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February 25, 2024


Exposé – German taxi driver ‘fined’ over Bible verse sticker…. Really?

‘Jesus: I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life” has netted a Muslim convert to Christianity a $95 fine from authorities in Essen, Germany, who have threatened to increase the assessment to just over $1,000.’
New lies and scaremongering in order to silence Christians, because the article ‘German taxi driver fined over Bible verse on his vehicle’ is pure fear-mongering of the highest order. And the website Info Chrétienne is just one of them.

What does the website logo of Infochretienne show us?

First of all, their beloved color orange!
Second, the isosceles cross, as in the Illuminati organization ‘The Red Cross’. Please, don’t believe the lie that it presents a Christian cross, because it doesn’t! Other names of this Luciferian cross are: ‘the equal-armed cross, also referred to as the square cross, the balanced cross, and the peaceful cross, all names for the Greek cross’.
Third, the circle in orange, which could very well signify the club members’ sun worship.
And possibly much more, such as: as above, so below, but I think this should already tell us enough about the source of fearmongering, right?


What is Info Chrétienne telling us?

As you can see, their ‘news’ also appears to be totally scripted by the numbers:

‘In October 2023 a German taxi driver was fined for displaying a Bible verse on his vehicle. ADF International, a faith-based legal organization defending fundamental freedoms [really?], made this case public on February 21, denouncing censorship of religious expression.

Jalil Mashali [= 44, 101] was fined by the German government after sticking a Bible verse on his vehicle in Essen, Germany, in October 2023. Attached to the rear window of the taxi, the sticker repeats the verse from John 14, verse 6, accompanied by a cross:

Jesus: “I am the Way. The Truth. And the Life.”’

[Please know that 101 represents Lucifer, or to quote George Orwell: “You asked me once,’ said O’Brien, ‘what was in Room 101. I told you that you knew the answer already. Everyone knows it. The thing that is in Room 101 is the worst thing in the world.” >>> Think of ‘Room 101’ in the Matrix movie.]

‘In October 2023, Mashali received a letter and a fine from the road traffic authority of the city of Essen, informing her that according to a state ordinance, taxi drivers are not allowed to drive with publicity of religion.
Jalil Mashali contested this fine of more than 80 euros which he considers “unfair” [= 33, 69], believing that the location of the text and the small size of the sticker do not justify such measures.
“I’m not looking to make trouble, but I haven’t done anything wrong. I’m grateful for this country where everyone should be free to share their faith. I hope I can continue to do that by appealing the unfair fine.”
On February 21, the organization for the defense of fundamental freedoms, ADF International, published a press release in which it said it “supported” [= 44, 333] the Christian taxi driver in this affair.
ADF International legal advisor Dr. Lidia Rieder asserted that this Bible verse is a “peaceful expression” [= 213, 201] of faith, protected by freedom of religion….’

By Melanie Boukorras [= 201, 169 or 69 – could be a coincidence of course]


Now, let’s take a look at who is promoting these kinds of fear-mongering articles:

1  That’s right, Luciferian Patrick Madrid, who throws up the V-sign, which stands for ‘Victory’ of Lucifer/satan:
He cleverly uses Bible texts to frame and set up true Christians.
He also displays his Luciferian fish symbol.
But this one takes the cake, which says it all: his Luciferian website promoting Mary (image on top) and his ‘Christ’, which is not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their ‘Christ’: the coming Antichrist!
More about ‘their Christ’, you can read here.

Higher Ground with the eternal flame of Lucifer/satan:

ADF International, approved and promoted by Twitter, with a logo that looks a lot like the square and compass of Freemasonry and/or their beloved triangle symbolism. The many followers and comments alone should raise a red flag for you and me.
And why would he want to emphasize the words ‘FINED’ and ‘BIBLE QUOTE STICKER’, do you think? Oh, how they love their numbers! It could be a coincidence, of course:

Fined = 77, 88, 213 or two times 13
Bible quote sticker = 88
Washington Times = 77, 88

Washington Times, run by Freemasons
Did you also notice the numbers 13 and 33 in their article, some of their most popular numbers in scripted, made-up news?
‘Mr. Mashali [= 22, 33], born in Iran, came to Germany at age 33 for medical treatment after losing part of his leg in a traffic accident at age 13.’ We wonder if that has ever happened; even his name is coded.

Churchmilitant, run by Freemasons, with the Luciferian cross and the M of Freemasonry or Masons.

And so on, and so on….


Something ‘stinks’ here!

