John Todd Tape 4: America will fall, how Christians can prepare, about retreats, the antichrist, and more (Transcript)

UPDATE 03-09-2023  Tape 4 is about stocking up supplies, defending, some trouble before the Tribulation, the John Birch Society, so-called ‘Christian’ writers, John F. Kennedy became a Christian, recognizing witches, the Mark, the Rothschilds, the Pope, invitation to surrender, how to be saved, and much more!
March 7, 2023


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The first half is Tape 4a, and the second video in this article is Tape 4b
The complete Tape 4 is the most important message and service John Todd every gave, where God’s Spirit is moving!


John Todd Tapes 4a And 5b Survival And Q&A

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Transcript Tape 4a: 

‘Seriously, believe that this country isn’t any special than any other country! And it’s going to fall! And when it falls, – and until Jesus comes – they want to survive. The question is, how do we as Christians prepare for the coming days in regard to our necessity supply: food, fuel, etc., etc.? Well, I can’t go back over and lay the groundwork for all of you that weren’t here last night. So I’m just going to have to go ahead and answer the questions, and if I confuse you, I’m sorry. If you have got a pencil and paper, I’m going to give you some information…

It will probably save your life

Man named Mouse Tippin? writes for a magazine, called Guns & Ammo. In December 1976, he started a column called Survive. I followed very closely. I really invite that everybody writes. Peterson, you can go out and buy a copy of Guns & Ammo magazine. Get the address of Peterson Publishers, and write them in Los Angeles, and consult them on how to obtain every back issue of Guns & Ammo from December 1976, just for that two or three-page article. It’s like a whole college course in one of how to live through those days!

And recently, a few months back, he had a question and answer thing. This one guy wrote in. I think he put that letter in there just to bless my heart. And he says, ‘You must be nuts! You’ve got to be the only nut in the world that would say that America is ever going to have any problems that its government couldn’t handle!’ I could just see Mouse…. I know him just bitten up a bit, one to write back, ‘What do you mean any problems they couldn’t handle? They’re the ones that are going to cause them!’ But he didn’t say that. He said, No, there are quite a few others out there that are just as nuts as I am. You’d be surprised at the names of the people. That’s why they all carry a gun, because there’re people trying to kill them, because they believe this.

It’s going to be a very strange thing for many liberal Christians…

many people brought up in very peaceful homes, and so on, to hear the things that I’m about to say in the supply list. I’m not going to give you the reasons for them, but I am going to say that everyone has been researched and prayed over extensively by many, many ministers. If you want further information, write Post Office Box 303, Elkston, Maryland, P.O. Box 303, Elkston, Maryland. To Dr. Tom Barry. Now, he can give you a closer list, but I’ll give you a quick one…

When you’re stocking up supplies…

Don’t be like a lot of Christian retreats that are going to be stocking up supplies for looters to come and kill you, so that they can eat. Start with the first thing. Start with something that will stop somebody from coming through the door, and killing everybody in your family. People say, can Christians do that?

Killing and defending is two different things

Go read chapter eight. Not only, and I’m counting on getting through hard times by this Scripture, not only were they allowed to defend themselves, they picked up the supplies that the people that they defended themselves from were going to use against them! They always did that.
But do this, and there’s no other way to do this. We were talking about this in the back room before the service. I’m just going to have to tell you a couple of items. If you don’t like gun talking in the meeting, that’s all right. We’re just going to spend 60 seconds on it. Try to stay within the list, that all the Christian retreats are publicizing, mainly because the people that will be trying to kill everybody in the end will be using the same guns. And you’ll be able to use their ammunition and parts for yours.
Go with first of all, the number one weapon in everybody’s home should be a twelve Gauge Pump shotgun. I prefer that you choose the Remington 870. The next weapon should be a code AR 15 Assault rifle. The next thing should be… now it depends on whether you choose a semi-automatic handgun or revolver. Now, if you choose a handgun, choose only these two. Do not buy a gun. And if you have a gun that’s not on this list, sell it and buy something else! I mean that! There’s a reason for it. If you like an automatic, buy a 45, colt only. And if you like a revolver, buy any type revolver other than Smith and Weston in the 357 caliber only, no. 38, no 9m, no 49 Magnums, or anything. 357 only, and not Smith and Weston. Do not buy Smith and Weston. Do not buy Winchesters. The reason is, the Illuminati has decided that if they can’t get your guns, they’ll make them so bad that they’ll blow up in your face! And they’ve recently bought both Smith and Weston and Winchester, and have been putting out very poor guns. This is the idea. So do not buy them. If you own material from them up until 1964, it’s fine. But after 1964, the Illuminati owns both companies.

After that, for your hunting

Because all retreats will be living off the land. Because you’re not going to go down to liberals, or safe ways, or any place else. They aren’t going to be around anymore for you to buy it! You need to stick with hunting guns only in these three calibers, only! And that is 30-6, 30-30, or 308. Okay? Now that’s enough about guns. Oh, you might want a 22 semi-automatic rifle for small games. That’s it! Now we’ll get off the guns, and make all the other people happy in here.

Next, stockpile food!

If you’re a farmer, or if you’ve got a backyard, where your kids’ swing is, tear the thing down, tear the grass up, and start planting vegetables! Go down to the store, and start buying canning jars. People that lived in World War II know all about Victory Gardens. We’ll call these Jesus Gardens. And start buying food, food, food, food. Now, people, I’ll show you the importance. Go home, wives, tonight. And if the men do the shopping, they can do it. But go home and open the freezer, the refrigerator, and every food cabinet everywhere in the house. Gather all the food in, sit down with a pencil and paper, and note key items. You can only eat it once. Make up three meals down to the letter. Make meals that your family can function on three times a day! And find out, if you can’t go to the grocery store tomorrow, how much food you’ve got to live on. Then you’ll see the reason. In the blizzard alone, people were starving in their homes, because they couldn’t get out for no other reason. What happens when you can’t get out at all for whatever reason? Canned food is impractical.

One thing, please do not store any tomato products in metal cans

The leading cause of disease in the United States today is lead poisoning. Any tomato product in a can for more than three months contains lead poisoning in it.

