John Todd Tape 5: Goal Witchcraft, the occult world is political & financial, Babylon, symbols, gold & silver worthless, and more (Transcript)

Tape 5 is on the Collins family, raised as a witch vs raised as a Christian, more on John’s salvation, his functions, the occult world is political & financial, witches on TV, many Illuminati ‘forms’, the real world vs the world on TV, deliverance from fear, higher Masons believe something else than the lower Masons, goal of Witchcraft, witches pay off border patrol, direct drug trafficking, the Illuminati always uses May 1, they ‘found’ the antichrist, Babylon is the Witchcraft religion, the Rothschilds created the Illuminati, Mormons are closest to Witchcraft, plan to place certain objects in Christian’s homes to put demonic influences into the home, plan to destroy money, no cash system, gold & silver will be worthless, barter system, witchcraft symbols in jewelry and clothing, influence of praying Christians, 95% of the people who join witchcraft are inducted by school teachers, training center for witches in how to act and talk like a Christian, and much more!
April 21, 2023


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‘Most influential people today trust the people in Witchcraft to be their ministers… and they are just members of the church.’ – John Todd, born into a family that helped create the Illuminati, the Collins family.


Why no video this time?

I was able to find only 2 videos of John Todd with ‘Tape 5’ in the title, namely, on Bitchute: both are stuck after hundreds of views. That’s what we call real cen$orship…. not by YouTube this time, but by Bitchute. However, they all work together.
And you’ll also find messed up tape numbers of John Todd on the internet. Fortunately, I still had the audio tapes from John Todd on my computer that I downloaded long ago.

Because of the topics in specifically this tape, I can understand why precisely this tape has been so heavily cen$ored! Why John Todd went out, is one of the topics; it appeared that Witchcraft was all about politics. Also, know that the higher-ranked witches believe something else than the lower witches, so this does not only count for Freemasons!

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‘I understand that many parents from the school here have been calling the principal with questions about what all took place the other night. I’m sure that teenagers can tell it one way, different than it happened, but the report seemed to be very good. I’m glad that I did and was able: the testimony that I gave the other day, the testimony to the teenager’s heart. I’m sorry that I won’t be here for the fun on Tuesday, which is destroying the record.

I got kind of a little something like a Tonka blast last night

I got to break a bunch of Kiss records. Now that may seem kind of strange to you. What kind of nut gets thrills from breaking up Kiss records? Same kind of nut that gets the same thrills from burning J.R.R. Tolkien books, and breaking up Ouija boards!

But I came out of a world…

which I’ll explain in a few minutes, where these aren’t innocent little things. And whether they be in the Christian world or in the Witchcraft world, they’re still not innocent; they’re very dangerous! And they’re carefully laying traps in order to entrap people, that the occult has spent millions and millions of dollars to divide.

Most people have a kind of elusive idea of what the occult world is

And they miss the whole point of the occult world! It is not just something where witches get together. And there are real creatures, or whatever, called ‘witches’ around. It is not a place where people get together and hold seances, and float tables all the time, and so on.
The occult world is a very political and financial world, where some of the most influential people in the world today believe that Lucifer is god, and the only answer to the world’s problems! And they trust the people in witchcraft to be their ministers. And they are just members of the church. I’m going to be talking about an organization called the ‘Illuminati’ today.

Many people have discovered the Illuminati in different phases of life, light, whatever, across the United States

My pastor first discovered them, Dr. Rasmussen, when he dealt with the Masonic Lodges. Other people have discovered them in the form of the Catholic Church, and in the occult world, and the political world, and international banking system, and many other types of conspiracies that existed. And when they discovered it, without knowing any more about it, they thought, ‘That’s exactly what the Illuminati was!’ and they ran off and wrote a book on the Illuminati, saying, ‘This is where it was at’.

When I came out of witchcraft…

I had dealt enough with the Illuminati to know that witchcraft wasn’t the total Illuminati. Witchcraft and the Satanist church and the Spiritual church and other things, when they’re combined together in higher levels, – in lower levels they’re all scattered here and there – they resemble much like the Christian church. They’re always arguing amongst themselves. But in higher levels, they’re one. And the ministers that are in the higher levels are like the pastor here. He’s the pastor and you’re the congregation. You’re supposed to be Christian, most of you are, but you’re also mechanics, construction, white-collar businessmen, and so on. Well, in the Illuminati, it’s the same way. There are bankers, there are politicians, there are ministers, and so on. But their ministers are the people in higher levels of witchcraft!

And I was born into a family that helped create the Illuminati, the Collins family

They were selected just probably close to 100 years before, over 100 years, actually, before the Illuminati became per se the Illuminati. They brought witchcraft to the United States. Many of the people that they chose to be their ministers are very famous in the early revolution history of America. I mentioned names across the United States, and people say, “Oh, no, those were good guys…!” And then I start quoting from newspapers in Boston, and reports around the revolutionary times, where this man was caught doing this, and this man was caught doing that. All of a sudden, they don’t look too much like three of our most important legendary figures, that helped our country be birthed! They were arrested at one time for human sacrifice. And the charges were dismissed. They had the body, everything! The building they were in, doing the rite [ritual] one night, caught fire; a bunch of people perished, and they got arrested, and so on. And they kind of got out of the charge. You know how it is with important figures.

But this is the world as it really exists

And we’re going to be talking about it today. You may think that it’s a little different from anything you’ve ever heard, and I must either be crazy or lying, or I’ve got a good story or something. And the reason for that is that you sat in front of your television, quite a lot, or a lot of most people do. And the television has a very absorbing nature upon people! You begin to accept that what you see on television is reality! And that’s the way people are. Across the country, we’ve named people that are in the occult world that are also on television. In fact, a couple of people I know, that I used to have a lot of dealings with, when I was in the witchcraft world, that are now superstars on TV. And most people can’t accept that, because they watch them, and these are nice, you know, clean-cut figures, surely from their television shows, that’s just the way they are. But it’s not! So, in fact, just to kind of break the ground, I’ll give you an example….

One of the most powerful witches in the United States is on television

She’s a homosexual. In fact, the young lady she lives with in marriage is a very famous rock star. And they thought it was very unjust of witchcraft that homosexuals weren’t allowed to be ministers in witchcraft. I think they were smarter than the Christian church. They decided that that was unfair, so they formed their own denomination, or as we call it in witchcraft, a ‘Brotherhood for witches’, and for homosexuals that are witches. Now, this nice, clean-cut American girl has one of the top comedy situation comedies on television. Most people watch it on Tuesday night, when they don’t have anything else to do, like pray. It’s called Laverne & Shirley [TV Series 1976–1983]. And the girl’s name is Cindy Williams that plays Shirley.

Now, that’s the real world out there; it’s not the world that you see on television

So today, if I say a few things that are astonishing to you, I say these things across the country. And so many people have blitzed these poor people with tapes, because they’re running out of their ears of these things I’ve said. I haven’t ended up in court, because usually I quote actual news releases and statements made to the public, that most other people don’t catch. Or I quote knowledge in the past, that I can prove. So believe me, I get up here and I say the things that can be proven, and I’m very careful of what I say. So you think about it for a while, at least do this.

