Exposé of the week – Area 52: The other secret site, tremendously deep underground

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February 4, 2024


Exposé – What’s really happening in Area 52?

What’s really going on, what they certainly don’t want us to know?
We already heard about the nephilim host mothers and a worldwide hybrid breeding project for satan’s endgame.

Seen enough about Area 51?

Well, there is also an Area 52, another secret area in Nevada. And it lies under Area 51.


Late pastor Doug Riggs:

‘Now, what’s really important is, I watched a documentary years ago. David Adair had access to Area 51, and there are levels below that.

I have had survivors described it: below Area 51 is Area 52, it’s the nephilim and all this. I mean, I’ve had survivors who had actually been taken to these places! They are all over the world, where they have this hybridization thing going on underground! David Adair said this, and he’s a brilliant scientist and not a Christian [a Freemason or CON perhaps?]. They always used the terminology of ‘aliens’. [They are not!] When he was in Area 51 in a very classified area, there was one of these crafts that are used. People have been ferried all over the world to rituals in these things. It can be anywhere in the world in 15 minutes. They go straight up out in space, and come down. They have been cloaked; the military has cloaking technology, so it absorbs the background, and all you see is the background. You don’t actually see these crafts. David Adair said that when he put his hand on this craft, he said it looked like it was alive.’


The mass media & and the alternative gatekeeper media already reported….

that a clean nuclear weapon was used to create a giant chamber under Pahute Mesa in Area 52, and that a facility is active outside it, which can accommodate 25,000 people or troops. One heard some of this from a driver of a cement truck, who worked there.
He said, it would take four hours to reach the bottom, dump the cement, and then wind back up. For some reason, he disappeared off the face of the earth after telling that story, according to controlled opposition, fearmongering the people who might come out and tell the truth!
Furthermore, there is a high-speed subway, running from Area 52 to Las Vegas, a concept highly unlikely, according to tunnel workers at the Nevada Test Site. And pilots told, there are secret runways that open and close like zippers. They will look down and it will be a forest, a desert, or a natural landscape, and suddenly it will open up like this, and they will see a runway. Then the landscape will go back up and look like normal again.
It is assumed, and claimed by CONs, by gatekeepers, that highly advanced radar research is one project. These military watchdogs say, they do not believe there is a major underground operation.
But is this all true in both the mainstream and alternative media? Let’s find out….


They developed, they got the technology from fallen angels to actually do this.

Doug: ‘So all of this has been very hidden, but it’s a part of the last day’s satanic strategy to deceive mankind! And the whole generational SRA/DID is a part of this. Because the [human] women have been selected to be templated, to be able to conceive hybrids, as a part of the last days phenomenon.
What goes on in various places underground, in DUMBs, has been going on for a long time.

Now, she, a survivor, started talking about being taken to underground military bases [DUMBs]. She saw these tubes and ‘things’ there, like creatures in liquid, and that they were in some kind of gestation period. It’s tremendously deep underground! This was seen not only by her, but also by others.

This is what she saw….

And I remember, I worked with her years ago, and she was a biological daughter of Prince Philip. I flew to Las Vegas, where she lived. She is a multiple personality [generational SRA/DID]. Her mother was Marie-Hélène de Rothschild of France. She was a very unique personality. She had a little part, which came out, called Rachel. She said, “Mr. Doug”…. I mean she’s a woman of almost five feet, and just really acts like a child now. She loves to play and go crazy. She said, “Mr. Doug, can I tell you a secret? You know, in the Caesars Palace you can go all the way down, and in the basement there’s a satanic throne. And they do all these rituals, and they do these things….”
“Do you know what else?”
“There’s a doorway there; you can go through it. And you can be in Area 51 Groom Lake in about 10 minutes.” And she said, “Let me tell you another secret. Did you know Area 51, there is something deeper than that!”
I said, “What’s that?”
And she said, “Shh, Area 52.” And she said really childishly, that she’s going to Area 52, and then said, “People from Area 51, they don’t know anything about that, because it takes special access rights to get down there.”
I said, “What happens down there?
She said, “The Nephilim Project. They’re breeding. It’s horrible, it’s awful! Those creatures…. and just terrible things are happening”.

That’s what’s going on at Groom Lake.