I really recommend that you consider buying dehydrated food

And Tom Barry will give you the address of the only Christian company for this. And the reason we’re using the Christian company is not just because they’re Christians. They’re the only ones that buy good food. All the other places buy food that places throw out and can’t can and stuff. And they freeze dry it, because you can’t tell what it looks like when it’s all shriveled up. Seriously. Stockpile your food. Food that won’t spoil, that you can hold for a couple of years. Start stockpiling.
Women, when you go to the grocery store, and you’re buying things, don’t go and buy an extra box of salt. Really, don’t go and buy an extra can of soup, or something. Start buying like the farmers buy. They buy and buy and buy in bulk. That’s the way. You need to find a place that’ll sell to you; that’s what you need to do.
If you don’t have three months food supply for three meals a day for every member of your family, meals that you can live on, not just exist, you don’t have any chance, at all! And we recommend, seriously, six months to a year. And there’s reason for it. You may reject it, fine. It’s you that’s going to be skin and bones, not me.


Forget it! No way to store it, really, anyway.

All you need is:

You need medical supplies, you need food. You need weapons to hunt and defend, and you can’t do that job with the same gun. You can’t defend yourself with a hunting rifle. It’s impossible. Not against the way that it’s going to be with the weapons that they’re going to be using against you. But I’ll tell you this. You can survive in your home for a little bit, but unless you’re a member of a Christian retreat, – if you get one – you’ll never make it. Not unless the Lord comes [already] three days after it starts, and I don’t believe He will.

Now, we’re not talking about the Tribulation

We’re talking about all the days leading up to it! You’re not going to have a Tribulation as bad as it’s going to be, unless you’re going to have some trouble first. Besides, every country in the world has it except America, and I don’t see America’s Christian life any better than any other Communist country. Okay, I’ll make everybody happy: we’ll stop on this for a while. If you want, you can follow up on those things and you’ll learn all you need.


Questions and answers

Question: Is Pope Paul and the Catholic Church involved in the Illuminati?

[a Catholic asks.] Why did you ask me a question that you’re not going to like the answer to? Yes, he is! As one person put it, I have got to keep his name quiet, so he can stay alive. He was a very big Catholic. And he goes: “Very frightening when you think that the Pope leads your church, and he [the Pope] tells you that he takes people’s orders from London, and other places, and Brussels, that aren’t even Catholics, that are into the occult”.

And some things about Pope Paul…

I don’t expect him to live much longer. I’m expecting, really, his replacement to be the Catholic Cardinal that leads the Charismatic movement. They’ve already proclaimed him to be the next Pope. He lost from being the Pope by two votes anyway. But the thing here is that Pope Paul is the man who told the Catholic Church, – and if you haven’t heard it, it’s so anyway – that it was all right to practice White Witchcraft, that it wasn’t contrary to Catholic doctrine. Oh, I can agree to that. It isn’t contrary to Catholic doctrine. Yes. He’s part of the Illuminati. The whole Congress [College] of Cardinals are!

Question: And if you get to a retreat, why won’t you be found there?

And what can folks do who don’t have access to a retreat?
All right, two months ago I could have said that’s so, that you don’t have access to a retreat. That is not so any longer. If you want to be part of a retreat, you can be part of a retreat. For one, Freedom Ranch will take everybody; it gets to be the size of New York City. We’ll just pray for the whole state instead of part of it.

How many people here own a home?

You have no excuse that you’re not part of a retreat. Now, if you don’t believe in it, fine. Then you can just disregard my words. But if you believe that the necessity of being prepared for the end times is real, then here’s what you do. Tomorrow, not 60 days from now. You put your home up for sale. You may not like it, but you do it anyway. I did it. Most of everybody else has done it. You put your home up for sale, you move into an apartment, and you build yourself a home on a retreat, period. The land is free. Almost all retreat lands are free. All you have to do is build a home.
Now, the rest of you, who don’t: most of the retreats have buildings where you can live. And you can always get the saw out and the axe. And I know that every one of them that’s in a pine country in the states, that have these. You can always build your own; your ancestors did! It won’t be comfortable like you think of comfort. I mean, you won’t be able to watch Starsky & Hutch, but you’ll have a lot of time to read the Word. Why won’t you be found? You will be. You will be found.

The Illuminati and the federal government themselves within the United States knows where every retreat is

But you won’t have to worry about the government or the Illuminati trying persuading to come and get you. They’ll be too busy fighting their own battles in the city. But there will be looting. That’s the reason for retreat. That’s the only reason for retreat. The world will go mad before Jesus comes. And you will not be able to survive in the city at that time, because the demons will direct the people and the looters to your doorstep, before they’ll send them any place else. So while you’re standing there rebuking them and expecting them to fall over, I’ll be using a shotgun, because I want my family to live. A lot of people shaking their hands, ‘That doesn’t sound Christian’. That’s fine. You haven’t had anybody shoot at you yet. You have not had anybody shoot at you. I’ve got three kids and a wife, and I’ve had people try to shotgun them to death, blow them up, machine gun them, knife them, poison them, and everything else! I love my family. I’m not going to let my family die. Now, which is murder? Letting somebody kill them, or defending them? So stop shaking your head at me. I’ll bow my head, and I’ll pray for you when they put you under. See, I talk bold about this because I have to live with it, and it’s coming to your doorstep!
Everybody tapped me on the back: “Oh, brother Todd, I feel so sorry for you. All these people trying to kill you”.

I said, “Don’t feel sorry for me, I feel sorry for you!”

At least, I’m prepared for what’s coming. I am too! The two main reasons I’m alive is that God keeps me alive through His warnings, and my preparedness. And they cannot do anything to you when you’re prepared. But the idea of the retreats are: they’re all in locales that can be defended, and they’re almost impregnable. And believe it or not, the more people are there, the better it is.

Question: Larry Flint, was he a true convert by Ruth Carter Stapleton?
Don’t you like that question? I love it! Yes, he was a true convert by Ruth Carter Stapleton. He sure was! But then Ruth is probably the most powerful witch that I ever met… I used to study under her.

Question: What is the involvement of the Illuminati?

They’ve got a CRR, and then they write it out as CFR, Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission, and the Rockefellers. Okay, I was going to say that’s what we talked about last night.

The CFR is the name of the Illuminati in the United States

David Rockefeller is the second most powerful man in the Illuminati. He runs the Council on Foreign Relations. And the Trilateral Commission is the United States version of the European Common Market. And most people don’t realize that America is a member of the European Common Market through the Trilateral Commission, and that the Trilateral Commission is the brain center of the CFR. And our [so-called] born again Christian President is a member of it!

Question: The John Birch Society has exposed the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Illuminati, and many parts of the world conspiracy. Why do you have it listed as a hate group?

