Exposé of the week – The astonishing origins of the Antichrist, ready for his revealing

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February 12, 2024


Exposé – The Antichrist is already waiting in the wings!

Indeed, the antichrist that is in now is the primary antichrist aligned to come in.
So it isn’t Obama, who was more of a forerunner, let’s say a cover-up, or ‘the false antichrist’ promoted by all media, in order to test us, to deceive us, to brainwash us, and to prepare us. And he is extremely evil (according to Carolyn Hamlett’s testimony).
Again, the following interview, this testimony, is not for the faint of heart….

August 18, 2021 

Details about the incredible story of the preparation of four generations of Antichrist. The fourth and final ‘incarnation’ of Antichrist is a hybrid of iniquity-filled bloodlines and the seed of Satan.
Her name is Nadine, and she is literally the mother of the Antichrist, whose name is Nimrod. She tells her story from South Africa.

Among the original 12 women whose eggs were harvested in 1943-44 for this express purpose, she explains how Satan prepared a vast program to form the Antichrist, the False Prophet, and a Spirit of Antichrist (Apollyon). All are hybrid beings, combining the seed of fallen angels with highly architected bloodlines (e.g., Rothschild, Romanov, Collins, etc.). Much of the story is difficult to fathom, but testifies to the diabolical scheming of the evil one working through the seed of Hitler and the programming of Dr. Josef Mengele.

Crucial to the so-called Hitler Project, were a series of vital rituals carried out in 1943-44, 1962, 1976, 1979, 1989, and in 2021. In 1962, Hitler (living in Argentina until that time), was sacrificed to empower the then-current hybrid beings (first generation) in preparation for their revelation (the false trinity cited above). In 1979, Mengele was sacrificed empowering the next generation of hybrids. In 1989, a separate project, the so-called Genesis 6 Project, came into being that did not require a ‘blood-line woman’ to be the mother of the hybrid, forming an enormous population of satanic ‘super-soldiers’ to be readied for the battle of the last days, when Jesus Christ returns to the earth (Armageddon).
Also, in the 1989 ritual, Nadine was married to her hybrid son, Nimrod. Another traumatic experience! The 2021 ritual was the sacrifice of Prince Philip on Easter (April, 2021), who until that time had been the patron of the project, appointed by Hitler himself, to oversee the project!

The remarkable story is detailed in this video running almost 2 hours

Helping to fill in the details was Nadine’s counselor, Pastor Doug Riggs, who for over 30 years, has been ministering to hundreds of persons programmed by Josef Mengele, including 9 of the original 12, and the prototype for the Genesis 6 project, a woman we know as Jennifer Dianne.
While the story appears, by almost all counts, to be unbelievable, one is challenged by the sheer numbers of witnesses to these programs in various countries around the world, including the US, South Africa, Germany, and the UK. It was very difficult for the world to believe the holocaust had happened during WWII. This insidious story may even harder to wrap one’s head around, but the volume of witnesses and the consistency of their stories attest to its truthfulness.

The Antichrist is waiting in the wings

Satan’s time is short. You will want to listen carefully to the accounts supplied in this video. The Day of the Lord is upon us…. After millions of blood-washed true Christians have been raptured from the earth to be with the Lord, there begins a seven-year period called the Tribulation, also called ‘The Day of the Lord’, ‘The Time of the End’, and ‘The End of this Age’ (not the ‘end of this world’, as the KJV wants us to believe).

Note: I don’t know about S. Douglas Woodward who leads this interview, because I don’t follow him.
I’ll try my best to capture some headlines in my own words, so bear with me:




Some of the headlines, taken from about 16 pages of text:

Doug Riggs first met Nadine around 2014. She is not yet totally healed, as you can see, but by God’s grace she is here today in her right mind. She even has a smile on her face.

Nadine trusts that the Lord leads this interview

Nadine: In one of the early relationships I was in, I started having flashbacks, so I knew something was wrong. I started losing bits of information, like I lost almost all my memories until 24-25. I only knew facts, like a script or a play. I knew where the parts fitted, but I didn’t have memory of the actual interactions, like getting married, things like that. So you would find there was a problem!

