Surpassing all X-Files: The conception of the Antichrist

Pastor Doug Riggs reveals what is not coming from cognitive brain memory: Hitler, invested by Satan to infiltrate and destroy the Body of Christ; Prince Philip assigned by hybrids to be the titular head of the Hitler Genesis 6 Project; Satan understands genetics; he was present when man was created; how these women were impregnated; new-born hybrids are already in a place where they are having sex with their mother; they do have to learn emotions and interactions with people; doppelgangers of Doug Riggs; who is restraining the Antichrist?
March 23, 2024


Doug Riggs: I began working with survivors of all kinds of occult abuse back in 1984, and started doing counseling ministry with people. Everyone I’ve worked with was programmed by Dr. Mengele. He was hired by members of the royal family.
When I began counseling these people, I first discovered the SRA/DID, – and a part of this captivity – in 1991. We had a woman whose biological mother is Queen Elizabeth. Her eggs have been harvested.

I didn’t really arrange anything

My prayer was, ‘Father, what is it going to take for this stronghold in the Body of Christ to come down? Just bring me those people, who would best serve You in seeing this corporate stronghold in the Body of Christ be identified and come down’.

There are so many people seeking help!

And I cannot work with all of them. So there was graduate, over time, the emergence of a group of several hundred now over the world, throughout Europe and Germany, and of course, South Africa. Big-time South Africa! I would say, South Africa is much like what we have in America. As we began to work with these people, we began to see a common thread, without them even knowing each other.
They could trace their bloodline back to like the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha; that would be the Battenberg dynasty, which is Prince Philip’s bloodline; the Oppenheimers….

The House of Windsor wasn’t always the House of Windsor

They are all Germanic! They changed the name Battenburg to cover up their Germanic roots!
So Prince Philip is really more like a handler too.

Hitler was invested by Satan to infiltrate and destroy the church!

I now see that the primary foundational ritual, that inaugurated the whole SRA/DID agenda in the Body of Christ, right around the end of World War II, was Hitler.

King George VI, and the bloodline that came through him: How it was developed….

For example, Dan, who is a bloodline descendant of Hitler; when we first started working with him in the early ‘90s, the first layer of consciousness around his SRA/DID history…. – he is fully integrated [healed] now – his first memory was: Mengele is his father! And he was 18 months; that’s all he knew. So Mengele plays a key role. And King George VI was also a major player!

A bit about the House of Windsor

Well, Prince Philip was actually assigned by Hitler to be a handler for all of those: the women that would be born in the project.

Hitler or his seed, revealed by Michelle, a survivor:

“Prince Philip was very responsible for enforcing the Beast programming in my history. I know that I spent some time at Westminster. I know that I spent time at the Tower of London. I have very vivid memories of Philip.”

This is what we know about Prince Philip

He was assigned by hybrids to be the kind of the titular head of the Hitler Genesis 6 Project on a human level.
“Yes, Doug, he was very much in control for me of the Beast programming. He is incredibly cruel! But I wanted to tell you something. I actually think Elizabeth is more cruel than him on some level.
He kept me in a cage, Doug. It’s just not easy to talk about it. I think the worst part of what Philip would do would be his complete degradation of any form of humanity. He would treat me like an animal, rubbed in feces, eating feces, chained, sodomized! It sounds mild to say that he would just be a pedophile.” – Michelle

Working with Dan before the year 2000

So we were praying, and we said there’s something with this, you know, there’s something deeper than Mengele, because we are not able to get to that which is resolving some of these core DID issues. And we just started praying in the car. And suddenly Dan let go of the wheel. I literally had to grab the wheel! And he dropped into a 15-month-old state, and was in a state of shock and terror! And when we processed all of that, he said, “That’s deeper than Mengele. I saw his father as Joseph Collins!” who was really Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, or people call him King George VI; that’s just a title. That’s not necessarily his family. So they knew him as King George VI. So Dan saw Joseph Collins aka as King George VI.
You know, they called it the Merovingian bloodlines with Charles II or Charlemagne, as they call him in France in the 9th century. Well, all the previous ‘kings of the earth’ that you see in the book of Revelation: there was a convergence. And everything converged in Charlemagne. Dr. Marie Tanner traces all the bloodlines from Charlemagne up till, at that time, the Habsburg dynasty, as that would have the right to bring forth ‘the Christ’ [the Antichrist].

So it converged in the Habsburg dynasty

Well, we now know that the convergence of the 13 bloodlines, which can be descended back to Charlemagne, that there was a convergence in a ritual; it was in 1943. And the convergence of all the bloodlines was to create the Collins elite. The Collins elite is the convergence of all the previous bloodlines!

