Two Christian satanic ritual abuse survivors speak out (video & transcript)

Amazing and powerful testimony as to the end times strategy of satan, satanic infiltration in Christian churches and ministries, the hybrid program, ‘UFOs’, the coming ‘Disclosure Event’, AI, transhumanism, and lots more.
January 13, 2024


You can have information, but where’s the power of a living testimony? These men have an amazing and powerful testimony as to the end times strategy of satan – satanic infiltration in the church – Nephilim hybrids – answers to questions – are all hybrids male? – how does one wage warfare with a  Nephilim hybrid? – UFOs – the coming Disclosure Event – who really are those aliens? – and lots more. This is a fast past, action-packed, just like science fiction that isn’t fiction. Podcast you won’t want to miss! These guys aren’t researchers; they were full-blown Luciferian cult members who escaped and are telling it all!

9/19/2019  Doug Riggs Interviews ‘Joshua Collins’ (US) & ‘Joe’ who resides in S. Africa

Joshua and Joe share their SRA histories of sadistic ritual abuse, which includes being programmed by Dr. Josef Mengele. These Christian men reveal amazing insights of their journey out of darkness and captivity into freedom and victory in Jesus Christ! Special insights are shared by both of these men regarding helpful counseling protocols and their history of abuse in Christian churches and ministries.

1/11/2020  Doug Riggs Second Interview with ‘Joshua Collins’ (USA) & ‘Joe’ (S. Africa)

Note that the transcript of the second video is following here; it contains even more important information about what’s coming than the first video.

‘Dear friends,

This is the most phenomenal comprehensive cutting-edge interview I have ever done in my 35 years of work with hundreds of SRA/DID survivors of trauma-based-mind-control!
This interview contains the personal testimonies of two courageous Christian men who are generational SRA/DID, and were programmed by the nefarious Nazi doctor, Josef Mengele, known as ‘the angel of death’. A wide spectrum of topics are discussed, which include the contemporary spiritual condition of the Body of Christ, many of whom are largely oblivious of the reality of the current hybrid breeding program, the coming disclosure event, ‘UFOs’, the trans-humanist agenda, A.I., and much more! Every SRA survivor and everyone who is ministering to SRA survivors needs to listen to this interview more than once!’ – Doug Riggs 

Two Christian Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivors Speak Out

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Transcript of headlines:

Some sections deal with SRA, from which helpers, therapists, pastors, elders, caregivers, etc., can learn many lessons! 

Doug: My name is Doug Riggs. I have with me today ‘Joshua Collins’ who lives in the States, and ‘Joe’ who lives in South Africa. Both these brothers have come out of generational SRA/DID, and have had to really learn how to lay hold of the Lord, and have to traverse a very long journey of being alone and misunderstood. It’s just a tremendous privilege to give Joshua and Joe an opportunity to share their history, what they’ve learned from the Lord, and just those that God has brought into their lives to help them navigate through this process….

Joe: I’ve walked this road for a long time. I’ve come a long way. It feels like I find it very hard to keep quiet. My whole being wants to testify! I want to talk, I want to share. I find opportunities to start sharing with people that I trust, whether it be my dentist or a colleague, or whoever. I start sharing with them where I come from, and what I have experienced. I see they are going to believe me. I find it difficult these days not to speak and share my story. So I’ll have to think carefully about what I say.

Doug: I know with Joshua, he’d been in and out of mental institutions, various crisis emergency situations, where he was exposed to.

[Note that Russ Dizdar, mentioned in this interview again, played both sides, which Doug was unaware of.]

Joshua: Getting back to one thing that Joe said: The urge to want to tell! And it’s a connect. I can very much relate to that. So I appreciate this opportunity to get my testimony out there, even within my church sometimes. And they’re wonderful people that I go to church with, but even in that context, I feel particularly like the boy in the bubble. That is how I describe it….
That’s why it’s been such a gift from God, literally, to have a chance to begin to talk with you, Joe, and hear your story. In so many ways, our stories from literally halfway across the world have so much in common.
It has been only about ten and a half months since our first conversation, Doug, back in end of October, beginning of November of last year. So much has happened. I feel like God has accelerated it for me. I feel very blessed and very privileged that He has done that!
My journey of trying to reach out for help started when I was 15 years old, and I’m 47 now. It wasn’t until I was 46 years old that I began to even heal. It wasn’t until after I found the Lord for the first time authentically in my life. It was really immediately upon finding the Lord Jesus Christ, which was about October of last year, that I started praying for help. That’s when He sent me you, Doug. You were the first person that He sent to my aid, just a few days later, literally. So as soon as I found God, He began to really help me heal in a basic way. But before I found God, there were over 30 years of time, in which I was seeking answers and seeking help periodically. I was really trying very hard, actually! From the age of 15, I was reaching out periodically to the mental health system. A lot of my abuse actually occurred within the context of an institution, that called itself the Christian Church! It was a mainline denominational audited church, here in this country, which is really a kind of front for the Rosicrucian Church. Since my abuse was in part in the context of the church, I didn’t go through a journey that I think many other survivors go through, where they’re initially reaching out to the church for help. For me, it was so triggering to even think about religion at all! For so many years of my life that wasn’t even really an option that I considered. So for me, my seeking of help was in the secular mental health system.

