

So they have an absolute right to you, because you have given them that right through the blood sacrifice, through the ritual activities, through vows, through every blood seal, through every part of you going to a ritual. A satanic ritual is engaging these principalities through to your son, and finally into Satan. That is the way it moves. So it’s the displacing of those. And it really takes the Lord’s light, it takes His truth, and I learned in my journey, a lot of it has been the truth of His word penetrating like a sword between the spirit and soul and the joint and the marrow.

Twinned together with Nadine….

And we went through a series of locks for quite some time, if not years. And the thing is, my humanity would be taken into those locks. This is not something that can be warfared or prayed away. This has got to be present in my humanity, brought there through the incredible work of the Holy Spirit, and through your prayers, and that of the saints [Christian believers]. From that premise, I learned that the warfare displaces the deception and the principalities, but the integration: you are met with that at the feet of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He is the one that integrates!

So you know, one can sit in sessions forever and a day….

being sort of pummeled with the warfare, and it’s needed. A lot of it is needed, but that does not guarantee the integration. That guarantees the removal of all satanic agendas and influence!

It becomes your responsibility before the Lord, to choose to not maintain the DID.

So yes, you’re there as the coach, yes, you’re warring on my behalf and others’ behalf, but at some point in that journey, the choice lies between you and the Lord! And I know that in every session you give us that choice. You do; you’re always saying, choice, it’s a choice….

Satan is actually out of the picture, unless you’re inviting him back!

Unless you’re choosing to meet with him, and meet with his offspring. Then again, you’re back in that cycle of intense warfare and intense warring. But when you get to that place, where that’s not the case, then you are really without excuse before the Lord, because He has put His finger on the idolatry. I mean, I don’t intend to sound condemning or judgmental on any level. The fact of the matter is, I’m an idolator through and through. I’m born into it, sold into it…. bloodline…. there’s no getting away from that. What do I do? I’m an idolator! My propensity for satanic worship is off the scale! My propensity for hybrids and the affiliation for satanic ritual abuse is off the scale apart from Christ! It is Christ in me that wills me and acts and gets me to a place, where I am day by day, moment by moment, choosing Him. And yes, I find it tiring and difficult at this stage, because I think I am very much in a transition of flesh versus me versus the Lord. I’m learning that that is probably what every undivided Christian person faces on a daily basis. For me, it’s just foreign, because there would be the fact that you’re switching, even though you don’t even know you’re switching.

Doug: Let’s go back a little bit. Okay, you are Greek, you had a middle name, Artemis, which is the same thing as Diana and the Greek Pantheon [‘world of gods’] and the Roman Pantheon. You grew up – you didn’t know at the time – in a surrogate family. So is there anything in your childhood, before you became aware that you have this SRA/DID history, anything in your family that would give clues that you were purposely planted there? It’s a kind of family that would have some level of abuse, so then through normal, whatever, ‘therapeutic interventions’ you would never get out of the trauma of your surrogate family. You would never get past that! Did you grow up in Greece? [No,] you grew up in South Africa; you had a surrogate family! And that somehow has something to do with Mengele, whoever they were…. that purposely dedicated you to this project. I think they [the family] knew.

Michelle: Absolutely, they did.

After having been released or, so to speak, born at the sacrifice of Hitler in 1962….

I was immediately taken to Mengele. He was obviously present, I grew up with Mengele for the first five years of my life. He was like a father to me. He was literally the only father figure I knew. Of course, it’s not easy to say that, because living with him is a holocaust. It was abuse on a whole other scale, you know, and a lot of splitting, a lot of dividing. That’s where all the work was done, all the structuring was done.

In my 6th year, I’m then released into a family in South Africa.

Obviously my presenter name is Michelle, okay? For me right now it’s very much a core name. I mean, it’s me, Michael Michelle, but back then Michelle; I wasn’t aware of anything else. My father’s name – it’s a Greek family – was George. My mother’s name was Maria, and she was French-German, who was born in Zimbabwe. That’s what they told me.

About surrogate families

Doug: We know that according to plan, when anyone who is generational SRA is put into a family. That family is actually designed to function as a handler for your real biological father in the real agenda. And they may not even know that!