Why was this created?

So in terms of the Hitlerian mindset, and the convergence of that meeting in 1943, when they brought this about, the Collins elite was to be the convergence of all previous bloodlines: the bloodline of Hitler, the bloodline of King George VI…. that would be qualified to bring forth the antichrist. They didn’t call him that. They didn’t call him the antichrist!

King George VI was sort of passive

He had a bloodline connection, but he didn’t have the iniquity force that was necessary! To actually launch the project, it required the bloodline iniquity force of Hitler! The actual power, the Apollyonic [Satanic] force, was brought in through the bloodline of Hitler.

The ‘Nephilim mothers’, and how that plays into this 1943-1944 role

There is definitely a threat of this that is even more sinister than ‘The Boys from Brazil’ [film]. I mean, that’s just nothing compared to what the reality is.

The lamp of the Lord

First of all, people need to understand that when this revelation is coming forth from these people I’m working with, it’s not coming from cognitive brain memory….

Proverbs 20:27

‘The human spirit is the lamp of the Lord that sheds light on one’s inmost being.’

The Neshamah is the inbreathed life breath of God, – which is translated spirit, – and is the lamp of Yahweh [God], searching all the innermost parts of a man’s being! So when I began to discover how to tap into that…. it’s there by creation. It’s deeper than cognitive memory: a person knows what happens at the conception.
Do we know? No, because we don’t need to know. But when these people, who are so deeply entrapped, the Neshamah, – that is the lamp of the Lord – knows it! And it’s not brain function.

It was and is all by design:

the Holy Spirit, that indwells these survivors, many of whom were sinisterly led to Christ when they were 18 months. Ultimately, there is a seed: the new life. He is there. In fact, in Matthew 25, Jesus says: ‘You came and visited Me when I was in prison. You called Me when I was naked, you fed Me….’
So in an application sense, when that heart is drawn out to good trust in Jesus, – it’s captured [prison], taken into death. And the whole DID structure is created around that first heart response to Jesus.

This was part of the attack plan for the church!

They are not Nephilim mothers, but they have been selected as members of the royal family. And they [TPTB] paid Mengele to do the programming, because they get power and position! ‘I will give you all the kingdoms of this world if you’ll bow down and worship me [satan].’

What does satan require?

‘I need women. I need their ovum. I need their bodies to produce this whole generation of hybrids, in order to make up the deficit (shortage) that only one third [of the angels] went with the adversary [satan].’ Satan needs to prepare a last day’s army, and that’s what he is doing! But he ultimately needed a quintessential bloodline [a bloodline of essential importance], that would qualify to conceive a first generation hybrid.

It’s not going to be a giant

The Genesis 6 Project: it’s not going to look like those in Genesis 6, but it will be the antichrist. It will be the quintessential ‘Christ’, the goal of the transhumanist, that which is the goal of the Nazis to Übermensch. It’s ‘the superman; it’s the final evolutionary phase of mankind to attain this transcendent level, that would free mankind from the bonds of their present identity’. [This is a giant lie!]

They would hand over their daughters to Mengele to do the work, so that they would be groomed to be able to conceive

Like in Genesis 6:1-4. These are the fallen angelic beings that cohabited with women, and produced the hybrid offspring, called Nephilim. So this is the repeat of that which we see in Genesis 6, with a modification….

The antichrist is going to be a hybrid

But he’s not going to be a giant or look like reptilian. He’s going to be the quintessential man [the ultimate man].

How were these women impregnated?

How did that occur? The way they describe it, and they say: ‘just what happened in Genesis, chapter 6, where it says that the fallen angels actually cohabited with women’. So it is sexual, but it’s more than that. And in this penetration of the spirit, and Satan comes in…. when he comes in, he actually imparts a DNA source code for that which will be the offspring. It is literally his seed!

They all reported: ‘It’s Satan’

And Satan is Apollyon, or Satan masquerading as Nimrod. It all goes back to the Apollyon and the Nimrod identity. We learned about that in Revelation 9.

The bloodline and Nimrod has to do with all the kings that are in the project

You have to trace your bloodline through Charlemagne, then all the way back through the Caesar’s, and all the way back to Nimrod. So you have an actual linkage there. But the DNA source code for the antichrist is the convergence of bloodlines, but specifically…. King George VI is a passive mechanism. The actual activation of that is the iniquity force and the synchronized bloodline of Hitler: his DNA! Because he had sacrificed 6 million Jews, he qualified to receive the DNA source code for the current Nimrod. So the Nimrod aspect, an identity of the antichrist, is directly from Satan himself. And the mechanism was through Hitler, who qualified through the blood sacrifice of the 6 million Jews. So in this ritual, you have a convergence of the previous bloodlines of the kings. And then the coming together of the DNA source code of the antichrist is Nimrod in a singular conception event, that happened in 1944. That took place in a throne chariot [of Satan].

