John Todd Tape 6: Witches to control the world, Lucifers’ sons and daughters, takeover plan, protecting Jerusalem, revival, and more (Transcript)

Tape 6 is on how witchcraft came to the U.S., growing up on the insides of TV, how witches are told lies, lower vs higher witches, who created Christian witchcraft, Washington: worse than you think, their drug traffic, witches are going to control the world, the sons and daughters of Lucifer in human bodies, Mormon and Witchcraft doctrine on how the world began, about 500 people saved: start revival in the occult world, the real name of Kiss, how they brainwash the world, why Rock music is so addicting, Helter Skelter mentioned in music, the witches as ministers of the Illuminati, higher witches are Luciferians, rock and soul is the same, Satanists believe Christ, Jesus Christ, and Satan are the same person, Luciferians believe Jesus is the God of evil, the planned revolution within the U.S., takeover plan ends with World War III, they protect Jerusalem, lower Masons are sheep to be sheared, Freemasonry started by the Illuminati, and much more!
June 28, 2023


“Many of you who don’t know Him tonight. The Lord brought you here, whether you know it or not. Many of you were probably brought here by praying friends and relatives.” – John Todd


Listen to what the late John Todd revealed to the world!
Some of the things he brings up again go a little deeper, and some things I left out because he told these things before to another public on another occasion on previous tapes.

Is this the last tape of John Todd?
I really can’t tell for sure; there seems to be a rare tape 7. Also, they have mixed up the numbers of the tapes, or cut things out, it seems.

John Todd starts here with ‘Tape 6’:

I can only make you one promise that what I’ve got to say is the truth

It won’t seem that way to some of you. It may seem that I’m either crazy or I’m the biggest liar and storyteller in the world! That’s what our televisions have done to us. They’ve gotten us in our minds that we do not realize the real world around us.

When I talk in many youth rallies in many of the Christian schools, I start right out by tearing their television and rock idols down, by personal experiences that I’ve had with those in the occult world.

Then from there, we try to build them up with real heroes, the number one being Jesus Christ

I come from a family, that where I grew up, having my own heroes. My number one hero was my great great great – somewhere way back there – grandfather named Francis Collins. Francis Collins owned the first ship that the Puritans landed here. It just so happened that 50% of the people on board were also witchcraft people fleeing from Scotland. They were called the Collins’s. They were all his family.

And that’s how witchcraft came to the United States

So when I grew up, I was being trained how great my family was, that it was the second most important family in the Illuminati, in the occult world, and that someday I’d be very important, and so on. So I had my own heroes, and television didn’t help much. The reason I’m so down on television is…

I grew up around the television world on the insides of it

When I was just a teenager, Hollywood paid for my way out to California, so that I could bring a couple of diaries that belonged to my family, that I had inherited by will, as the last will heir of the Collins family. If you wonder why that fits with Todd, the Collins family changed their name about 100 years ago to Todd, in order to cover up some of the things that they had done. But I’m sure some of you will remember the show ‘Dark Shadows’. That was the show that paid for me to come to Hollywood to bring the diaries. Many of the scripts were taken from actual incidents in the diaries. And for instance, Barnabas Collins was based upon a man named France Williams Collins, a revolutionary war hero.
When I was growing up in the occult world…

We were always taught that we had been somebody else before!

It wasn’t good enough that we were the person we were now. We always had to be a dozen people that we were before. We had to deal with this life, and all the ones we were supposed to have had before, and all the ones we were going to have in the future. And I was supposed to be France Williams Collins. I said, “That’s who they based Barnabas on”. So I wasn’t exactly the nicest guy in the world.

I grew up this way

When I was 13, I was taken into what is called the Outer Court to be trained as a priest in witchcraft, that had been like your pastor who just stepped off, or better yet, more like the youth director or something.

When I was 18, I was initiated a high priest. That would have made me the pastor. At the same time, I became draft-exempt. I did not have to go into service.

Wizards and witches went into the army…

because we felt the army really needed witchcraft. It just couldn’t get along without it! And since the army didn’t think that they needed any chaplains that were witches, we just kind of went in on our own. So I went on in along with a lot of others. I never did anything, I guess, halfway I got in Vietnam, I found out I liked Vietnam so well that I was willing to reenlist. When I became wounded in the last month of the first tour, and I was shipped back to the United States. My time was almost up, so I was discharged. And the same day I reenlisted, I asked for Vietnam, and they said, because of my wounds that hadn’t totally healed yet, I couldn’t go to Vietnam yet. So I got Germany. I had reenlisted for six years. And until the time of my reenlistment,

I always thought that witchcraft was just witchcraft

There was nothing more to witchcraft than just casting spells, and that we were smarter than the Christians, and other religions, because we really knew who the gods were. And we were born with special powers because our ancestors had passed them down to us, and all the little stories they like to tell us.

Witchcraft was a little different at that time

When I first got into it as a young person, you had to be from a family that had generations after generations of witchcraft. In order to be a Coven member at the time, you had to have three generations at least, while the minimum that I had that we could find was seven. So there wasn’t any problem. And we knew it went past that where there weren’t records kept anymore.