Gary Allen, author of the books you mentioned, is associated with the John Birch Society. Gary Allen has said across the country that the problem with America is the fundamental church. I want to say this again, took some time on this last night: I think that a group that gives half truths is worse than a group that is totally different. It is a hate group because it is antisemitic! Its platform, and the American Nazi platform, and the Klans platform, are almost identical! And I have listed them together as part of the Illuminati, not by guesswork, but because I used to have to hand checks to the leaders of the Birch Society!

The Birch Society is just like the Masons, and many other groups

The point is that people who vote in, work with them, and so on, know nothing of their leaders above it. That’s why we say over and over: Have nothing to do with a group that you don’t know 100% about! And when a group tells me they’re good, and they have secrecy, I say, “Why, if you’re good? You only need secrecy if you’re bad!”

That’s why I have men that know everything that I do 24 hours a day

And they know everything about my ministry since I’ve been saved. But when accusations come up, these people will go and do the defending for me.

I will say this: they [gatekeepers, shills, controlled opposition] say parts…

but then they add! They mention these [truths], but then they make the head of the Illuminati, the Rockefellers. And the Rockefellers are not the head of the Illuminati! Second, they make it a Zionist conspiracy. It is not! I’m not a Jew. Nothing wrong with being a Jew, but I’m not! And not one member on the Grand Jury Council is a Jew! And not one member on the Council of 33 is a Jew. And only about eight people on the Council of 500 and the Bilderbergers are Jews. They say, well, the Rothschilds are Jews. So what? They may been Jews a long time ago, but they are not Jews now. They believe Lucifer is God. And Jews do not believe Lucifer is God; they are the synagogue of satan. There is a difference. It’s not a Zionist conspiracy.

Question: What do I think is wrong with Star Wars?

About everything. One, is that everybody that signed a contract on Star Wars is an initiated witch, and had to prove what brotherhood they belong to, before they could get to be a star. Really? Yes! Now, this is fact. We were talking with the people who produced the show. Second, the guy who plays Luke Skywalker on the show, – some of you, from having the television bug, may realize that – he starred in the premiere of ‘Eight Is Enough’. They had him to a contract. And he wanted out of it because it became a series. And he said, “I want out of it”. And they said: “No. Well, we’re going to do a follow-up on Star Wars, called Star Trails?.” And he said: “I want out of it, and you better let me out of it, if you know what’s good for you!”. And they said, No. And he said, “Well, I’ll just finish the show. I’ll cast a spell, and kill one of the leading stars”…. which he did. They let him out of the contract because he turned to the producer, and said, “You’re next”.

The real reason for Star Wars…

is that five of the major doctrines of witchcraft are taught, all the way through the movie. And according to the statistics coming in now, over 1 million people have joined witchcraft because of the movie, since then until now. Now, I talked with the man who hired all the publicity for the movie. He verified everything I’m saying. I also said that, well, I guess about 75%, – and I still believe that 75% of the movie was witchcraft… He said, no, only about 45%. I said, what about Star Trailes [the follow-up movie of Star Wars]? He said, oh, that’s 95%.
I said, well, what about making everybody in witchcraft in it? He says, Oh, they are. Everybody in it has to be. I said, well, who’s going to be the new star? And he said, oh, the guy… And you probably want those names, so I’ll tell you who he plays, for you, women, that like soap operas… He plays Snapper on ‘The Young and the Restless’. Now, that’s not unusual, since the three major soap operas you must be a witch, before you star in them. Young and Restless was the last to go. That’s why there was a big changeover in Young and Restless staff recently. The other two are ‘All my Children’ and ‘Secret Storm’. So if you, parents, think that your kids are the ones that get it all because of the Rock music [alone]…

Question: Is Larry Flynn a witch?

No, he’s a Charismatic. He says he talks in tongues regularly, that Peter and Paul, they come and visit him in person, and have dinner with him. Oh, well, Ruth Carter Stapleton told him that that way it was supposed to be.

Question: My engagement ring is a six-pointed star. Would that have spirits attached, or is it just silly?

Not silly. Could you go and have your fiancé exchange it for another one?
Well, I’ll put it to you this way. There was an extremely high woman in the Eastern Star in Atlanta, Georgia, last Sunday night. She dropped her Eastern Star up, and asked me what the five-pointed star with two points up was. And I told her; I gave her all the facts on it. The ring had about eight diamonds in them. Two of them were over a carat. She took it home, and threw it in the fire place. I mean, you do what you want. She got rid of the ring.

Question: Where does faith in the promises of God apply in the end?

I talk a lot about the end times. I’m sorry that people get afraid when I talk about the end times. But then, if Jesus was Lord in every body’s life, there wouldn’t be any fear. I’m not afraid of the end times. You know, the Christians that went to a thing went rejoicing. See, back then, you only had a sword. And when they sent a legion, which was 100 soldiers, after you, one sword wasn’t going to stop 100 with a sword. But today, one rifle could stop 100 with a rifle. This is something you have to decide. I mean, if you dig martyrism, you know, go on ahead. But the thing about faith in the promises of God is, that I have faith that God is going to let me know when it’s going to happen, is going to let me be prepared for it.

Now, you can imagine how many Christians…

There were 20 million Christians who died in communist countries, when the communists took over in a brutal way. And they were warned, and they listened to other ministers. Just like the people in Jerusalem listened, when Jeremiah tried to warn Jerusalem that it was going to fall. Just like people listened to other people, when Noah tried to warn people that it was going to rain. Now, we’re going to have a lot of people just like the people in the days of Noah. They’re going to be looking up like this. And then, when the rain drops, hitting on their head, they’ll get the message! When the bullets start coming through the door, and when you can’t go to the grocery store, and your electricity is turned off, and it’s 50 degrees Fahrenheit outside, and you’re freezing to death…. you’ll say, I wonder if I could make it to the retreat…. where you won’t be able to then. Then, all I can tell you is, that I believe firmly in the promises of God. And therefore I believe that I am going to see the end times. I believe that I am going to come through it! But if I came to your door, and I said that your house was on fire, and you said, ah, my house is fireproof, and went back up and lay down, and you burn up… it’s not my fault. I’m trying to tell you the house is on fire! It’s up to you whether you get out of it or not. Okay? I firmly believe in the promises of God. And that’s why I believe I’m going to make it. And I believe that God has given most of us ministers a little insight on the end times. I could be a very big minister in this country, have a lot of people back me, that I don’t want to back me…

All I have to do is close my mouth about three things:

the Charismatic movement, the Masons [Freemasons], and what’s going to happen to Christians in the last days. I can’t do it! I can’t let the two groups go untouched, and let people in them not hear the truth. I can, in all honesty, go up to my retreat, close the stores, and sit there eating food.

