Exposé of the week – Spiritual warfare in catastrophic weather

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March 17, 2024


Exposé – Satan can manipulate the weather – True story!

Pastor Doug Riggs’ personal experiences encountering catastrophic weather.
He then utilizes spiritual warfare. Lori Riggs can personally attest to one of these encounters, being a few miles West. She saw for herself what was happening with a tornado overhead.


Doug Riggs:

‘The storms will come. Those who know their God, as it says in Daniel 11, are going to do exploits.
We know that Satan can manipulate the weather, from Job 1 and 2: the whirlwind, or the tornado, or whatever that was that came, and it killed Job’s children. He was under the hand, as it says, the authority of jurisdiction of Satan, under God’s permission.

Some historical things about this that I have learned.

I used to live in Tulsa, where I worked many years with survivors. Some of these survivors were highly invested with New World Order programming. Their internal dissociative worlds were highly invested with generational principalities and powers, very hidden. And as I was working with them, and sometimes burrowing into those deeper layered personalities that were very hidden…. just before getting to some of these areas, sometimes strange things would happen!

I remember working with this one individual….

We were in a church facility there in Tulsa, and she grew up in America. But when I got to this part of her, that was closer to her true European identity, she came out, and she was speaking in a British accent.
We had plastic cups there, and I said, “Would you like something to drink? I haven’t met you”.
She said, “What am I doing here? How do I get here?” and she was speaking in a British accent.
I said, “Would you like something to drink?”
She said, “What is this?” And it was a star-formed (?) cup.
I said, “It’s just a cup”.
“I’ve never seen it like that. I’m used to crystal”, and she said in a British accent, “Do you mind? Can you show me where I am?” And I opened the door, and we went out and looked….

I noticed the sky was getting really dark….

And as that real key part of her was emerging, which opened up a whole new realm of her hidden substructure of her identity, this tornado sat down in Tulsa. It sat down just about a mile to the West of us, and it was moving right, straight for the building where we were meeting!

We started praying.

We saw the hail, and I just said:
“In the name of Jesus Christ, I command this weather to be removed from Satan’s domain, and delivered over to Him, subject to Jesus Christ as Son of God, Son of Man, Son of David!”
So I did the prayer warfare, and I didn’t know what had happened; it went on and passed over us.

The next day, there was a map in the Tulsa paper.

It showed where this tornado sat down, and it sat down just to the West of where we were meeting. Just before it hit us, it did a zigzag South! It took out a church just about a half mile down the road, took it out, and then it zigzagged and went right back to the same track that it would have taken us out, and it kept going Eastward….

It was headed for my house, which is two miles away!

My wife was there, I found out later. This thing, it went right to our house. It lifted up, went right over our house, sat down again, kept going, went out to Interstate 44, hit a truck stop, and killed nine people. And so I looked at that. I mean, there it was.

There was, I believe, a storm that was designed to take us out.

There’s another time when I was working with a different person from the royal family. People may think that this is just a coincidence, but I was working with her; and it was unbelievable! I felt the darkness [coming] when we were working with her. I looked out the window….

There was a giant black wall cloud.

I had never seen anything like it! It stressed, all the way across the sky, and it was solid black. I said, “That is utterly demonic!” And I began to do warfare. Then I saw it break up.

The largest tornado ever recorded in history….

occurred several years ago in Norman, Oklahoma, and F-5 begins about 260 miles an hour rotation speed, and has to be about a half mile in diameter. This tornado, that hit that Southern part of Oklahoma City, was clocked at 318 miles an hour rotation speed, and it touched down. It was sucking things right out of the ground, removing concrete, asphalt, everything right out of the ground, and that tornado was heading to Tulsa! When it got to Tulsa, I saw that thing come. I started doing prayer warfare. It got to the edge of Tulsa. They were trying to track it, and everybody was saying, “Where did it go? Where did it go?” It was just like there was a bubble over Tulsa.

This thing split up, went around, and then regathered after it passed Tulsa.

So I’ve seen time and time again, that when you stand, – and this is the way I pray, whatever the situation is. In Job 1 and 2, that storm was under the aegis of Satan, which was one of the ways in which he took out Job’s children.

I stand, and I say:

“In the name of Jesus Christ, I command this storm, and everything that may be energizing it from the satanic kingdom, to be neutralized, subject to Jesus Christ, and taken out of the realm of the natural and supernatural!” and I just stand there.
And I have seen other circumstances as well, where God does that.

We have a tremendous authority in Christ!

It’s not about who we are. It’s about the power we have in union with Jesus Christ.
A lot of these things we don’t see. We can pray like this, and we just, by faith, believe that God is doing something. But in the area of weather like this, I have seen, on at least three occasions, some pretty significant things happen.’


Another prayer against extreme weather

Our weather, we know, is no longer what it should be. How can we pray for it?

Here is a prayer for ‘weather warfare’, but this time directed at the enemy, whether he uses technology or not. Use it, and add as you wish, or leave things out. Be guided by the Lord in this, too:

‘Thank You, heavenly Father, for Your grace and protection!
In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, by His blood and with the authority I possess in His name, I humbly ask You, Father, that all attacks on my brain or my body will be blocked by Your shield of protection. I block all attacks by HAARP, radio waves, electromagnetic radiation, ELF waves, microwaves, sound waves, dangerous frequencies, or other torturous and intentional forms of brainwashing or mind control waves, directed at me, or my family, and my location. And in Jesus’ name, in His authority, through His precious blood, I ask that there will be no lasting damage or dangerous consequences from these weapons to my health, my environment, etc.
I ask You, Father, in Jesus’ mighty name, that all the effects of these weapons fall back and return to my enemy, Satan, tenfold. Thank You, Lord! And I block all forms of retaliation against me with the blood of Jesus.
Thank You, Lord! Amen!’

I believe that God will help us by our intervention to take over authority over the damaging weather to reduce its effect, or stop it altogether, when it has been sent by the enemy to cause death and destruction to God’s creation.
Wise stewardship includes protection, such as through intercessory prayer.



Spiritual Warfare in Catastrophic Weather

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