Many of you were raised as Christians

And I guess that’s why I can’t understand why some of the Christian teenagers are the way they are today. If they were raised in this glorious gospel, why they’re so rebellious? I would have given anything to be raised this way.
But when you were learning the 23rd Psalm, I was learning the witch’s chant. When you were reading about Moses opening the Red Sea, I was reading J.R.R. Token. When you guys were learning different memory verses, and so on, and four spiritual laws, and the Ten Commandments, I happened to read C.S. Lewis. Of course, I’ve been greatly surprised that Christians read that, too! But this is the way I grew up, and this is all I believed in, was just that there were mighty gods, and we were special people. We were their priests and priestesses.

You can read here about what happened next in the army.

Now, witches are very curious people

That’s why when we do some of the most demonic rites imaginable, and our hair would stand on end, and would almost turn snow white overnight from all the spooky things, we couldn’t wait to get back in there. We were always curious what was going to happen next. I think that’s why some of the people get on roller coasters, and like to be scared to death! It’s just the way with the witches. They really like spooky things going on, and they can’t wait to get back. And this was extremely intriguing. So I got on the plane and I flew to New York. And I got off the plane, sure enough, no problem with recognizing who met me. I’d read his books for years!

In fact, he’s the man who first created christian witchcraft

His name was Dr. Raymond Buckland, head of the Anthropology Department, Columbia University, at that time – he isn’t now – Graduate of Oxford University, Rhodes Scholar, hand-picked by the Rothschilds to lead the Illuminati for him. So I arrived and he took me to his house.

The next few months, he carefully rearranged all my ideas for me

He told me that all the things that I had learned about witchcraft were just stories that we told the lower people. And where I thought there were only three levels, and I was as high and as powerful as a witch could go, he assured me there were three more! I guess, I should have backed off then. I figured out, if I was lied to the first time, maybe I’d been lied to the second time. But as I said, witches have an incurable curiosity; they’ve got to find out everything!

So I let Dr. Raymond Buckland train me

He explained to me that, since I was a male Collins, – I was in the Collins family – that I had a position to take! And that there was a board of directors, called the Grand Druid Council, which contained 13 of the most powerful witches in the world, and that my place was on that Council. And I said, “Oh, great! When do I take it?” And he said, “Well, somebody just died”. I kind of always wondered if he died or they shot him, or something; you never can tell in the Illuminati. But he sent me to Los Angeles.

I studied for six more months with my foster mother holding kind of a temporary rank on this Council…

and then taken up to Colorado Springs, and initiated. And I do believe that when I testified here at the last time I explained who the person was that handed me the ceremonial knife for that ceremony: another senator named George McGovern. You might, before the night gets over, start to realize that Washington isn’t bad as you thought it was. It’s worse!

The ceremony was human sacrifice

And the leader of that ceremony that night was George McGovern. That’s why when we did ‘The Broken Cross’, we drew his picture into the Broken Cross, as a person practicing human sacrifice. After the ceremony, I went down to San Antonio and decided that would be the perfect place.

I moved in to San Antonio to watch all the drug traffic in the area

And I was given a 13 state area! That totalled out to about 65,000 initiated witches and wizards, priests and priestesses! Now, that’s just the staff of the church. That’s not the congregation. So if there’s that many ministers in that area, you can imagine what the population is. And California, whereas most of the Grand Druids have many states like I did, – I had 13 – California has a Grand Druid all to itself, because there’s that many witches in California. In fact, it’s the most populated area in the world for witchcraft! And the Bay Area just happens to have the most. But anyway, this is where I lived.

I only left it eight times a year to attend what we called Council meetings

Now, to give you an idea, Monday was one of those Council meetings. They hold them eight times a year. On May 1, they held a Council meeting. And from our information, they held it in San Francisco. So you were kind of close to it this time. Things went along fine. I enjoyed the money par. I always thought they were kind of weird, because they kept talking about controlling the world. And I thought, ‘Let’s stay back with witchcraft. This world government thing…. they’re a little weird. Witches are never going to control the world!’

Finally, on August 1, 1972, things changed

Courier from the London embassy, a member of our United States State Department, arrived with a courier document pouch, sealed with the crest of the State Department. He brought it through customs unopened, – nobody could touch it – brought it into San Antonio, and I was hosting the meeting this time, and was on Latimus (?) August the first. The man came in, laid the pouch down in the temple room up in the casino building, walked out, and left it. He wasn’t to know what was in it. The door was locked, security guards were placed on the outside, and Dr. Buckland took up what’s called the Atom 8, the witch’s ceremonial night. He slid, opened the seal, unlocked everything, and took out six letters. We’d seen letters like this before. No big deal. They had the crest of the Illuminati, which is on the back of your one-dollar bill, so you can look at it later. On them, sealed in wax, red wax. The only problem was that the first four were standard business. They only contained checks, you know, bribe checks, and so on. Usually bribe checks start at about $500,000 to give you kind of an idea, and work up into the millions. But then they’ve got almost all the money in the world. Why should they worry? You spend a $5 bill and you panic. For what a $5 bill feels like to you, a million dollars feels like to them! So believe me, they’ve got the financial strength to do it. The fifth one was totally different. It was very thick, about 30 pages, and it was handwritten. Now, according to the laws of witchcraft, if anything is religious, it must be written in special ink with a dip pen. And the person who is writing it in his own handwriting…. you know, you don’t dictate it, it doesn’t get typed up, nobody writes it for you…

Now, in the Illuminati, the Rothschilds are not humans

They’re not just the richest family in the world, they are gods in human bodies! More or less the counterfeit of what Jesus Christ was when He was on the earth. They’re the sons and daughters of Lucifer in human body, and his wife, and so on!