Now the retreats aren’t for you to stay and hide in it

They’re there to go put your family in, and go back out and minister, so that they have a safe place to go to. I don’t plan on hiding in those days. I may have to carry a bible and a gun. Think of it. I do that anyway. But I plan on fully to keep our ministering. That’s why most of the retreats have printing presses in them. But I can tell you this, that I will survive this thing, and I will not sit up there in a retreat, feeling guilty over anybody else out there, because I’m going to make sure that every place I’m at, they know about it, or I won’t go there.

Question: Do you feel J.R.R. Tolkien, the author of ‘The Hobbit’, and other series, has wrote any of his books on the basis of witchcraft?

Every book written by J.R.R. Tolkien, including the syllable in Milan?, just finished by Christopher, – and you’ll find Christopher’s name on those handouts – was not written by him [Christopher], until Tolkien wrote these things used in witchcraft. They were secrets to witchcraft. And Tolkien was a member, along with another gentleman I’m going to mention in a minute. Both were supposed confessed, born again Christians, but both were members of the Golden Dawn! That’s the Rothschild’s private church in London. It’s the oldest coven in the world. And he gained order, he gained permission, both from the Council and the Rothschilds personally, to take things from ‘The Book of Shadows’, the witchcraft bible, and print them in books. You may think that ‘The Hobbit’ and the books of the Triology, like ‘The Lord of the Rings’, and ‘The Two Towers’, and so on, and the film along, are fairy tales, but they’re the gospel to witches! According to witches, those things really did take place.

If you’ve got them [these books mentioned above] in your home…

You wouldn’t own a satanist’s bible; at least I hope you wouldn’t! I pray for you if you would. And if you wouldn’t own a witchcraft Bible, why would you own part of the witchcraft bible? Now, you could go – and don’t do this! – but you could go to the occult stores, and you could pick up many books, that came out after ‘The Hobbit’ came out, that bear the alphabet of witchcraft: the runes. But The Hobbit released them first, and they were secret upon the penalty of death till then. And nobody could have written them that had not been in witchcraft!

There’s a Christian author whose books are sold in every Christian bookstore

That’s why I don’t like Christian bookstores. He claims that Tolkien is running for the Lord. You forgot to say, what lord? And his books are required reading, before you can join a coven: required studying! His name is C.S. Lewis. You pray about it, but they should go in the fireplace right along! And I’m going to quote from one of Lewis’s books: ‘The pathway to God is like a hall with many doors. They all lead to God’. Not on your life! Jesus says, that anybody who comes other than through Him, is a thief and a robber!

Question: Should a Christian in any capacity physically prepare for the impending takeover?

When I pray for questions like this, I did not think of so many! Well, I already told you, Yes. If you don’t, you’re the one who’s going to have to look at your wife, or your husband, or your kids, and say, I’m sorry, I can’t stop them from coming in the house.

Question: What should fundamental Christians do in the light of things we’ve learned?

Pray a lot, read a lot of the Word of God, win as many souls as you can, before you’re going to go to jail for it. Prepare for the end times!

Question: Who is the son of satan, and who is he by name?

Well, you’ve got, son of satan. They don’t call him son of satan; they call him son of Lucifer. They call him Adam. He’s a person that has a sister, that’s a witch, has a beer drinking brother, and says he’s born again, but only has the fruit of the devil. I think that’ll survive. See, I’m not like a bunch of Christians that I had to put up with for four years, telling me that Henry Kissinger was going to be the antichrist. I say the things I say, because I saw his name in a letter written by Philip Rothschild. It says everything the Illuminati is going to do over the next eight years is: to make the man of peace, – and they gave his name – and then, let’s say, Mr. Adam, the son of Lucifer, is to bring peace to this world. So they’re backing totally, you know, the peanut farmer.

Question about John F. Kennedy’s assassination

John F. Kennedy was killed because he became a Christian. We talked about it last night. If you want to know about it, contact this pastor. He’ll give you a tape of it.

Question: Mr. Todd, what do you look for in the eyes of witches?

Well, you’d have to know…I could line five people up in witchcraft or the occult, and line five people up that aren’t in it. You don’t understand what I mean, but I’ll give you some people’s eyes to look at, which are Stapleton, Jimmy Carter, Cindy Williams, Carole King, Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett-Majors, Faye Dunaway, everybody on the three soap operas, I named. After a while, you’ll get them, you’ll get the idea.

Question: Is there a government within the government of the United States? And what is it called?

Yes, Illuminati.

Question: Is there one earthly leader of the Illuminati? If so, who is he?

Phillip Rothschild.

Question: Are there Christians who take the card or the six six six (666)?

The Bible says: ‘in the hand or the forehead’. As I said last night, you’re not going to believe that an angel is going to come down, and tap you on the hand or the forehead, because it says that God’s people are going to be sealed that way? No, I firmly believe that, as many people know about Bible prophecy, the forehead is the mind, and the hand is your works. [Note: this is John’s personal belief, plus it is said that the first RFID chip was implanted in humans in the year 2013, long after his time.] And man, you’re going to take it there if you’re not with the Lord, when it [the Mark of the Beast] comes! Besides, the card is the way they’re planning on passing it out [first].

Of course, they were planning on passing out world currency several years ago; they’re always changing plans!

If you don’t like what I said, stand on the street corner and probably change the year, you are putting a time limit on the time of the antichrist when he will come. I’m just saying, like I said last night, the Illuminati believe they’re going to gain the world by the end of the year. That starts the Age of Aquarius. That’s 1980. They believe it by an eight year plan that I’ve seen. I have not seen anything go wrong with that plan, yet.
Now, should something go wrong? Should this country start serving God? I’m sure, because the Illuminati believes that the only way, that they’re going to gain control of the world, is through America. Not through Russia – for all you communist hounds, – but through America!
Now, if America gets saved, naturally they’re going to lose it! That would take a mass revival upon the Christian’s hearts first. And I do not believe that God’s kids are ever going to grow up long enough to have one of those [revivals].

Question: What does the initiation ceremony for the witches involve?

The same thing that you do in order to become a Mason, you do to become a witch!

Question: What part do demons play in the writing and performing of Rock music?

Everything. 100%! There isn’t a record album you buy that has not been cast on by a coven, when the tape was first done. That’s mandatory; that’s required! And a demon is ordered to go with every Rock album that comes off of that master tape. So you can go home, and count how many demons you got alone!

Question: You mentioned last night that when Congress begins arguing, that we should begin digging for information about laws being passed. My question is, how and where do we look, who do we question, so forth?