Doug: You were raised in that church as an altar boy. Bloody abuse occurred in the church.

Joshua: That 30 years of reaching out to the secular mental health system was a time of just frustration, becoming an infinite endless frustration, getting misdiagnosis of various crimes, various medications, which typically just made things worse, and created a whole bunch of other secondary tertiary symptoms, that had to be medicated in other ways, and just really became a physical medical nightmare as well! And this information, and ultimately looking back at actual handlers, that some of my secular psychologists were, I can prove and identify now! They were actually actively handling me for several years of my life.

Doug: These are the professionals that you went to. Some PhDs, psychologists…. they were handlers.

Joshua: Yes, and by the way, wonderful, very nice, very friendly, very erudite, very sophisticated people, no one that anyone would ever want to suspect at all, would be involved….
It started with all the various anxiety disorders for me, when I was in my teens, because those were already the most obvious external symptoms. I was having massive panic attacks on a constant daily basis, and actually ran away from home several times. By the time I reached eleventh grade, and had lost credit, and filled out 11th grade due to these panic attacks, I have had so much social anxiety. I couldn’t even stand to be around other children in a classroom setting. Just this constant underlying level of anxiety and really terror! It was like barely suppressed terror all the time, and it expressed itself in panic attacks. It expressed itself in another anxiety type OCD type phobias and symptoms; that was what was the most obvious thing first. So I got generalized anxiety disorder panic disorder social anxiety…. These were all of these kinds of diagnoses, and then yet another medication! By the time I was 18, I had three different anxiety diagnoses. And then it went from there to other symptoms that became a little more obvious. So the other problem was, because I was getting no real help, I would give up very quickly on working with these secular counselors or psychiatrists. I would see them for a few months, and then typically back out and try to do it on my own again. Or I may have switched personalities.
Until later in my life, in my late 20s and 30s, I was first able to start establishing any kind of long-term relationship with various counselors. I worked with one person for six years. I was telling her – and I’ve seen the records because I requested them, – all about the trauma that I did remember, because I’ve always remembered some consciously, just a little tip of the iceberg, what I call my daytime memories. I even told her about how I was connecting that I thought my own father was one of the abusers. This was years and years ago before I recovered any of my truly SRA memories. So the diagnosis I got there was bipolar [and many more], because what she was observing, working with me for a longer period of time, were these massive upheavals in weight loss, from 335 pounds down to 170 pounds in less than a year! Going from having a shaved head to earrings and tattoos all over my body to growing a foot-long beard and having long hair, and losing a lot of weight, and going back to art school or something. Just radical changes in my appearance, my ideology, my entire personality!
All of those things are describing various particular symptoms, which as a whole picture represent DID.
But doctors in their lack of training as counselors, the training is just not there!
I tried attempted suicide many times in my life. I was attempting to tell my story, and what I could remember of it, and getting information that was either totally unhelpful or really a complete misdirection!

Doug: All these various diagnoses are very common in the professional literature, released back in the 90s. If the primary diagnosis is DID, then all these other diagnoses that you were given are a substitute to the primary! If clinicians don’t recognize that they are only going to be touching symptoms, they are never able to get to the core person, if you don’t really understand what DID is!

Joe: Now I can relate to a lot of what Joshua was saying. I was just thinking about how faithful God is in the way He worked through my journey. I remember when I started, I asked my wife how much of her youth, of her childhood does she remember. She thought that this was a strange question. I said, but I can remember nothing!
I had pictures…. God gave me pictures. I didn’t call them memories, but they all were real. I think, He didn’t want to give me the memories, because they were too traumatic. I had like 10 pictures, and all of those were severely traumatic things that happened to me. That’s all I had from 0 to 10 years old.
One picture of me was a boy watching another little boy that I really cared about, a friend of mine. I watched him having a seizure…. 

