How Carolyn Hamlett broke free from the ‘Illumined Ones’ and was saved

‘God has preserved me to get that message out. There were times I thought I might go nuts. So I would go to God in prayer. I knew in that presence that I met when I was a four-year-old little girl, that was my healing, that was my sanity, that was my constant, that was reality, that has kept me throughout my entire life!’
February 22, 2024


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How did you get out of it? 

‘Well, it took the power of God himself. It was a process.
The way I look at it is, I was so, so deceived! I mean, if I can be shown the truth and accept it, and then call upon God to save me from something that’s spiritually and physically happening to me…. And if I can be shown the truth, and then I can have the courage to be delivered from something and be saved, then anybody can.
I was in the organization in my 30s. And I believed that they were serving God.

Then they showed me who Lucifer was, and I met him

Luciferian teaching started happening. I was involved in infiltrating a church at the time, but what happened was, that in this church, they were teaching the Word of God. And I actually decided I was going to read some of the Bible. And what happened too was…. it was God’s timing. God was working to get me out. In fact, I know He was trying to work and to wait to wise me up, and get me out of the organization.

First, I started with dreams, where I saw Scriptures floating across every dream I had

It might be some stupid dream, but there was a Scripture. I would look it up when I got up and read what it said. Every Scripture had something to do with pointing out the fact that what I was doing was not of God. There were Scriptures in Deuteronomy. It was just like throughout the Bible, but I think the one in Deuteronomy really hit me!
And then the one that is talking about this: ‘the principalities and powers of darkness and wickedness in high places’  [Ephesians 6:12]. And I realized, that sounds just like what I am involved in! That coupled with the fact that the beings we were bringing in at the time that were warriors, – supposedly ‘warriors and helpers for the end times’ – happened to be quite evil! And they hated me. Why did they hate me? I couldn’t figure it out. They wanted to kill me. They were not allowed to kill me because the top ones in the organization at that point still needed me. They needed me because they needed humans to be able to do work for them, because they don’t have the authority. Humans do! I know that now.

Another thing that happened is, I started hearing another voice in my head guiding me

See, I was in telepathic communication with the ‘ascended masters’, and took orders from them during the day and the night. Nighttime, I met with them and we worked. We had meetings. During the daytime, I followed their orders. They wondered why I wasn’t hearing their voice!

What was I hearing?

They got afraid! And I realized I was hearing from somebody else! And they said I was. And all of a sudden, they didn’t know where I was! They used to know everything I did. They used to know my thoughts. They used to know where I was. Suddenly, they didn’t know! Well, they were afraid; I could tell that! And so I had to wonder what was going on.

Well, I thought, ‘Maybe it’s God’

One of the reasons I thought it was God, was that I had a flashback to the day before, that I was going to go to this church to infiltrate it. That day was our first day at church. I was getting ready for church, and I heard a voice in my head. It wasn’t like an audible voice, but I heard something very clearly state: ‘I’m going to tear down your idols and everything that you hold dear’.
And I thought, ‘What in the world!’ And at that point, –  it was in the type of the teachings that I had, where I had actually believed that Satan was a real entity. So there are different levels of teachings.
And at that level, they told me that Satan is real. Then they were going to teach me. After that, it was about Lucifer, and they were just taking me through different stages. So I thought, ‘Okay, I’m just going to tell Satan he is wrong! No, you’re not going to tear down my idols and everything I hold dear’. And I knew what it meant was The Plan! And considering my idols, to be those that I served: the ‘ascended masters’.

Well, I said to this voice, “I know that I’m serving a truth as much as I know that Carolyn is my name on my birth certificate!”

Yeah, that’s my birth name.
And I said, “Nobody is going to sway me on that!” It wasn’t long after that – it’s a long story [about infiltration in churches], but when I saw certain people in the church that were holding the spirit guided, I thought they were sensitive to the spirits around us.
I thought that they thought that they were demons, when actually, I believed that they were angels around us. As I watched how my physical ‘master’ reacted, when she was prayed for by these people, especially this deacon, that even made me wonder more, like ‘Why is she reacting like this?’