Most people that hear me…

that can’t accept me, decide they’re going to go prove I’m wrong, because they can’t stand what I said. It just will shatter their lives, I hope! And so they run out, and they go to all the libraries, and they try to prove against what I say. Then I get my strongest believers after that. Because when you go to the libraries, and you go to the book stands, and you start buying books, and you start researching the things I’m going to say today, something very mysteriously happens…

You find out I’m telling the truth; it’s all there

So I invite you to go spend a few hours, turn off the television, and do some prayer, and do some reading of the word of God, and do some reading of those books when you leave here today. And you might find out what’s really, really happening today!

I came from a family, I said the Collins family, that brought witchcraft to the United States

They were originally Druids in Scotland. Their name was Colleen! They had to flee Scotland because of being hunted for witchcraft. And they came down to England, and pretended to be a Puritan family. One thing I want to point out over and over today is that….

There are many [witches]!

Just as communist-trained KGB agents came to the United States, and infiltrated into political and religious circles, so does the occult world! They have a whole training center…. two of them, in fact: one in St. Louis, and one in St. Paul, that completely trains a witch in how to act and talk like a Christian. And they usually do it better than we do, because they’re pretending, and we’re stumbling.

They went down and they pretended to be Puritans, and they came overseas

In fact, they brought the first Puritans to the United States on board the ship, that Francis Collins owned. They landed at an area called Collins Bay, outside of Salem. And that’s why it’s called Collins Bay.

How many of you remember a show called ‘Dark Shadows’?

Okay. You can guess who that was about! When I was a teenager I was asked to all-expense paid fly out to Hollywood with the diaries that I had inherited as a child, through a will from my great-grandmother. And they were the diaries of several members of the Collins family. One of them was a character named France Williams Collins, which was the secretary in a Coven, that Benjamin Franklin was a high priest of. And the diary dealt great heavily with three political figures: Jefferson, Franklin, and Hamilton, and called them by name in the diary, and so on. And this is the man that they copied the character Barnabas Collins from in the show. And I was out there for a few months during my summer vacation one year, telling all about the Collins family, as they were putting scripts together. That was a very interesting thing that happened to the show. It had the highest ratings of any show that’s ever been on television! And it was literally trade off the television. It still had the high ratings when they quit. For no understandable reason, they just quit producing the show. They still haven’t figured out why they’ve done it. In fact, they’ve tried to bring it back several times in repeats across the country.

And every time it arose as repeats, Christians have started praying!

And it’s only lasted two or three weeks, and went off the television again. So if it happens to come up in this area, then you might decide praying a little! It was a very, very strong occult show. Probably, besides ‘Bewitched’, it was the main reason that the occult grew as strong as it grew so quickly other than Rock music!

I was born and raised in this family, which automatically placed me into a witchcraft atmosphere

Many of you have known nothing but Christianity. Many of you that have come out of the world are Christians. And many of you are still in the world, which I hope you’ll get out of today, after hearing this. But I was born into a witchcraft family. And as I was telling some of the teenagers different places, when the kids were coming to Sunday school, and memorizing memory verses, I was memorizing the witch’s chant, when they were reading stories of Moses and Joseph, and so on, and the disciples, and the Gospel, I was reading J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. When they were studying different things and they were learning about the Lord’s Supper, I was learning about flying saucers, about the first men to the earth. When they were learning about the Garden, and Adam and Eve, I was learning about Adam and Eve being the sons of god. So it’s a little different.
And of course, when they were learning how to pray, I was learning how to light candles and incense, and cast spells. And I grew up in this atmosphere.

Many of the kids had something I never had, that I never missed

And until I became a Christian, I realized it really existed. Now I missed it… I never had a childhood. In witchcraft, the parents are not allowed, and even if they could, they wouldn’t have the ability to. They’re not allowed to love their children. The children are the property of the craft, and not of the parents. They are raised by all the witches in the craft, and the parents say nothing. One thing you might be interested to notice, they’re never allowed to spank their children. They’re never allowed to punish them. From the moment the child is five years old, he’s considered an adult, and he’s treated like an adult. And therefore you have some very rebellious children, but that’s the way they like it.

When I was 13, I was taken to a thing called the ‘Outer Court’

The Outer Court is a school, like you might send your child to Pacific Coast Bible College. Well, each Coven has their own Bible college. It’s called the Outer Court. And there I was trained to be a priest in witchcraft.

At 14, I was initiated a priest

Now, if that seems young for you, you can imagine 13 or 14, you picture your own child, and that’s the way it was. I have a little bit of news for you…

My sister progressed even faster than I did

When she was 13 she was the witch queen of the state of Ohio. She had over close to about 15,000 witches under her direct control, and all of them were almost adults. So age has nothing to do with it as of how fast they were trained in the family they came from. In fact, they’re after teenagers. The 95% of the people who join witchcraft are inducted by their school teachers in junior high and high school! So if you’re studying out there, and you don’t…. this is just a firm voice of mine, if you don’t have them in a Christian school, I suggest you get them in a Christian school, real quick.

My wife’s not here today because tomorrow is the opening day of our rehabilitation center…

something we prayed for five and a half years to have. And she moved all night until about four or five this morning. Some of the people from the church I just called and they had just now, we’re going to have to miss Sunday school because they were so sleepy. They’ve been up for over 24 hours, moving and getting this center ready, so to be ready tomorrow.

Her testimony is that two people started her in witchcraft:

her pastor, and her drama teacher in junior high school. So that will give you kind of a deal of what the occult is like. She was inducted when she was a freshman in school. She wasn’t born into a family, but when I was raised, you had to be a witch to be in witchcraft. And then it started changing, because they wanted the numbers.

Now, at 18, I was initiated a high priest

When I was 14 and initiated a priest, that made me draft-exempt from military service. Because all of the brotherhoods of witchcraft, and the Satanic Brotherhood of America, which is the Satanist church, are federal-recognized churches!

It might interest you to know…

that some of your tax money pays for a chaplain in every federal prison in the United States: a chaplain of the Witchcraft church! They have an altar and a service every Sunday for all the witches in the federal prison. And your taxes paid for the chaplain, and all the instruments that he uses during the service. Nice to know, huh? Now, in fact, they got started at Folsom and San Quentin. They were the first two prisons to do it. And Folsom is a state prison, so some of your state taxes are going to the two. That was Jerry Brown’s idea. You might consider that when you vote for him next time. Now they’re not publishing that on the television commercial, when they say all he’s done, have they?

At 19, I decided that the military needed us; they needed witchcraft

Whether they knew it or not, we were there. They answered to the world’s problems. So I decided that I was going to enlist. And I rode around the country to all the other high priestesses and high priests that I knew, and I suggest the idea to them. And they thought it was a good idea. So we all ran off and enlisted in service, and went in. I couldn’t do anything halfway, which haves a tendency of never doing anything halfway. I guess that’s why I don’t do anything halfway as a Christian now.
So if I say something that you think, ‘Well, that’s too strong for a Christian’, you got to understand that I came out of a thing where I didn’t hold anything back to the devil. And I’m sure not going to hold anything back to the Lord!