These military bases, they’re connected by tunnels. So we have these black projects, which are in Area 51, but up there, or below I should say, is Area 52! And nobody up there knows this, but if you go into Area 52, you need a specific level of access. No one at the top knows this, but if you go into Area 52, you need a specific clearance.

Now, she continued, “Mr. Doug, I have access.”

I said, “What do you mean by access?” And she has or knows the number, right off the top of her head! Now, her husband, Steve, was a JAG at that air force base in California, where they launch rockets. There’s an actual Air Force base in California. He worked there and he had a pretty high clearance. I said to Steve, “Your wife said she has access to Area 52. She has a number.” He said, “Now, I have access to the database. I know what my authorization is, and I know the access levels all the way down to President”. So he entered her number. And do you know what it said? This is a classification, which is above Presidential grade. He knew, by what came back, “No access allowed,” that it was above Presidential grade. She had the code and access to Area 52.

They are real, and there is only one option:

They are some form of a modern hybrid, in other words, they are not ‘extraterrestrial’. And they are clearly not fully human. Because they are not fully human, they have supernatural abilities that are satanically driven.

The Antichrist is clearly a hybrid!

We know this because he is cast into the lake of fire along with the False Prophet in Revelation 19:20. They do not stand before the great white Throne of Judgment. Why? They are beasts, so that means they are not fully human.
However, the antichrist does not come on the scene as an alien appearance. He doesn’t look like a ‘terrible snowman’. So he comes as an antichrist, as a replacement for the Christ. He is the ultimate evolutionary goal of all New Agers, etc.!

The hybrid breeding program, which would produce pure representations of the antichrist, the hybrid….

Now, there was a massive conception event with Hitler, and the Kings of the earth. And there was the confluence of all the previous bloodlines, which became the Collins. You’ve probably heard of the Collins elite. So there was the whole convergence of the previous kings of the earth and then with the merging with the Hitler bloodline and satan. Because Hitler was qualified for this, by sacrificing 6 million Jews: a blood ritual! Hitler qualified to receive a DNA download directly from satan. That is the DNA of Nimrod. And that is the antichrist; the antichrist is the revival of Nimrod.
And this woman, while inwardly connecting with who she was as part of the project, said, “That third DNA strand is Nimrod”. That is the strand, which enables breeders to conceive a hybrid, because it is not normal. It’s out of God’s order.

Nimrod Apollyon Alexander, the ‘christ’

We now have a large number of women, with whom we have worked over the decades, who have been selected and chosen to be the breeders of the bloodlines, and to create a contemporary generation of Nimrod Apollyon Alexander, the ‘christ’. That’s pretty much, where we are now.
And so the people, who were born into the project, were taken into the DUMBs, Deep Underground Military Bases, with a grid of tunnel works, basically all over the world. They had these huge drills, we know, 12 feet in diameter, that can drill tunnels of 10 miles a day. This technology you can see. So that’s been going on for a long time! With these DUMBs, there’s a network and a breeding program going on…..


Because when Lucifer, who rebelled and became satan…. He fell. We know that a third of the angels went with him. That means, he has in his army a third of the original angels.


So when he goes to war against God, and defeats God [so he thinks], in Revelation 19:19, when no nation stands up against nation anymore, and all the nations are under the authority of the antichrist, all the weapons are aimed at heaven! When all weapons are aimed at heaven and His army, which is returning, and that is the Church [the Body of Christ] – we then see His Bride returning with Him…. so what is satan’s intention? If he doesn’t kill God, he loses! In our minds we say: that’s a psychopath, and things like that! Correct! That’s what he is! He is outnumbered, so if he can’t just create a hybrid that will be a representation of the antichrist and false prophet – and I believe they are already alive now – what else can he do to create an army?

A transhumanist army

Now, if you look at the passage in Joel 2:11, it seems he can create an army: a synchronized transhumanist army, and they are all synchronized with one spirit, jumping over walls. I believe these are not locusts; I believe these are hybridized parts of satan’s army. So all the so-called ‘alien’ abductions that we see, where mainly the harvesting of ovaries and sperm is going on…. What is the purpose of this? It’s to collect human DNA to create this army. And all these so-called ‘extraterrestrial creatures’, ‘aliens’…. It’s a breeding program! These hybrids are not ‘from outer space’; they are here! They are walking among us.

So what is the agenda?