So this Council that I was on is the private priesthood of those gods

And when those gods talk, the priests listen and the priestesses listen. Then they tell political people. That’s why a handful of witches have so much power over so many political people. Because they’re simply just like a tape recorder for some very powerful people that everybody else considers to be ‘holy’ and to be ‘gods’!

So we opened this one in Philip Rothschild’s handwriting, and it would have been the same to what it was like the gods sent their own private message

So we opened it up. Dr. Buckland started reading it. It was a chart! A friend of mine, Dr. Tom Berry, has placed that chart in a 30-page book, and we’re proofing it now. Dr. Stuart Crane is going to publish it, and we hope to have it in Christian’s hands in about three months. It’s a step-by-step plan beginning in 1973, at the first of the year to the end of 1980, to take over the world by taking over the United States.

The Mormon doctrine and the witchcraft doctrine are almost identical in how the world began

According to the witches, Lucifer chose his son and his daughter, which were married, to come to the world and lead the rest of his little kids down here. Believe it or not, they were supposed to have landed in a flying saucer, and they landed here. And man was just more or less assuming their shape from apes, and they intermarried with man.

The original people were the witches that arrived, and their children became the witches

And the ones that they didn’t marry with are the mortals. If you remember ‘Bewitched’ you remember the doctrine of witches and mortals. Now, that may seem a little crazy to you, but they firmly believe it! And that Adam, who had the ability to turn back into other lives again like everybody else did, did not! Because when the evilness of man settled into the garden, – and that’s why the garden was ‘bad’ – there’s no original sin according to witches. And Lucifer had planned to come and live on this world along with his children, but he couldn’t because of all the evilness of man. And when they say that, I almost feel like they want to write ‘Christians’ sometimes, the way the doctrine goes, but Adam would come back to bring peace to the world, and to unpollute it so his father could come back. Now, that’s their doctrine. And when the 6th letter said: 

‘We have found Adam to be in the world, and he is ready to make peace so that his father can return’…

I knew enough about revelations in the Christian Bible to say, hey, I’m in the wrong camp! And I asked a very stupid question at that moment. I said, “Isn’t this in the Christian Bible?” Witches teach the Christian Bible is an absolute lie created by the God of evil named Jesus. Okay? So when I asked that, I almost got lynched, sometimes more or less like the Christians like to do when I’m 2 hours late. I got to get you laughed somehow. So I said, “Well, I’m just kidding. Don’t worry about it. I was just joking, trying to lighten things up”. They calmed down. I left, did some more drugs. Now, I was doing about $150 a day worth of crystal speed at the time. I weighed about 149 pounds. And after looking at some of my rock friends like David Crosby, that’s doing $200 a day worth of drugs now, I firmly believe that if the Lord hadn’t saved me, I probably wouldn’t have made it another year at that time.

From August 1 on, for the next 30 days, I thought of nothing but how to get out!

But even though I realized that the Christian Bible was telling the truth, it just never dawned on me because of the spirits inside me, that if it was telling the truth in that, then salvation and calvary were real also. So I went on trying to think of a dozen places I could go hide in this world and marking everyone off, that they’d find me any place I’d go, and deciding that since if I died, I’d just come back in another life. And that wouldn’t be too good if they were running the world. So what was I going to do? Finally, God, the Lord Jesus Christ – I want to say that because I come from a world that Lucifer has been god too – finally…

The Lord Jesus Christ started moving for this… the best way I know how to put it

I don’t believe in accidents! I don’t believe that my salvation or anybody else’s salvation was an accident. I believe in God incidents! I believe that God sets in motion the things to bring you about. You still have the choice. But many of you who don’t know Him tonight, the Lord brought you here, whether you know it or not. Many of you were probably brought here by praying friends and relatives.

A pastor by the name of Smith found his daughter an initiated witch shortly thereafter

He said, “I couldn’t believe it. Here I was. I went to Baylor University. I was a minister in the Southern Baptist Church. And Baylor did everything but hit me over the head that there was no devil and no witches, no demons in this day and age”. Much like many fundamental Bible colleges I know today. He said, “So I had to relearn all over again. Instead of taking man’s idea, I took the Word of God. I found that Deuteronomy 18:18,19 and 20 gave a list of witchcraft and the occult world. And that Acts 16:16,17,18 and 19 gave the power over witchcraft, what its power was, and how to handle its power, and the power over it, which is the taking authority over the devil and the demons that are in witches”. That’s how they get their power; the stronger the witch, the more demons that they have allowed in!