I went in, enlisted in the special forces, and went to Vietnam

I came back, came back medically wounded. For a while, I didn’t think I was going to live, and if I was going to live I was going to lose my eyes and this leg. But I came through the situation. I really feel that the Lord had His hand on me at that time! And I re-enlisted when my time was up, went back into the service immediately, without even just getting the discharge. And the same minutes taking the oath to go back in, I went to Germany.

When I arrived in Germany I had six years

I had just re-enlisted for: I took one month of Leave, and I spent once in Germany one night while drinking. In the month of June of 1970 I was drinking quite heavily and taking drugs. I got an argument with an officer in downtown Stuttgart, and I shot and killed the officer. Now the army does not appreciate sergeants shooting officers. They have a way of dealing with that. And they locked me quickly out in solitary confinement, started court martial proceedings, and Leavenworth [prison] was looking like my next home for good.

Now until this time, witchcraft was a religion to me

That’s all it was. I know there were several brotherhoods, and there were big witches but they couldn’t have been any bigger than actually I was, because I was third level, and that’s as high as you could go. And everybody knew that your power was you were a god in yourself, because of your SP and psychic powers. But there were pagan gods that we worshipped, also multi gods, and that was all there was, until this moment!

I decided that I needed some help

I knew witches were very powerful, and it hadn’t been the first time that witches had cast spells on judges and juries in order to make them vote a certain way. So I sent word out to a prisoner being released to call my foster mother in Los Angeles. I asked him to have her get a bunch of the big witches together, and cast spells on the three judges that were going to finish giving the verdict, make them think I was a good guy, that it was all a mistake, and the officer is probably the bad guy, and let me go. Now that’s what I thought would happen, except that three days later, after the phone call, my cell door opened.

The next day, I was to go get the verdict, and my cell door opened and I walked out

They called me out into the corridor. There stood two men I’d never seen before. But I found out quickly that one was named Senator Saxby, and another one was named Congressman Wiley. Saxby, as you know, later became our Attorney General. He was the man responsible for keeping law and order in the United States. And he just was breaking the law because he handed me an honorable discharge, with a couple of generals standing there with him.

And the honorable discharge reads ‘Honorable Discharge’

It doesn’t explain what I’m going to do with the rest of the six years of my service. And it doesn’t say why I’m getting out. It just says, ‘Honorable Discharge’, just like anybody else that would have completed all their service!
They further told me that my court martial records had been shredded. But as far as the military was concerned, the court martial never took place, and that I had nothing to worry about, because all the testimony had been shredded, and that the people who had testified had been ordered to forget the whole thing. And many of them were, at that moment, receiving orders to go to Vietnam. And at the same time, I was told not to worry about it, and that my military records would be destroyed later. What’s interesting, when the fire swept through the record center at St. Louis, only the Korean and World War II records were supposed to have been destroyed. The mine was Vietnam records, and mine was destroyed in the fire.

I flew back on a military plane to Fort Dix, and got everything together

I went home to Ohio, and arrived very confused. I have two mothers, a mother and a foster mother. I arrived at my mother’s home. I said, “Look, you’ve been in this witchcraft thing a long time. What type of spell makes senators and generals do what we want?”
She said, “You don’t understand, do you? That wasn’t a spell. They’re with us.”

She handed me an envelope and said, “This is for you”

I opened it, $2,000, in $100 bills, and a first-class plane ticket to New York City. I said, “What’s this for?”
She said, “You make a phone call, you get the next plane you can out of here. And I’ll make a phone call, and tell them that you’re coming. They’ll meet you at the airport”.
I said, “Who are you going to call that’s going to meet me at the airport?”
She said, “You’ll know when you get there”. Now, witches are very curious people. That’s why they always get in trouble. I just couldn’t wait to find out who was going to meet me at the airport. I mean, I had $2,000. I could catch the best plane in the world back, if I didn’t like it. Besides, $2,000, that was a lot of money!

I had to find out who could flash this type of money around

So I got on the plane, flew there, got off the plane, and a man, whose books I had studied for a long time, walked up and met me. He was head of the Anthropology Department at Columbia University at that time. Now he’s the president of his own witchcraft bible college in New Hampshire. His name is Dr. Raymond Buckman, hand-picked by Philip Rothschild to lead the Illuminati for him.

I arrived there, got off the plane, and Dr. Buckman took me to his home

And the next few months, he literally tore down everything that I had been taught in witchcraft. That it was all just the stuff we told the lower people!

Much like the Masons…

The higher Masons believe one way, and the lower Masons believe something else! But the lower Masons think that the higher Masons believe like them!
In fact, the higher witches have said a statement, that was also made many times in the Masonic book, that ‘the lower people are sheep to be sheared in their ignorance’. So that’s how they think of the lower witches [and lower Freemasons], if we have any of them here today.

The one thing that I did learn very quickly was that witchcraft just wasn’t witchcraft, that it had a goal!

And that goal was to return Adam, or the son of god, to the earth to create peace, so that his father, Lucifer, could return to the earth. Now that’s the gospel of the witches, and that was their purpose.

And that’s what ‘the Illuminati’ meant:

‘the light bearers’, in order ‘to bear the torch for Lucifer’. We learned all this! We learned all the things that I learned, all the things that politics had done so far, the Illuminati had done in politics, had done in finance, and what their plans were for the immediate future.

Then I was taken up to Colorado

And I was placed through an initiation at a place called the Summit Monastery. Now the Church Universal and Triumphant, or Summit International, holds its main bible college in Pasadena. They bought the old Nazarene College there. They used to be called the Process, and the Process still exists out on the East Coast. Manson was a member of the Process. That kind of gives you an idea of what they’re like. Very racist type group, American Nazi-type group. But they believe in human sacrifice, and Lucifer being god. They believe that peace will only be achieved when the Christians, when the churches are burnt, as one leader, Isaac Bonewits, said:

“When the churches are in ashes and the Christians are against the wall, then our god will give us peace. I imagine that’s when their God would give them peace.”


After all this training, this initiation, I moved down to San Antonio, so I could direct the drug traffic

I lived there for a while. The drug traffic was coming across the border there in three places. And a couple of places in Arizona was given a 13 state area, and all vehicle activities in those 13 states. I didn’t have California. My foster mother leads California, but I had a lot of dealings because of her in California, in the occult. Now my only job was to meet eight times a year with the top witches around the country to decide things that would happen.

Right now, today is one of the days that the witches meet eight times a year

This is New Year’s Eve to witches. This is Beltane, the most important day in witchcraft.

Now, a very strange thing has been taking place

Instead of a one day meeting which was scheduled, those 13 witches, and several hundred others, have been meeting in Los Angeles for the past three weeks. Must be very important what they’re going to be up to.

If you always wonder why the birthday of the Illuminati, and the birthday of the Communist Party, is May 1…

That’s because the Illuminati always uses May 1. Because that’s New Year’s Day. And they begin everything on May 1. So you can always watch for big things happening on May 1!

The other thing that I did was to pass out money

I would receive checks, starting about a half a million dollar figure, and working up cashier’s checks, from three main banks in New York City. They would come by, armed messengers; it would be my job to place them in people’s hands.

Most of the people that received these were in the Charismatic movement!