Michelle: They don’t know it [the real agenda]. It’s a microcosm of cult life. So that gets sort of reinforced in the home.
George is my father. My surrogate father was very Greek. Maria is my mother. The oldest brother was George. There I am Michelle, and the youngest brother is Alexander or Alexandros, okay?

It just so turns out it’s an occult home.

There’s not one iota of Christianity, there’s no propensity for the Bible, the Lord…. nothing. My surrogate mother functioned as a very active clairvoyant. People would visit her to have cards read, and all sorts of spiritism. The older brother became a willful Satanist, a high priest of the Germanic Order over a territory in South Africa. It was out in the open; it wasn’t like he was hiding it! He slept with ‘Mein Kampf’ under his pillow every night. There was a swastika in the corner of his room, which of course caused dissension [discord, quarrel] between the father and him, because the father fought in the Second World War. He apparently ‘hated’ the Germans. So I was brought up in this culture of Nazism, which I didn’t even comprehend. Although….

At the age of 12, I painted a portrait of Hitler, and won an art award.

I mean, at 12 years old, I painted a portrait of Hitler, a portrait of Ronald Reagan, and Mikhail Baryshnikov. Very interesting…. Russia, America, and Germany, and I was 12. So I mean, what is happening to me at the age of 12?

At the age of 12, I’m conceiving my hybrid son.

[Hers is to become the coming False Prophet.] It was a highly abusive home, very violent! Of course, I have very limited memory of…. I can’t even count the happy moments on one hand. I don’t really have much memory of that. I do know that my younger brother…. I see the Lord’s providence in his passing, because he came to know the Lord, and really loved the Lord. Although he struggled with many stuff, it’s very clear he was SRA/DID! I could identify it in him just before he died. The thing is, I became incredibly close with him like a protector. He became, on the presenter level, home life level, a point of survival for me. And that’s why I say, I think when the time came for his passing, or his sacrifice, so to speak, the cult’s idea was that it would drag me and keep me there. But by God’s grace, I was propelled in the other direction! Thank God, because it’s Him alone, that I could keep seeking Him, and understanding something was deeply wrong with who I was!

That was my home life, the home culture, and there is nobody left.

I’m not aware of the oldest brother. He disappeared. So whether he is dead or alive right now, I don’t know, but the rest have certainly been literally taken out by the cult.

An incestuous family relationship

It took me a very long time to get there, because I just had absolutely no memory attached to my time there. And I also think that I was hardly ever there. I do think there would have been a duplicate. I remember, a large portion of my life was Mengele, and then a large portion [of me] lived out in Jerusalem. When we started working, because I started off on the antichrist side, I was 100% convinced I was full-blown of the seed of Hitler. Hitler was my father, until we dropped into the false prophet domain! I recall Sally also walking with me there in Syracuse, and saying to me:

“There is a father.”

I said, “I don’t know who he is!” She said, “There is a father”. And she persisted with me, and I recall you persisting with me. We would try and go to the surrogate father. And somehow it just wasn’t there! However, we went through Mengele…. and then eventually I knew that my father was a high, sort of an important figure on the satanic side of the Jewish bloodline. And so, when we hit that and started to excavate, I could suddenly start seeing that there were definitely telltale signs in the surrogate home.

My mother checked out [left]; I was age 10.

I got there in my 6th year. She checked out. They electric shocked her. She spoke of hearing voices. They diagnosed her with paranoid schizophrenia, and put her in a home, and she was like vacant, like an absolute vegetable. So I take over the running of the home at age 10. Two brothers and a father. I’m cooking, I’m ironing. What else am I doing? I’m servicing the family. So that eventually came into understanding and knowledge.

The Lord eventually touched on that and brought it out into the open.

It was an occult home; that was the norm! I’m so used to the trauma, so used to the violence, so used to the sexual abuse. It’s normal; that was my new norm.

There’s no sense of hiding behind the Bible!

I think, growing up in either one of the homes, whether it’s heavily weighted on the pastoral, a lot of these girls’ fathers are pastors. They are in the church. They are shielding very specific things by placing you in that home!

Doug: The more intense and chronic the trauma, the more dense the amnesia. So whatever is going on in your surrogate home, you start connecting with who you are as a daughter. And I’m going to name him, because he doesn’t need to be protected, Yoshua Ben David. [Note that I don’t know how to spell this name.]