Doug: Now this is really important. Many times the dissociative experiences the trauma, there’s a separation from the body. And the person that you saw in the picture having a seizure was that somebody else or was that you?

Joe: That was me watching myself.

Doug: There you go; that’s the whole point!

Joe: Yes, but it took a long time before I realized that. Of course, later, I also knew exactly which personality was watching who.

Joshua: One thing that struck me, Joe, you’re talking about is pictures is the word you use to describe your experience of the few memories you did have of your childhood. My wife and I have had the identical conversation. Talking about our childhoods, for me, there were just these gigantic total blank spots. And I don’t know if you have ever experienced this? I found myself – before starting to become integrated [healed] – kind of telling myself these false narratives. I would tell myself these false narratives to explain these things that just didn’t make sense. I remember one, where I would explain the terror that I felt at night, when I was 10-11 years old.
By age 18, a part of me was convinced I needed to get a sex change. This is something I’ve just finally been able to explain to my wife now, 30 years later. It wasn’t a long period of time, luckily, that that part was dominant. But I had actually moved out to a homosexual-oriented city in California, and was living on my own, had left home long since, and that part of me was planning to change my physical body. This was way back in the early 90s. One thing that I think in terms of what we want to get across to counsellors, and people who want to work with us, is that you see nowadays in my children’s generation a huge emphasis on transgender and alternate sexualities! There are 53 genders they now learn in school! For all counselors, whether they’re working with SRA or not, there should be an awareness, which I don’t think there is. Probably 95 percent of these people who are experiencing this confusion: it’s not from God at all! Most of the time it’s because of trauma, and sometimes because of some type of satanic abuse as well.

Doug: Let me just interrupt here…. It’s all satanic if it’s abusing a child, but if it’s intra-familial incest, or a little boy is being raped by a male, then that’s such a violation of their identity. Then [one thinks:], ‘The only way I can be normal is that I have to become a female’, because this is so traumatic to the core!

Joshua: Well, I can tell you firsthand, having worked in the mental health field professionally for many years of my life, too, different parts of me worked in it and got to know many people: over 90% would also identify personally to me as having experienced some type of severe significant trauma. Many of them also had sexual identity confusion.
I know for me, when I was 19 years old, running around, involved in this lifestyle, it would have been nice at any point over the course of my life, if a Christian had reached out to me and shared the gospel with me, despite acting the way I was in. And I had a part that was totally tucked in a differnt voice, very effeminate, you would have thought it was the biggest ‘flamer’ on earth. There was a part of me that was really identified with in hyper-sexualized this part of me.

Doug: I even worked with women. They are all conditioned to be cult prostitutes with high-level people. All of them have these lesbian parts. They call them that because they don’t want to have anything to do with males and with that abuse. So they are highly sexualized. But right at the core of this is to create a cult prostitute.

Joshua: That’s what I was!

Doug: This is really difficult. This is a real traumatic way to connect with your core identity, that when you could no longer be a male or even a little boy, the way God intended you to be, when you’re violated by an authority figure, most often a biological father. Then the only way for you to be able to see your identity, is [to think:] ‘This is not normal, so if I become feminine or a female, then this is the way I receive father love, or this is how I’m contextualizing the abuse’. But the whole goal on the satanic side is rituals to use you with this background, use you as a male cult prostitute.

Joshua: Yes. And in one case that I remember the abuser, the abusing male figure had a long beard and long hair, dressed to resemble Jesus, for example. Often, I’ve heard that this happened to other survivors, where Mengele did this as well, to confuse the mind of the child victim, instead of who it is, and create these associations with who the abuser is, blurring the lines between just my father or is this someone else? Also, to create associations in the child’s mind, that the abuser is identified with God. So it stirs up in the child’s heart anger towards God!
I choose to be open and vulnerable about my experience. I think it will help other male survivors, and I  hope the people who work with male survivors will understand and be able to recognize these things, which are probably pretty common.