When they take young persons, and they train them for witchcraft, they give them what?

Lovingly, I guess called homework. They give them assignments that they’re to do. And the assignments tear down every moral fiber and training that the person has. And just literally they become a human chalice; they fill up with demons. As they do these things, they break down all the barriers holding the devil back. And when they’re done, they have a very programmed, very brainwashed, and very powerful, supernatural witch or wizard!

So pastor Smith prayed, and he fasted

I heard Jack H. the other day. I guess I never realized until I heard him how little Christians pray and fast! He’s been around a long time and says he has only met a handful of praying and fasting Christians. But this minister prayed, and he fasted. He said, “God, let me cross Lance Collins’s path”. That was my occult name. He prayed and he prayed, and finally, he felt this is the time. And he got up one morning, Saturday morning, a few days before Labor Day in 1972, and he went downtown and he started going through the occult stores…
He walked up and said, “I’m looking for Lance Collins”. And I kind of braced myself, and I said, “I’m Lance Collins. Can I help you?” And he said, “Well, I want to tell you about the love of Jesus”. I said, “I don’t want to hear it…!” And the spirits in me took over, and they started cussing. He just kept on preaching. So I started refining chants, demonic chants, out to block what he was doing. Usually, it got Christians scared and they ran on. He didn’t…

Now, parents, listen to me. If your kids are on drugs and you’ve got a problem, stop preaching to them

Just order the demon inside them and the devil to stop supplying them the drugs. You’d be surprised – and we’ve done it – how fast the pushers and dealers they’re getting their drugs from getting busted all of a sudden! Try it. It works.

And when he was done, he said, “Now I’m going to pray and fast for you, Lance, until you get saved”

One thing a demon does not like is prayer and fasting!

I had never come up against a Christian like this

Usually, I said, “I’m a witch”. And they couldn’t wait to find the nearest bomb shelter or crawl under the bed or get the straitjacket out. Well, something about my eyes back then… they never questioned when I said I was a witch. They just took off running!

We’ve been trying to minister to people in the occult for a long time

We’ve really been spinning our wheels for five and a half years. We’ve got about 500 people saved. About 50 of them have been killed.

A retreat for the occult to go to

When I was here last, we’ve been in prayer for two weeks about a new idea that we felt would work. And that was a retreat for the occult to go to, this Monday on their New Year’s Day. It couldn’t have been arranged better; we didn’t do it on purpose, but it was perfect. While their Grand Druids were meeting, our rehab center opened. The first candidate is already in it. Right now, coming from Maryland, is a girl that’s the second most powerful person that had ever left the Illuminati: Philip Rothschild’s own girlfriend, teenage girlfriend, leaving! She left the occult from the 11th richest family.

They found out about the house going to be opened before our plan to release the news through Chick Publication tracts…

and the phone numbers to go with it ever came out! They’re not even off the press yet, and the occult world already knows and is calling hotline numbers that aren’t even published yet! They somehow found the numbers. Another girl was saved two days ago. I don’t even know who she is. I’m holding my breath because she knows me. Jack Chick got a call of her today so the girl walked into a Christian bookstore, and said, “I hear John Todd is still alive”. The guy said, “Yes, he’s been alive for five and a half years”. And she said, “Yes, well, if he can be alive for five and a half years, I can be alive for five and a half years! I want to become a Christian and get out”. Now, that is sweeping.

That type of news is sweeping!

You may not understand what that means, but if you were in East Berlin trying to get to West Berlin, and there was a wall of death between you, you’d know what it means. If they tore that Berlin Wall down, you can imagine… the East Berliners, how many would be flooding to West Berlin. Well, that wall of fear and death that the Illuminati has so strongly built up has just been shattered! We have done in the last month things on purpose that they have promised the occult world would never happen. Isaac Bonewits, the Rothschild’s own enforcer, and one of those 13 top witches, lives in Frisco. He promised that the number one witchcraft city in the United States, I would never preach in: San Francisco. We preached there two Sundays ago. He’s got a lot of explaining to do. And the word is getting around; we need your prayers!

There’s a revival breaking open in the occult world now

They’ve gotten the word that there’s a way out! I’m just going to have to start praying for three or four more buildings, because if this carload gets here, we’re not going to have much more room. We got a four-bedroom house. It can fill up pretty quickly with a bunch of witches in it. So we need your prayers just for that. You’ve never been in a situation that you have about 15 witches all around you at one time, all with different problems.

My poor wife, she couldn’t come with me tonight because she’s setting up, trying to get this one girl through it right now. So we do need your prayers. I want to thank the people who did take envelopes, and send them. I think something like 500 envelopes were taken that night, and we received them, but those ten help get that house open, and I want to thank the people who sent them. But I’m asking for your prayers. We need your prayers! Now, if the pastor comes up, I want to say a couple of words.

You may not be in witchcraft, you may not think that this message has anything to do with you, but you’re missing the whole point!

