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Phallus Ritual on the 322nd Day of the Year and a Look at Freemasonry 

Fallout: Coming 11.14.2023  [Notice the video length] 

Breitbart (= 888) working for Rome: ‘Report: Anti-Christian Hate Crimes in Europe Leapt by 44 Percent in 2022’  [Also notice the numbers in this scripted article.] 

Scientific American (= 322) or SCI-AM (= 333) reports, ‘The New Nuclear Age’ (= 216 = 6x6x6) 

BEWARE! Rose Unplugged  [Their connections tell us they are not Christians at all] 

All News PipeLine (= 233, 216 or 6x6x6) – pro-Trump + money baggers:If You’re Opposed To ‘Orwellian Newspeak’ And Having A Govt Of Jackboot Thugs, You’re On The FBI’s Newest ‘AGAAVE’ Watch List Composed Of Well Over Half The Country’ 

This is how they want to lure you into hopelessly fighting World War 3

US Army Recruitment Poster COVID vax NOT REQUIRED - How to lure you into fighting WO3 

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Daughter Zahara Joins Sodomy Cult Alpha Kappa Alpha 


CNN (= 11, 13, 55, 216 = 6x6x6) reports, as if they were totally ignorant for 50 years: ‘Common pesticides in food reducing sperm count worldwide, study says’ 

IJ (= 33, 609 = 69) with the eternal flame: ‘New Jersey Parents File Federal Class Action Lawsuit Challenging State’s Secret Retention of Newborn Blood for 23 Years’   

Global Volcanic Uptick And The Potential Implications: New Study Shows How Historical Eruptions Triggered Global Cooling 

Rare ‘Ice Windows’ Form On Alaska Lakes; Anchorage’s Historic Snow Totals; Sahara Expert Says Desert Is Shrinking 


All you have to do is read the Headlines, and you already know enough.
Most of these are not as independent as they claim to be as you can see!


Exposé of the week – ‘Svali Speaks’? ‘Svali Speaks Again’? Svali disconnected!



There’s something very fishy going on here….
Why is a website with the obscure title ‘FoxyFoxSubstack’ posting about ‘Svali’ after she vanished in 2006? 

FoxyFox = 69, 115, 444
Saturn = 69
Lightbringer = 69
The World Powers = 69
New World Order = 69
Catholic Church = 69
The Jesuit Order = 69

Foxy Fox blog

>>> They claim that Svali was suddenly a Jesuit oracle as well, and that Amsterdam (and not another city such as Rome, or London, or… for example) is the centrepiece of it all. >>>

FoxyFox writes: ‘Svali Interviews by Gabbi Choong, including Transcripts’
‘Incredible survivor Svali joins us to share some of her lived experiences within Illuminati / Jesuit cults where she was trained as a programmer and an oracle. This week we discuss the horrific practice of child trafficking that is a huge money spinner for the cults. Svali shares how Amsterdam, sin city, is the centrepiece of these operations. She recounts her own experiences amongst brokers that deal in our most vulnerable, seeing countless children and infants transported, handled and sold to powerful families, auction houses and sex clubs.’ 

And: ‘Svali has written a book called Breaking Free of Cult Programming and along with her blog, she shares her breakthroughs and journey deprogramming and getting free from the trauma bonds and mind control that enable these groups to enslave individuals and through this our world.’

Really? Did the real Svali write that book with such an occult cover image? I mean, Google has no problem showing us that you can buy that book everywhere! 

Now discover the connections!
And why does Foxy Fox promote the following so-called website from ‘Svali’ or a website dedicated to ‘Svali’, yet another website? 

>>> Then jump to: ‘About the author’:
‘Hi, my name is Svali….’ >>> as if Svali is the author of this website which isn’t the case at all. 

Now scroll further down where you can find some addresses that they promote as being ‘safe’ for ritual abuse survivors, such as: 

ONE VOICE, PO Box 27958, Washington DC 20038-7958 Phone: (202) 667-1160: the mailing address of A.C.A.A. (American Coalition for Abuse Awareness) 

When I paste ONE VOICE, PO Box 27958, Washington DC in the search bar of my browser, it brings me to this Masonic website, with the same mailing address, mmmhh: 

Are they trying to track and trace you back? Almost certainly! As a survivor, I would stay far away from all these unknown addresses and websites mentioned on Svali Speaks (or Svali Speaks Again). It might be a huge trap, you know. 

The second website they mention is ‘Kennedys and King’ with the eternal flame and some prominent figures making Masonic hand gestures on top. 

So I picked only two (website) addresses from that list.
But that is not all!

Svali on the truth about child trafficking

which I unfortunately used in my new post about ‘Svali’: 

I distinctly remember immediately thinking, ‘Hey? Is that really Svali’s voice? It sounds different, and colder, too! So yes, maybe the Lord wanted to make it clear to me back then, but I thought, ‘I’ll watch it and keep an eye on Gabbi’.
So the voice you hear in the video actually made me doubt, whether this is really Svali. But I ignored it at the time. 