Joe: I can of course relate to anything that Joshua mentioned as far as the occult prostitute. In the church that I grew up in, I was basically being made the cult prostitute. It was a very formal church, gathering on a Sunday morning. But that previous Saturday night, in the same church below the pulpit, there were rituals. The rituals involved mostly a young, very masculine attractive young male about 21 years old, that they tied to a pole in the middle. All the elders and deacons in the church were circled around him. And then I was sort of chosen as being present as well. This is a very clear memory that I have. So by then, I was already quite highly charged, whatever spiritually charged in the occult, charged to be able to be present there. And I created one of my strong personalities, that they created there. This young male would present Jesus, whom they would sacrifice. He would look like the Jesus on the cross. I don’t want to go on too much about that.

Doug: Would this be considered today an evangelical church?

Joe: I don’t know what you mean by evangelical church. It’s not the church I want to go to today, but it’s a Christian church, yes.

Doug: I say that because the Christian denomination church, – this kind of thing that you just reported, – it’s in the Catholic church; we know that. I’ve met people in Baptist church. One pastor was of graduate Dallas Theological Seminary; he preached fundamental Bible doctrine on Sunday. And then, he took his daughter into the basement, and pimped her out, and did the kind of thing she talked about. When I met that daughter, she was so conflicted and so decimated, that her father was not only her father but also a pastor! He was a Dallas graduate! So it can be the whole spectrum of what we call ‘evangelical’. And this girl – and I was with her with Dr. Tom Hawkins when he was still with us –  I never saw a person so utterly devastated and confused in her identity! This was all done in the church.
One person asked us, the Illuminati, where do they meet? Where’s their meeting court? Well, they have these in Masonic Lodges, but this guy just laughed. He said, We don’t have to have a building; we are in all your churches! That’s what he said.

Joe: You know, the Sunday school was the same. How do I know this? I’m not the only one; I have others [telling the same story]. When I started remembering, I went with others who also remembered this. 40 years later, we went back to the church to see how we remembered it. So I was not crazy; we remembered the same things. We actually went to the rooms where it happened. In the Sunday school, they would also have a cross. You are supposed to have children learning there about Jesus. They would have the Jesus on the cross on the floor. And as little children of 6-7 years old, you would see Jesus lying on the cross, and they would push you on him, and he would rape you basically. Sodom prostitution; those are the rituals that I remember. And then they make you feel sorry for him, because then they also do things with him, and then you feel so sorry for this Jesus for what they’re doing with him. So they do the things that they did to Jesus on the cross. But that same Jesus – his sexuality and his penis – is then used as to peace you. Eventually, when you are traumatized, they put you on his sexuality – that’s where you would find comfort now, after you’ve been traumatized. So Jesus is comforting you in his sexuality, you know. And you know, when you have been so traumatized, those horrific old men, you know are sitting in the church the next morning. And you would rather hold on to this guy’s leg and grab on to this as a little boy or a little girl, because this gives comfort. That’s exactly what they wanted! They want to bond you and ask Jesus for you!
So when the ministering started, the people who helped me said, Where’s Jesus? I said, No, I see Jesus, but he’s got this huge penis! So they said, We don’t know how to help you, because every time we help lots of people and they just see a penis for Jesus has a huge penis all the time. It took probably 3 or 4 years before there was a breakthrough. Then I could see that [this false] Jesus could not minister to me, because he had a huge penis, and I wouldn’t let him close to me, because I wouldn’t let Jesus minister to me, because he would just going to rape me! They really did that programming very well.
We want to be active in the ‘trusting church’, the legal church, even though we’ve come from these churches. I love my [current] church. I’ve been involved in prison ministry, I do street work with our preachers to minister to people on the streets, because I always felt that the Lord says: You, go and preach the word and the gospel, regardless of ‘who I am, broken or not’. I must go! And I’ve always felt that I should always go preach the gospel. I’ve always tried to do that, but I stay very quiet and hidden in my church. I don’t really trust too many people for my own safety. I’ve been hurt too many times, but that’s okay. I do believe there will come a time when I will shake the church so much that they will have no choice but to listen to us. In fact, I believe there is going to come a time when they’re going to need us. I believe God is going to station people like Joshua and myself in the church. So I just hold out and stay there, stay put, because the church needs people like us to be there. When those things come shaking the church, and all these things are going to come out, they are going to need people like us. We know that nothing is going to scare us, whatever happens, nothing is strange to us, you know. Even our wives, they know everything!
The one thing that I’ve struggled with, and it still is a bit of a trigger point, but it’s much better, is as a  child I had this one part who was able to stay outside of the church. My dissociated system, as soon as we went into the church, he [one alter] stayed outside, and he hated the Christians! He knew that they were true believers inside that church, and they knew what happened. They [these Christians] knew that these children were being sacrificed, and they did nothing! So he hated, he hated those Christians! So I’ve been triggered so many times! I tell my stories now, of course; I’m very careful, but if I tell my story to any Christian, and they don’t believe me, I got so mad! Then I would just go for them, I would just go for them, and I would not care. I would just use all my ?, but of course, I don’t do this anymore. I’m very aware of this trigger. I have forgiven those Christians. You know, maybe they felt so threatened and were trying to protect the families. I’m not a police; the police were into it. Everybody was into it, so maybe they were just too scared. And it’s still the same, even now.
You will not find many churches, where satan is not present. People like Joshua and myself will pick them up.