Yoshua Ben David is not just like any Jew.

At this point in your history, at that time, there’s the satanic underground Sanhedrin [the underground synagogue of the Sanhedrin]. And he was like the top; he’s the high priest of the Sanhedrin. He had to be that in order for you to qualify to be a candidate, to be the mother and wife of the False Prophet Michael. There had to be a specific bloodline. He had to have the spiritual authority.
So when you became aware that Yoshua Ben David is actually your biological father, that’s a whole lot deeper level of trauma in your relationship and history with him than with anyone in your surrogate family! And perhaps in some sense, maybe even your history with Mengele!

Michelle: Yes, Doug, I agree with you. When you go through the journey, the uncovering and excavation of who my actual biological father is, is way more severe on you internally than the surrogate family. It pales in comparison. I just knew….

The majority of my life was lived out trying to please the satanic leader [Yoshua Ben David]!

And him being joined to Mengele, him being joined very much to Satan himself! And Prince Philip was definitely involved in my life.

God started to give us a linear history.

When I came into the understanding of my connection with the firstborn Nimrod, which was Connie’s son, very much I had memory around…. And when I say memory, I’m not saying having memories every day or every session. God gave me very pivotal [crucial] memories, which I never understood and they were all over the show [everywhere]. There was no linear history for five years. And at times you feel like you’re absolutely going to lose your mind, because ‘where is this going’? And you can’t control where it’s going. So it’s an internal war of note. But slowly, but surely, God’s grace and His ability to enable us to let go on whatever level, and your continual coaching, let go, let go, let God, you know…. He started to give us a linear history. So my very pivotal memories in the beginning were the memories of Philip and the Queen [Queen Elizabeth II].

That was very much linked to the marriage of the Beast, age 6 for me.

Because there’s a selection ceremony, a pre-selection. They make you feel so special, because you’ve been selected from a room full of little girls! You’re so special. Meanwhile, it’s ‘pre-selected’; we know that now. And Philip is there…. Philip, incidentally, is arguing over my middle name, which – in my presenter level – was Artemis.

It’s as crazy as…. I know Queen Elizabeth hated me!

Philip, of course, ‘loved’ all the little girls. He’s absolutely an arch-pedophile! And, of course, for me, he was the entry point into Hitler, and would be very much interfaced there with my father. So, he’s the entry point into the antichrist side. My father is the full-blown bloodline entry for me into the false prophet. I can’t speak for those who came before me, like Sally and Susanna and those ladies, because they might have interfaced directly with Hitler. They were released before myself and Nadine were released.
So in 1962, Hitler was sacrificed. I have no direct human interface with Hitler. I’m the baby that has been used to power up his sacrifice, his death…. everything they wanted to bring in.

To finish off on the Philip side, the way they love to do this is….

There’s always a human interface. Eventually, once you are bonded to your son, post age 12, you really need or don’t need, – I can’t speak for everybody – a human interface. That handling from marriage to the beast at age 6, actually from your very birth, that’s more accurate: birth, a new birth, at 6, marriage of the beast, then onto 12. That conditioning phase is critical and crucial to the cult, because in that they are creating exactly who they want you to be, and your primary role. Of course, it’s satanically driven; we know that. It’s Mengele driven. It’s hybrid driven. I mean, we’re aware of others like Eddie, who have only been programmed by hybrids. So it’s all driven by 12, especially for the 12 templated women!

I don’t believe you actually need a human interface anymore.

You’re so sold out to your son. You’re sold out to Satan. You are there powering up world leaders. You’re doing what you need to do to bring the demise of the Collins dynasty, sort of, into power, and do what you have to do. So, yes, Philip would be used as a human interface, certainly in my life, to take me into Hitler on that side of the structure. He is a pivotal doorway into that side of the bestiality; I experienced that on both sides [both antichrist and false prophet side structure]. Those that are of the pure blood of Hitler, Philip would be that standing as that father figure.

Doug: Yes, that cooperates with everyone I’ve worked with. For many years, Prince Philip hated me because he accused me of stealing his girls. You know, the whole Hitler Genesis 6 Project. And when you mentioned the 12, that represent a specific core group they’re referred to as the ‘King’s Circle’, the early daughters that are within the King’s Circle. The 12 of the previous kings converge, come together, bloodline of Hitler, splice in, the DNA source code of the Antichrist, and you now become the Collins dynasty. So that’s a really big deal.