I was in a world where it was impossible to become a Christian, and Jesus made me one.
When the Lord changes you, he totally changes you. Now we give our testimony for several reasons, to show that no matter what, whether you were raised a Christian in all your life, or you were raised in a worse frame of life, it’s still the same miracle. God still saves you just the same. Sometimes I think it’s harder to get the PK’s and the Christian kids saved than it is for the witches. But at the same time, we try to flag you down from going the same direction we went with drugs. You’ll never know the feeling to lose so many friends that should be with you today, and so many loved ones because of drugs that we kept convincing ourselves was all right.

This isn’t some preacher getting up here and telling you that’s never been in it. I wished I had a half hour to talk about the worst thing that the occult world ever planned out and carried out. That’s called rock music. But I’m going to say two quick things. Parents, rock music does not belong to your kids. If your kids are in your home, it belongs to you, and you’re answerable for it. And if you want to believe their garbage, that it’s all right. And you want to forget things like Kiss saying that their real name is Kings in Satanic Service, and that rock music is actually satanic spells being cast, and being planned by the Satanist church, – and that’s a direct quote – then you go right on ahead.

Right now, one of the Manson family girls is on trial

And she said the number one thing that the occult world used to brainwash them was Beatle music and rock music. If you want to leave it in your home, – I won’t go into details why you can’t – but if you want to leave it in your home, and all the demons that it has attracted, fine! If you want your kids to buffalo you, that is all right, but I recommend, you go home today, get a cardboard box, and break the records, and burn those covers, and get it out of your home. And you’d be surprised at how fast your kids come around after they finish throwing their two-year-old tantrum. But I wish that I had the time more on rock music. But believe me, it is the work carefully planned out in the occult world. We spent $8 million to produce Jesus Rock music, and pay the man who started it, named Chuck Smith, just because Christians were destroying rock music. And we were afraid that it would be banned from the Christian church. So we carefully put it in the form of Christian rock music. So if they would spend $8 million to keep rock music in your hands, then the hardcore rock must be even worse. And it is.
Okay, pastor, I don’t mind. I drove all day so I could say these things.

I was the manager of Zodiac Productions

Zodiac Productions’ name has been changed since then. I’m not even sure what they call it now, but it’s the largest music conglomerate in the world. It owns RCA Records, Columbia Records, Motown Records, it owns almost all the concert booking agencies in the United States. And that’s not even the name of the company that owns it. The name of the company that owns it is Brenner Enterprises. And Brenner Enterprises is owned by Chase Manhattan. Chase Manhattan is owned by Standard Oil, and Standard Oil is owned by the Lords of London. You can track it all back. You kind of get the idea after a while.

I was the managing president of Zodiac Productions; it was one of my jobs as being one of these 13 people

Thus, I got to know many of the people who produce music and sang the music and play the music that you play. Recently, one of the top people in rock music from the group… can’t think of the name of the group – now, it’s one of the top rock groups still in existence that’s been around a long time, was just saved. And he told how, when they’d play in their concerts, they would control, through witchcraft spells in their mind, the people to do different things in the audience, and that they’d work the audience up, not with the music, but with their mind and their music combination.

One of the closest friends that I got during that time that I obtained…

was a man named David Crosby, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. I saw David the day before Christmas last year. I talked with him. I got him away from this witch that he had with him. He told her to go shopping. We were in West Hollywood, and I was witnessing around to people I knew. We went off into this store, and we started talking. I said, “David, I’d like to ask you a couple of questions. I already know the answers, but I’ve been gone for five years. I like to know if certain things are still the way they were when I left”. Now I have to explain some of this when I’m done.

You’re not going to understand it all unless you know something about music

I said, “Do they still take the Master to the temple room?” Dave said, “Yeah”. I said, “Do they still have the Coven conjure demons into the Master?” He said, “Of course!” I said, “Now, I got to know something. What’s the main reason for rock music?” He said, “Come on, Lance, you know what the reason is”. I said, “Please, David. I don’t want to guess. Tell me what the main reason is”. He said, “The same as when you were in so that we can place spells on people that we couldn’t cast spells upon”. I’ll explain what that means in a minute. I said, “Okay, one last thing. I’ve been hearing that you must be an initiated witch now to get a record contract”. He said, “That’s right. Many of us that weren’t total witches have to be witches now in order to produce music”. “Thank you.”