Satan has his own throne

So everyone that I’ve talked with, they remember! They said, there’s a conception that took place in a test tube. And whenever they get there, they feel sick and nauseous. And I thought, ‘What’s going on here?’ They are in the throne chariot of Satan! The actual synchronized corporate ritual, that brings forth the antichrist’s generation, was in the very throne of Satan. And what he represents is present in his own throne chariot.

Everyone in this project was conceived in 1944

But the implantation was staged. So we have the difference between conception and a test tube versus the implantation in a womb. There you go; it’s all a blueprint.

First implantation, 1947

And then one of the big events at May 14th, 1948. And then you have sequencing of implantation of those that are conception. And I don’t know how they do this, but I know that we have viable fertilized embryos that have been frozen for 20 years; they can actually become children. The occult has known this technology [for decennia]! So there’s the sequencing and the release of these different people in the project throughout history….

The last major release – the implantation – was at Hitler’s death, June of 1962

And I asked the people I’m working with. They were there when he wilfully offered himself as a sacrifice. They were there; they remember!

Getting back to this history with Mengele….

People were handed over by the biological fathers to Mengele to do programming, so that they would get whatever benefits they would get from this selling them out to Satan, so they could be a part of the breeding program.
I discovered with one of the girls who they had, Connie, right here in Ohio…. There was an apartment there where Mengele would come. And I said, “Now, when you are there, when Mengele was there, who is channeling Apollyon? Satan as Apollyon in abuse. Who is the person doing the channeling?” And I already knew because the Lord had shown me, but I didn’t tell her.
She said, “Hitler”. So the whole time she was with Mengele, up until Hitler’s death in 1962, 100% of the time that Mengele was present, Hitler – in the shadow, in the background – was channeling Apollyon!

Mengele was the ‘glove’ of Satan, doing his sorcery stuff

And he was doing the trauma, and the weaving, and the knotting on the spiritual level. Mengele is kind of the sorcerer there, but the channeler is Satan/Apollyon! So we now know that up until Hitler’s death, every time Mengele was present, Hitler was there channeling Apollyon! And that is really key, because he represents the iniquity force that Satan needed for this final phase of bringing forth his ‘Christ’. You have to have iniquity force that combines all of the kings, but it converges in Hitler. And to have this, to meet the criteria for him to be the agent, he was evil enough.

The Rapture

We have to understand that the book of Revelation, after the opening of the seals in Revelation 6 through 19, the church is not there. It’s crystal clear, it’s not there!

Hitler had two doctors; one was involved with genetics

He qualified to be Hitler’s realization of the goal to create this hybridization.

The DNA source code carries messaging

Satan is the source of the messaging. He understands genetics! He was present when man was created! He has some insight into when all the earth was created before man. They were all rejoiced when God created the earth. They were present! That’s before Lucifer/satan fell. They were there when man was created. So they have the capacity to see something of what was going on in their creation.
Now the question is, what kind of intelligence does Satan have to enter in into this, that which we see in Genesis 6:4, to corrupt the human genome, to attack the seed of the woman?

What capacity intelligence does Satan have, to what we call ‘splicing in’?

The point is that the antichrist is a hybrid. So that DNA source code incorporates all that which would be the normal conception event. But then there is an embellishment (kind of enhancement). There is an incorporation that capacitates the woman to be able to conceive and get forth the hybrid, because it’s not natural. It’s outside of the normal creative purpose of mankind.

The satanic agenda

The goal is to create a new race. We will become their slaves; they will become our overlords.
So we go back to the conception. It’s not about aliens. When the hybrids are born, – they all say that they are born – there is only going to be a gestation period of three or four months. They all report that. And then they’re born. And then their growth is a much more rapid development than normal!

Do they become adults within 6 years, 10 years?

Well, they (new-born hybrids) are already in a place where they are having sex with their mother. So there is an incest bond that is established right away! And of course, this causes tremendous trauma! So there’s the mother, who has a protective bond over her son, which is highly sequestered (kept in isolation). Then you have that which is conditioned to openly become the wife, so that at age 12, they conceive. And at age 26, they marry him [their hybrid son]! So now you have an incest beastiality bond. ‘Beast’, because they are not fully human.

