Breaking News Headlines | Endtimenews & Exposé of the week August 14, 2023

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Website run by Freemasons, fake-censored, reports, ‘Prof. Norman Fenton: Globalists have captured all of the institutions, they’ve got control over everything’ 

Misinformation agent likes us to know: ‘Pfizer tells Senator Pauline Hanson “Nobody was forced” to take vaccines in Australia’ 

Fishy story to scare off true reporters: ‘Police stage ‘chilling’ raid on Kansas newspaper, seizing computers, records and cellphones’  [Don’t fall for this fearmongering; notice the ‘as above so below’ logo] 

The Guardian (= 216 = 6x6x6) pushes for another v@ccine: WHO declares so-called ‘Eris’ Covid strain a variant of interest as cases rise globally 

Maui Wildfires 

Hawaiian Truther on DEW Fires Maui Hawaii Aug 2023 It is Not a Coincidence  [Notice the Masonic M’s] 

Drill…. What are they planning? NYC Health + Hospitals Leads Multi-Agency Training Exercise for Marburg Virus, an Ebola-Like Disease 

German Mountains See 4-Inches Of Summer Snow; Cold Julys From Fiji To The UK; MSM Continues Its… 

Historically Cold Italy; U.S. Ski Industry Reports Record-Breaking 65.4 Million Skier Visits Last Season 

rare and heavy summer snow accumulating over Italy August 2023 

Record Cold Myanmar; Pakistan’s Frigid 2023; Australia’s Snow Warnings; Climate Fraud; Quiet Sun 

GAVI – Agnes Nambozo: A Heroic Nurse’s Quest to Immunise Unreachable Children  [Of course, she was honored by the Rotary Club in June 2023.] 

8/07/2023 — Earthquake activity combines — Spread across Pacific and Asia — USA moving now 

Freemason Dr. Mercola (also fake-banned): More Than 13 Ways Lemons Benefit Your Health And Home 

Two-Thirds of Appendectomies May Be Unnecessary 


Exposé of the week  


US Presidents making the satanic 666 hand gesture 

US Presidents making the satanic 666 hand gesture 

And they won’t tell you that President John F. Kennedy became a Christian, and was murdered by his own people. 

‘The reason that the Christian Church became a threat to the Illuminati is that a particular President existed at that time, and that President, through the man that helped set up the Bay of Pigs invasion, became a Christian! It was one for the Lord, and that’s John F. Kennedy.
They thought they could threaten and force John F. Kennedy back in. They tried for three months. In fact, 30 days before his death, the Pope ordered him to Rome to appear before him, and accept communion at his hand. And Kennedy walked out of the Vatican refusing communion. And that’s when they decided that he had to go. So he [the Pope] ordered his death. So if you’re wondering they are ever going to solve the Kennedy assassination, don’t you believe it.’ – John Todd who spoke the truth.

By the way, the real Biden seems to have been replaced by one or more doubles, or a clone, and sometimes a hologram. Another so-called ‘truther’ of the ‘truth movement’ on the internet without any censorship shows it all. That means: perhaps many truths, but being mixed with lies.

And did you already know that the real Putin – another President – was replaced, too, almost 10 years ago?


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