Exposé of the week – Controlled Opposition, the hidden hand of misdirection

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April 7, 2024


Exposé – Lauren Daigle, Chelsea Clinton, Alex Soros, Joe Lieberman, Mike Lindell, Alex Jones, Mike Adams, Celeste Solum, Spencer Smith, Todd Starnes, Mr. Tuthill, Mr. Carnegie, Macron…

Looking at Chelsea Clinton with Alex Soros, Joe Lieberman, Lauren Daigle at the Carnegie Hall, Transgender Day of Visibility, Mike Adams, Spencer Smith, Todd Starnes ‘is a good fellow’, and many more members of the club. Please, test everything and everyone:

Lauren Daigle at Carnegie Hall & More


‘….Todd Starnes, if you don’t know who he is, he’s actually ‘a pretty good fella’, used to be with Fox News. Now he is running his own ‘independent’ media firm, and ‘all that kind of stuff’.
[Independent? Really, Mr. Smith with your ‘The Lizard people will get you’?]

Cindy: Todd Starnes. He used to be with Fox News. Alright, I just wanted to go over a few of the pictures that I’ve posted….

Alex Soros, you know, George Soros’ son, who took over the company…. Who he’s standing there in the Instagram pictures with? Ah, that’s right, Chelsea Clinton! They are all in that same circle, right? Exactly. Same club, same everything, same legion, and they all promote each other.

Emmanuel Macron. He just has received a few new honors, and I wanted to go over that with you [in the video above]. He’s received a few other things. Go take a look; it’s easy to find. A few days ago, he received one from Lula, in Brazil (Order of the Southern Cross). Wonderful. Of course, I’m curious to know why he even got it, and why he got the one from Maldova, Sweden. And what did he do? What did he do for Sweden? Ah, maybe it was to get into NATO. I don’t know. Furthermore, one from the UK (Order of Republic, Seraphim & Bath). People should be putting 2 + 2 together to see how all leaders are club members, and are not on our side (Rotary, Lions, Knights, Orders , Freemason, aligned to satan). I hope that they understand rather sooner than later.

Joe Lieberman has passed away, but he, of course, was in the club as well. There he’s seen with the Clintons, right? So there is the circle of friends, circle of trust.

Lauren Daigle. She is going to be singing at the Carnegie Hall! What is the Carnegie Hall? Who built it, and all that. Well, there you have Mr. Tuthill and Mr. Carnegie. Please research. Mr. Tuthill was a part of the Oratorio Society of New York. Notice how it looks like a 6. But Mr. Carnegie now, well, you can see all kinds of honors that he has received, and he even has a monument of him in black and white. And notice the hat he’s wearing, right?

Back to Lauren Daigle, wearing a red cape during Passover. Interesting, right? A red cape. Red means blood, but it also meant a spirit, a masked spirit, when I was looking at it. Oh sure. It’s just a myth, right? She’s dressed just like a Roman in my opinion. She looks like a Roman person, so isn’t that just timely to be posting a picture like that right before Passover? How excited she is to be at the Carnegie Hall! A Freemason built a building. I really hope that she repents and turns from this way that she is on, because clearly she is on the wrong path. It’s clear as day.

‘Transgender Day of Visibility’…. Seriously? Okay, I’m not surprised at the world being wicked. I just think this world has lost all of its marbles, honestly.

As someone asked me what my thoughts were on Mike Adams. He has been on InfoWars. He is seen there with Celeste Solum. Yes, he is there with Shapiro. Look at that. He is there with Mike Lindell! Do I trust him? My quick opinion is No. Don’t trust anyone. He is controlled opposition. He might have a lot to say, it may be even true/or not, but look at who he has been with & what shows he has been on; that speaks volumes!

Steve Quayle is in there as well. So there you have it. He has had all these major names on his show. So I don’t trust him. Not one bit! What am I going to call it? Right. Controlled opposition, just like all these others.

Controlled opposition - The hidden hand of misdirection

Look, I have videos on this channel, um, on my fourth, which is my backup and on my fifth as well, because I’ve ‘lost’ a couple channels. So I’ve tried to re upload a few over there.

Spencer Smith. Look, if you follow Spencer Smith, that’s great. [Well, I don’t think so seen his connections!] He has a lot of truth. ‘Interesting’ that he would call this man, Todd Starnes, a good fella. Someone who has been on Fox News, CBN, Huckabee, CPAC. He has also spoken at the Young America’s Foundation. Go, please, take a look at anyone else who has spoken there, but he can also be seen with Mike Lindell. Wow! I mean, do I need to say anything more? I don’t think I do.

You have to know who your enemy is. You have to know. And that’s anyone who is against God. Yes, but a lot of them are deceiving you, and say they are ‘Christian’. And that’s the deception here!

Isn’t it interesting how Mike Lindell (aka the Pillow Guy), is with all of these people?

Listen to all, watch whoever, absolutely, but test everyone and everything. [Honestly, I wouldn’t waste my time to listen to all these worldly people, sorry.] I don’t trust anyone, but I sure follow quite a few, and I throw truth bombs in there, when I can: on Instagram, and anywhere else, and I hope that you do, too, because it helps other people to maybe see a little bit. Do it in a kind way, in a kind-hearted way, when you have, you know, the time and the patience for it….’ – Cindy

Just to open your eyes, dear people, should you follow any of these prominent club members. I myself have chosen to just stop following them precisely because it would take away much of my precious time. 

I have never seen anyone censored as much as Cindy. That is why I’m giving her a helping hand here in throwing her ‘truth bombs’ into the enemy’s camp, in the hope that many, many eyes will be opened. 


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