I asked a visitor to Eindtijdnieuws to bring it to the Lord as I did….
The same website visitor I know personally again confirmed my suspicions: that there was something ‘strange’ going on. When in danger, the Lord usually alerts her by giving her a certain sensation in her hands, for she regularly gets free stuff from people, and sometimes there is something wrong with these objects that she should not take in, but destroy. Call it a spiritual gift; she is always right.
So she listened to this ‘video voice’, which might very well be an AI-generated voice of the real Svali, and immediately got that sensation everywhere. A severe sensation, not a slight sensation! Also, she noticed the typical robotic in the voice: a tinny voice with a certain rhythm, the same intervals every time…. 

I myself did not feel the Holy Spirit in this ‘Svali’ either, but more of pride in her voice, poor articulation, and almost a snooty voice at times.
And Gabbi Choong might be acting very well here, but about that later. She does a good job of pretending to be surprised at what she hears, and interested, but no. Gabbi might also know all the answers that come…. rehearsed. 

A lot of people are just in danger now, I honestly think, being as gullible as I used to be. ‘As the worth is, he trusts his guests’, goes a well-known Dutch proverb. This is such a pity!
Listening to this video, almost makes you feel miserable and weird. And what must this not all trigger in victims of abuse and satanic ritual abuse, I wonder! 

I am thankful that the Lord saved us from further deception, and that this examination was not in vain. I thought that morning, ‘Should I be doing this’? But I’m glad I did it, which satan probably didn’t want me to do. However, one of my tasks seems to be, exposing our spiritual enemies (following a dream also that I received from the Lord). 

Amanda Buys seems to be pure, but I am not 100% sure. 

Furthermore, we see no censorship (on YouTube, among others). Now, when you would really reveal full truths in these days, you would first be pretty sh@dowb@nned, then restricted, and then deleted…. erased! 

Moreover, Gabbi Choong uses typical New Age phrases, another red flag! 

Question: are all of her ‘guests’ part or puppets of the club? I don’t know. Therefore do your own research on each person who is invited before you blindly assume everything as being 100% truth. Don’t even trust me but do your own homework. 

For example, Lisa Meister, a so-called ‘SRA survivor’, from ‘Only God Rescued Me’…. but which god? Now, here comes the big shocker:

This Lisa Meister is in touch with Gabbi here: 

But, the same Lisa Meister was also LIVE on video with satanist Jessie Czebotar, whom Altiyan Childs – the real Altiyan Childs – warned me about years ago:

I am both a satanist and a mason [Freemason] – Jessie Czebotar

I am both a satanist and a mason [Freemason] - Jessie Czebotar 

And we all know that Jessie Czebotar acts like a true Christian, don’t we?
Note: it could also very well be that Lisa Meister is deceived, and therefore not part of the club. 

Got it! No doubt about it: 

>>> The top two persons are close friends of Jessie Czebotar, with whom this satanist as she calls herself, often went LIVE. I stopped listening to Jessie long ago.
And guess who’s in the club there…. Indeed, Gabbi Choong! >>>

“We caught up with Bruce Shillingsworth to hear about the gathering of sovereigns in Canberra in the lead up to 15th January
History is being made through the first sovereign communities coming to life here on this land.
Through truth, unity and love we create heaven on earth

No longer any doubt about Gabbi Choong.   🙁
Sometimes I wish I could still reach Altiyan Childs. 

And so it gets crazier and crazier. They are just CONs, SHILLs, double agents, puppets of the occult cult, CIA agents undercover, intelligence agents, you name it.
Personally, I don’t think Gabbi is deceived, but knows very well what she is doing, and/or is just doing it for the money. 

I believe Svali’s disclosures, and real help for survivors, caregivers, and social workers, from before 2006, the year she disappeared, were pure: from the real Svali. You could ‘taste’ or feel the Holy Spirit in her articles sometimes, and the real help she offered, which one misses with Gabbi Choong. 

The same warning sensation was experienced when seeing Gabbi Choong together with her partner. Nothing Christian, rather the opposite. It is therefore very possible that they are frauds, with the goal of tracking you, through many truths mixed with lies, which David Elias Goldberg warned us about in time. 

Gabbi’s Facebook tells us a lot….
Remarkable: Gabbi Choong has a totally different look there, a less innocent look than in the LIVE interview. And why is she screaming for money? But that’s how the spiritual enemy works, as a controlled opposition, chasing your data and your money; and these are their puppets. Of course, many of these puppets have been deceived as well. That’s why we need to pray for them, too. 

Gabbi Choong also posts on this kind of website as you can see, written by herself, as a Christian?  

while the website screams for money, and shows us who they are sponsored by: companies I don’t trust at all, but could rather be controlled opposition.
And how on earth do you get on such a website? 