I don’t know! I get my information from places you can’t, but all I can tell you is, you could try. There are [back then] some independent groups in Washington that try to expose things, but since they’re not Christians, I don’t have anything to do with them. I don’t know. I guess, you could listen to Joe Boyd?, Jack Hyles?, and Tom Barry, and John Todd, and other people, a lot, in order to know what’s happening? I really don’t know.

We’re going to start this summer producing the newsletter

If you want on it, you can write us; I guess that’s about the best thing. Our address is back there, and the man running the bookstand has an envelope. Don’t take the envelope, just copy the address off of it. It’s not the envelope. We passed out, and only have one left. And we’ll send you the thing free of charge. We’re going to try and keep up on all the laws, and the things that are happening. We’re also going to be saying a lot more about surviving in the end times.

Without the law, the devil has no power

What is the law… the law? The old law, the old Testament law. He bases all of his upon the law! Not so much the Ten Commandments and stuff like this, but let’s put it this way… Everything outside of grace is law, like everything outside of being a Jewish Gentile.

Question: Since witchcraft is so prevalent, why have so few of us heard anything about it?

Well, if you haven’t heard anything about it, you must have been living in a vacuum! You must never watch television. Praise the Lord if you don’t! You must never read the newspaper. You must never listen to radio, and you must never listen to probably the most preachers. You must never walk into a Christian bookstand, or bookstore.
I didn’t know that anybody didn’t know that witchcraft was the fastest growing thing in the United States today. 

Will the Christians be taken out in the Rapture, before the card is issued?

I have no idea. I can’t answer that. I’m not that good a Bible scholar. Personally, I think that since it is going to be tried out in the United States, before it’s going to be tried out on the world, you’ll probably see it. I believe that personally. Whether you want to believe it, fine. When you can’t go to the grocery store anymore because you don’t have it, don’t say I didn’t tell you! But I [personally] think that, before it is ordered for the world to take it, we will be gone [in the Rapture]. When it’s first passed out [in the beginning], it won’t be – if you don’t take it: ‘I’m going to cut off your head’. [However, in the beginning] it will be, – if you don’t take it: ‘you’re not going to eat, you’re not going to buy, you’re not going to sell’. Later, if you don’t take it, ‘You’re a danger to society, and you must be put away’, [according to the Illuminati].

Question: Where is this Christian retreat? Will it be open for Christians?

Yes, it will be open for Christians. In fact, Christians can come and live there any time they want to build a house! If you don’t want to build a house there, and you want to come there later, then you’ll have to get there with one of the escape routes, and work it out from there. Because we’re not going to open the doors for a bunch of people to come out there, and camp, when we’re trying to get people out of the occult right now. You’ll just have to wait till times are so bad, that you’ll believe. See, the interesting thing about retreat is that you’re going to get up there, and you’re going to say, oh, this isn’t so bad that we’re up here! [No,] then you’re going to want to go back, like Lot’s wife. Well, that’s because things are good because of where you’re at. If you want to go back to the city, and get yourself killed, that’s all right. But we aren’t going to wait until it’s so bad that nobody’s going to still say that I’m crazy. For they’re going to say, “Why didn’t we listen sooner?”’ – John Todd, end of Tape 4a 


Next part is extremely important information, scrubbed from the internet. This is the only video that I could find with the real part 4b! So please listen further in next video, which is Tape 4b, or read further in the Transcript below:


Masons | John Todd’s Confession, Former Illuminati & Witchcraft Priest (4B)


Transcript Tape 4b:

‘The CIA and everybody else know about, but our work is not secret. Otherwise I wouldn’t come up here and say we were planning it. If an organization is good, and it is Christian, then why must it be secret? Why must it not only be secret to the outsiders, but it must be secret between the levels! Its own members aren’t to know what the other members are doing in higher levels!

I read last night from the highest Mason books in here, that proclaimed Jesus Christ the God of evil, and Lucifer the god of good

And they proclaim the Masonic religion, a Luciferian doctrine by Mason’s own mouths and their own books! That proclaims to be a 33rd degree Mason, not an Honerable, but to be initiated 33rd degree, you must commit human sacrifice. Now that is what the Shriners and the Eastern Star and …?, and everything else, is!

I gave symbols last night

You can go to Fresco, you can go to any church that is a functioning satanic church, and the emblem of the satanist churches is the broken cross, back there.

There’s an upside down star with two points up symbolizing the horn god, or the goat, or satan. This was created before the Masons ever existed. And this is their emblem.

Their initiation rites are identical to those that I practice in witchcraft!

Their secret ceremonial rites that we have seen in books are those identical that I practice in witchcraft. Now, if you do the same thing a witch does, if you say the same thing a witch does, if your emblems are the same things that a witch wears, then tell me what the difference is. Give me a difference!

Question: Who is the Antichrist?

I think we covered that.

Question: How can you tell a person is a witch?

Well, since the Christians insist on living like witches, and wearing the same jewelry, and playing the same music, you have to look in their eyes. But then, since Christians do the same things often times, you get the same look in their eyes, because they have the same demons! Since the look in the eyes are simply the demon.

Question: By what procedure will the six six six card be distributed? By mail? How can you refuse mail?

I mean, when you get a package, and there’s no return address, and it’s a little bulky and lumpy, and it’s ticks…. Well, we’ve got a few of those. I don’t know how it’s going to be distributed. They haven’t said. What’s funny, I know all about these things. Nobody else hears them on the news. I don’t know what’s wrong with these people. Oh, I know what’s wrong. Everybody’s watching Laverne & Shirley! They never pay attention to the news. But I know that you are lied to a lot on the news. But if you pay attention, you can hear enough to know what’s happening!

I’ll tell you something, if you doubt anything I say…

And if you don’t believe that the end times are close, and the Rapture is around the corner, and all these things are going to happen…. If you have 179 spare dollars you should have given to the retreat, you can go down to RadioShack, and you can buy a short wave receiver. Not one of these multi band things that don’t pick up anything, but this thing will pick up broadcast anywhere in the world. And when you hear the man that’s the head of the Baptist church in Poland, that’s the church the government sanctions. That’s not the real Christian church.

We monitor short wave, and we know what’s taking place

You only get 10% of the [real] news. If you went and you looked in a history book, or at a museum, where they had newspapers up to two days, including the very morning that the stock market collapsed, the paper said, ‘The Congress and the Government and the President had everything under control’. So don’t believe the newspaper! Probably the day that the antichrist takes the throne, they’ll say, ‘The President’s got everything under control’, and about that day he will.