That’s why I don’t like the Charismatic movement. I don’t know why some of the Baptists don’t like it, but I know why I don’t like it. I don’t like it because I had to pay most of its leaders off. And we bought most of the big churches that are Charismatic churches today, like Melody Land and Calvary Chapel. That’s why I don’t like it. The occult world does not spend money to their enemies. They give it to their friends! So you might consider that, if it ever crosses your path, or if it has. So that was mainly my functions.

And then one thing happened that changed it all

I was slowly getting dissatisfied with this thing, because it wasn’t the religion that I had been raised in any longer. It was politics! It was conspiracy all the time! It was this devious act and that devious act! And then that just wasn’t what I had been promised when I started becoming a priest at 14. But you can’t get out when you get in, supposedly at least, nobody had ever heard of getting out at that time.

And then, August the first happened, 1972

A courier from our State Department from the London embassy arrived in San Antonio, where I was hosting the meeting on: it was called Latimer, August the first. All the witches, the 13, were gathered together there. A courier came in and left the sealed pouch with the Secretary of State seal on it, and left. Dr. Buckland cut the seal and opened it. He took out six letters, which bore the Crest of the Illuminati. The Crest of the Illuminati is on the back of your one-dollar bill: the capstone and the pyramid, with the eye in the capstone. He opened the letters, and most of them were instructions to give this check to this person, or tell this politician to get this bill passed, or do something, or other.

The last two [letters] were totally different from anything we’d seen

They were in Philip Rothschild’s own handwriting. Now, according to the doctrine of wicca of pagan movements, if you’re going to write something that is religious, something from the gods, it must be written in your own handwriting with a dip pen. And both these letters were.

The first one was 30 pages long

It was a step by step chart for the taking over of the world, as strange as that may seem to you. It was there in black and white, an eight year plan! And it closed with: ‘Lucifer will give up the world at the end of the year, that begins the Age of Aquarius’. In plain old fashioned talk, that’s December 1980. So that’s why all the thing about the Age of Aquarius.

And by the way, I’ve been watching that plan very carefully over the years

They’re right on schedule. In fact, they’re a little bit ahead of schedule.

And then one more letter came out, the 6th letter

I guess that’s why they waited and labelled it. Number six talks about Adam. All the witches went into a hoot and a holler and started praising Lucifer, and so on and so forth. I just kind of sat back in shock because it said, ‘We have found Adam, and Adam will lead us in peace’. In Christian terms, brothers and sisters, they found the antichrist.
Philip Rotschild said:

“We will spend every dollar we have”, – which is most all the dollars in the world – “we will cause as many wars, and we will destroy as many governments as it takes to put him on the throne of peace, so that his father can return in the Age of Aquarius.”


Now, that’s when it was time to get out!

I don’t know about you, what I thought to do at that time, but I wanted out! These people were serious! I didn’t really think they could do it. I’d been there all this time on their top Council [of 13], and I just then realized I thought they were joking the whole time, that it was just a game, so they could spend money.

You can’t get out!

Other people tried to get out. It’s just impossible to get out. The next month, I went through in total depression, stayed on drugs. I was doing $150 a day worth of crystal. One guy was talking to one of my brothers yesterday. I showed him the scars on my arm from the needle marks, that have never went away, and just down to about £149, just existing. And it caused a state of paranoid, which the drug produced anyway. And slowly I just kind of gave up, and said, “Well, it won’t be long. They’ll either get dissatisfied with me, or I’ll take an overdose some night, or something will happen, and that’ll be it… get away from all these crazy people, I’ll come back in another life, and start all over again when it’s more sensible”.

The only problem was, the Lord had other plans

It wasn’t a problem, except for the devil! I’m glad He did, because a Baptist minister in town had found his daughter, an initiated witch. That’s when his teaching at Baylor University didn’t work anymore, that witches were fables. And he started praying. He started reading the word of God….

He found out that, all through the Old and New Testament, which has existed, that in ‘Babylon’: that was the religion!

And he found out in Revelation 6, it would be the religion again!
He found in the 16th chapter of Acts, verses 16,17,18,19, that the power of witchcraft was the ordering of the demons in the name of Jesus out of the person, and that we had the victory through God over the devil. And slowly, – first he didn’t believe in witches, and then he believed in me – he got afraid of them. Then he realized that being afraid of a witch was being afraid of the devil. And that was ridiculous!

So he came looking in prayer and fasting for the head witches around the area

Now, it’s very well known in the area being very involved in witchcraft. And he prayed, “God, let my path cross his”. My occult name, the name that I was sprinkled baptized with – that’s where you get your sprinkle baptism from – a name I was sprinkled baptized with was Lance Collins, when I was initiated a priest. They sprinkled baptized me, and made me a new person, supposedly. I walked out of there, Lance Collins, from the initiation. So that’s the name, that’s why ‘Lance’, and then I attached my family’s name of Collins on it.

So he went looking for Lance Collins, and something mysterious had happened

The guy that was running one of our occult stores, had an overdose that night. And the cashiers were banging on my apartment door, telling me to let him in or get something done. So I came down and let him in. And just as I was leaving, he walked in. Now, I knew he was a Baptist the moment he came up. He’s carrying this big chain-reference Bible (?) Now, that’s the way they go around in southern Texas. They believe in showing the sword. As one Baptist preacher told me, ‘If I can’t cut him with it, I’ll beat him over the head with it’.

But he came in…

He says, “I’m looking for Lance Collins”. And I go ‘Oh, boy!’ I said, “I’m Lance Collins, but won’t you start preaching at me. I don’t want to hear it. I’ve got the light, and you’re in darkness. And you don’t know where you’re at!” He started preaching to me, and I started cussing at him. And about five minutes of this screaming and hollering on my part, and his preaching on his part, he stopped and said, “Okay”, and he stopped.

“You’re going to quit now? You’re going to leave?”
He said, “No, I’m going to take the authority over the devil and you”, and he said, “And I order the demon in you to be silent!” And I started cussing. And he said that, and I shut up like that. I had myself convinced. Boy, it got weird! I want to hear what he’s saying, but I couldn’t say anything. I just stood there, dumbfounded, because he had taken the authority over the real power in Lance Collins! The person [me] that did the thing was a shell, and the directive force in him was the demon of the devil. Now, that’s the difference between Christians. We need to get a few possessed by the Spirit of God, where Jesus is so Lord of their life! They’re the shell, and the directing force in their life is Jesus Christ!

I sat there and I listened to the man as he pleaded the blood of Jesus Christ over me

And he said, “I demand in the name of Jesus, I command in the name of Jesus, that the devil never give you one more benefit till you come to grips with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ! And that includes his drugs that he’s giving you”. He turned around, picked up his Bible and left. And I was standing there… ‘Huh! Anybody [of the witches] knows that the devil is a boogey man that the Christians created!’ See, witches don’t believe in the devil, just the satanists. That’s the difference between witches and satanists.