DID is caused by trauma - explanation

Nadine has been with Doug, helping her for over seven years in terms of counseling

Nadine: Obviously, I had originally looked within the church for help, because I’ve always believed that the Lord is the Healer. I never went to a psychologist or was medicated or anything like that. I was always highly functional. I was a production and publishing manager at media houses.

Eventually, when my father died, a gentleman who, I later found out, was his handler, told me I was SRA/DID. I googled it, for I’d never heard of it before, never! It’s really something that when you’re in these sessions, and all the pieces come together, you know it’s true.

It took us about three years to get through the outer cycles and the outer defenses and shields of my system, a system of alters, created by Joseph Mengele. So it took a significant amount of time! And you only get your pieces as the Lord leads….

Also, my parts told me that I was not DID, just programmed like that by Mengele
And the Lord does it step by step, starting with the outer layers, and moving slowly as you undo the principalities and powers that are attached to each of those layers. So you go in, and as you undo and you go in, the memory recall comes through. So the pieces slowly start to come together, but this is trauma based memory; it doesn’t fall into nice little boxes with nice cognitive thinking processes attached to it. It is very emotional memory first! And then the Lord gives enough information for you to process and deal with, and then move on to the next thing.

There are two Projects that fit together

The first one is clearly The Hitler Project.

What is the Hitler Project

The second half is the Genesis 6 Project.

The purpose and intent of the Hitler Project is to bring in the Antichrist

The defining factor with that project is that all individuals, especially the women involved, are Christian. That is very intentional for a good purpose! A few reasons like: if you give your life to the Lord, nothing and no one can open the heart in the same way the Lord can. It’s the perfect access satan runs in behind the Lord! He can’t get that deep without the Lord. So satan cuts into the depth of the mind and the soul, as only the Lord can, right in on behind that.

For most of the 12 women, this happened in 11 months

Doug Riggs: The first heart opening for Jesus is the central target, and then the whole DID system is structured around that, and all the defenses, to keep that locked in death. It is all carefully thought out by the adversary to introduce and cause defilement into the Body of Christ, so that the Body of Christ does not function on earth as God intended to be.

Nadine: My first date of birth is 1962 on Hitler’s death, when I was physically born.

Doug: The actual programmer, the actual mind that directs all programming, is the person of satan himself. He channels through Mengele; he channels and activates his presence through, in her case, the first hybrid Nimrod who was there.

It is satan’s blueprint

Nadine: In 1962 I was born and then was put into a frozen state until 1968. My birth certificate ‘says’ ‘74. So I have a point of origin from 1943 as the first egg that was created in the Hitler project. Satan is the main mastermind behind everything. I was in the hands of satan, constructed by satan, and being redivided by satan and Apollyon. Apollyon: it’s like the spirit that inhabits satan.

My name is Ava Marie, Anastasia, Alexandra, Nadine Collins. Those are my primaries. Each of them has a lifeline with a very distinct function and a very distinct set of memory recall. Due to Mengele’s training, I had to function in a spiritual realm and timeline! So you must try to be a normal human being, and try to figure out how to have a memory from 12th century Babylon, speaking in a tongue that doesn’t make sense!

In the Hitler project, the bloodline is required!

(This was no longer needed in the Genesis 6 Project.) And the 12 females are the main bloodline. They come from the Kings of the earth, they are the purest bloodline, the highest levels of iniquity! We carry the most blood guilt, and can be channeled all the way to Charlemagne. (It’s called the generational iniquity.)

The 12 women we’ve described fit into three categories

You either have a son who is Apollyon, a son who is Nimrod, or a son who is Michael the false prophet. Eventually, the beasts – the antichrist and the false prophet – will be thrown into the lake of fire. They are nephilim/hybrids.