So all these things were playing out in my head over the weeks and months

And then I met ‘the most illumined of all’, that I realized is the fake counterfeit of Jesus Christ. And they were pleased that I passed the test, after they had been teaching me that Lucifer is a ‘good guy’. And they wanted me to bow down to Lucifer. In fact, they wanted me to give my heart. I didn’t want to do it, but I did it because they wanted me to bow before the one that they said was the Christ, a very evil being. And I was supposed to ask him to come into my heart, so that my heart belongs to him. And I thought that my heart wasn’t really in it. So, at that time….

I started praying; I just prayed to God

I said, “God, show me reality, show what is real”. I was starting to wonder who is right, and who is good. The next day, someone from the church gave me a book, ‘The beautiful side of evil’. [Yes, a book promoted by the famous Hal Lindsey, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and friends with Freemason Billy Graham! However, if it must be, God can even use some end time books of Hal Lindsey.] This guy didn’t know anything about me, but he just sensed. Maybe he was just being guided by God, but he gave me that book.

I read the book

I realized that what the author of the book was talking about being in the occult, she was talking about what was real. I could tell it was real to her! She had experienced that. So when she was talking about Jesus Christ, I would not have taken Jesus Christ from anybody else, you see, because I knew better than everybody else. My teaching was stronger than any other Christian I’d ever heard of. I was brought up to believe I knew more than them. I knew more about the supernatural. Why should I believe a ‘stupid Christian’? So I wasn’t going to believe anybody; they couldn’t teach me anything! But this book ministered to me, when she started talking about how she understood that Jesus Christ, who He really was! I thought, ‘This woman, she has courage. I believe her. I’m going to do it. I’m going to trust that she is correct. And I’m going to call on the name of Jesus’, because I knew that these people could kill me physically.

These beings and spiritual hierarchy could snuff me out spiritually….

because they knew I was going to defect. And they were doing everything they could to keep me. So I called on the name of Jesus. And I said that prayer of renunciation at the end of her book.

Then there were demons, not on the inside of the house but on the outside

God must have knocked them out of the inside of the house. They were on the outside, literally, banging the walls of the exterior of the house, scraping the windows, like fingernails on the window, and screaming! I heard demons screaming! But….

When I finished that prayer, there was silence, silence!

It was so eerie in a way. But yet, God replaced all that with peace. It was like a great darkness, a blanket, lifted off of me. And peace came in. And that was witnessed with my spirit. It was like I had a peace I never had before! And it was just the beginning. It was just the beginning! That was almost 30 years ago.

You think I want to go back to what I had before?

There’s no way! I’ve had 30 years of testing this. There is no way I go back because I know it’s true!

There has been numerous attempts on my life, threats on family, and all that

Some people will say, ‘Well, I pretty much know she’s not telling the truth, because she’s not dead’. Deep in my spirit, I know I’m not going to be taken out until it’s time. I just know that; it’s not time yet. I may die of old age. I may die of natural ways…. I’m not going to take my own life. I am going to fight to live, if something happens.

I’m not finished yet

I know it deep in my spirit. And when I go, I don’t know how it’s going to be. I just hope that, whatever the message that I have for people, will be heard, will be believed. And it already is being believed, which is why I have a lot of people coming up and trying to spread lies. It’s because I am right, I am telling the truth. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be a threat. So the point is, I hope people will not wait till I’m gone before my message makes sense to them.

In certain areas of my life, I was threatened if I spoke

And the lives of my loved ones were threatened [if I spoke about the secrets during my time in the organization]. 

The only reason I’m alive here today to speak about this is because there is a power greater than that organization I came out of!

I totally believe God wants me to expose the works of darkness, because everyone deserves to hear the truth. They need to hear that God is a loving God. He is not the God who has a social country club that tries to exclude people. It’s the complete opposite. I just want people to know the truth, you know. I had my life stolen from me, and there’s no reason for anybody to have their life stolen from them or the lives of their loved ones. For me, I can say that God knew what I was going to go through in this life. And I think the reason that I’m here today is so that people won’t have to suffer needlessly, that God has preserved me to get that message out.