And I walked on upstairs, very shaken, trying to kid myself…

that guy was crazy the whole time, like you’re trying to do with me right now. And I picked up my needle, got it all warmed up and stuff, gave myself another fix, and used up the last of the crystal that I had, because I had sent everything off the night before, because I had huge drug shipment coming in that night across the Laredo border. No reason to worry! Man, I had drugs that would keep me going, and most of the witches in the United States for the next six months! Once it was cut, put on the street, not to worry about it! ‘Ordered the drugs not to come to me….’

We [witches] had the border patrol paid off

Now that was a large shipment, and we could afford it! Everything was set up. Nothing could go wrong. Except that there were some illegal aliens going across the border that night. And this two border patrol that we had paid off were removed for a stakeout, and a reservist was put on. And when this big car pulled up, – and the idiot that was driving it just set three big cartons of the white powder in the back of his seat in plain sight, – pulls up to the border…. the guy pulls out his gun and arrests me! I mean, what would you do? And there went the drugs!

Then the phone rang about midnight

And I told this, and after getting calmed down and everything about it, it started hitting me. Hey, I ain’t got anything here. So all night long I was calling around, trying to find drugs. And finally, I worked the phone calls up to the state of Ohio. They said, “Yeah, no problem. We can get you some back down from the same stuff you sent up here. It’ll be back down in your hands in the morning”.

I was doing three fixes [of drugs] a day

Tuesday morning was a couple of days away. That was just a little too long for me. But as Monday night went around, and I was so far into withdrawal that I thought I was actually dead, but couldn’t die. And I got in my car about 10:00 at night, tried to drive my car out of the parking lot to go find something to calm me down. I wrecked the car, trying to get it out of the parking lot. I just walked off, locked the car, walking down the street.

Can’t call it a movie theatre…

Movie theater was called the Aztec Bitter. I walked into the theater, paid my money, walked in, sat down about three rows back, going to get my mind right into the movie. Like you do when your wife is screaming at you, and you turn on Starsky and Hutch, you know, something like that. Or when the wife turns on the soap operas to get rid of all the kids, and the worries of the bills and stuff.

I sat there and watched the movie, and the weirdest thing happened

This idiot came out waving this Bible all over the place. The flashbulbs were popping. The movie was called ‘The Cross and the Switch Blade’. And I sat there. At first, I was really mad. And I said, “I wasted all that money”. And I said, “Well, I got no place to go. I must have sit here”. And I got intrigued with a part of Nicki Cruz. I must have made everybody in that movie theatre mad, because I really got intrigued with Nicki! He was my type of guy, you know. And David Wilkerson go around witnessing to him. And I said, “Get away from him, preacher! Leave him alone! Don’t you dumb Christian know he knows more than you do?” Just screaming out there, boy. So the ushers wouldn’t touch me, because they knew who I was. They just wouldn’t have anything…. you now. I’m sure everybody ran out and said, ‘Get him out of here’. And I thought, ‘Not me!’ But I sat there, I went to a movie.

And something that changed my whole life took place!

Nicki Cruz got saved. But that’s all right. I mean, the Masons talk about being born again, and the witches talk about being born again. I guess, the Christians can talk about being born again, but something that doesn’t take place at the other two incidences [Freemasonry, Witchcraft] happened with Nicki. He changed! Now, listen to me.

My heroes are Charles Finney [who came out of Freemasonry], and Billy Sunday, and people like that

We need a few heroes in the world today. And I believe, like they believe, that if you give your heart to the Lord, and you’re truly born again, it’s not because you say you’re born again, or because you walked up front. It’s because there is a distinct turnaround change in your life! You’re not the same person that walked down the aisle! And if you are, when the altar calls, given the day, you might consider doing it again. I don’t want to take your salvation away from you, but I don’t want to give you any false hope either. The judgment is too close and too important! And I believe that when you give your heart to the Lord, and you repent, you’re a different creature. You’re not the same person.

And Nicki Cruz changed in that picture

And according to astrology, as I told people last night at a youth rally, there are three things required to cast a spell: herbs, jewelry, intelligence, which we’ll talk about in a minute, and astrology. And you can’t cast spells without astrology! That’s why astrology was invented! And according to the doctrine of astrology, you are a set sign, a set personality. You are born that way, you are destined that way, and nothing you’re going to do is going to change your personality!
Except, Nicki has changed! And as the movie ended, and I got up and walked out of there, it just had destroyed every doctrine that I had ever learned! I walked out of there, and I said, “Boy, these Christians are weird”. I tried to convince myself: ‘That couldn’t have really took place, because I’d never seen any Christians that acted like they were Christians, except the guy who walked in’. And I couldn’t get him out of my mind either.

I walked out and I was about to meet my third Christian

He walked up, and all the people walking out. I talked with him later. He didn’t know who I was. He just felt directed to do it. He walked up and he handed me a tract. I was the only one he handed one to. He didn’t say anything. He said, “Here, this is specially for you”, turned around and walked off. That was the end of it.

Special for me, too… it was called ‘Bewitched’

Couldn’t handed me a better one [tract]! I went looking through it. I think 90% at that time struck me as being real. But I discarded it, because it said that the devil was real. And I just couldn’t believe the devil was real. So I threw the tract away, and I went on back, started up to my apartment, decided to go into one of our nightclubs down below; it was called the Club of Aquarius. Of course. Aquarius. What else would you call a witchcraft club? Club Aquarius! Walked in the back, locked the manager’s office, and sat down by myself and started thinking things out.

I wanted to talk with a Christian…

and find out if what they believe was the same things I had been taught they believe, which is a world of difference. The only problem is that we had paid and bribed and blackmailed so many ministers in the area, that I didn’t know who we could call, because if I got a hold of the wrong one I could end up getting killed, because they would report me! So I sat for a while and thought it over.

Finally, I remembered that the night before one of the witches had come in, complaining about a coffee house, called the ‘Green Gate Club’

Now this coffee house is a very strange place; it had been a burlesque bar. So a minister went in one night, jumped upon the bar, and shut the strippers off. He wasn’t too polite about it; one shouldn’t get polite with the devil. He started preaching the gospel.
About 15 minutes later, the strippers had pulled the curtains down off the wall, and wrapped them around their bodies, and were kneeling down in front of the bar, giving their hearts to the Lord. Along with half of the customers, the man and woman that owned the place, the band, and the bartenders, about 30 people were saved, in an all-good old pastor revival! Now the people’s lives were so changed that they gave the deed to the place, to one of the Baptist churches, one of them that was praying and fasting that Lance Collins would get saved; it was all shaping up. But I didn’t know that. All I knew was that this witch, that was a prostitute, had come in screaming at the top of her lungs, when I was going through a draw, – and I wasn’t interested in hearing it. She had bought this place down the street, and told me how she tried to proposition (?) a soldier down by the bus station here, but they were preaching the word of God at the same time! It could bankrupt you, tore all, and put you out of business! She was very unhappy about!

I went in there 2 in the morning, and got up to the door…

It said, ‘Closed’. 12 Midnight. I said, “Well, Christians are funny people”. And I thought, ‘Maybe I pull on the door’… and it opened. I went inside. There’s one guy in there, with a toolbox; I think he was trying to fix this coke fountain. See, the coke fountain had broke, just about the time they were going to close, and he decided to stay behind and fix it. That’s the way the Lord has to treat some Christians. He has to break things in their lives, keep them in one place long enough to do His will. But he stayed there, and I walked in. He looked up, and said, “Oh, can I help you?”
And I said, “Yeah”.
He looked at me, and said, “Yeah, I think you need some help”. You had to see me, for I was with some brothers the other day, and one of the girls, that I used to live with in witchcraft, walked right by the car, and looked right in the car, and didn’t even recognize me! That’s what I mean. When the Lord changes you, I believe He changes you!

