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Amg-news (= 77): Biblical Prophecy Meets Reality: Netanyahu Warns Will “Destroy Damascus if Hezbollah Enters War”  [Don’t join them and don’t login] 

Another hoax? No Evidence of “Iron Beam” (= 73) Deployment in Israel: Videos Debunked

Reuters reports: ‘Israeli attack on Syrian Aleppo airport puts it out of service’  [their logo tells you whom they are and worship] 

Nature Communications (= 69, 77): Creating resistance to avian influenza infection through genome editing of the ANP32 gene family 

Israel Formally Declared War 666 Days Before Obama’s 64th Birthday!  [How they worship their dates] 

Israel Formally Declared War 666 Days Before Obama's 64th Birthday 


Israel-Hamas Psy-Op Date-Numerology Decoded 

CNN (= 11, 13, 55, 216 = 6x6x6): ‘Ring of fire’ eclipse appears over the Americas 

Meningitis Shot? Not! 

World Stage: Fake France School Stabbing 

Over The Weekend, Greenland Gained 14 Gigatons Of Snow/Ice 

Europe Forecast Continent-Spanning Freeze Starting This Weekend; 60,000 Global Weather Stations Have Us At Just 0.15F (0.08C) Above Average; WMO Climate Disaster Obfuscation 

According To NOAA Weather Station Data, The U.S. Has Cooled (2005-2023), despite 44% higher CO2 

“New Little Ice Age Instead Of Global Warming?” 

End Of The American Dream (= 101, 115) straight to our faces, ‘Get Ready, Because The U.S. Is Going To War In The Middle East…’ 

10/10/2023 — Large M6.5 Earthquake strikes Afghanistan AGAIN, Large M6.0 @ Argentina = MAJOR UNREST 

The Limited Times (= 99, 144, 696=666) reports, Germany: Star of David markings on Jewish homes; Israelis in Berlin: “For the first time, they are afraid to speak Hebrew” 

Sport Skeeda (= 44, 133): Is the Ben Shapiro burnt baby photo real or fake? Question everything you see 

Freemason Dr. Mercola reposted, ‘Top 3 Dangers of LED Lights’ 

This Mushroom Compound Is a Longevity Powerhouse 

The wide-ranging health benefits of quercetin 

Benefits of Coffee and Tea 

14 Health Benefits of Spirulina Powder  [skip the lying articles, and the NASA lies] 


Exposé of the week – HelloFresh’s agreement not to disclose its Lab Grown Meats and GMOs 


HelloFresh is the leading provider of meal kit delivery services globally.
More reasons not to buy processed foods….

They claim to have non-disclosure agreements preventing them from saying if they use Lab Grown (synthetic) Meats and GMOs. They omit information on their labels!

Remember, Bill Gates has been pushing lab grown meats for years.
This is Bill Gates’ wet dream. He paid the FDA to agree to not being required to label the food as lab grown. 

These channels, promoted on and by Rumble working along with YouTube, just tell us straight to our faces: 

THEY ARE TRICKING US INTO EATING LAB GROWN MEAT!–they-are-tricking-us-into-eating-lab-grown-meat.html 

Have you noticed the Anonymous mask?

‘So be careful what you buy and eat, especially these new premade meals like ‘Factor 75’ from the massive Hello Fresh. I (the person in the video) called and asked if it was lab grown after noticing a weird texture and they said it was lab grown, but they couldn’t tell me what food was [lab grown] because of a NDA (non-disclosure agreement…).
When does a food product need to have an NDA? 

A lot of people apparently use HelloFresh. I personally will never use those types of ‘food’ services. I choose to buy as local and organic as I can.’ 

Meat in a lab

‘Beyond Meat™ made a big splash when they made sci-fi a reality and created plant-based-but-super-meat-like meat in a lab. Long story short: if it looks like meat, smells like meat, and tastes like meat… it’s not necessarily meat. Their plant-based burger captured our imaginations and taste buds before making it onto the HelloFresh menu in 2019. We expect to see a lot more innovative takes on protein in 2020 and beyond. This is a food trend that’s well underway already.’ They also let us know: 

0% Waste
‘Utilizing whole animal, imperfect fruit & veg, root to stem, and more.’

Food tech
‘Fast and Fresh – With an emphasis on fresh, we could see a lot more food automation and tech.’

What is food tech?
FoodTech is the intersection between food and technology. It involves the application of technology to improve agriculture and food production, the supply chain, and the distribution channel. FoodTech companies use technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to turn the agrifood industry into a more modern, sustainable, and efficient sector in all its stages, from food preparation to its distribution and consumption. 

HelloFresh, what is their mission, do you think?

Our Mission
‘We change the way people eat forever.’ 

Who funded HelloFresh?
Very interesting to know: they were initially funded by Rocket Internet, a German startup studio company.

>>> Notice the black box of Rocket Internet? Always keep your eyes wide open; be vigilant, and be very alert these days!
Now, the company, Rocket Internet, was founded in Berlin in 2007 by three brothers: Marc, Oliver and Alexander Samwer, and was once also connected to the European Founders Fund (‘the Founders behind the Founders’), an associated company.

Who are these 3 Illuminati brothers, in red and black?