The goal is to create this incest beastiality bond

Because this is the actual nexus (connecting link) and the interface with Satan in his infiltration and corruption of the Body and Bride of Christ. This is a big-time stronghold!
So the mother conceives and gives birth. She is protective; she is guarding this entity as a mother capacity, and then, at age 26, she marries and is the wife. And the wife is the most sacrosanct [untouchable] domain. It’s the most hidden and pushed away, through all the shame, because there’s tremendous trauma through sodomy rituals, and then all the pleasuring. They split off, so that the wife becomes a loyal bond to her hybrid husband.

Why would they do that?

Why would they traumatize these women, so they have internal core domains that they are protecting, and they are loyal to a hybrid offspring? And they all, – if they are on the antichrist side – know him as ‘Nimrod’.

In the movie ‘The Boys from Brazil’ there were duplicates of Hitler….

Well, [the hidden truth is,] there’s more than one Nimrod Apollyon Alexander, the ‘Christ’. There’s a whole resource pool that Satan has created [see image], all right?
So, if you maintain this member of the Body of Christ loyal to that which God hates, then Satan’s rule over this earth is extended! Why? Because he has a legal right to be here because he has a stronghold in the Body of Christ! These women all have been made Christians early on, purposely! If Satan is going to be able to have a counterfeit Body of Christ for him to actuate, they have to be believers. Because with believers we are members of one another, members of Christ. He knows this!
So if we can capture this member of the Body of Christ, he knows that this creates a network whereby he functionally, – through these incest beastiality bonds – is head of the Body of Christ. So he has created a network with persons within the church!

How many women have gone through the process; how many hybrids have been born?

In the first generation, there were about 10 million. Now we are in the third generation, so one expects probably an excess of 100 million now. So how many are the actual, this inner circle of those of the bloodline? All I know is the majority of the ones I’ve worked with are all descendants; they were all bloodline. So they would be the inner circle. But those who are candidates for this program, the Genesis 6 Project, we know that the door is now open to all the women as of 1989 and following. And that was the release of the final stage of the Genesis 6 Project.

Adolf Hitler, the father of a number of the women….

Well, like the one woman I’m working with now in South Africa, who was Mengele’s last project, if you were to look up at a young picture of Hitler’s sister, Paula…. If you look up Paula Hitler, and if I could show you a picture of her I’m working with in South Africa, she would look like her twin. She knows that her biological father is Adolf Hitler; she knows it. I would say she’s about 47, 48, 49.
Some of the sequencing went all the way up to the ‘80s. She is the last in the project. Mengele was not willing to allow himself to be sacrificed until he was finished with her. She represents his crown jewel. And so that would have been like 1979, when he was found dead on a beach in São Paulo. Of course! Right! He may have died somewhere else, and been dragged there by the CIA, [for example]. But it’s just like the person who shot Hitler. They found the bullet on the gurney, and there were no distortions and you know…. So it’s a part of the government story. We know; we get that!

After Hitler, the primary channeler….

when he was sacrificed in 1962, people remember being a part of this sacrifice. It was huge! And then, with the birth of the firstborn, a hybrid, during Hitler’s sacrifice, there was a necrophilia ritual that produced Nimrod! And Connie remembers this. She remembers she was there [in Jerusalem]! He was sacrificed at the same time. This first-born Nimrod was conceived in her with the death of Adolf Hitler. It was a huge event! It all took place in Jerusalem [under the Temple Mount].

A hybrid has to learn emotions and interactions with humans

From that birth of that Nimrod, – and Hitler is now gone – everywhere when Mengele was doing his work, he [the antichrist] is there, learning and learning. He is a hybrid; they have to learn! These hybrids have to learn emotions and have to be interrelate, interact with people. So he is there watching Mengele. But then he is so enhanced, because he is Satan-possessed, it’s not long before he is not only now representing the channeling of Apollyon, but he has taken Hitler’s place with steroids! And so, all the way up to 1979, wherever Mengele is, there is the hybrid. And the hybrid is now the channeler, and he is there doing abuse!

He was one of the Antichrists

There are many Nimrod Apollyon Alexanders, just like with The Boys from Brazil…. which one is going to be the final one? He had to have replications, based upon having a resource pool. The firstborn: to my understanding, that one has been sacrificed after the sacrifice of Mengele.

But there have been successors….

and with the sacrifice of these different ones, it powers up the next one, the next one…. And it’s all going to converge into singularity. So the final antichrist will have all the convergence of the previous first-born offspring of these women. So it’s a huge network!