And I walked in, I sat down, he started witnessing to me and got nowhere with his witnessing

Finally, I got to the point that I was in witchcraft; I told him about it. After he caught his breath about 20 times, he picked up the phone, and called the pastor. It was only 3 in the morning and, you know, that would be very weird. Nobody ever calls the pastor for prayer at 3 in the morning. So he called the pastor, and he explained.
He [the pastor] said, “Oh, yeah, that’s Lance Collins. We were praying for him”. Well, and they started acting, I think, the way that they must have acted when they prayed. They must have thought, ‘He [John] arrived at the door!’ They couldn’t believe that it was taking place! So he said, “Well, I’ll call up a bunch of people, and we’ll start praying for him. You go back and you witness”.

He witnessed some more, and it wasn’t getting anywhere

He was doing a standard witness, and it just wasn’t reaching me. I just wasn’t receiving what he was saying. And finally, he stopped and he said:

“Lord, give me the sermon in this matter. Give me knowledge, give me a Scripture of Your Word, that will do something, that will break the devil’s hold on this man.”


I heard the prayer

‘Boy, this guy’s weird. Here he goes talking about the devil again!’ I thought. And he got 2 Timothy 1:7, and he opened it and he read it to me…

And I gave my heart to the Lord

It was too good of a promise to pack up! I’d spent all my life, in fact, I guess, from the time I was five years old, in a world of absolute, total fear, and also all the guilt. In fact, my mother, at that very moment, was in a mental hospital. She is so barred out on barbiturates now, even though she’s out of the mental hospital, that she doesn’t even know who she is most of the time. It’s because of the fear and the guilt of the things, that she’s done.

And when he said that the Lord would make my mind new, and take away the fear…

I said, “That’s it. Show me now how to get it”. And we knelt down and we prayed, and I accepted the Lord, and I said:

“Jesus, I want your forgiveness, but can You take the guilt and the fear away?”


And I got up out of there and talk about no fear

I went out there, and almost got myself killed, because I didn’t have any fear! I still don’t have that fear today. And if anybody should have a fear, it’s somebody that came out of the illuminati! I don’t have the fear today.

That’s why we’re having our rehabilitation center now

We’re trying to take the fear out of people’s lives, and teach them that Jesus can make them anew. We have a center that we’re opening tomorrow. It’s very funny, the doors of the center aren’t even opened yet, and it’s already filled. This car is coming from the East Coast. In fact…

The most second most powerful witch that has ever been saved…

was just saved last April, after I left the East Coast. Her testimony is almost similar to almost everything I’ve given today, about the Rothschilds, and the politics, and Charles Manson, and other things, that she knows about. And she’s coming out here to go through rehabilitation. I’ll put her through just as fast as we can, and get her out!

I will get some tapes made on her, and let the world know there’s another nut out there saying the same things!

But we’ve got, like one girl moved in last night as we were moving the furniture into the place. We moved once for rehabilitation in, and it’ll just fill up.

In fact, we’ll probably have to start believing now for another six months for another building

But these buildings are necessary, because when a person is saved out of the occult, out of the Illuminati, a contract is placed upon their head, where professionals, not amateurs, are looking for them. The Summit has some very good professional people, and they’ll send them after and they’ll kill you. So we try to guard these people, and protect them for a period of time, so they’re able to stand on their own two feet. He said, well, what about me [John]? Well, I had some loving Christians around, who had sense enough to hide me out, till I was able to come out of it, and was able to stand on my own two feet, in order to know how to protect myself and stay alive, and so on.

My wife, when she was saved, the same thing was done for her

And now we’re believing that hundreds will get saved, because the fear will be taken out of their lives. So we ask you to pray about it with us. Right now, this car is going to be leaving in a little while, from coming across several thousand miles from Maryland to California. About three or four people that have been saved out of the occult will be in the car, along with bodyguards. You may seem to think that’s kind of funny, except, there will be 100,000 people trying to collect the bounties on those kids [young witches, just been saved by our Lord Jesus Christ] between here and there; it’s not funny at all!

It will be a miracle to get here, but I serve a God of miracles!

And I ask you to pray that that car gets here with all of its occupants in absolute safety, protected by the blood of Jesus.

Okay, we’re going to go for some questions and answers here real quick. I’m sure I probably stirred a few up in your mind.


Questions and answers

Question: Could you explain the Rothschilds?
The Rothschilds are a family. Many of you, I’m sure, have seen the three little globes that hang around the Pawn shop at the entrance (?) of a Pawn shop. That comes from three acorns off the Rothschilds family Crest. They were money lenders to begin with, in Austria, and they became, – which they are now – the largest, the richest family in the world. They are not considered humans by the occult world. They’re considered gods. They believe that gods, sons and daughters of Lucifer, dwell in these human bodies. And when the humans die, the Rothschilds die, they go into the next Rothchild born. And they’re not to be treated as men. They’re to be treated as gods. And believe me, they are treated as gods! Their word is absolute law! That’s the Rothschilds.

They created, they founded the Illuminati

And not many people can understand why a family of Rothschild, 200 years ago, – it’s actually 300, because they existed 100 years before their birthday – would create a conspiracy for takeover, that they never hoped to see fulfilled. Well, that’s because witches believe in reincarnation! And they believed that they would be alive during that time to see it happen! This may seem funny to your ideas, but when you’re raised in it, it’s absolute truth to witchcraft people.

Question: In the chapel at school, you said, people that were involved in Hollywood and music, and things like that, were somehow involved in witchcraft. Do you mean that they were actual practicing witches to be popular today, or do they just have to go with it? And also, does that include things like all forms of entertainment, such as different parts of the Country music, and Broadway and New York, and things like that?

Well, there’s a scattering of it [witchcraft] through Country music. I guess, probably the leader of it in Country music is a man named Tom T. Hall. But in Rock music, you must be an initiative witch, a Coven member. That means you’re a minister, okay?
And anybody in the last two years, that’s come on television, must be an initiated witch! Three of the major soap operas on TV have now made it a fact that to be a member of their staff, – their television actors and actresses on these three major soap operas – you must bear the scar of initiation to be on it. Okay? That’s why the leading one, ‘The Young and The Restless’, is so popular.
Now, if any of the new shows is coming on, you can just check them off. Those people belong to a witchcraft or satanist brotherhood somewhere, or they wouldn’t be there [on television]! Okay? And eventually, they’ll get all the older ones out, that got in there, do different things. You’ve always had to do something! You’re not on television or in the movies because you’re good. You’re there, because you paid a price, whatever the producer wanted from you! Now, it’s witchcraft! In the early 70s and late 60s, it was homosexuality. And before that, it was the producer’s couch, and so on. Okay? But now it’s witchcraft!