These hybrids are being released incrementally over time to ensure that there is always a generation, where you have Apollyon, Nimrod, and the false prophet aligned, in case it is required. Satan’s timing is ideal to use Israel as the clock, which we know it is! And according to the Word, it is a generation that has to pass, so 80 years. You are working at 70 to 80 years is what has to pass. So now (2021) we are in the 72nd year, 73rd year. So this is the last generation, so this is his last…. the antichrist that is in now is the primary antichrist aligned to come in. All of the others that were aligned were just in case he (satan) got his time clock wrong! He needs to have a backup, because he has no idea, so he’s got to make sure! (For only God the Fathers knows the timing of the Rapture of the saints, says God’s Word.)

There’s the whole lifeline who has had to deal with nothing but the principalities, powers, satan, Nephilim, Nimrod…. that is your reality, that is your only reality! You have to remember that what presents on the front is not the whole person. There are parts of you that are created to exist apart from you by design. Some of them are based permanently in Jerusalem; they have a perpetual function and a timeline that is separate from your timeline. I don’t have to always be present in the physicality for my parts to be functional.

That is how satan has a bride inside the church….

because the front person has no clue what’s going on, or that is even a part of them missing and busy elsewhere.

Being a member of the Body of Christ, is exactly the same principle that satan is using

The Body of Christ is the common domain through His Spirit. So through the Holy Spirit working in it, we are one Body through the working of the Holy Spirit. So the same principle applies. (Please remember, satan is a copycat.)

The 12 Kings of the earth and Hitler, along with the principalities, were involved in an original ritual in which eggs resulted. Not many eggs survive. It’s a process. Mine is the first egg that went into this part of the process. Genetically, Hitler is my father, and I have all of the iniquity from all the 13: 12 Kings and Hitler, incorporated into my bloodline! So we are all the results of that event in which all 13 participated in this ritual; this was ‘43-‘44. This was one of the most significant rituals. So all of the bloodlines converge, and they create the Collins dynasty bloodline, of which most of us, the 12, are sitting in. I have Hitler’s bloodline running through me, same as they do. All of his blood guilt runs through. On top of that, every ritual that is incorporated from 1947 onwards, the blood guilt keeps gathering. So blood is a living force! So the iniquity keeps growing in this project!

At my 1962 birth in Jerusalem….

The ritual takes place over a number of days, and Hitler is sacrificed at this time, and he’s physically in Jerusalem at this point: the physicality and the spirituality, they basically align; they are stuck one on top of the other. And all the people that are participating are all the people who are active across the dimensions. I exited out through the body of Hitler, I exited out through the people that were participating, I exited out through all the world leaders that were responsible for all the iniquity and guilt, I went through Charlemagne, I went through Apollyon, I went through ?, and all of them, stopping everywhere. That’s how I felt on my way to satan to receive my body, who I then called my father. I’ve only known him since that point as father. So from 1968 onwards, that part of that identity, never returned; it stayed as his daughter and grew up with him.
Also, it’s the spiritual overlay with Jerusalem; it’s a spiritual Jerusalem. That’s the most important thing in time.

Mengele was busy with others during the time that he was with me

But I was what was considered his pet project, because of the structuring that was done for me in conception, what had the blueprint and the template of the entire project. He was responsible for teaching me how to operate it. I was basically this singular representation of the corporate ‘bride’. Mengele just followed the instructions of satan (by channeling)!

I was in this company, the company Mengele keeps:

Nimrod the first born nephilim, Satan, Apollyon, the spirit of Nimrod, and prince Philip (5). So in that kind of company, Mengele himself is the least of the evils. Philip is a relative. A large part of my trauma is destruction conception. I have many parts that think they didn’t even exist anymore. I have a large part of me that didn’t believe that I was even human, or was even here. It’s a fantastic place for satan to hide things!
In the period with Mengele and with Philip and Nimrod, they were my three main handlers on my front end. And there is nothing that is done without serious trauma.

It’s my son who will be the antichrist

It’s just hard to deal with that. And you just trust the Lord. He allows you things to stick that needs to stick, and He removes the trauma that needs to be removed. He allows you to take responsibility for what you have to take responsibility for, and then He removes it, because you would drown in it.
If He had not been, I would never have been able to make it through. There is no way!