The use of New Age language in Gabbi’s Facebook group
And here Gabbi Choong uses words and phrases that even the New Age would use and the Truth movement, for example: together, we are the change, unity, freedom, take action (physically meant), the great awakening, rise and rise up, vibes (vibrations!): 

Truth Justice Freedom for Children  [Facebook doesn’t allow me to link the Facebook post below]: 

‘May 31, 2021 

Welcome to our group for June 26 when the world rises for children✊🏼💖🔥 

People all over the world are uniting to demand Truth Justice and Freedom, especially for our children. Courageous survivors are rising up & speaking out to end the suffering, exploitation and ritual abuse of children.

Together we are the change 


We are looking for supporters to meet and greet, hand out flyers, hold banners and help with the schedule. A great opportunity to take action for children and bring your awesome vibes for the day. 

Rise up humanity it is time🌈💓🕊💫
#lovewins #thegreatawakening #freedom
Jeanette Archer WeHearYou Truth Justice Freedom for Children

SIGN AND SHARE OUR PETITION WITH OVER 55,000 people to say enough is enough, the people stand united to protect our children…/australian-government-and-high

Petition already tabled in Parliament by Andrew Wilkie 10 November 

And at the bottom of the post above we see a lion (depicted with one eye), a beloved Masonic symbol. 

Never, ever, share your data with Gabbi Choong either in a so-called ‘petition’ or in participating in a physical protest with banners. This way, you play right into the hands of the enemy and they can track and trace you even better, and tag you with an ID. The well-known TTID program.

Gabbi’s personal Facebook

Also noticed the blue and red? Could be a coincidence of course…. 

And then my eyes fell on this photo: 

>>> Noteworthy was the following comment under Gabbi’s photo:
‘Satanic flowers on your dress, hiding in plain site!!!’ 

Svali’s current websites somehow also don’t match the facts, which she mentioned before the year 2006. 

Be aware that one can even put a false profile of a person on LinkedIn these days, simply to try to debunk everything about a person – in this case Svali, for example. 

The same visitor to Eindtijdnieuws also received a word of knowledge when she asked the Lord if Svali was still alive. She immediately got 1 word in her mind, namely the English word: ‘disconnected’. 

Disconnected: Perhaps Svali as an ex-Illuminati member is currently no longer online, and is she safely somewhere else, disconnected from the rest, from the people who could bring her into danger. 

Disconnected: It could mean that she has only disconnected from the Internet for her own safety. That would mean that the current ‘Svali’ is not the real Svali, who speaks in videos and supposedly has her own current blogs, but an AI figure, or someone who replaced her, kind of a fraud…. 

Disconnected from the current websites, totally disconnected: that she has nothing to do with it and that it is beyond her, and that her data, and truths of the past are being used and misused by adding disinformation to it, but also to track (real) RSA victims and runaway Illuminati members: through TTID, which the late David Goldberg warned us about: 

Oh yes, they can now completely mimic someone’s voice (and profile and photos). The technology exists, to replicate not only someone’s online behavior and personality, but also their voices and physical characteristics! They will find someone they don’t like, kill them, and replace them with these AI avatars that serve to convincingly replicate everything about them online, over the phone, and on video, except for their actual physical existence. 

Disconnected: Unrelated, disconnected events, disconnected thoughts, disconnected articles, disconnected from anyone else… In other words, disconnected from the real Svali, not connected to her, and disconnected from reality. 

That book cover, ‘Svali’ never wanted it that way, but then I think, why then was it published that way?×1024.jpg

For me, that was where the red flags began to emerge. 

Moreover, why is the current Svali connected with Freemason Fritz Springmeier, and did they set up some kind of information website together?

You read that right, Fritz Springmeier, the same person/Freemason, who once left John Todd in jail and helped betray him!
I was a bit shocked by that! Like the fact that Corrie ten Boom did not realize, that she was invited to speak at a meeting led by Katrine Kuhlman, a witch. Believe it or not, and another prominent but false teacher/pastor, and possibly more. She was blind to the Freemasonry/Illuminati unfortunately.
Just like Derek Prince totally failed to realize – even at the end of his life? – that Billy Graham really did work for the Vatican, and that he was a Freemason, a 33rd degree Mason. 

So people like Gabbi Choong with her partner should be Christians, standing up for child abuse, especially SRA? My conclusion is that it is quite possible that she is attracting real victims of satanic ritual abuse, in order to extract data. That thought has crossed my mind a few times already; perhaps the Holy Spirit wanted to make this clear to me. 

Furthermore, they believe that Freemason Russ Dizdar was pure. 

On her Telegram channel, without any censorship, Gabbi Choong too often links to Masonic websites and channels as if they bring the complete truth. 

Don’t fall off your chair.
Be alert, be vigilant, because the deception is humongous, dizzying!


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