I was probably about 4 years old that it was a bright daylight morning….

and a light appeared to me in the doorway of my bedroom. It was a brighter-than-day fluctuating light. That’s what I saw with my physical eyes. Then it became what I knew to be an angel, very, very business-like. This angel said that he was sent from God with a message for me, and the message was that God wanted me to pray to Him [God], and good things would come through prayer. He made sure I understood exactly that before he left. He didn’t tell me his name, none of that stuff. It was business. So when he knew that I understood that I was to pray and talk to God, and that good things would come through prayer, he left! So I went directly to my mother who was cooking breakfast. And I asked her – I was just tugging on her clothes – and I was saying, “Mommy, mommy”, and she said, “What?”

I said, “How do you pray?”

And she looked so startled. She goes, “What? Why do you ask?” I said, “Well, this great big angel came and told me to pray to God, and good things would happen through prayer”. I mean, that surprised my mother so much that she just turned the stove off, took the frying pan off of the burner, and then took me straight to the Bible, and opened up where I know it now that was the Lord’s prayer. And then I was thinking, ‘Man, I don’t think I can remember all that, and how am I going to talk to God?’ And so my mother said that she would help me that night, when I went to sleep.

See, my mother… we believed we were working for God’s hierarchy

She actually believed that the spiritual hierarchy, which is actually Satan’s hierarchy, was God’s hierarchy! So that’s why she had the Bible. That’s why she believed that I should pray. She was going to help me pray that night. We believe that we were working for God’s spiritual hierarchy, that we were his elite.

That night, my mother just told me to be very still and quiet….

and from my little heart just talk to God. She said I might hear from Him, I might not. So she left the room. And I don’t remember exactly what I said, but I just was very still and I talked to God, just as if He was another person! And I waited and I waited…. it was probably only a minute or so but, you know, the little girl…. it was like forever. So I was thinking, ‘Well, I guess He’s not going to answer me. That’s okay, maybe another time’. And then, all of a sudden, everything changed in my room. It was like a peace came; it just filled the room. I felt love enter me and around me. I felt His presence and it was like a Father. I didn’t really know what a father was like, a real father, until that moment. And that stayed with me my entire life.

I heard the voice of God

See, I didn’t know at that time what the Bible describes as the voice of God, but it was exactly what the Bible speaks of the voice of God. It was thunderous, yet it was majestic and thunderous! I saw pictures in my mind of mountains and thunder, and yet at the same time it was soft and soothing. It was like water gurgling, like a stream, like the wind through a bush…. Mostly it was the thunderous and the soft and soothing at the same time. I was like thinking, ‘How could that be?’ You know, I didn’t hear His voice audibly, and in a way it was audibly. I could hear His words but it was thunder and soft and soothing at the same time. And I felt it with all of my being and around me. I could feel Him smiling, and He said that He was happy that I prayed to Him. He said good things will come through prayer, and that I should pray to Him often. He showed me some things that would happen in the future. I can remember being very, very excited about it. You know, not all that was going to be good, but He showed it to me. And then I was wanting so much to remember it all, and He goes, ‘No, you will not remember it all; it will serve as a guide for your life’.

I know I was four because I had just moved into a new house

My mother and father got divorced when I was a year and a half old. We lived at my grandmother’s house until I was four years old.
It was at that age before anything really, really bad happened to me, but….

God preserved me

You know, there are many, many, many times throughout my life I didn’t understand what was going on. There were times I thought I might go nuts, go crazy…. So I would go to God in prayer. That was my constant. I would go to Him because I knew that was sanity. I knew in that presence that I met, when I was a four-year-old little girl, that was my healing, that was my sanity, that was constant, that was reality, that has kept me throughout my entire life! One more thing, He told me…. the last thing He said was ‘life was going to be worth living’. He told me that; I heard it so strongly, so loud in my spirit. I didn’t know exactly what that meant, but I have held on to that as I’ve gotten older and terrible things have happened. That was His promise to me; I knew He promised that to me.