I was raised in a Christian church with a Christian family

My father was a pastor and a confirmation teacher and youth leader. I was raised Christian! You know, I believed and had quiet times my whole life! And the Lord had to show me that satan had embedded himself in my relationship with Him. He had to completely desecrate what I thought was Him, and start again! The Lord will completely transform your life and your journey with Him. My God is so much bigger than you will ever be able to comprehend! I know what happened to Him when He went to that cross. I know where He went because I’ve been there.

Each session is the greatest miracle and the greatest witness of His power!
[In this interview Nadine is referring to T. Austin-Sparks, a great teacher on the spiritual life during the 20th century.]
What do you do with a God who can see you when you’re invisible and don’t even know you exist (amnesia)? And it’s very, very hard; it will strip you of everything.

…that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death.  Philippians 3:10


You will reach a richness in relationship with the Lord, that you will never know in any other way.

So you’ve got Apollyon, Nimrod the antichrist, and the false prophet

Those are your three, and they are currently in place for this generation, all right? They were all born of satan. It’s the sexual relationship between me and Satan that results in my son; that’s how it results! The same for all the others, and that relationship you have since you were born. You were prepared for him, and that’s all you know.

In 1989 there was an integration between the two projects, the start of a new project (Genesis 6 Project)

With the sacrifice of Mengele, he, Mengele, had to handcuff me first. The Lord only gives me in every instance what I need to know. I don’t have excessive details surrounding events like that.
(Later, they made Mengele ‘found’ dead on the beach in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in an ‘innocent’ set up to deceive the public that he had died there.) So that fits for the rest of his life, ‘an innocent way to go’, ‘an innocent man’. What I can say is that there are always staged releases; there are certain periods of time where certain things have to happen.

Philip’s sacrifice was to line up the next three that I just discussed:

the three sons, the false prophet, Apollyon, and Nimrod. So all the women involved in Philip’s sacrifice…. his iniquity and his blood guilt will be downloaded to the persons participating in that ritual, so that that power base is shared across, and then it is downloaded directly. It’s like a massive generator of iniquity. And yes, those women had already hybrid sons.

The pagan Christmas and Easter

Doug: Every Christmas is absolutely very dark, you know: the celebration of the birthday of Nimrod and his ascension and the rising of Phoenix, but Easter through the history of working with SRA/DID over the last 35 years has also been a major time of great darkness. So Prince Philip was sacrificed on Easter! From that time, the spiritual assault that came upon us here, to me personally, was unprecedented. It was absolutely off the scale! What I felt was a vendetta or hit from Prince Philip, because I stole his prize!

Satan had in 1989 for the first time in history, since Genesis 6, access to every woman now

There is no bloodline anymore!

Nadine: I wasn’t aware of Prince Philip and 7 years long counseling, until his sacrifice. And then it all opened up related to him. These are monsters, yes. Very different to Mengele in his methodology and in his nature! He is indeed the embodiment of a sexual pervert and a pedophile, and worse than that, because he likes his thing: animals in cages. He made Michelle (one of the 12 women and mother of the coming Michael the false prophet) responsible for my first strapping in (tying up) with the animals. He made her the implementer when she was seven and I was small. The trauma is fundamental and it goes beyond what people can actually handle.

The Hitler Project and the Genesis 6 Project merged in 1989 in the most dramatic way

The Hitler project does not end in 1979; it does continue, because the antichrist has to arise, and that project is still responsible for the antichrist. That project is still alive and active!

The Genesis 6 Project; that’s your army of hybrids!

[Russ Dizdar was an insider, still; that’s why he knew so much and wrote a book about it without the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, fearmongering the people, especially Christians, that there’s no blessed hope. Unfortunately, few see this, and that he wanted power!] In reality, it’s far less refined (than in Russ’ book) in terms of breaking it in, but it just allows the mass!

What is done to those women is mainly done by hybrids

And it is extremely sexually traumatic! This is really a nasty mass destruction that I trust the Lord, they are easier to undo. So the 1989 ritual is pretty much in the middle of those two at the point of convergence, although it goes beyond that. It’s where the two projects converge.

Doug: Satan is the master of divination and of witchcraft and binding of knots! If anybody’s listening to this, and some of this could be over their head, we are at the end of the end, folks! There’s not going to be another generation. God says, it’s going to come to a close.