I don’t expect people to understand this

My wife doesn’t understand; she’s living with me 36 years, and I try to explain this. She said, “I see the fruit, I see these people going free, but I don’t try to explain it to them”.

What is it that has to happen for the antichrist to appear?

Well, 2 Thessalonians, chapter 2, says ‘you know what restrains him’, and ‘until he is taken out of the way’.

So the ‘what’ is neuter. That means the presence and influence of the Holy Spirit in the church [the Body of Christ]. And so it is restraining him [the antichrist}! The restrainer is not the Roman Empire, the restrainer is not the Archangel Michael, and it’s not Lucifer. The only logical candidate is the Holy Spirit. Absolutely! Because it takes a member of the Godhead to restrain this entity [the hybrid antichrist].

[2 Thessalonians 2:6-12  The first Christians knew!

And you know that which restrains him [the antichrist] now, so that in his time he will be revealed. For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only he who now restrains will do so until he is taken out of the way. Then that lawless one will be revealed whom the Lord will slay with the breath of His mouth and bring to an end by the appearance of His coming; that is, the one whose coming is in accord with the activity of Satan, with all power and signs and false wonders, and with all the deception of wickedness for those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved. For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false, in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness.]

The one that is restraining:

That refers to His function in the church [the Body of Christ]. And then it says, ‘and the one that is restraining him will do so until he is taken out of the way’. That’s ‘raptured’! He is taken out of the way. He doesn’t leave. He is still here as the person of the Holy Spirit, but He’s removed as the restrainer.
And then the antichrist will have his Parousia. He will have his apocalypses, his presence, and revelation. So that’s found right there in 2 Thessalonians 2, verses 3 to 12.

Hybrid doppelgangers for many leaders in the world already

‘They walk among us.’
I can’t speak of that, but I know that everywhere I’ve gone in the world to work with survivors, there’s a duplicate of me. They got my DNA: they got me!
I said [to a survivor], “You see this little bump right here on my forehead? Is that the last Doug Riggs that abused you? Look into my eyes; does he have this [little bump]?” And they say, “No, you’re different”. I said, “Okay, now you know!”

The mimicking of Doug Riggs that occurs as part of the satanic foil that’s going on

Well, I know the event where they got my DNA way back, through when I was on drugs. I was in a situation where they were able to get my DNA. Actually, I was knocked out, and the person that came in, took it. So they were able to get that. You know, the enemy is not omniscient [all-knowing], but he can look into the future. So angels have the capacity to see into our future, but it’s present to them. They’re not omnipresent.

So Satan is able to see into our future

So he knew that I was going to have some kind of a role in this! I’m not anything myself. Without Jesus, I’m absolutely nothing. He knows it better than I do, okay? My wife knows it better than I do. So that which would represent any potential threat of undoing his kingdom, he’s going to have to do something about it.
So everyone that has reported that Doug Riggs is in an occult ritual, they can’t tell the difference between him experientially and the ‘Doug’ used by (?) Mengele; it’s like a programmer.
[For example,] I’m going to work with somebody in Belgium or wherever. And before I ever work with them for the first time, the night before they were in the cult with ‘Doug Riggs’. And they are real reserved. They’re holding back. I know how DID systems work. They work by based upon protection. You got the front amnesia person, and I know if there’s something running in the background. I then say, “Let me ask you a question. You are protecting us to get to where we need to go. Is there anything about me that would be the reason why you’re protecting me? You can come out and talk about it”.
“Yeah, you were there last night! I saw what you did!”
I said, “Thank you for coming forward. What happened?” I just talk, do the DID work, break down the amnesia, and we get past it within probably 10 or 15 minutes.

Preparing in the last days

It’s, we are coming to the end. We’re at the end of the end! And so what is it going to take for God’s people to come to that place, where they are walking with Him in holiness and purity? So that when Jesus returns, they are a part of that which represents a bride that made herself ready. And she is closed in those garments, without spot or wrinkle. That we are that kind of people that are ready to meet the Bridegroom! That’s where my heart is.

The testimony from so many that Doug has worked with on a broad basis

Well, when you see people that come out of the project, and they’re really coming more and more into James 1:4: whole, mature, complete, and lacking nothing, but now fruitful…. They now have a fullness of God connection that they never had in their entire history! Jesus said, “You’ll know them by their fruits”. This is incomprehensible to [most] people. You’ll know them by their fruits! And if you were to sit down with these women that I’ve worked with, and listen to them and talk, they blow you away. They’ve got a connection with the Lord that is…. it is absolutely amazing!



Doug Riggs

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