The Master is a tape about as big as the top of this podium

It looks like an overgrown eight-track that the album is cut on. And it’s placed in a machine that produces and presses the records, and the eight tracks and cassettes that you buy. After it has been recorded, it’s taken in! This is why a Master is cut months in advance before it’s released! On the full moon, it’s taken into a temple room about the size of this auditorium that is in every one of the major music companies, behind locked doors up in the executive offices. And it’s placed on an altar setting in the north of the room, and a pentagram engraved in the floor. And 13 hand-chosen witches and wizards and a Coven come in, and conjure a principality or a power up, usually Rege [the name of a demonic principality, the general of the occult], or something like that, and order him to tell the demons under him to follow every record and every tape coming off of that Master. As I tell many Christian parents…

You can go home and count your kid’s records, probably yours, too, and count how many demons at least are there

That’s too hard for you to believe? I’m sorry; that’s why they do it. Now, listen to me. This is why rock music is addicting! Have you ever seen kids that got rid of their music? They go around like this. They can’t wait to find a rock station somewhere and they sneak off. Just like getting a cigarette or a fix because it’s addicting! That’s why they can’t give it up.
The rest of the conversation was this…

You can’t cast a spell on a Christian but you can get a Christian to cast a spell on themselves…

if you give the permission for the spell to work. Being a Christian won’t block it! And rock music is not just a song. It is supernatural music that witches carefully designed by their spirit guides or familiar spirits in the form of spells. Now, although the devil’s music’s par is the music, and God’s music is the words…

Much of the songs are written in what we call witch language

Gives you kind of an idea. Many of you talk on a CB [Citizen Band]. Unless you know what a smokey is and a tin four and a front door and back door and rocking chair, and these type of things, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Same with witches. When you’re in the first and second level, you have to learn over 2.000 words that – said by anybody else – mean something totally different than when you say them.

Elton John has said he’s never written a song or sung a song that wasn’t in witch language!

Now, I want to show you something. See how many kids in here and beyond, and adults… how many remember, and have heard at least several times, a song called ‘Hotel California’? Somebody tell me what it meant. Quickly, somebody tell me what it meant.
That’s pretty close. But from the words, what did it mean? That’s more of a guess. See, most people can’t tell you. That’s why when people do drugs, and they listen to songs in witch language, they get some of the meaning, but most of the time they can’t tell you. Stop and think how many songs are out there that you really like, and you don’t have any idea what the person was talking about. ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’? 

How about the ‘Destroyer’ by Kiss?

Can anybody tell me what it’s talking about? Kiss said in it, ‘Kids, kill your parents’. They’re talking about Helter Skelter!
The Beatles sang Helter Skelter in witch language. Nobody knew what it meant. Manson did because he belongs in the process! Helter Skelter is a several thousand-year-old word! And they’re believing that it’s going to happen in a year from now, from this very date.

Most of the music is either about Helter Skelter or a place called ‘The Night Winds’…

which is what Hotel California is about, and different doctrines of witchcraft. You listen to them. Your parents let you listen to them, and they have no idea!

Kiss openly bragged how they were gaining control of people through their music because the people played their music!

They told how they didn’t form their own group, their church, because they were ordained ministers of the Satanist church that placed them together. And that’s how most of the music is done. David Crosby, when he and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young produced the record ‘2 Way Street’, they ordered the Principality of Medit to order demons of rebellion to go into the record! And everybody that heard it would be rebellious against law and order and government. And it was one of the reasons for the great upheaval in the 60s; it was that one album. And they take open credit for it! I can go on all night, but that’s mainly it.

Parents, get this stuff in, and destroy it now!

I guarantee, your kids will straighten up; they may pout for a while, but they’ll straighten up.

Question: What is the Illuminati?
Okay, many people call it The Great Conspiracy which is kind of true. But actually, the Illuminati is about 1,000 conspiracies all running at one time. Therefore, a lot of them backfired. But it was formed about 100 years before its original birthday. The birth date is May 1, 1776.

Witches always start everything on May 1

That’s why even the Communist birthday is on May 1. That’s their New Year’s Day. But it [the Illuminati] means the Holders of the Light or the Light Bearers. Now, witches have another name for it too, since it is a death penalty to use the name ‘the Illuminati’. You must say ‘Moriah’, which means ‘the conquering, destroying wind’. Its belief is that Lucifer is god, and that everything else is an imposter. And that Lucifer can bring peace to the world by his lifters or upholders’ conspiracy. And they’re going to conspire and conspire and conspire till they have them a world government.

Sometimes I wonder why they could be so dumb….

if something they’re doing is exactly what is going to lead to their destruction. But then, that’s usually how the devil works; he keeps everything in darkness. But that’s the Illuminati; it’s a world conspiracy. And I might add, an extremely powerful one! The occult is its religion.

Many of you are doctors, lawyers, mechanics, construction workers, businessmen, or whatever

Most of you are Christians and Baptists, okay? But he is your minister, or at least, if you’re from this church. And the Illuminati, they all have jobs, but the witches are their ministers, but they are all Luciferians! The witches are the ministers, and they [the Illuminati] are the church members. And the religion is Luciferianism.

The real Illuminati, the organization itself, is financially powerful and politically motivated

Through their finance, they have an old witch’s rune, which is kind of a saying, a poem. They say, ‘Let the kings be kings, let the bankers be bankers, and let the priests be priests’. Translated, it simply means that it doesn’t matter who rules. As long as the bankers have the money, they’ll own the person who rules. And the priests will run the bankers; that’s the Illuminati.

