Instructions: Top off your preparations; something big is coming; come out of Babylon

Although this general alert seems to be for America, the whole world will become affected by it. Soon it will be too late to prepare! Do not hold back and do not hesitate.
August 25, 2023

The Lord warns His own. Some urgent rhema words, received on August 18th and 20th. Please, seek the Lord for further understanding, advice, confirmation, and revelation. Turn off your smartphone when you don’t need it, and turn off your TV! Also, warn others of what is to come.


A warning to get oneself prepared, and to top off any preps

‘Be wise as a serpent, but gentle as a dove!

Something big is coming your way….

not personally, but generally.
It is not what you expect; it is something different. 

Get any, and all preps ready, for soon it will be too late

Do not hold back. Do not hesitate.
I will take care of My own, but you still need to prepare! 

Use your social media carefully; do not become entangled in it!

Separate yourself as much as possible. Make it hard to be tracked by the wicked ones.

Seek the LORD for personal instructions

It will look different and be different for each person.
Pray against any traps and snares that have been laid against His people.
Pray for supernatural miracle occurrences to come at the most unexpected times and places.

Learn to be more self-sufficient in the world, but more dependent on the LORD in the Spirit

Pray for divine appointments to come forth, and for the door of His perfect will to be opened.

Know what time it is; know what season you are in….

so you will not be surprised at what is coming!  Psalm 112:7
Stay steady and firmly on the Rock. Even as the whirlwinds come, do not let them toss you to and fro!  Psalm 31:3
Though wickedness increases, the Lord’s Spirit will rise up, and fall on many. As the apostasy continues in the lukewarm churches, the LORD is raising up His remnant, which will be increasingly growing.

The unworthy, humble, and lowly in heart will be My true guests at the Supper of the Lamb

The downtrodden, the poor, the weak, and the lame…. I call for them to come and become the sheep of My pasture.  Luke 14:15-24 

All are welcome, though few respond

For I have come for all the world, for My love has no boundary or limit!
For those who respond, and cry out to Me, from their hearts, I will hear. And I will direct your path, and embrace your soul, through My Holy Spirit. Never will you have to be alone again, for if you are willing, I am there with you in all things.

Be ready for what is coming!

Put on your full armor!
Look up and watch!’


Could the timeframe be between September and the first of next year?

We don’t really know. We believe this could include supply chain issues, one of the many things John Todd warned us about.

Make sure you have at least extra food, and extra water or a filter system

John Todd also made it very clear that it’s necessary to defend yourself against looters. We’re talking about all the days leading up to the seven-year Tribulation. You’re not going to have a Tribulation as bad as it’s going to be, unless you’re going to have some trouble first, you see.

Come out of Babylon!

The whore of Babylon is the Catholic church. Babylon represents the Illuminati. And their religion is witchcraft! Spiritual Babylon, representing the false religious system of the last days, is deceiving all nations with witchcraft before judgment falls.

Revelation 18:23

…. and the light of a lamp will never shine in you again; and the voice of the groom and bride will never be heard in you again; for your merchants were the powerful people of the earth, because all the nations were deceived by your witchcraft.

They (TPTB) are going to gain control of the world through America!

Not through Russia but through America! We see a lot of confusing things sweeping America today, and even the world. The Bible is still the Word of God. One day, each one of us will be judged according to this blessed book.

Lots of easy believers

‘We live in a day when there are a lot of easy believers. You walk the church aisle, and take the preacher’s hand, and you drop the water on your head, and be immersed, you put your name on a church roll…. but that doesn’t make you a Christian….!
We would like you to search your heart. Ask yourself this question: if I would die tonight, am I assured that I would spend eternity with the Lord Jesus Christ in heaven? If you do not know that, you can know, as the Bible says these things, written unto you that if you believe on the name of the Son of God, that you may know that you have eternal life. You can know.’ – John Todd



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