Michelle: It is a big deal, and it commenced in 1943, Doug. I think I might have explained this, when the iniquity force of each bloodline is brought into each separate ovum, and then used together in 1944.

Going back to Charlemagne….

For me, it’s always very much represented as the antichrist side. And if you go back on the Jewish side, you’re going all the way back! And of course, in case it goes further than Charlemagne, it goes all the way back to the five owls [?] of Satan.

Doug: Yes, and through Dan. Remember, Dan was the first tribe that led the children of Israel into idolatry.

Michelle: Yes, that can’t be left out, because in that primary splice, where the Jewish bloodline is introduced into the Hitler bloodline, – that’s kind of where my bloodline came in. The two then get fused together, ushering in the false Messiah.

The False Prophet is to bring the deception as we know according to Revelation.

[He will deceive the world into worshipping and following the Antichrist, says God’s word.] And then the Antichrist is released. He [the coming False Prophet] is not only a shield, but it’s also critical that Israel is there. If Israel is not there, we don’t have [the book of] Revelation. So that bloodline goes all the way back, and my bloodline won’t go through the Charlemagne. It gets pulled into the Charlemagne [bloodline] through my splicing with the Hitler bloodline! It gets pulled in both ways. And equally, Nadine on the Hitler side gets spliced and pulled into the Jewish bloodline. It’s a both end. It’s a blending. So you take on the one side, you take on the other, and of course, we know that my side dominant now is on the false prophet’s, and has been.

I was a Jewish girl….

Eventually, just recently, two weeks ago, I had to still embrace that right at the beginning, I was a little Jewish girl. Because if I’m pushing that away, I can’t get to who I am in Christ either! I mean, the way the Lord does it, it’s miraculous.
And you see, Doug, the thing is, I recall how it kind of worked with me, and I don’t recall all the details, but we got to a place, where it became a complete and utter hot issue. In other words, my heart, the heart of who I am, that very core center that actually reached out to Jesus Christ of Nazareth at 11 months old. The point at which I was no longer [or not] divided, because He is there, the point at which He gave me new birth, new life. I had to go back there because this is who I am. However, I realized that the very heart of who I am, was the driving force that was not this pure and righteous. The Lord used that Scripture on me, which I’d heard a hundred times, but it never resonated. And of course, my heart was so divided, I wouldn’t have heard it. But I heard it there and then:

‘The heart is deceitful above all things.’

[“The heart is more deceitful than all else and is desperately sick; who can understand it? I, the Lord, search the heart, I test the mind, even to give to each man according to his ways, according to the results of his deeds.”  Jeremiah 17:9-10]
And suddenly, I started realizing, hold on here, there is part of who I am, me, the person, that is deceived on a heart level here. And I am maintaining that deception. It took a few sessions to get there, but I realized that I had self-protection mechanisms!

I had created a little domain called ‘Christina’, opposite to Christ, where I could find comfort.

Then I had two or three [others] that I had personally created at the moment you got close to my heart, I would then pull back, go into my heart, and extrapolate into these little areas that were created [by me] for comfort, for peace, for whatever. I would escape from the conflict, not face the conflict. And that was my own heart.
And Christ was being released in fuller measure. There was no longer the death wrapping; I was not choking…. I was just sobbing a lot at the release of the person of Jesus. I had that locking mechanism, which was: ‘I can never reach Him’. Well, of course, I was never supposed to reach Him. I can’t reach Him; He is [already] there! I needed to receive what He has [done for me].

So there was all that weird belief system and all the vows in place.

Then you get to that singularity [healing, integration of the different DID parts], and then, boy, I’m shooting out my defense mechanisms from my own heart! That’s how the Lord could show me: ‘Listen, Michelle, it’s your very heart that took you to rituals’.
The DID system is not there on that heart level, but you are self-protecting. And what is the self-protection? It’s idolatry. What is idolatry? It’s rooted in pride: ‘You can help yourself. You can comfort yourself. You’re your own savior’. Independence, yeah. You can even call your own savior ‘Christina’, if you like, the opposite to Christ. So again, you are elevating self, you’re soulish. So He had to work through that in my heart. Is it still a process? Definitely.
Those self-protections, I placed, not Mengele, not Satan; me, I did it.

