Powerful deliverance prayer by Derek Prince (VIDEO)

God will not deliver you from your ‘friend’! Why should He? Just a powerful prayer that you can pray out loud, with certain conditions.

February 16, 2024


Now we have come to the moment where we have the opportunity for you to be delivered and set free:


Powerful Deliverance Prayer By Derek Prince

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There are actually three things you need to do

First of all, you confess, if you have been involved in any of these things: heresies, departures from the Christian faith, or any form of satanic supernatural activity. Here is the list:

Ouija boards, fortune telling, ESP, drugs (including all kinds of medicines such as pep tablets, painkillers, anesthetics and so on), mediums, clairvoyants, meditation, Eastern sects and philosophies (yoga, for example), the teaching reincarnation, astrology, horoscopes, hypnosis, automatic writing, and graphoanalysis or handwriting analysis, reading books about Edgar Casey, Jeane Dixon, and so on…. many, many more. That’s just a selection and the tip of the iceberg! If you have been involved in any of those things or anything like them, and you want to be clean, you want that dark shadow lifted off your life, you want that bondage taken away….

Secondly, you renounce it!

And thirdly, you break any contact!

And you don’t leave anything in your house that leaves a crack in the door for the devil to come back. For most Christians, there has to be a house cleaning, literally! You cannot fool God, but you really need to repent.

As a believer, you can’t play with the other side at the same time. It’s just extremely dangerous, and your eternal life depends on it! In the Bible, those who had books on the occult, for example, brought them and burned them.


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