Question: Do you have any comments on the Coal strike?

Oh, yes. I’ve never prayed, except that when Carter ran against Reagan, I don’t think I’ve ever prayed so hard in my life for something not to happen! I had Christians around the country praying on that matter. The Illuminati almost jumped two years ahead of their schedule, and we didn’t have the retreats ready. If the Coal strike was to continue for 2 more months, 8 million people in the United States would be out of work. Now, when you put 8 million people out of work, you don’t have trouble, real trouble [today]. The only reason we don’t have a depression in this country now, – I think we do have anyway, – is because we have welfare. They didn’t have welfare back then. This country is worse than it was in the thirties, late twenties. Now all I can tell you is this, that in Atlas Shrugged, their code book for world takeover, they destroyed the coal mines. First they destroyed the oil. Then, when all the electric companies started switching over to generators run by coal, then they destroyed the coal. They plan on shutting the city completely off from everything: fuel, electricity, gasoline, and food!

They’re going to make a strike happen

Now I want to say something. When this takes place, it will be too late to go to a retreat. They’re going to cause a mass strike across the United States of the Teamsters. No truck will move. Nothing will be shipped by trucks in the United States for close to a year. During that year, or almost as long, nothing will be unloaded by ship, because the longshoremen will go on strike. No airplanes will fly, not just because the pilots went on strike, but the air controllers went on strike. Only military planes will be in the air. Nothing will go by rail, and – you can watch for this – the bridges over the railroad tracks are going to start crumpling under the trains being blown up. More trains are going to be derailed, to the point that whole towns are going to be wiped out by poisonous gases and explosions! They’re picking the trains, – it’s already been proven – the one that killed so many people with chlorine gas down south, was hit. They let the train hauling nothing go over just before, and then they derailed this one. They know what is being shipped by trains, and what’s on the train, because they own the train. Nothing is going to move!

Now you ask yourself a question

If nothing is brought into the city from outside by shipping to the grocery store, what are you going to buy in the grocery store? You’re not! Even if the farmers go ahead and plant, and don’t go on strike, it doesn’t really matter, because there’ll be no way to get the food to the grocery store. Now, if you don’t think that’s possible, you stop and think of all the small strikes that have happened…. that paralyzed us in a little way. I can remember when nothing got unloaded by the longshoremen, and we didn’t have a lot of goods in this area for a long time! I can remember when the Teamsters went on strike, and nothing was moved! And we saw that just then.

What happens when everybody goes on strike at one time?

Every form of transportation ceases. You say, what about the car? Well, how does the gasoline get to your station, if the Teamsters don’t move it? Then the cars don’t move. Then the coal! Big deal, so the coal miners go back. [But] if the Teamsters don’t move the coal, and the trains don’t move it, you still aren’t going to get any electricity! You think about it.

Sometimes I say things that are very depressing

The apostle Paul said it should be an encouragement. He said the Coming of Christ is a Blessed Hope for a child of God. I look for the day the Lord comes, but I know that Christians, in all likelihood, are going to suffer much before that time. I believe it’s an honor. I believe it’s our privilege to live in this day, to be missionaries, to be evangelists, in this day.

The purpose of this meeting is…

not only to alert Christians, alert Christian’s hearts, but to win others to the Lord Jesus Christ, before it’s too late. To give you an opportunity for the Holy Spirit of God to speak in your heart, advise you of your lost condition. And then for us, to have the privilege of taking the Word of God, and showing you how you can truly be born again. The Bible says, without repentance, there’s no salvation.

We see a lot of confusing things sweeping America today, and even the world

The Bible is still the Word of God. One day, each one of us will be judged according to this blessed book. We live in a day when there’s a lot of easy believers. You walk the church aisle, and take the preacher’s hand, and you drop the water on your head and be immersed, you put your name on a church roll…. but that doesn’t make you a Christian! This evening we’re not trying to make a Baptist of you. We would like you to search your heart. Ask yourself this question: if I would die tonight, am I assured that I would spend eternity with the Lord Jesus Christ in heaven? If you do not know that, you can know, as the Bible says these things, written unto you that if you believe on the name of the Son of God, that you may know that you have eternal life. You can know. You say, I’ve been taught otherwise. Let’s put all you’ve been taught aside.

March 25, 1968, a man came to my home

I said, I’d like you to show me something out of the Bible. I’ve been told a lot. He took the Word of God. Jesus said, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, you must be born again”. I didn’t understand that. Maybe the lost person tonight, you have no idea what we’re talking about. Then he told me, the Bible says that if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God has raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. The Bible says, for with thy heart, man believeth unto righteousness, and with thy mouth confession is made unto salvation.

Folks can say a lot of things with their mouth

They can deceive even their own self sometimes. But it’s what’s in the heart. If you’ll receive Jesus Christ in your heart as your personal Savior, God will do the rest. That’s your part. But he [the man] said, well, I’ll do my part! The only thing you can do is come to Him with a broken, repentant heart. The apostle Peter said, repent and be converted. That’s what you need to do.
As we bow our heads and close our eyes, and no one looking around, and Christians pray, let me ask you this…

Do you know that you’re a Christian?

Some may say, well, how could I really know? How could I be sure? The apostle Paul said, if any man be in Christ, he is a new creation, a new creature, recreated, made again of God! If, any man be in Christ, he is a new creation. Here’s how you can know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, where you stand with the Lord tonight. If there has never been a changed life according to God’s word, not according to this preacher, or any other preacher, according to God’s Word, – and that’s the Word you’re going to be judged by – if you’ve never had the evidence of a changed life, you’ve never received Christ to a repentant heart!
Now let me give you the Bible verse again…. ‘If any man be in Christ, he’s a new creation. Behold, old things are passed away. Behold, all things become new.’

As our heads are bowed and your eyes are closed…

I ask no one to look around. Please, cooperate with us… no one looking around, out of curiosity…
Has there been a time in your life when you were genuinely sorry, not sorry you got caught, but sorry you’d sin before a holy God, sinned against a holy God? And when you came to that God, to that repentant heart, and received His Son Jesus as your personal Savior…. if you did, He changed you. The Holy Spirit of God indwells you. He seals you. He’ll never release you.

You can be certain if there was a changed life

Was there? If not, you need to come this evening. We’ll have the preachers come. I’d like for them to come at this time. They’ll be here at the front. They’ll pray with you. They’ll take care of you, and they’ll help you. They’ll show you what God has to say. I reemphasize not to make a Baptist of you, but to show you what God says, how you can be born again. You take about the terrible days that we have ahead. You say, that’s frightening! My friend, it will not compare to a Christless hell, it will not compare to what you would undergo a million years from tonight in hell, where the worm dies not and the fire is not quenched.