Some publications might be on about three months

It’s called ‘Riot and Revolution’. It’s by Tom Barry, a classmate of my pastor, Roland Rasmussen, graduate from Bob Jones, a doctorate of divinity. And it takes the plan of the Illuminati for Helter Skelter and gaining control of the world. It takes some of my testimony to justify it, and then it gives an answer to Christians what to do during Helter Skelter. [It seems, this publication was stopped by the Illuminati, and John Todd could not accept any more speaking engagements, because his house was firebombed. “I tried to wake up the people in this country”, John said, “but they didn’t listen.” However, I still hope and pray people will listen but then it might be a bit too late.]

Question: Where did the material come from and how did he get it?

Some of it came from me, and some of it came from another minister, named Joe Boyd. Some of it came from Jack House. Also, he had about 20 pages of notes. When I met him, he said he gained by going through about 2,000 books; and they were on the Illuminati and the Bilderbergers.

Satan worshippers believe in Satan. 

Witches in the lower three levels believe in gods, or else god-self in ESP, and so on. They believe in plural gods like the mother goddess Isis, and so on.

Or, the higher [Witch] levels are Luciferians, which believe in one god, and the minor gods being in the Rothschilds. That’s the difference. 

Question: You mean the average witch is not taught that there is such a being as Lucifer or the devil?

Well, for one, when you believe in Lucifer, you don’t believe it’s the devil. Okay? No, they believe in the mother goddess, which is called by many names, as the poem about her goes: Diana, Isis, Asherah, which was the female side of Bel. Actually, it’s Bell worship; there was a male and female god, Asherah. and then the Horned Hunter of the Night is the way he is portrayed in all countries, which is more or less kind of the underworld god, the devil, or whatever.

There’s no difference between rock music and soul music

There’s no difference. Okay?

In the Satanist church, Christ and Jesus are the same person
Okay? Now, that’s their teaching. In the Satanist church: Christ, Jesus Christ, and Satan, are the same person. That’s the satanist’s belief. 

The Luciferians, they believe that Jesus Christ is the God of evil.  

Okay? Like we would feel about the devil, they feel about Jesus. And Lucifer, they feel towards him like we’d feel about Jesus. That’s what they teach. Okay?

A pastor didn’t lead me; a Christian worker led me to the Lord

The person that helped rehabilitate me was Jack Taylor, but he wasn’t around much because he was a pastor. He had to run around the country, speaking. It was actually his music director. Anne Rowliz (?) was the youth director, and the music director was Malcolm Granger. And I stayed with Malcolm, and he and his wife worked with me. And the youth director worked with me quite a bit, but I don’t envy him. I’ve set back now, and I guess I kind of blocked my mind out how bad I was. But watching all these kids go through rehabilitation, man, that was no easy job. They had to be on their knees a lot, I’ll tell you.

Question: Black Sabbath: a Music group or a Black Sabbath?

Well, the music group got its name from it. A Black Sabbath is a Witch’s Sabbath. Okay? It comes eight times a year. Beltane… you get the first part, Bell… Beltane is their New Year’s Day. That was May 1. Okay?

Halloween was Samhain

That was also one of theirs. There are eight of them, okay? And they come around the year, and it’s more or less their big party date, their super date. Now, if they’re in the human sacrifice, they also do human sacrifice at the time. But the base time they have an orgy, and a big drug party, and this type of thing… everybody wiped out; that’s the Witch’s Sabbath.

A very, very powerful witch has a song out about witchcraft, now called ‘The Force’

His name is Tom T. Hall. I just heard the very sick song recently. Somebody let me hear; it was by Tammy Wynette. It was talking about ‘Jesus Christ’ appearing on midnight, on the midnight special, or something like Saturday night, something. Anyway, I’m afraid that if he [satan, not Jesus Christ! Remember, satanists believe satan and Jesus Christ is the same person!] appeared on that rock show, he’d probably bring the cat of nine tails along with him. Some of the music, if it wasn’t for witchcraft being behind rock music, – I hate country music the most, because I don’t see how Christians can listen to it when it’s talking about adultery and fornication, getting drunk, cutting people up, running around with everybody else’s wife, and things like this, and that’s all I ever hear on it!

The lower witches believe that the power for witchcraft comes from orgies and sex.

The higher witches believe it’s attained by human blood.

The revolution that they have planned within the United States

Most people feel that something like that will never happen in the United States; they’re lying to themselves! It will happen, and it’s not very far off. Helter Skelter is only an excuse, okay? The excuse is to be able to declare Martial Law. That’s the whole reason for it. They promised the one side that they will be able to gain control of the United States through revolution, when the whole time is, they’re just simply setting them up to be able to declare martial law in order to spend the constitution. And by 1980, they plan on being under martial law. I’m not saying… don’t all of you start lynching me at one time. I didn’t say it was going to happen. I said this is their plan, okay? I’ll leave it up to your own prayer life, and watching the newspapers, whether it’s going to happen or not!

See, Jesus Christ requires just one way, only one way

The devil will use any way to keep your eyes off that one way. Okay? He uses the same tactics wherever it branches to.

The Council of Foreign Relations and its inner brainchild that runs it…

It’s called the Trilateral Commission. Okay?

There are 7 Principalities, and about 200 powers

Then it starts getting down into lower people; we never pay attention to the lower spirits.