Question: Two things. First off, you were talking about the Rothschilds. There’s a book that I just read I’d like to recommend to anyone who’s interested in the international banking. It’s called ‘None Dare Call It Conspiracy’. And that really explains it in the context of what’s happening in the world today. And secondly, I would like to know about the witchcraft. What about these cults, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Mormons, stuff like that? Can you tell us what influenced that?

Well, the closest to witchcraft is the Mormons, because their bible so resembles passages from the Book of Shadows, which is the witchcraft bible. But see, here’s the thing about the cults, and so on. We have a mailing list. I’m in a post office box, and people write in, communicate with. There are so many thousands of cults, and most of them go into the skies of Christian churches today, that are teaching this variation from the word of God, and this variation, and so on. And the thing here is that I firmly believe is: there’s one way through the Lord Jesus Christ, just to the Father through the Lord Jesus Christ on Calvary. That’s the only way, through repentance, through a born again experience!
But with the devil, there [are always more ways than one]. And all these cults searches serve one purpose: to keep your eye off of Calvary, the only way to make it! And that’s why all the television, and all the literature out today, is so down on the Christians for only one reason, that they try to say they’re the only way. They are not the only way! The Lord Jesus Christ is saying He is the only way! And they try and put you down, because you believe that repentance, and the blood of Jesus, is the only way there. Okay? But it is. And that’s why certain well-known ministers today are trying to become popular, and say, ‘Well, it’s possible to make it to heaven other ways’. Well, the Bible said there would be idiots like that in the last days.

Question: The Age of Aquarius, you said, was like 1980. Right? And you said that the man called Adam would be the antichrist in whatever, the Covenant, or whatever. It’s getting pretty close to 1980. Do you have any idea or, you know, who it might be?

Well, they believe he’ll be the antichrist because his name was mentioned…. but I’m not going to give his name, okay? Too many of you wouldn’t believe me… Listen, I’ll just say this. I had to put up with all of the Christians running around for about five years, telling me how Dr. Kissinger was going to be the antichrist. I had to turn away because I knew better. Okay? But remember, who I am saying it is doesn’t mean that that’s who it is. That just means that the Illuminati is going to do everything they can to make him the world ruler. Okay? But the way this country is going, and since Christians won’t turn and seek the face of God, and repent, and God can’t save the country because they won’t fulfill 2 Chronicles, I would say he [the antichrist] is probably going to be right on schedule.

Question: I had a question about your sister. Is she still in the cult? You said that she was more advanced in witchcraft than yourself.

No. No, she was given a position faster than I was, because women are given positions faster than men. Women, except in the higher councils, are the leaders. The high priest is in the Covenant, but he’s only the enforcer. The high priestess is the pastor. Yes, [she is still in the cult]. Yes, she is one of Philip Rothschild’s girlfriend, and she runs messages between Philip and David Rockefeller on a regular basis.

Question: You met your wife when she was a member of the cult. And that must have been an awkward situation. Did you leave first, or did you leave together?

My wife, after she got saved. She took my sister’s place as witch queen in the state of Ohio, and owned the second-largest occult store in the country. And she got saved in one of the meetings. And after going through real rotation, and so on, we got married.

Before you take any questions…

Let me do something here real quick because we’re running out of time here. I spoke with your teenagers here, and I told them about a plan of the occult to place certain objects in Christian’s homes, in order to be able to put demonic influences into the home, and tear down the home and the Christian prayer life, and place rebellion and depression and suicide upon Christians.

You may think, ‘Well, I’m a Christian. That’s impossible!’

Listen to me. When you take something that belongs to the devil into your possession, you’re asking for trouble, all right? The Bible, the word of God, was wholly inspired by the Holy Ghost, all right? Nobody, I think, will argue with me [about that] except he’s a born again Christian, at least. Certain objects are inspired by the spirit of satan, by demonic influence. Rock music! If witches can’t cast spells on Christians, they get smart. They’ll let the Christians cast the spells on themselves! The witches will quote the spells in Rock music! And they’ll let the Christians play them. And they keep casting spells over and over on themselves. That’s why Rock music! You may think that’s garbage, but the witches believe it. And I believe it, because I’ve seen it done! That’s why rebellion and drugs and the sexual revolution has swept your children. And you try to shelter them from it by sending them to a Christian school, and then you let the world be brought into your homes in the form of Rock music.

They didn’t just want the kids, they wanted the adults

They pretty well got them with the soap operas [a television or radio drama serial dealing typically with daily events in the lives of the same group of characters]! But they decided that they would put their most powerful object in witchcraft into the hands of Christians. First, they changed the names to make them look innocent. They didn’t call them Hexagrams and Pentagrams and Pinnacles and Leprechauns Horns, and stuff like this, anymore. They didn’t call it the Ankh, or anything like this. They changed their names to things like just: the Stars, and Crescents, and Crosses of life, so they could sell them in Christian bookstores, and so on! In fact, that would probably surprise to them that they would start selling them in Christian bookstores. So they decided to sell them through their conglomerates first. And they use Federal Department Stores, which owns most of the department stores that you, ladies and gentlemen, shop at. And the one that’s not owned by Federal Department Stores is Montgomery Ward, and it’s owned by Standard Oil, so it’s owned anyway!
And then they wanted to go into all the rest of the homes, that maybe wouldn’t pick them up in the jewelry stores. So they used one of their largest companies. And if we have any distributors of this company I’m going to name, don’t you come to me, because I’ve got a stack of testimony of how distributors, when they first started selling this, depression set in their home, their marriages broke up, and three or four people actually tried to take their own lives, and fit the depression that they didn’t understand! And these were born again Christians! And then, when they heard about this, they destroyed the stuff. And they’ve never had any of this in their home since. All the depression left, all the marriage troubles left, and the thoughts of suicide left. So I’ve got the testimony, so don’t come and tell me about it!

Those are the first three [or five? objects]

Now, this jewelry I’m going to show you, except the second two pieces, could not be bought in a store, until a few years ago. You stop and think about it when you start seeing this stuff. To buy these symbols here, you had to go to an occult store. Of course, that was easy for San Francisco; they’ve always been a little weird. You had to go to the occult store, but you had to prove that you were an initiated witch of a Coven, before they would sell this stuff to you. And it was made by their Coven silversmith.

The first one is called a pinnacle

If you put a circle around it, it’s called the pentagram. It’s a symbol of witchcraft. And one point up, it’s the symbol of witchcraft. Two points up, like it’s showing kind of there, it’s the symbol of Satanist church, the symbol of the Horn god. You might also notice it’s also the symbol of the Eastern star.
We were in San Francisco last night, and in the building that the Illuminati houses the Rothschild’s private enforcer, Isaac Bonewits: he’s like a living computer. He’s also one of the members of the Council that I left. In the store down below, which sells many pieces of occult jewelry, they sell ladies’ compacts with Eastern stars embedded in them, with all the little runes, and so on.