You may have come tonight out of curiosity, but God speaks to your heart…

Will you receive Him? Or your heart is tender… The Bible says, when Christ returns, it’ll be as in the days of Noah, and as in the days of Lot. In Noah’s days, the Ark door was opened. Noah gave the message, Come. Anyone in the world in that day could enter into the Ark, and be saved.
The same thing is true this evening. The crucified Christ, who died in your place, who paid with His own precious blood for your sins, stands with His arms open, and says, Come unto Me. Come unto Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. That same Christ says, I’ll not turn you away. God’s promise is: I will not turn you away. It matters not to God what you’ve done. He’ll forgive the past. He said, I will not turn you away. But for those who reject Him, the Bible says, one day He’ll say to them, Depart from Me, you that work iniquity, for I never knew you! He did not say, I knew you one time, and now I no longer know you. He said, I never knew you. Depart from me! The blessed Savior, who paid the prize, will say to the rejector: ‘No longer come, but go away. You made your choice’.

Would you choose for Him tonight?

Heads are bowed and eyes are closed, and Christians are praying. The preachers here on the platform are praying their concern for your soul’s salvation. Each one of them is saved, walked an old fashioned church aisle, most of them knelt around an old fashioned altar before it was a church or home, or a Baptist church, a holiness church…. no matter where it was, they all had to come the same way: to repent and receive Christ, the Savior. They’re concerned for you tonight, and they love you. They want you to know the Savior. They know. They want you to have an eternity in heaven with Him, that they will have and enjoy. Our heads are bowed, our eyes are closed….’

[Now keep in mind, and imagine the witches and Freemasons and occultists, who are also in the audience, and at this time want to repent of their evil, wicked ways, and leave witchcraft/freemasonry, and invite the Lord Jesus into their lives. Officially, such a decision does carry the death penalty on their head! That’s why John repeatedly urges them not to look around. For out of fear, one might not openly choose for Jesus Christ.]

‘I’d like the privilege, just before we stand together, to pray for you. You’re here and you might say, preacher, I’m unsaved. There has never been a change in my life. I’ve never had the change, but I am concerned… – heads are bowed and eyes are closed – but you have the courage to raise your hand, and say, preacher, I acknowledge that I’m unsaved, and I want you to pray for me. Lift your hand very quickly, and let me have the privilege of praying for you, before we start the invitation. Very quickly. God bless you. God bless you. Anyone else? Very quickly. Folks, this is such a serious matter. Not to become a church member, not to be baptized [in the first place], but to be born again. Not to become a Baptist; we don’t want to make Baptists. We want to make Christians of you! And only God can do that.

Let me have the privilege of praying for you…

I’m going to pray that God will give you the courage to walk the aisle in just a moment. I’m going to pray God will not let you leave this auditorium, and die in a Christless hell. But I would like to pray for you. Anyone else? Very quickly? I’m not sure, preacher, pray for me: how about that. Anyone says, I’m just not sure, maybe I am, maybe I’m not? Then let me pray for you. God bless you. Anyone else? Just hold your hand up till I see it.

You say, preacher, what’s the importance of the hand?

Well, that just detects what’s in the heart. Yes, God bless you now. God bless you. Anyone else wants to be sure about this matter?

First of all, what about that Christian that has let satan have a victory in their life?

You haven’t won a soul to Jesus in so long; maybe you never have. You were genuinely converted, your heart filled with joy, you hated sin. Now you spent too much time in front of the television, and not enough time in the Word. You spent a lot of time gossiping about folks that you’ve been talking to about the Lord, or something. You’ve been trying to handle your own problems. You can’t handle them. You’ve got your life in a mess. You don’t even care much about it. Tonight, ladies, you let me pray for you. You lift your hand, Christians. Say, I know I’m saved. I know I’ve received the Lord, I have sinned again… no one look around, please, be fair to these that have a need… How about Christians? God bless you. God bless you. Any other Christians? God speaking to your heart?

Not this preacher, God is speaking to your heart, and you know it

All right, anyone else? God bless you; I see you in the back. Anyone else? God bless you. I believe here’s what we ought to do. Yes. The Lord bless you. Quickly. Another Christian? God speaking to your heart? I believe those Christians who need help, those Christians aren’t living for God. I think you’ll slip out from where you’re at and kneel around this altar. Get your heart right [with God]. And then we have trust in God to save these that are unsaved. We stand together. Those of you that are Christians, I’m not putting you on the spot. I’m going to pray for you, like I said. We’re going to stand together, and before we sing, I’m going to pray for you. I trust that each Christian that has a need find their way to this altar, and then we’re going to pray, and we’re going to give the invitation. Trust God to save the lost. Let’s stand together, our heads bowed with our eyes closed. We join our hearts together in prayer. Christians, pray with me. Those of you that have a need, why don’t you come ahead right now. Don’t hold back. Come and kneel around this altar, before I begin praying. Get everything right with God. While there may be a dozen people between you and that aisle, come on, that’s it! Amen! Come on, Christians. We’re not going to see unfaithful trades here tonight, so that you’ll get your heart right. Come on, hurry. Hurry on here. Some of you, preachers, pray with me. Come on, let’s do it quickly. You know what’s right.

You say, preacher, you tricked me

I didn’t trick you. You confess! Now God wants to give you the victory, and the devil wants to take it away from you!

Our God, our Father, in Jesus’ name we pray You, take this invitation time. Our God, I pray that You will just take complete control! We plead the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ over the power of the demons, and the power of our God over all the power of satan. You said it’s our victory, if we’ll just take it. And we claim that victory tonight! In Jesus’ precious name, I pray that You forgive these Christians about this ….? God, I pray for those that haven’t had the courage to step out. But our Father, there are folks here tonight that are on their way to hell, and I ask you to save them for Jesus’ sake. Our God, take control of this invitation! Lord, it’s the most important part of this entire service! And we ask you to take control, and glorify Thy own Son Jesus, in whose name we pray. Amen.

Those others that are unsaved, meet me here at the front…. I don’t know what else I can do for you.