Their threat is to completely take us over, so that we become the slaves and they become a master race. The goal is to completely eradicate humanity as we know it. Jesus says in Matthew 24, that if the days were not shortened, leading to the Coming of the Son of Man here on earth, no flesh would be saved. So what do we think then? Well, that all people will be blown up by atomic bombs? Not at all. No flesh would be saved, because the goal is to hybridize everyone! And if you take the mark of the beast, it will be a DNA upgrade. Then you will lose your soul. We know from Scripture that 100% of those, who take the mark, will be damned. So satan’s goal is, to completely eliminate that which is redeemable, thus ‘proving to God that He is a liar’, and to gain and overcome that which is the human race. He is determined to do this; he is a criminal, but he is extremely intelligent and he is absolutely the epitome of hatred toward God and hatred toward humanity!

This agenda is satanically driven….

the whole Great Reset, lockdowns, are strictly controlled by a satanic power, to prepare humanity for the final act, the endgame, which will ultimately result in the last seven weeks of Daniel’s prophecy. And, of course, it will end in Armageddon.

People will all worship the antichrist as a god.

For Nimrod was the first antichrist in world history, and he is returning to the world stage. His name and all the rituals, where he has been seen in his present form is: Nimrod Apollyon Alexander. That is his name. What does that mean? Nimrod: that is his ancient roots. Apollyon: that is his nature, the destroyer. Alexander: he is like Alexander the Great, returning to the scene; he died of drunkenness in 32 BC. Alexander means: defender of humanity. So the antichrist rises as this great hero, but in the midst of the Tribulation he manifests his true colors, and he is now Nimrod Apollyon, and all hell breaks loose! So man is drawn into the net. He is seen as antichrist, a substitute for Christ, and the whole world is following him, as we see in Revelation 13: ‘Who is like this Beast, this hybrid, and who can make war against him?’

Church, where are you today?

Are you aware of where we are in history? Do you know, pastors, that we are living in the last generation? There will not be another generation.

These hybridized entities…. their sexual orientation is sodomy; their diet is cannibalism.

DUMBs are not just for the elites to hide during the coming events, which they know will happen. But there are a lot of people I’ve talked to who have been there and seen all these things in big test tubes with ‘things’ in it. And there is actually the creation of these beings, which will appear on the battlefield of Armageddon.

What is going on with this host mother program and the hybrids, which are coming out of it?

During my 35 years of working as a pastor with these host mothers, it is mostly the women I have worked with who have been members of royal families. Everyone I worked with was programmed by Dr. Jozef Mengele, the Angel of Death, the Nazi doctor at Auschwitz. They all had biological fathers who sold their daughters to satan to gain power! You want power? Let me have your daughters! They were given to people, like Mengele. Prince Philip was one of the big handlers for this global agenda. And so these women all have bloodlines; they have a certain iniquity, a power, that qualifies them to then be conditioned and trained, to be able to conceive a hybrid.

The satanic ritual in 1943

Now we know, that with all these people, who are the breeders who conceived and birthed hybrids, that a ritual took place in 1943. And they describe this. The Neshama – that is the lamp of the Lord in Proverbs 20 verse 27 – is not a memory. [For their memory was totally sealed off by walls of amnesia].

The spirit of a man is the lamp of the Lord, searching all the inner depths of his heart.  Proverbs 20:27

The lamp of the Lord in a Christian is a capacity to know, because the Neshama, the Breath of Life, knows! So I have learned how to identify that. And when people are at conception, they know what happened. It is not a memory; it is Neshama! So they describe the conception of it. And it is collective! There are [multiple] individuals. God breathes in the Breath of Life at conception, satan is there [in his ritual], he captures that Life Essence, he brings them into an environment, his throne chariot [as a copycat of God’s chariots], and mixes it into their pre-implantation identity. So when I say pre-implantation, I’m talking about how long a fertilized embryo is viable after conception. Can you freeze it? You can look that up online. You can freeze fertilized zygotes, and they’re still viable years later!

[A zygote, the fusion product of two gametes, is the first single-cell stage in the life cycle of sexually reproducing organisms, right after the fusion of an egg cell and a sperm cell, after fertilization.]

So that’s what they did in the project. There was this conception event, where satan administered a DNA source code for Nimrod, which is not natural. Then years later these people who were born in the project are implanted sequentially and according to a plan, a schedule!