Nadine: Hybrids are the sons of fallen angels and (human) women essentially. It’s not something that happened in Genesis 6 only. Fallen angels are involved in the Genesis 6 project, and in the Hitler project actually even more. They need a leader, the coming antichrist! Satan himself was the designer; he has written and orchestrated this. Yes, it is the fallen angels, yes, we do deal with powers and principalities, both of them, and yes, it is still an arrangement where the Kings of the earth made an agreement for their daughters.

This project was seated in the 12th century

It has run consistently; it hasn’t stopped or just started up again. It’s just a matter of the Lord bringing it to a head because the time is short.

What are the hybrids?
There are different ranks, you know, you’ve got the greys [they are not ‘aliens’ or ‘ETs’] and all the rest, depending on the purity that it comes through. But for the 12 that are of the base of the Hitler project, they look pretty much like supermodels. They are very good looking, very intelligent, very well spoken, extremely strong, well-developed….
Yes, they literally ‘walk amongst you’, and you have no idea! They are already in waiting. So it’s a matter of when the Lord allows, and they are literally brought into public focus. They are ready, but they are waiting!

Doug: The actual Kings of the earth right now in terms of the inner circle of power, these are all hybrids (according to reports). This means that all human heads of state are going to be accountable to their overlords: hybrids! That’s since 1976. And more and more humanity is being pushed out. There’s no room for humans as we know it in the increased population of the hybrids!

They cannot make their full revelation until the Restrainer (the Holy Spirit indwelling the Body of Christ) is taken out of the way (2 Thessalonians 2). But they are already in place. I mean, everyone that I’ve worked with, says that there are deep underground military bases. They are there in the waiting, but the restrainer is not allowing that release until the restrainer allows the antichrist to have his revelation.

Nadine: They would really like to go! He [my son] really would!

Doug: The human Kings of the earth are accountable to the hybrid council. No question! [And of course, double agent Steven Ben-nun 100% agrees with that because he’s in the knowing; he’s a deceived CON.]

Satan is really not happy!

Nadine: It’s not a matter of them waiting; it’s really a matter of them being unhappy that they’re being held back. You know, the Lord is waiting for the fullness of iniquity, and He’s waiting for the fullness of time. Doug has done counseling with a vast number of the bottom 12, where you actually reach full extraction as they are now and as they have been. This is the worst case scenario for satan; this is not a happy territory! There is a major investment in someone like myself, where the capacity is built into you to be able to literally generate this kind of iniquity force, in a way that can’t be just carried by anybody else. So the more and more of the 12 women that you lose, the more the power available to him and how he generates it, has been taken away. It’s being stripped, literally! So you really would like to get going. Everything that comes out and that the Lord extracts, that’s power that satan loses!

All the SRA survivors, you have to remember, are all Christian
This is the Bride of Christ! It’s equally made the bride of satan, but it is the Lord that is in the midst of it. These are His people. And when this project comes to a head as it’s coming to now, the church is going to be without spot or wrinkle as a result of His work. The remnant is not going to be what you think it is.

Is your son aware of your liberation (delivery)?

Nadine: He is intimately involved in that right now, trying to prevent that from happening.

S. Douglas Woodward: We need to pray for Nadine because she can use all of our prayers. She is a central focus in what’s going on in the world, as hard as that may be to believe.

Nadine: Directed at Doug, he’s the same, because really, their prayers and their perseverance through 38 of odd years; that has even enabled me to walk through, for that is their journey and their continuation and their obedience, that has even made somebody available to walk with me through it. Because if they hadn’t then I wouldn’t.

Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever. Amen.  Ephesians 3:20-21


Nadine: The one thing I would like to say yet is: listen with your spirit and not with your mind. Ask the Lord to guide your thoughts, and ask for His wisdom and His understanding, and to leave the rest behind you. Once you finish this thing, I trust the Lord stitches it together in a way that He is glorified, because it’s really about Him. It’s not about anyone else. And that He will lead you marked by the truth, in a way that will refine your perspective going forward.



Doug Riggs


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