God also showed me….

I was going to see lots of happy people by what I’m going to pass on. Not because I’m gone, you know. Maybe there will be just happiness because of…. I hope it’s because maybe they found the truth because of something I’ve said. I don’t know, but I’ve held on to that, so that I can have that happen, because God said life is going to be worth living. I believe that. It isn’t just a message for me; it’s for everybody!

After my mom died I was praying one time….

and I asked God to show me, please show me if my mother actually knew who Jesus Christ was. Maybe a few weeks later, someone in my family gave me a Bible that my mother had as she was a little girl. And in that Bible – it was like a hardcover Bible – she had written in there the date that she had gone forth in a small church in Tennessee, at her grandfather’s church, to give her life to Jesus Christ. So I had that! And I’m pretty sure I know that she knew the truth. How I believe my mom knew the truth….? Hints she gave me! I didn’t know they were hints until I got older. What happened was – what can happen when your spirit guides turn on you – my both mother and I experienced that being beaten up on a daily basis, physically beaten up, and stuff thrown at us, like large objects thrown at us, and being levitated, and just terrible, terrible things! That’s what happens if you are working in Satan’s hierarchy, and you go against them. People up in that level of the organization know that if they don’t get killed right away you definitely get suffered demonic harassment, and we certainly did. But when I trace it all back, what happened was….

My mother came into my room one night and closed the door behind her

I could see she was very, very serious about something. I thought, ‘What’s going on?’ She told me that she had done something. First of all, she told me she was going to tell me things that the spiritual hierarchy didn’t want her to tell me. And I was afraid for her, because I knew that it could mean death! I said, “Mom, are you going to die?”  She just had a four-way look in her eyes, and she said, “No, not tonight”. Well, up until this time, everything in her house was going smoothly. See, what happens in the top level of the spiritual hierarchy, they govern the lower-level demons. It’s if they don’t want a demon to bother you, that demon is not going to bother you! But if they lift their hand, and say, you know, let the demons loose, they will terrorize people. In fact, I had a couple of demon spirit guides myself that used to love to terrorize people! That was back when I was in high school.

What my mother told me was….

She said, ‘The United Nations was set up to bring in the New World Order-Christ’. She said, “Their Christ”. And I said, “I know”, because that’s like foundational stuff! The whole plan is to bring in their Christ, to bring in ‘The Christ’! Well, she told me a couple of other things, but that was the main thing. And I thought, ‘Why is she telling me this?’ I know that. Surely after that, it was like all hell broke loose in our house. I can say all hell because it was all hell broke loose. We were being beaten up. My brothers were being terrorized, just terrible, terrible things on a daily basis. My mother and I, both were getting bruised by demons. My mother ended up drinking, and becoming alcoholic; that took its toll. They didn’t physically kill her directly, but it’s like with addictions, they’ll take you out really fast! And the drinking became so heavy that a few years later, she was dead.

Years later, when I got taken up to the top of the hierarchy, I realized:

‘Oh my gosh, that’s probably what happened to my mom! They probably showed her who Lucifer really is! It just played back in my head. Maybe it was God again, trying to tell me, playing it back into my head…. she said “Their Christ!” Before, we used to talk about ‘The Christ’, and in the organization, they say The Christ, The Christ is in office. They call that ‘in office’. It’s not Jesus Christ; they take the word Christ, and they want people to believe that they’re talking about Jesus, or: Jesus is a ‘low master’. They take stuff and then they redefine it. They give you a different definition! So I thought, ‘Oh! Their Christ! She was separating herself from them, their Christ”’. I thought, ‘Oh, I bet that’s what happened!’ because when everything just broke loose there was no more protection in our house. My mother’s friends…. everybody ostracized her, that I think they took her to the top, and showed her who Lucifer was, and she said No. She said she was not going to serve him, and that’s what I did, but I called on Jesus Christ. Because when I found out exactly who Jesus Christ was, I called on Him! He is real, otherwise I wouldn’t be here today.’



Carolyn Hamlett

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