Doug: These shootings, not all of them, have happened in churches…. I wonder if these are multiples, that some of them are multiples. They are called programmed shooters, but they hate Christians for the same reason you just described. So they are Christians and know what’s happening and not say anything about it. And they walk in there and they kill all these Christians, because if they have unresolved anger and they were abused in the church, how simple is it for satan to energize them? They already have a reason to go after Christians now. I think we’re going to see a lot more of that in the time to come. These programmed shooters – [Freemason] Russ Dizdar calls them the ‘Black Awakening’ [straight to our faces]. How many of these incidents are going to occur in the future in churches? What you just said, Joe, represents a whole multitude that has this same kind of anger towards Christians in the church.

Joshua: That’s a really important insight! A large part for me, of the actual ritual abuse intention behind it, was in fact to stir up anger in me towards God, towards the Church, and towards Christians. That Luciferian part of Joe is almost identical in my experience. So I wouldn’t doubt, Doug, that your insight is very valid about the trend there and very intentional.
The other thing I wanted to comment into was about being made to be the temple harlot, the ‘dog’. It was a big part of my experience, particularly between the ages of 10 and 14. When I was 13, when some major ritual events happened in my life, there was this intermingling of the church and people within the church, engaging in ritual events, either on church property, or typically also in a basement chamber or room. Sometimes it’s the people who you also knew from church – even priests in my case, and even visiting bishops. And one man, who later went on to become a bishop of a major American state, which I won’t name, in my mainline Protestant denomination, was one of my abusers. So these were people not just in my local mainline Protestant church but also within the broader organization on higher levels, for who I was me being made to service, immediately after carrying a cross around as an acolyte for 45 minutes, and ringing bells and spreading incense around. I would then be called into the office, and made to engage in the functions of a temple harlot, which I now understand.
Another thing I want to share is, there’s this purposeful attempt to associate Church and Jesus and Christians with a hyper-sexuality, with abusiveness, hypocrisy, and sin! One experience I had was at a church running a summer camp, when I was 14. It was the incident that motivated a part of me finally to say something to someone who I thought I could trust: another adult about things that were happening. It actually resulted in a trip to the State Police in my state, and a police report being filed, and a whole bunch of repercussions, none of which actually helped me. But at that religious camp, on Saturday night, I had gone through an abuse experience. And then, the next morning, the very person, who was my primary abuser that night before, was leading the praise and worship on the Sunday morning, and playing guitar and singing songs about God. This was another example I can relate to, very and very intentional!
The biggest point I wanted to make in connection with what Joe said and what you were saying, Doug, is, I want people to understand the real reasons why SRA is engaged in! It’s not simply that people like hurting kids, or that they want to have sex with kids, although certainly that is a huge open door to the temptations of the flesh, I believe, for people to get involved with this world from the outside, mostly for non-bloodline people who are involved with satanism, the whole pedophilia phenomenon. We shouldn’t discount that element, which is related also to the organized crime element of the world of satanism.