The last one I worked with was after Mengele’s death in 1979.

She was a major player in terms of bringing forth the Apollyon christ [the antichrist]. So what we have is a successive series of people, carrying a bloodline, moving toward a goal. And satan does not know the [exact] time, but he has the means in place! He must bring forth his christ, when the time is permitted. [God’s Restrainer still holds him back for a short time!] And so these women were born into the project, and at the age of 12 they were conceived. And they all say that it is satan! This is what they say, namely, that he is the one, who is involved, which means that his life is at stake. He knows what happened to those angels who sinned in Genesis 6!

Satan is the actual father of the antichrist and false prophet.

And these human women had to be prepared.

99 percent of pastors are asleep

We have all these different people from different backgrounds, sharing the same story, and that’s what it is. So these people, they tell you these stories. How does that shape your worldview as you hear more and more of this stuff? I mean, do you talk to a lot of other people? Pastors, or other Christians? And are they just trying to beat around the bush? Because it feels like most pastors, 99%, are asleep as far as what we’re talking about. It’s a little disturbing; it’s a little sad.

Why will the Church be in heaven during the Day of the Lord?

Because the Church will be the legal criterion by which satan will be deposed. Only Church age-believers will be chosen by the Lord to show satan His hierarchy! Paul said to the Corinthians, who were taking each other to court – civil court, not criminal – “Is there no wise man among you who can settle these civil issues? Don’t you Christians understand that the saints will judge the world? That the saints will judge angels? Hello, what does that all mean? God is preparing a great change so that the governments and powers now ruling in the second heaven will be deposed. But that cannot happen until the Rapture has taken place and the Church has been glorified. So the question is, how close are we? And satan knows that we are his Nemesis [his longtime rival in Christ]. And I believe he has a genocidal agenda, to exterminate every Christian before the Rapture, because he knows that the Church is the God-assigned Nemesis for satan. He knows this!

Why are Christians and Christian pastors being dumbed down?

I believe that, through the years of ritual activity, Christians and especially pastors are being targeted by satan to make them dumber! There is a supernatural work of the enemy going on, because he knows that the Church is his potential enemy. Any church, which begins to function as salt and light, and that pastor teaches the Word of God, is a threat to him. Because any church, which really has some measure of salt and light, has been infiltrated! Satan has his people there! And so we started with more than 100 people, and we have been reduced to a handful. I mean, the enemy has absolutely caused some destruction by what we’re doing, because we haven’t stopped. And the enemy would have tried to take us down many times over the years, and we’re still continuing. Why? Because we already have the playbook: God wins. And we are on the winning side, no matter what we go through between now and then, we persevere and overcome, because the Victor himself, Jesus Christ, lives in us!’
So far.


Now, the Bible tells us that satan and his demonic angels will be cast down from their heavenly realm to the earth in the middle of the 7-year Tribulation  (Revelation 12:7–9). Therefore….
here follows a brief testimony from a boy, what God showed him:

10-year-old boy taken to heaven, talks about future events, WW3 and ‘alien’ war

The following is what Jeremy told his mother….

The boy talked about future events.

He said there will first be a world war between humanity, World War III.
“Mom, people will think they have to worry about WW3. That’s not what people should worry about, Mom. Something bad and evil is coming…. it’s the war of the demons, the war of the ‘alien’ demons.”

That’s what Jeremy called them: ‘alien demons’ and ‘demonic aliens’.

He said there were these beings, these demonic, alien beings, and he said they are evil and they are part of satan’s army, and that satan was going to go to war against this world and try to destroy everyone here. He said, “WW3 is going to be bad, but it’s nothing, nothing compared to the war that’s coming from the alien, demonic beings.” He said, “They will come upon the earth and try to destroy it, and they will start eating people!”
They are going to portray themselves as ‘aliens’, but they are demons, his mother says in the video.
Jeremy went on to say:

“They are demons, and they are going to make war on this earth and will start eating people.”

There will be very frightening, unimaginable events, which the Lord Jesus foretold have never happened before. It will be a very vicious war of an unprecedented nature.

Giovanna’s (His mother’s) last statement was:
“You must ask Jesus into your heart and ask Him for forgiveness.”


GodLove, and JesusWins!



Doug Riggs


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