To quickly pick out the Christian comments, that is the true Christians, detecting, tracking, and tracing them, and above all, scaring them off, is their goal, so that they don’t dare open their mouths on the street, or anywhere else, or put a sticker with a Bible verse on their cars or other vehicles.

This so-called ‘christian’ with a huge almost Luciferian-looking cross hanging in the front of his car already makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. And how happy this ‘christian’ is with a broad smile in the snow, smiling in every photo.

It is time for people to realize how much they are being fooled by the so-called ‘christian’ channels, media, organizations, and ministries. It was also all over the news last week on the Dutch Reformation news websites, among others – you know, the ones that follow the state and are pro-Trump. You have to pay or become a member (of course, they want your data!) in order to be able to read the entire article. And so I went elsewhere to search in English, and soon found it.  🙂


The Illuminati keeps Christians at the ‘Savior station’

‘They know that there are weak Christians as well as there are strong Christians! There are two types of Christians, and they’re familiar with this! In fact, I learned this in witchcraft, not in the Christian church. There are Christians who have accepted Jesus as Savior, and there are Christians who have accepted Him as [Savior and] Lord. And there is a difference!

When the Lord is your Savior

I’ve learned more about the Lordship of Christ listening to their music and their testimony (from Christians) than probably anybody else. And they have a beautiful illustration on one of their live albums where the woman’s two-year-old boy was down at a picnic, and the grandmother and he were playing ball with a plastic ball and bat. And he got mad, threw the bat down and started stamping on the ground, and said, “Grandma, you missed my bat again! You missed my bat again!” And that’s just about us. When we get in trouble, when we don’t think the Lord did it our way, we say, “Lord, You missed my bat again!” That’s because we are trying to run it, and tell the Lord what to do. Now, that’s being Savior.

When the Lord is your Lord

When He is Lord, we say, “Lord, what am I supposed to do for You today? How do You want it run?” And there’s a difference. And they know the difference in the occult world, and they try to keep everybody at the Savior station! They figured they’ve lost them anyway, but they’d like to make their testimony so weak and so void, that they’re not a threat to them.

Satanists believe satan and Jesus Christ are the same person!

In the Satanist church, Christ and Jesus are the same person, okay? Now, that’s their teaching. In the Satanist church: Christ, Jesus Christ, and Satan, are the same person. That’s the Satanist’s belief.
The Luciferians, they believe that Jesus Christ is the God of evil. Okay? Like we would feel about the devil, they feel about Jesus. And Lucifer, they feel towards him like we would feel about Jesus.
So Satanists believe Christ, Jesus Christ, and Satan are the same person.
Luciferians believe Jesus is the God of evil.’ – the late John Todd

Yes, even 33rd-degree Freemason Billy Graham knew this fact, he knew the Bible, he used Bible verses, and he used His name, the name of Jesus! However, he sent his ‘converts’ to the Catholic Church. According to Derek Prince, 80% of them simply fell back into the world and left their faith.


Other ways to silence Christians

By making Christians’ social media almost completely invisible, thus ‘blocking’ true Christian news. This discourages many from even doing or saying or sharing anything through their social media! However, do not be discouraged in this.

Right now, we ourselves have been made almost ‘invisible’ on Facebook; I get almost no comment notifications from there either, and would have to start looking up and responding to them by hand.

Our second Pinterest social network site – the first one was already taken down by them! – here, I can no longer share directly from Eindtijdnieuws.com. Now I have to go to Pinterest itself, and with a few detours, I can still post something there. Plus I can’t add additional information to Pinterest which also seems to be almost untraceable, lost, at the moment…. as if no one can find it online.

BitChute, the extension of YouTube: Thousands of views on BitChute about 2 years ago, we can forget about that now so it seems. But I’m still somewhat visible there, except for comment notifications on our videos, which I haven’t received by email for a long time. Manually checking comments then is the only option…. comments from mainly trolls, who outright hate the videos.

Eindtijdnieuws on YouTube also seems to have ‘fallen silent’ in terms of views. However, I do know that YouTube, owned by the Illuminati, doesn’t like to count all views, and that in reality there are many more views. Moreover, since November 2023, I’m no longer allowed to add external URL links to my video description, which was of course very important! Yes, they try to silence Eindtijdnieuws.com on YouTube.

Well, let this be an encouragement, or a stimulation to keep on going and to fight it anyway, no matter what.



Germany: Christian taxi driver fined for displaying verse on his vehicle



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