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‘I noticed that the road itself was moving’: Thousands of toads cover roadway 

CBSnews (= 22, 99, 330, 36 = 666) reports, ‘CDC: Tick-borne illness alpha-gal syndrome may be causing more meat allergies than previously thought’ 

New X logo of Twitter makes the symbol of Freemasonry

New X logo of Twitter makes or resembles symbol of Freemasonry - X X 

Wide Awake Media (= 66, 69) promoting the RFID-chip: Klaus Schwab: Humans Will Have Microchip Implants By 2026 

So-called ‘WEF Whistleblower’: CBDCs Will Be Stored On Implanted Microchips  [Notice, they have such fun about it!] 

7/26/2023 — Large Earthquakes due this week — M7+ due in 2 locations and M5’s across the board 

Earth’s Lowest Temperature Since 2017; Record-Challenging Cold Sweeps Europe; South America And South Africa Cool 

Solar Panel Production More Carbon Intensive Than IPCC Claim; U.N. Moves To Censor Climate Debate Via Wikipedia 

Lancet Distorts Heat Death Data; Drop In U.S. Heatwaves Over Past 75 Years 

The Washington Post (= 223, 99): The U.N. warns ‘an era of global boiling’ has started. What does that mean?  [global warming and climate change have turned into global boiling]

Gizmodo (= 22, 33, 44): Google Is Using a Flabbergasting Amount of Water on AI 

CNN (= 13, 55, 11, 216 = 6x6x6): Google, Microsoft, OpenAI and Anthropic announce industry group to promote ‘safe AI’ development 

Freemason Dr. Mercola reposted: Why a Low-Sodium Diet Might Wreck Your Health 

Fake-banned Dr. Mercola: The Wide-Ranging Health Benefits Of Taurine 

Does Full-Fat Dairy Promote Heart Disease? Research Says No 

Researchers Find Microplastics in Stool Samples 

Sunscreens Contribute to Vitamin D Deficiency! Stunning Results From Sunscreen Testing 

PS  Unfortunately, when it comes to biblical interpretation, Hugo Talks is getting more and more missing the mark, and he often is completely wrong. Because of this, it is no longer worth listening to; it can be misleading to believers and non-believers alike.
Please, pray for him that he may learn to know the Lord Jesus personally.


Exposé of the week  

#Redacted (= 33, 66, 216 = 6x6x6)

Why do they write ‘Re-dacted’?
Re = 13, 18 = 666
Dacted = 222
By the way, ‘Redacted Rebels’ as they call themselves = 201

Freemasons of Redacted - Clavton Morris making the Freemason hand gesture many times 

Hang on! Klaus Schwab is getting AWAY with this? | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris 

26 July 2023  #redacted #claytonmorris #natalimorris
‘We delve into a recent revelation made by a [so-called] banking insider that sheds light on Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and their potential implications. Brace yourself for a shocking disclosure that connects the dots between digital currencies and implanted chips.’ 

If you know some body language, acting is dripping from their faces; they are really bad actors. Furthermore, especially Clavton makes frequent Masonic hand gestures. Learn to know them, then you will see through the scripted news every week more quickly.
Freemasons must tell – straight to our faces – what they are going to do (or already do).
The Bible is just a ‘little book’, Clavton tells us. 

They promote or work along with the Freemasons of
Notice the black and white, and the black box in Freemasonry.

Redacted has an R in the black sun (sun worship) symbol. Also, notice the red, black, and white colors. 

They are well-trained people, without any censorship! It appears that YouTube loves to promote this social media channel…. and many Christians fall for it. 

Around 18 minutes in the video:
Be aware, Natali has been raised a Jehovah’s Witness (of a satanic cult), and therefore, she says, she has read the Book of Revelation many times. However, this cult has its own (false) bible. Nevertheless, she suggests Jehovah’s Witnesses are Christians! And then, she tells a few lies about the Mark of the Beast…. of course! 

Exposing each other (as Masons) to the world is ‘for the greater good’: very important to them. And everyone falls for it; that’s how controlled opposition works. 

At the end (of the video), they want you to rebel, make your voice heard asap, so that they can trace the real Christians among us even better. Do not share your data with them! 

More than 2 million subscribers should already be a red flag.  


All you have to do is read the Headlines, and you already know enough.
Most of these are not as independent as they claim to be as you can see!


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