Doug: You talked about new birth at 11 months. Now, everyone theologically said, “Well, you don’t know you’re a sinner then. It’s not possible for you to be rebirthed”. So what I want to explain to people is that if it’s not new birth, what it is, it’s the heart capacity to respond to Jesus. What they do in the cult – Hitler, Mengele, they all did this – they would read Scripture. They’re looking for the first awakening in a little person: ‘Jesus loves me’, sing hymns, show pictures of Jesus, draw out the heart, draw out the heart…. And they know, when the heart is drawn out, they assault! Now, we know that whenever it was that you gave your heart to Jesus, at some time there was new birth. But if that was new birth, it’s because that heart opening is now released.
I’m not going to get into a theological debate on this, but I know with everyone, they draw out that heart very early, and that’s the heart that’s captured. Because what is Jesus going to do? Okay, they’re drawing out your heart, reading Scripture, and Jesus is on the outside of you. He is not present yet, because you’re still born dead in trespasses and sin. And Jesus being the chief theologian: ‘I’m sorry, you’re only an infant. You know what? You’re going to have to get to the point of accountability or this is not going to work’. That’s not Jesus. That’s not Jesus! I mean, He knows the vulnerability, and He is there, and Satan knows He will be there. Because if he can capture that first heart response to Jesus, that’s the most guarded in the entire DID system!

There was a point when there was no longer a DID system.

And you finally began to move out of that system into the heart ‘domain’.

I want to read from Psalm, chapter 8, verse 1:

O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is Your name in all the earth, who have displayed Your splendor above the heavens!
So I’ll ask you theologues, or whoever…. You tell me when Psalm 8:2 was realized. You tell me in what generation Psalm 8:2 can actually become an actualized reality. And this is verse 2:
From the mouth of infants and nursing babes You have established strength because of Your adversaries, to make the enemy and the revengeful cease.

So whoever our God is, we don’t want to put Him in a box, and say, ‘Well, He can’t show up when that heart is drawn out. He knows that part is going to be assaulted, three-way sexual assault, taken into death…. [No,] He is going to be there in faithfulness.

Michelle: You know, Doug, I would challenge anyone who discounts any SRA/DID survivor, who reports having a new birth experience at 11, 12, 13 months, or whatever they are reporting.

The reason I’m saying that is:

Satan knows that you cannot build this entire structure of conflict, because the entire thing is about conflict, and the entire thing is about that heart that contains the indwelling Christ! If that never happened, you don’t have a [generational] SRA/DID system. There is no reason or any way in which the cult could do what they do with you, in terms of the programming, in terms of placing you as a weaponized individual in a church, or wherever in the body of Christ. That has to be there! Otherwise, all you are is a willful Satanist who has a memory, who willfully gets up every day, or every second day, or every festival, and goes to a ritual. Nothing is hidden!

If you are a chosen one….

Doug: But on this high level, those that have gone through the level of trauma…. Here is how they see it. If you are a chosen one, and no matter how many times Mengele takes you in the death, does programming in an out of the body experience in death…. if you don’t come back to life, you are not a candidate. You’re not a chosen one. Why do you come back to life? Because God keeps you alive! They see you as special!

Now, if you are not a believer….

If you are not subjected to the level of trauma that every believer that I’ve worked with, – it’s a generational SRA/DID. They are all Christians! And here’s what they say: people who don’t dissociate well, they can’t be part of it [cannot be candidates]; they end up being sacrificed!
If you are an unbeliever, you would be dead a long time ago, because God is not there [through the new birth]. The reason why you can be so fragmented and still survive is because Jesus is there.

Michelle: But there is also nothing to build the conflict on if Christ isn’t there. What are you building it on? You’ve just got Satan. You’re just dead in your transgressions. There is no life of Christ. Well, there is Neshamah, the lamp of the Lord, but there is no indwelling Holy Spirit or indwelling Christ.

Doug: The Spirit is dead until new birth.

Michelle: Yes, absolutely.



Doug Riggs

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