WIRED says: ‘They have built high-growth [Illuminati] companies that were acquired by eBay, Groupon and News Corporation. They have used their profits to invest in Facebook, LinkedIn and Zynga. Their Groupon stake was estimated at more than a billion dollars (£640m) at the close of its shares’ first day of trading last November (2011). And their incubator, Rocket Internet, has produced an array of aggressively growing internet businesses in Germany and beyond. 

They are also are among the most controversial!
Mention the Samwer name at an internet conference from LeWeb in Paris to Munich’s DLD, and there’s a good chance you’ll hear them dismissed as “clone” kings, who simply copy existing high-growth web companies, from Airbnb to Pinterest — often selling the businesses back to the people who originated the idea. It’s a strategy that has made them plenty of enemies: “The Samwer brothers are despicable thieves,” serial entrepreneur Jason Calacanis tweeted in December. “How do they sleep at night?” 

Last December (2011), Oliver Samwer was forced to issue a public apology after an internal memo was leaked to TechCrunch: “I will die to win and I expect the same from you,” he told senior staff building an international furniture business. “The time for the blitzkrieg must be chosen wisely, so each country tells me with blood when it is time. I am ready — anytime!… I do not accept surprises. I want this plan confirmed by all three of you: you must sign it with your blood.”’

Note that WIRED clearly functions as a controlled opposition website; never share your data with them. 

Let’s see who is the father of the Samwer brothers…
Sigmar-Jürgen Samwer; he was a well-known lawyer in Cologne (mainly media and competition law). One of his clients was literature Nobel Prize Winner Heinrich Böll and Karl Carstens (who later became the President of Germany). As a teenager Oliver Samwer joined his father on Saturdays in his office.
Sounds pretty Illuminati to me.

Who is the architect, I wonder? The Rothschilds, and satan, who instructs them?
“We are builders of companies, we are not innovators,” one of the brothers tells the gatekeepers of WIRED. “Someone else is the architect and we are the builders.” 

‘I guarantee, people, that you probably shop with satan.
You probably shop at ten stores including the gas situation, the grocery store, department store, and so on… and nine of them probably belong to the Illuminati! There isn’t one oil company that you can buy your gasoline at today, that is not owned 100% by Illuminati stockholders. Shell was the last to go, when they went down. Interesting that that is one of the things that is bringing us to our knees!
The Illuminati owns most, I would say 99,09% of the stores that you walk into and shop, and the gas stations you go to….
And the idea of taking over is to bankrupt the whole world, where nothing is of any value, and the currency does not exist anywhere, and then come back and solve all the problems!’ – the late John Todd 

Their latest story, and why does HelloFresh use fallen angel technology?
How AI and Machine Learning are driving business at HelloFresh

HelloFresh has been heavily investing in AI and ML (Machine Learning) for more than six years now and sees them as key components of its technology platform…. yes, even AI-driven menu recommendations. 

I can’t verify yet if this is true….
One commenter claims: ‘HelloFresh gets its meat from JBS, USA food company. Look it up, mid 2023 JBS started construction on the world’s largest known lab-cultivated meat facility in Brazil.’ 

New JBS Biotech Centre in Brazil
The JBS Biotech Innovation Centre is expected to open before the end of 2024 after construction work commenced this month (September 2023). Set to be the largest food biotechnology research centre in Brazil, it will be located at Sapiens Parque innovation hub in Florianópolis, a city in the south east of the country. 

Is JBS the biggest meat company?
JBS is the largest animal protein company and second largest food company in the world! Because of its global production platform diversified by geographic location and protein types, the company has greater access to raw materials. 

What is the JBS controversy?
Activists have long accused JBS of exploiting the environment and workers. Cattle ranching, along with clearing land to sell timber or grow crops, is driving deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. 

Of course! JBS has made a global promise: Net Zero by 2040. 

Some more brands the Illuminati wants you to eat from. 

JBS meat products, where they’re sold, and under what name brand:
Major stores from Walmart to Costco carry JBS brands. 

It’s not just HelloFresh!
‘In the time since HelloFresh was founded in 2011, Green Chef, EveryPlate, and Chef’s Plate have all come under the larger company umbrella. 

Green Chef is a ‘healthy’ branch of the HelloFresh brand. Its options are catered towards those with special diets. 

EveryPlate launched as a cheaper alternative to HelloFresh, with a subscription fee of just $4.99 per serving. 

Chef’s Plate is a Toronto-based meal-kit subscription and was once on its own the largest provider of meal kits in Canada.’ 

Convenient manipulation tricks that HelloFresh is using, such as:
‘What are you waiting for? Give HelloFresh a try! You don’t want to be de-trendy, do you?’  Do you see the manipulation, too?
I would stay far away from them! 


‘HelloFresh and Everyplate are the same company, so I presume this warning applies to Everyplate as well.’ 

‘Hello Fresh’ selling you lab grown meat labelled as sustainable and humane… not labeled as lab grown.’

‘Factor 75 & Hello Fresh are using GMO & LAB GROWN MEAT & NOT TELLING THE CUSTOMERS!’ 

‘They already are [selling lab grown meat], but they won’t disclose the DNA origin because of a non-disclosure agreement. You’re eating cancer cell steaks from Hello Fresh. 

Furthermore, on YouTube, one can still find some videos about HelloFresh workers who are tired of being exploited.
Soon, only the rich will eat real meat. 

I would say, Don’t eat processed foods and meals.
Also, pray for your food and drink.


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