God’s protection!

About three weeks ago, in April, the day before Jack House came to our church to speak, and the day after he left, I came both times. I came walking out of the church at Faith Baptist. One time I got in my car, started to drive off in the parking lot. About 30 people were standing around, and a passing car opened up on us with a gun. That was Sunday night. Then, Wednesday night of that week, I was walking out into the parking lot, prior to the church letting out, with a couple of brothers. And when we dug the bullets out of where they hit, they had fired twice at us. And the bullets were 44 caliber, 44 Magnum. So they don’t play around. And the range was so close, it was from the back of that wall to here. You know that the Lord is in it. It really makes you appreciate His divine protection, let me tell you.

That world takeover plan ended with World War III [in that hand-written letter]

But one of the teachings is that when Lucifer sets up his kingdom, okay, that through World War III, most of the civilized world as it exists now will be in rubble.

The one protected capital that they have purposely kept all missiles away from, from both sides, is Jerusalem

And they plan on using Jerusalem to set up from there. Okay? Do they believe that Adam’s original home, or the Garden of Eden, rests where Jerusalem is? So, that’s going to rule from there.

The church that I attend…

A member of it is Dr. Rasmussen, Faith Baptist in Canoga Park. The work where it’s at, the house has got to remain a sound (?). All of our church walk around, people trying to find out where it’s at, and everybody’s like ‘Shh’…. the unspeakable secret, okay? Everybody knows, but nobody says.

Question unknown
He was a member of the Process Church of the Final Judgment, which in California is called Church Universal and Triumphant, Summit International. They [the Illuminati] always like big names.

I try to keep out of communication as much as possible with them

My foster mother has a huge contract on my life, and my brother’s trying to collect it, so I try to stay away from him.

You heard C.S. Lewis was a Christian, right?

First of all, Christians accelerated schools, as what I’m about to tell you, I have investigated what I said. Christians accelerated education, and because of it they are now ordering all their schools to ban Lewis’s work. They checked into it very carefully. So did my pastor, because he was getting hit very hard with it. He found everything I said to be true.
When a witch is ready to be initiated, she must not just read, but she must study the complete works of Lewis, fictional works! Lewis has said that the ways of god, like a hallway with many doors, they all lead to Him. Okay?

The fictional works of Lewis are very real to witches

They’re not fictional. They’re history to witches. They really believe them, okay? They believe they are guidelines.

C.S. Lewis was a member of the Golden Dawn

Now, that’s been proven. Along with a fellow brother of the same Coven named Token, who wrote ‘The Hobbit’. They were in the same time. Now, the Golden Dawn is the private church that the Rothschilds must pick every member of that church, personally! It’s in London, the oldest Coven in the world. Okay? That’s Lewis! Whether he says he’s a Christian or not, that doesn’t mean anything. That’s where Christians are making their terrible mistake! Lewis’s name was on the Golden Dawn records right up to the time that I got out. I mean, there’s no betrayal there; he never did leave them.

Many people supposedly, are getting saved from the Masons family, and from other things

Let me tell you something real quick, so there will be no misunderstanding. If you come out of the occult, you come out of the Masons [Freemasons], or you come out of anything in the Illuminati, there’s one distinct thing: anywhere there’s a vowel of secrecy! That vowel of secrecy must be broken. Not in part, complete! When somebody breaks their complete vowel of secrecy, they’re out. But until they do, they’re not. Okay?

Question: How do Masons relate to all of this? Listen closely, you Masons!

The Council of 13 is the highest Council in the Illuminati. The Council right below it is The Council of 33; that’s called The Grand Masters. They are the 33 highest Masons in the world! To be a member of the Council of 33, you must take a human life in a ceremony in order to prove you are worthy.

We have in our hands copies…

And Chick Publications is releasing this in their new book, ‘The Angel of Light’. Copies of a 32nd, 33rd level book, which proclaims Jesus Christ the God of brutality and sin and evil, and Lucifer the god of love, beauty, and peace, and the true god. Yeah, a little shocking different, huh? Different from what it’s portrayed.

But don’t be mad at the lower Masons

It also says in the same book that the lower Masons are ‘sheep to be sheared’. Now, many Masons are getting faith through our message, lower and higher [Freemasons], because they recognize when I – and I didn’t tonight gave my initiation to become a witch – and my vow of secrecy is the same as theirs! All the way through, the same, no difference!

Now, Freemasons were started by the Illuminati

It’s all through our history that they’re tied with the Illuminati. Their rights are witchcraft rights, when witchcraft had to go underground. We’ve had people come in and tear up their membership cards and get right with the Lord. Mainly, because if you didn’t know this, Charles Finney was a Mason… And when he got saved, he said, “I can’t be a Mason and be a Christian. It is impossible because of the vowels I must take are non-Christian vowels”. Okay?

People are getting saved right and left

They all have one thing to say when they leave the Masons. The reason they didn’t leave before is they were afraid of what the Masons would do to them. Now, if it is a good group, why are people afraid to leave it?



John Todd

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