For my case, and I’m sure for Joe’s too – you’re talking about generational satanic ritual abuse, which occurred within these bloodline families. It’s a whole different kind of cup of tea in a lot of ways. From my situation, I know that a big intention of the actual abuse process, in the process of splitting the personality even, is very directly an intentional mocking of the Holy Trinity. It’s on a spiritual level! I’ll be interested here if Joe’s experience connects with this at all, but these parts were talking about the one that was really effeminate in my case, my homosexual identified, the creation of that part which I would call little Joshua, let’s say, was one of the ways that my abusers tried to mock God the Son. And that part of that aspect of the Holy Trinity was through hyper-sexualizing that little Joshua part of me, and thus hurting God, hurting Jesus indirectly. They mocked God the Father aspect of the Trinity by this anger-containing part. What they did was, they very much mocked God the Father who we know is not just limited to His wrath, but He’s also comprised with patience and infinite love and a perfect father, a perfect parent. But they mocked God the Father in the building of my DID system by creating this part that was just wrath, just anger. And when I switched into this part, when I was triggered over the whole course of my life, I went from 0 to 300 in the space of a half second. It was an immediate and instantaneous escalation into a total rage! So that’s how they mocked through that group of parts. They mocked God the Father, they mocked God the Son through hyper-sexualization, and they mocked God the Holy Spirit through what I would call my everyday manager part, whose job became to deny and to shove things into the closet, and yet to direct traffic between different personalities and switching back and forth. But to mock the intercession capacity of the Holy Spirit…. the Holy Spirit is our Communicator: God within! God who speaks within the heart, within the spirit. And we hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, and that’s like living water that fills our entire being! So they shut down that capacity, by blocking intercession and blocking channels of communication through these amnesic barriers.
What I want people to understand, and counselors and other survivors, I hope this will be helpful, – and just people in general – about SRA. You can’t understand anything about SRA without understanding the spiritual. On the part of the abusers, it’s all about a very particular belief system that Lucifer to them is ‘the one true god’. And through mocking who they consider Adonai, which we know of as Yahweh, the true God and Creator of the entirety of creation: this is what their main objective is. The means to achieve that end is the devastation of the child. But who they’re really trying to hurt is God, because they know that Jesus will show up. I know.
This is part of one of the most beautiful things you’ve helped me with, Doug, through my healing process, is to bring Christ into the counseling session. And you asked God to show me, and I remember one beautiful memory. He has showed me one of our counseling sessions – it was my body on a table, and I won’t get graphic here, and things were being done to me, horrific abuse. But I’m watching the memory as you’re counseling me in my process, I’m watching from the upper corner of the room that I have been abused in. And I’m looking down and I’m seeing my body on this table! And it turns into…. this is after you asked God to show me – what He did! – I see the body, and it turns into the body of Jesus. And He was showing me that He was literally right there in some way, that I’ll never understand across space and time over two thousand years, physically present and substituting Himself for me in that experience, and allowing me to dissociate and go away, and view this, so that I  could survive!
These abusers, they know that Jesus Christ is going to show up, and so they’re not only indirectly mocking the Trinity, but they’re actually directly abusing Christ via the ritual abuse of children. I believe I understand the cross now better than ever, and I believe that it was in this moment, that stretched out across all of eternity…. that on the cross, that somehow in a way we will never understand, Christ was there with me in those moments, and with millions of other children, if not billions, who over the course of human history have been abused in personal ways.