I believe somebody tonight, that God is just pulling on your heart

Maybe He is speaking to you like He spoke to Judas. He said, you’re going to die. You’re going to split hell wide open. I believe, when Judas got down to the water to be baptized, the Holy Spirit of God said, Judas, you’re going to die and go to hell! And Judas said, no, I think I’ll go on. He walked the other day with the Lord Jesus. He came down to the garden, and he never thought he never gets there. And he placed that kiss upon the cheek of Jesus. The Holy Spirit must have said to him again, Judas, you’re a traitorous. You are going to die and go to hell! Judas said just a little later, I want to repent. You know, that story in the Bible tells us tonight that Judas has been nearly 2000 years in hell. It’s real … tonight.

You stand here tonight and you say, well, I’m not too bad a person

Judas wasn’t either. He was a good moral man. No record that he ever committed adultery. No record that he was a murderer. Judas was the kind of man that you’d been happy to live next door to. He’d have been a good neighbor! But Jesus said, you’ve got to be born again. You must; there’s no option, you must be born again, my friend. Your goodness will not get you through the gate of heaven!

God is speaking to your heart tonight…

And you’re saying, No. There will be a day when He will never speak to your heart again. Tonight, He brought you here for a purpose. You may not know why. You may think you just came to see the ‘show’. Maybe you came out of curiosity, but God brought you here to save you. Don’t turn Him away.
One other verse, our brother. If no one else comes, we’re going to close the invitation.

Christians, are you grieving the Spirit of God?

God is speaking to you. And you know what you ought to be doing. Some of you are linked up with liberals in the world. God is speaking to your heart, and you know what you ought to do. Won’t you do it right now? Don’t put it off until tomorrow; do it right now. Tomorrow is not sure; do it right now as we are staying. I’d love to take this book! These preachers, any one of them would rejoice to take this blessed book, and tell you what God says.

Do you have victory?

Can you go out of here, a saved person tonight? Only you can make the decision. God gave you the worst enemy you’ll ever have: that’s self-will. Only you can decide. I don’t know why He did it that way, but He did. I don’t know why His blessed Son died for you. You weren’t worth it, and I wasn’t either. But He did it that way. You must come; here’s why.
Let’s bow our heads and close our eyes. Let’s pray again. Two more have come.

There’re Christians here tonight that love God, that stand here till morning, so that you would come and get saved

There’re Christians here that stand and pray all night, for you to be saved. There’re Christians here tonight that will do anything in this world, to see other Christians get right with God. I believe the Lord is still moving. I believe He is still speaking. Christians, would you want to pray with me in your heart in just a few moments of silent prayer, every head bowed and every eye closed, and Christians pressing them to go to the Lord, to God, asking the Lord to save every lost person. The Bible says that He is not willing that anyone should perish, but that all would come to repentance.

It’s not God’s will that anyone will perish; it’s His will that all will be saved

Let’s do our part. Let’s be a surrendering Christian! Let’s not grieve and quench the Spirit of God. Brother …., will you come pray with us? Then we’re going to sing another verse. Again I say it, if no one comes, we will close the invitation. This is the most important part of the service, folks. I mean that with all my heart: this is the most important part of the service. Brother …, lead us please.

Our Father, again, we are grateful for what we are seeing here. And I thank You for the new life?, Lord,  and straightening out the lives of these that have come tonight. Father, we pray for those that are still here and still need to come.
We pray, dear God, for Christians, Lord, that need their lives straight with You, that need to make You the Lord of their life. I pray, heavenly Father, that You deal with those hearts. Give them the courage to step out, say No to satan, and Yes to Jesus. Lord, I pray for the lost in here tonight. I pray, dear God, that You bring the lost. Lord, I pray that You give them the courage to step out, admit the guilt, admit their sins, and come and receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
God, I pray for the indifference that is here tonight. God, I pray that You’d remove the spirit of indifference from them. And I pray, God, that they would …? through the work of the Holy Spirit, and that God would see a real moving of the Holy Spirit, right in this service tonight. Oh Lord, Lord, You know every heart! God, You know every need! O Lord, I pray that You, God, deal mightily with these hearts tonight! Have Your way.
God bless you as we continue this invitation! In Jesus’ name. Amen. Amen.

We’re so glad that you came this evening…. If you want to take the message tonight, we’ll not have enough ready immediately following the service. We do have the message from last night, and the questions, and the message tonight.

If you recorded the message tonight…

and would be so kind of let us copy that, we have a high speed duplicator. It’ll take exactly four minutes, and we greatly appreciate it. This one time, this lady here has allowed us already to copy hers. If we could get some others, if you’ve got a good, clear copy, not of a question and answer session, but of the message previous. If you’d allow us to copy that, then we can choose the best one. And by the way, we can get this out, and sent out between 300 and 500 of the testimony tapes. And we expect to send out about 1200 to 1500 of these. So you see, it’s important for us to have a good copy.

The dirty, low, down devil got into this thing tonight, but he’s not going to be victorious!

Amen? [Precisely this copy, this tape, is terrible to listen at, and exactly this one has been scrubbed from the internet, except one video. Some of John Todd’s videos are messed, with the titles and tape numbers, it appears.]
Philippians 4:13 says, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I can do all things! Amen? Would you say that together with me? Philippians 4:13 says, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Amen. Do you believe it? (Yes!) Now think about it. Do you believe it? (Yes!)

Our friend, if you’re a Christian, there’s no mountain too high to climb

All right, just a moment. Wait a minute. We’re not dismissed yet. Okay, the Todd tapes are right here at the back. If you want the tapes of the other messages, we have various other tapes, you go back here, to your left and around; the ushers will direct you back to the church office. But if you do want the tape mailed to you, you have someone that you want them mailed to. Our tapes are $2 apiece. That covers the mailing and all, and that covers the cost of them. And we’d appreciate that. If you can’t afford to $2, we’ll mail them anyway. But we would appreciate the gift.

We’re glad that you came this evening

Brother, will you sing a dismissal song with us? I’m going to ask you not to move around too much. Folks are being prayed for here at the front and, you know, we would get in such a big hurry. If you were in a ball game, and they were just gone in overtime, they couldn’t drive you out with a shotgun. The Christian people are the most unusual people in the world. They’ll start crowding the aisles 30 minutes before the message is over, basically saying, ‘you have to stop’, if they get used to the preacher; they’ll just start crowding the aisle.

Well, you’ve been in the presence of something tonight, whether you recognize it or not

We look for miracles. Every time someone is born again into the family of God, it’s the greatest miracle ever performed. So let’s remember those things. We appreciate your coming. I hope you’ll pray for the ministry of this Baptist Church. I hope you’ll pray for brother Todd. And just continue to serve the Lord. And we will look for His soon appearing, and hope that none of these things that we hear about happen, that He will take us out first [in the Rapture]. But let’s be ready for them.’’


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John Todd

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