This is called the Hexagram, not the Star of David

The Star of David is a name change on it. David was dead and buried, when that star was created by a son that had backslid, and went into demonic worship. Solomon would seal his documents of war, and his occult documents, with that thing! They call it the Crest of Solomon, or the Hexagram. And that’s where the word to hex, or to cast an evil spell, came from! Witches, when they conjure demons, to call the demons up to talk to them in person, this star must be drawn on the floor for the demons to arrive in, or it won’t appear! Now, that gives you an idea. It’s the most evil sign in the occult world! This symbol in various forms means that you’re an initiated witch of witchcraft.
And if you’ll watch television, well, I’m sure you do, if you watch television, you’ll notice that many of the television stars are now wearing this symbol openly. Why not? Christians don’t know what it means. You also notice it was the sign of the Shriners, too. 

The first [that was sold] was called the Ankh

They call it Cross of life. Now it’s done in Christian bookstores, and so on. The Cross of life, or the Ankh, comes from Egypt. It means that you’re a worshipper of Ra, the sun god. That’s the Egyptian name for Lucifer. So it means that you worship Lucifer! It means that you despise virginity, that you’re against virginity, that you practice orgies, and that you believe in reincarnation. That means that you don’t believe in heaven or hell: that’s when you die you’re going to come back again, and the word of God is a lie, because it says you’ll live once, then judgment, but they say No.

The next is the broken cross, the ‘peace sign’

It didn’t originate in Frisco or London during the peace movement. It’s been around a long time. We’ve heard a lot of crap about it, you know: the footprint of an American chicken, and all this type of thing.
This is what it is: when a person wants to become a member of witchcraft, and they come from a Christian background, – I didn’t have to take this initiate, because I was born into witchcraft – they’re given a cross made out of ceramic clay, baked clay, and it’s turned upside down. And they take the crossbars, and they force the crossbars down, and break the crossbars off. And they throw the pieces to the floor, and shatter it. And the priest, or priesthood, or whoever’s doing the initiation, then announces:

“You are free from the bondage of the Christian church. And because of this act, you shall have peace evermore.”

Thus the ‘peace sign’; it’s called the broken cross.


This one you’re not going to find, until about a year from now. Anybody ever seen this symbol before? 666, it’s 3 overlapping sixes! Okay, here’s where you can find it. You can find it on the world currency printed out of Brussels. We bought $10 billion of it. But our President decided that it’s better to go with the credit card than the currency now, so we’re not going to use it.
You’ll find it in clothing and shoes made in the Common Market countries, in the labels of the clothing.

More recent, about a year ago, it was on national television…

when the President of the United States, you know, the peanut eater from Georgia; that’s about the best I can do for him. I could say more – said, that he had personally designed a National Security card, that would be the answer to the problems in the United States. And that every citizen, law abiding citizen, would have one of these cards, in order to prove they were a law abiding citizen. Then he got done making a speech, and he left. His secretary came up, and said to the newsman, “Here’s a picture”. Now, for some reason, with all the flash balls popping and stuff, that card’s picture never got printed in the paper! I don’t know why. Maybe they decided it was a bad move. But in the center of the card was a pearl white glossy card, computer plastic type, in the center in kind of a gray, with words written over it. But in the background, like a watermark, was this emblem:

‘Welcome to the last generation.’

They’re putting their forces together.

Now, the California National Guard has switched to this patch recently:

it is a circle with three arrows coming out of it on their behalf. We’ve known that Florida, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and about six other states, have switched to it this year. We’ve been told, by the end of the year, that all the National Guard in the United States will wear one patch. They’ve all, – at the first of this year – they were hooked into a computer in Dallas, called:

The National Security Computer

That’s ‘who’ they call up, by the way, when they check out your Visa cards, or your Bank of America cards, or whatever the case may be! If you’ve been going to the grocery stores, and the department stores, you’ve been noticing the new computer cash registers. One shopping step type cash registers. And you put your card in it, ring up the purchase, and it does all the business for you right then and there. Well, all the stores are supposed to switch over to them. And the little poor stores are supposed to get the little phone unit, that hooks into your phone, and you zip the card through. This is all supposed to happen in the next year, right on time, scheduled, just like it should be. Then things will be a little different around here….

Because by then, they plan on destroying the money that you have

And then you’ll have to use the card, because the money will be worthless! Now, if you’ve been noticing all the television commercials, ‘security’ is the word that everybody’s been using on television commercials: ‘Prepare for the future. Pack up for security this and security that!’ And then they’re going to turn around, and they’re going to wipe your security off the face of the map!

Now, if I’m stepping on your little safe world, I’m sorry!

I’m trying to tell you something in advance! And I’m going to give you a reading list, so you don’t think I’m the only nut in the world.

The first book is ‘None Dare Call It Conspiracy’

The next is ‘The Rockefeller File’

And the last one is ‘Jimmy Carter, Jimmy Carter’

Now, those can be found in most bookstores [during John’s time]. They’re [written] by Gary Allen. [found some for you online, still online.] And I recommend one that you find in the Christian bookstore:

It’s called ‘The Day the Dollar Dies’ [1973 edition!]

[Can’t find the free original version anymore; the book seems to be updated and therefore might have been changed! Please be aware of that.] 

You may think I’m crazy

They thought I was crazy back in 1972, when I said we were going to have a fuel shortage. They thought I was crazy back in 1973, when I said, watch for the coal mines to close. So you may think I’m crazy, but next year, when it’s all happening, at least I told you in advance. You got a little bit of warning.

There’ll be 10 million people out of work this time next year

Now, that’s when our Welfare system, Unemployment system and Social Security system go collapse, because it won’t be able to handle that many people out of work. And you may want to go home, and pray and ask yourself what this country is going to be like with 10 million people not eating, and not having any money. And then you may want to pray, that a lot of souls get won, and Jesus comes quickly.

Your silver and gold coins

And I forget the South African coin, and so on and so on. Okay, the Krugerrand coin…
Okay. How are you going to spend them, if you’re not allowed to spend them? Do you understand what I’m trying to say? All the silver and gold in the world, you’re right, you do have the right ideas [namely, it will be worthless]. The only system that will exist then is either the government no cash system, or a barter system between people, okay? That’s why people, like Tom Berry, myself, Joe Boyd, and other ministers across the country, are now telling people to prepare for a barter system. Okay?

You can make it till the Lord comes on the barter system, but gold and silver are the wrong way to go!

Take your gold and silver, if you got it stored up, and invest it in the barter system real quick, because even if you could spend gold and silver, the barter system would still work even better, because they got to have goods! The number one most valuable item will be one that is illegal and almost impossible to obtain at the time, called a fire arm, a gun. The next will be ammunition to go in that gun, and then dehydrated and freeze-dried food, or canned goods.

Water will probably be the most expensive item in existence!

They’ve got a few surprises for the drinking system that you now have.

Is the antichrist in politics?

Yes, he is! Yes. He’s in American politics.

Well, we’ve won quite a few Jehovah’s Witnesses [for Christ]

I’m not saying that this will win them, but you could try one question; it usually starts the ball [conversation] rolling…. like ‘what tribe are you a member of?’ And you’d have to understand their doctrine…’


How to translate a website in 2023


Stop watching television and following after false teachers and pastors and prophets, and please do some homework yourself, and you’ll find out that this ‘crazy man’, this ‘nut’ was speaking the full truth, and probably messed up the whole agenda of the Illuminati at that time. 



John Todd

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