Doug: That’s amazing.

Joe: The Trinity that Joshua mentioned…. I remember somehow the Holy Spirit I saw, – even as a teenager – as my Helper. I was quite a good student at school. I was very involved in lots of things but I lost everything every way. I had no control of DID, and would not know that I switched personalities, and then I would not realize that I had brought [done?] something while I was asleep. So I would ask the Holy Spirit, and I didn’t even know why I did this, because I didn’t realize that I was a Christian. I asked the Holy Spirit to tell me: What did I do with this? And He would always tell me where I had put these things, and I would not tell anybody about this. I would always find everything after I asked Him, and I would be amazed! So I’ve learned to trust the Holy Spirit. I developed throughout my life this deep trusting relationship with the Holy Spirit like He was my best Friend. I would say, since I’ve been a teenager. As a survivor, and growing up as a young adult living in the real life, my biggest challenge was not to go mad. I don’t even think that drugs would have helped. I would think that the Holy Spirit was the One who stopped me in my experience that He was the One, because I saw myself as a Christian. He was the One I cried out to to prevent me [from going mad.]. I always prayed on my knees, and I cried out to Him to stop me from going mad. I often spent time alone in nature; that’s where I would find sanity.
The testimony that I want to share with you is as to how satan was distorting the Trinity, and how I was discovering my core, actually, where I came from as a cult prostitute. I was at university studying in the dorm by myself, and I felt his [satan’s] presence, this powerful presence in my room, and me being a Christian. I was even involved as a student in Christian outreaches, and I was involved in an Evangelical church, had Christian friends…. So every time that this presence came into my room I took my Bible out! But I couldn’t read my Bible. It was just like it blurred for me. This presence – I was so young, probably 19 – became more and more powerful, in such a way that you could almost see it. Eventually, it felt like this presence wanted to make me mad. It was so powerful; I could not read my Bible. So I gave up. I didn’t understand what this was, but I thought it was God. He [satan] wanted me to lie down on my back and he wanted to have sex with me. That scared the hell out of me! I’d really tried to stop it, because I could feel him! Even something in me wanted to have sex with him, very powerfully. And I said, How is this possible? I wouldn’t tell anybody, because nobody would believe me. This presence was so powerful; you could almost touch him. And I always felt like I knew him very well, but it was strange.
One night, I couldn’t take it anymore. I was slowly going mad. I went out at 12 o’clock, full moon, and I cried out and I said, Lucifer, I know you; it’s fine, you can just come back. Then I became mad; I lost it, I lost control of myself. And I had all these Christian friends who took me to the best pastoral counselors who I tore apart with my teeth, literally. The counselor would probably say that I was currently possessed. Not that a Christian can be possessed but I looked possessed. I tore up their Bibles even with my teeth. My stomach contracted, totally. In fact, it almost killed me. I forgot about this part of my life. The reason I thought of it is because I was thinking of God the Father, who He is to me now.
As I worked with Doug and God, what I’ve learned is, when I worship, – worship is a very important part of my life. In my church, I love worshiping, I love worshiping by myself, I go to worship nights at my church. I worship by myself a lot on music; I find God ministers to me, and God the Father has broken through a lot [through worship].
I discovered through this that my core system used to see satan as my father. Mengele was also a father to me. I’ve had many fathers in my life who all abused me. I didn’t really even see myself as a satanist!
I can tell you stories from back then of how he visited me, and how he raped me on several occasions, especially after Mengele read from the German Bible to me in John: Everyone who receives Jesus will be saved in German. And then they put me naked, and gave me to Lucifer. I recall that; it was a huge deal!
I was observed by very high-level people afterward! I didn’t know that Rachel [one of the many alters back then] put out that identity in order to also observe them and scan them! Even though I was totally sort of catatonic after the rape, they were like very fascinated by this new experiment of Mengele. But they don’t understand the depth of God’s creation, because I have the Spirit of God in me! I also was observing them and scanning them! So I could to Doug in detail describe them, and tell about them and scan them!
Later, somebody who was researching this in South Africa…. I could give them the final puzzle of who was there and who brought me into South Africa. So they think that they are amazing, but what God does in us is even more amazing!
Now I’m learning to respect and honor God. I learn what it means to fear God, not in the wrong way but in the right way!

Doug: Reverence and true awe.

Joe: Yes, and who He is, and not hate Him and honor Him. I have this absolute respect and love for Him that is growing daily. When I hear His voice, when He speaks…. the joy when He has asked me to do something, and I do it! The joy of being a son listening to the father! It’s a great joy that God works in our lives.

Doug: Maybe this would be a really high note to bring this session to a close. We have another one [2nd video or interview], we can talk about Antarctica, about different ways in which the high-tech science has been commandeered by the adversary, and employed in these last days. You mentioned the role of  Mengele, and I’ve worked with men who knew Mengele as their father…. but God as Father is coming in and redeeming all these ways in which satan has distorted that.

Joshua: I want to communicate that the church needs to do a better job at reading their Bibles in general, and understanding the Biblical context. I’ve only been a Christian for 11 months, and every day when I open my Bible, this stuff jumps right off the page, of almost every chapter, of almost every book of the Old Testament. I think as far as the context for Mengele, and for a lot of the things we’ve talked about today, I was an anarchist, I was an atheist because I couldn’t link on for any period of time to spiritual ideas or a belief in God. There was just so much vehemence inside my soul towards God and towards religion! I couldn’t separate those two things. So for me, I would have considered myself an atheist, and I loved the idea of chaos and chaos theory, the entropy of the universe, and the second law of thermodynamics. What I didn’t realize was I was really articulating the Luciferian belief: that ‘one true godhead’, this thing that they call the black hole sun! It’s just called a lot of things, but this is that Illuminati complex swastika shape that they have on the marble floors or some of these castles, where this abuse happens.

Doug: They really call it the ‘Black Sun’.

