Breaking News Headlines | Endtimenews & Exposé of the week July 3, 2023

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Indiana Jones SMEAR CAMPAIGN / Hugo Talks  [Ron Wyatt and his discoveries that prove that the Bible is true] 

Climate Fails, The List Is Exhaustive – They rule us by fear 

6/29/2023 – Major Earthquake Update – Seismic spread taking place now – Volcanism in USA? 

‘Europe Warming ‘Twice As Fast’ As Global Average’ 

European Union to look into blocking sun’s rays to combat climate change: Report  [Probably been going on a long time!] 

Australia Fells Monthly Low Temperature Records; BoM: Lies By Omission 

2 TELEGRAM – Hugo Talk 

Freemason Dr. Mercola reports: Do animals self-medicate?  [mixed in with the evolution lie!] 


Exposé of the week  


Is the ‘Internet Apocalypse coming?
And why does this scripted ‘news’ go viral on both fakestream and fake alternative media, as well as on social media?

Internet = 77, 111, 666
Apocalypse = 77, 113

113 in Gematria, the number for dishonesty

The whole fake mainstream and alternative media in one number, the number for dishonesty, now used for blaming the sun: 113 

So an important number for TPTB is 113
And it’s known as the number for dishonesty…. a faked and staged reality. Often used in sinister lies, deception, disinformation, and staged events! This connection is so strong that even the sentence, ‘The number for dishonesty’ sums to 113:

The number for dishonesty = 113 

as in:

Coronavirus Pandemic = 113
Apocalypse = 113 

As you can see, only using ‘113’ as in when the pandemic was declared, we can see the truth behind it…. that it is a deception, a worldwide staged scam.
So are we going to see a staged internet apocalypse soon, planned by the TPTB?

Yes, fears are brewing that an apocalypse is coming for that’s what they want you to be, full of fear! 


‘There was a book released 12 years ago (1957), called ‘Atlas Shrugged’…
It was a novel, supposedly, written by one of Phillip Rothschild’s girlfriends at his instructions. It is a coded book for witches, that tells how they are to gain control of the world. In this book there is sort of a parable about New York City. ‘New York City is more or less the world.’ 

Now the Book, Atlas Shrugged, ended with this… ‘When the lights of New York City go out for the last time we will have the world’.
And I don’t mean the power failure, people, either. They will shut down all the trucks leaving, all the ships coming in. They will shut all the planes coming down. ‘When everything was shut down, then the lights went out for good.’

Now that meant this. They are going, – towards the end – to cut the cities off completely! Nothing will move for months! I mean, nothing will move! In other words, nothing is going to move at all! Now if you live in a large city, how are you going to get your food if they don’t bring it in to you? Everything will be paralyzed, nothing will move! 

At the same time, we will be in riot and revolution within the United States. In fact, the whole world will be in it.’ – the late John Todd 


Now, do you really think NASA will bring us the ‘solution’?
I don’t think so because they are all part of the same club! 

National Aeronautics and Space Administration = 666 

So TPTB want to ‘flip the switch or put us in the dark in EMP or just simply attack the cables, cyber-attacks things of that nature….’, Freemason insiders already ‘warn’ us. 

Note that all these media, mostly Freemason channels, earn lots of money by fearmongering the people, and fishing for our data, our opinions, donations, you name it. Don’t fall for it!


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