Breaking News Headlines | Endtimenews & Exposé of the week August 21, 2023

Breaking news updates | Latest and current news headlines | Expose of the week UPDATE 8-23-2023


NBC (90% Illuminati) coded ‘news’: What is a ‘hurriquake’ (= 66, 69)? It’s something SoCal never thought they’d face.  [Note ‘they’, not ‘we’] 

DailyMail (= 69, 144, 216 = 6x6x6) reports, ‘Killer Nurse’ (= 55, 144, 222) Lucy Letby Found Guilty Of Murdering Seven Babies In Chester England Hospital 

8/20/2023 — M5.1 Earthquake strikes Southern California below RADAR station!! DEW weathermod 

8/19/2023 — Multiple M6.0 – M6.5 Earthquakes — S. California M5.0 event due — BE PREPARED  [new link works!)

8/19/2023 — Rapid spreading wildfire in Southern California ahead of Hurricane Hilary – BE PREPARED  [new link: the copied video is still online]

Get ready: American “smart” street lights now being rigged with license plate readers to spy on your every move 

@omgness4real (= 69, 133) straight to our faces:


‘Barack Hussein Obama II’ (= 111) still in the spotlight: ‘How tall is Barack Obama? Former US president is just two inches taller than wife Michelle Obama’

Obama telling Biden what to say 

Remember, Obama recently slipped up and said “Vice President Biden”…. he’s definitely still running the show 

The Independent (= 223, 633): ‘Updated   vaccines are nearly ready as alarm grows over ‘new variant’s rapid spread’’ 

FOX News (= 22, 99) reports: Harvard physicist searching for UFO evidence says humanity will view alien intelligence like ‘God’  [Be aware of the great deception] 

It’s All About #44 Maui Wildfires Just Days After Barack Obama’s Birthday  [44th US President] 

Satanic Ritual Maui “Wildfires” Decoded  [Obama might be THE antichrist but we don’t know that for sure yet] 

Antarctica Breaks *Multiple* All-Time Low Temperature Records; + The BBC Attempts To Rewrite The History Books 

The People’s Voice (= 77, 166) reports straight to our faces, ‘Book Linking Maui Tragedy to Climate Change Published BEFORE Wildfires Occurred’ 

Jimmy Carter & Wife Are In Final Chapter Of Lives Grandson Says 

Villages evacuated as wildfire engulfs 800 hectares of island of Tenerife 

@_whitneywebb (= 55, 555, 322), without any censorship, loves us to know:

Jimmy Carter & Wife Are In Final Chapter Of Lives Grandson Says 

Freemason Dr. Mercola: Alarming Levels of Lead in Water and Soil From Buried Cables  [Note the 330…] 

Roundup Weed Killer Called Out as a Bee Killer 

Is It Wise to Get Your Wisdom Teeth Pulled? Wisdom Tooth Extraction, a Money-Maker


Exposé of the week UPDATED


The island of Maui is the second-largest island in the state of #Hawaii 

Hawaii = 33, 55, 111, 222, 666
MauiWildfires = 69, 55, 66, 77

The Jesuit Order = 69
Illuminati = 69
New World Order = 69 

Was the Maui fire 100% intentional?
Numbers, quotes, dates, and names that TPTB are using don’t lie.

By the way, I don’t practice gematria; you can simply find these quick cipher tools online. For how much longer, without having to share your personal information? I don’t know. 

Perhaps good to know:
New Information On The Maui Fire 

Will Obama be the antichrist soon? John Todd didn’t reveal that to us, although he knew exactly who he was or is at that time. And will TPTB change their plans? I really wouldn’t know.
Type in ‘antichrist john todd’ (search bar) and learn more about it on Eindtijdnieuws dot com. 

Maui Fires – They are all part of the club, the governor, the mayor, and the woman (showing us the Masonic M hand signal): 

Maui Wildfires - They are all part of the club 

I do believe TPTB just want us to know they caused this orchestrated event on purpose; that’s why it went viral right now, wherever you go on the internet.

The following is the latest on Maui, which they don’t tell you. Listen to Joanie Stahl starting at 6 minutes:

Finally, for once, no Freemason on Tony’s show. I think Joanie is a true Christian. What she has researched is quite interesting.


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