Joshua: Yes, black hole sun. I didn’t even realize that I was believing in – for most of my adult life – this concept, this philosophy, but not even knowing that that was in fact Luciferianism! What satan is attempting to accomplish in the world right now, and I particularly see it being a father and being exposed to seeing a little bit of the things that my children are exposed to in this generation, I think what he’s trying to accomplish is to get the entire world essentially to fall prey to the same error, which is to identify with the occult without even understanding really why.
The actual people, like my parents, and I’m sure Joe’s abusers, on some level, knew exactly what they were trying to accomplish, and why they were trying to accomplish it. I think satan would rather have a whole bunch of people who are at his service, and don’t even have the foggiest clue that that’s actually what he convinced them to be up to. What he did to Joe and I, and many others in a nutshell, in a very intense way in our lives, is the same thing in a less intense way that he is trying to accomplish [in the world]. The Bible tells us that he [satan] deceives the whole world!
I feel like our experiences also: they’re not isolated, they’re not something that it’s like just for helping people understand working with SRA survivors! This is something the entire church needs to understand, and the entire world should understand and be aware of, because it affects everyone, if not as directly as Joe and I. It affects everyone indirectly. We are the tip of the spear, but the spear is not just going after us; it’s going after everybody.

Doug: Joshua, you have a website and you have a book that you’ve written. So if people want to obtain that book, and you give the title and why you wrote it, the contact information would be great.

Joshua: Sure, thank you. I just published a book, called ‘Born Into Battle’. The subtitle is ‘The Testimony of a Redeemed Survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse’ and dissociative identity disorder. It’s my journey; that’s part of it, but it’s also really God’s book. He spoke to my heart in helping me heal for all those months, and every day. As I was opening up His Word, He was leading me directly to passages, which I needed for that day, whether it was encouragement or whether it was context that He was giving me. So I went back several months ago, and I started putting all those Scriptures together, and it became this book. It’s all the things that God shared with me and spoke to my heart through His Word that helps me to heal and helps me to understand the context of suffering and ritual abuse and evil and free will…. this whole thing, and why these things happened to me, and what I can do about them; that’s the book.
The website [which is no longer there, totally scraped from the Internet] is just simply an attempt to organize prayer on behalf of the many, many children, hundreds of thousands, probably millions of children, labeled as ‘missing and endangered’, is the technical category. There are about 800,000 missing children reported in the United States every year, and there are about up to 60,000 missing and endangered in the United States every year. And one in seven ends up in the world of sex trafficking, sadistic abuse, child sex slavery…. There’s an enormous number of children out there who are literally forgotten!
I’m asking people to sign up to pray for just a list of ten children each day. It’s not any money involved or anything like that. I distribute the list, and people pray for them for praying for them to be found, to find safety, and to find a relationship with God. And so I wish someone had prayed for me, when I was a kid is why I’m doing this.
I should report the good news [on my website]. Even just in our first month, we were praying – 30 of us – for 300 kids, and God found 215 of those kids because of our prayers! Now, I don’t know if every single one of them…. some of them may be in prison and they’re incarcerated. You know, there are different things that make up someone being found. And, of course, some may be back in the hands of their very abusers. And that’s what being found means: if abusers are parents or stepparents or foster parents. So we keep praying for these.
I just sent out 215 letters a couple of weeks ago to all the children who were found, to the police department, so that the letters get there and that the children will know that people were praying for them, and that they will be inspired to find a relationship with God.
I’m not making any money off of any of these things. I’m pricing the book to the penny what they charged me for print-on-demand services, and that’s very intentional on my part. I just want people to know this information; that’s all.

Doug: We commit this to You, Father God, this interview. We ask You to guard and protect it, and direct it in such a way that counselors and therapists and pastors will be able to have their eyes open. Father, we know that, unless You begin to shake the church, this remains underground and this continues on. So, Father, You shake the Body of Christ so that that which is shared today might become more aggressively addressed and dealt with within the congregations, because every congregation I’ve been in, no matter where I’ve gone, here and abroad, people like Joe and Joshua, they’re right there in the churches! They don’t know that it’s even safe to come out or they’ll ever be believed. So they just live their Christian presenter [alter?]. You, Father, know that this needs to change. You shake everything that needs to be shaken as You promised in Hebrews 12: 25 to 29. In this we commit Joshua and Joe to You, and their families, to cover them with protection and blessing. We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Two Christian Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivors Speak Out… AGAIN


Statistics on ritual abuse are hard to find, as there is a massive worldwide cover-up of this phenomenon. But the number of children who are victimized by sadistic ritual abuse is estimated to be over one million per year.



Doug Riggs

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