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Some American AI said the US’ moon landing was fake… Very interesting indeed! 

jward passin’ thru (= 201, etc.) – Freemasons want their Brotherhood to know: ‘At 4AM this morning, two-thousand (2,000) troops at Moody Air Force Base were called and told, “Be at the base by 6AM, packed and ready to deploy” 

Study finds vitamin B12 is a key player in cellular reprogramming and tissue regeneration

‘Operation M.O.A.R. the mother of all revelations’ (= 911) with their so-called whistleblower, straight to our faces, promoted by X 

Illuminati member Henry Kissinger Dead at 100 by the Numbers – Updated  [Correction: he only was a Jew by birth, not by faith] 

12/02/2023 — Large M7.7 strikes West Pacific Philippines 

12/03/2023 — New Large M7.0 Earthquake and 50,000ft Volcanic Eruption – Pacific Unrest Spreading 

Christmas Is Pagan! Satanic Holiday Exposed! Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

Firstpost (= 101) reports, ‘Why China is asking 7-year-olds to do ‘military drills’ 

One of Snowiest Ever Novembers in the Alps  [Instead of Electroverse, climate news free of charge 😊] 


After 33 Years ‘Home Alone’ Star Macaulay Culkin Gets Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame 

Coldest November night in Copenhagen (airport weather station) in 104 years 

First woman to serve as a U.S. Supreme Court justice, member of the club, passed away 

Website run by Freemasons, reports, ‘Powerful ‘Cannibal’ solar burst will hit Earth tonight. Widespread auroras predicted’ 

Totally coded title: ‘Watch a massive ‘canyon of fire’ explode from the sun’ = 333, 555, 216=6x6x6 

This Christmas, Transhumanism: The Decline of Humanity 

Henry Kissinger dies

Freemason Henry Kissinger died - symbols 


Charlie Munger of Berkshire Hathaway Dead at 99 by the Numbers 

They’re Using the CONVID Playbook All Over Again; this time, it’s the so-called ‘White Lung Syndrome’ = 88, 69  [fearmongering] 

14 Powerful Benefits Of Raw [bio] Garlic 


Exposé of the week – Exposing Global Events and Their True Purposes with Freemason Dave Hodges 



iConnectFX is just an extension of YouTube 

iConnectFX = 36, 113
Apocalypse = 113
The Start Of World War Three = 113
The Brotherhood Of Saturn = 113 

113 is also the number of deception. 

I decided to watch the whole video below, really filled with so many lies, and of course some truths in it:
These people are just playing both sides, and possibly being paid by the UN and/or CIA, Mossad, or other intelligence agencies.
It really is a very crafty video; it also promotes some other Freemasons throughout the video. So I thought, this is one of the very little audios of his I want to listen to, also given the title:

Exposing Global Events and Their True Purposes 

‘Exposing Global Events and Their True Purposes with Dave Hodges.’ 

Some important red flags that I personally noticed:
Dave Hodges claims he has been working with the government; that means he is part of the same club because you don’t just step out. Then I noticed the following: 

“…. and I [Steven] knew that (’that’ is his so-called Intel information) from the highest sources you can get!” And then Steven Ben-nun (not his real name) quickly corrects it, in order to look not too suspicious (just look at his face at that point), and he says: “At least I could get, I should say”. His body language also says a lot: he is lying in this and looking away, like ‘Oh help, what have I said now!’
Yes, he is connected with the CIA, with the Pentagon, the White House, with many other Freemasons, New Agers, perhaps Illuminists, etc. One is able to know this through all his public connections, among others.

We know already that both Dave Hodges and Steven (and Jana) Ben-nun from Israeli News LIVE (= 666) with its 6-pointed star (the most evil sign in the occult world!) are full Freemasons and controlled opposition, playing fake censorship. Of course, they have to. So, many truths, mixed with many lies. 

Dave and Steven just foretell us….
The next step in the Illuminati plan is a next pandemic with a next virus, a sort of smallpox: a new version of Ebola (which is deadly), but also another one.
And of course, China and other countries ‘have done’ all the bad things, not the Illuminati, for example.

Furthermore, they are pro-Trump, making you still believe in politics.
Please, also don’t listen to their China, Wuhan, Russia, and Ukraine deception! Rather listen to what the late John Todd revealed to us about China, and messed up ‘their’ plans by doing so:

Illuminati map with complete timetable for complete world control
“It was in 1972, when I [John Todd] saw the map. I was saved on Labor Day. The map was one of the main reasons I was saved. I wanted to leave after I saw that map. The map was a complete timetable, giving the Illuminati complete world control, without China, within eight years! Why without China? They plan to eliminate China completely to disband those who want to rule, and dismantle and obliterate them. Let that sink in for a moment.” 

Steven is almost lying and performing all the time in this video:
“I was groomed up at an early age in the CIA”, and plays again a very innocent person, as if he knew nothing about, for example, the drug smuggling, and all the bad things that ‘they’ do. Again, he is looking in the sky, thinking how he should make this lie reliable again.
Steven Ben-nun worked (and probably still works) for the CIA in the 80s until 1991, 7 years, he says. He knew a lot of politicians (high Freemasons and or Illuminati!), and of course he adds, “I was always a fly on the wall”, looking high up in the air. And his partner he worked with was an assassin. When Steven is telling all this, there is much coughing and changing of body language, which is also a sign of lying. 

Oh, and in the first part of 2024, they are planning full war: world war III.

Listening to the video a second time for this exposé was a waste of my time, so I’ll leave it at that. I’ve better things to do, like praying, also for these people, maintaining my relationship with the Lord, reading my Bible, writing about true news and true testimonies, preparing for what is coming, warning people, etc. 


An article titled, ‘Reporter Admits Most Media Work for CIA, MI6, Mossad’, with the help of a so-called whistleblower-journalist, functioning as a gatekeeper, tells this website run by Freemasons some interesting truths mixed with lies:

The truth, however, is that it’s also the alternative media that is paid to do the same thing, and not only paid by the CIA, MI6, or Mossad, but by the UN, the Illuminati, the governments, etc. Never forget that the Illuminati works hand in hand with the CIA and Freemasonry!

And do you really think it’s China who controls universities? I don’t think so! More about universities, you can read here.

By the way, John Todd also warned us about America, not Russia: “The Illuminati believes that the only way, that they’re going to gain control of the world, is through America. Not through Russia – for all you communist hounds, – but through America!”…. and I could go on and on and on. 


What is Dave Hodges’ website? 

Perhaps you already noticed the pro-Trump narrative, the blue and red colors, and especially the 5-pointed stars: pentagrams.
Now, who is one of the website writers & video makers?
Right, Paul Joseph Watson….

No censorship at all, do you see, almost 2 million subscribers, and promoted and approved by YouTube (the Illuminati):
Henry Kissinger’s Final Warning
Submitted by Dave Hodges on Saturday, December 2, 2023 – 18:22.
And go to the video in the article:

Proof Paul Joseph Watson is working along with Dave Hodges as a writer: 

So Dave Hodges also appears to be connected to Freemason Steven Ben-nun. Therefore, always test the spirits for you will recognize them by their fruits, such as their connections, their friends, their lies, their teachings, etc. 


And what is this image on Dave’s website linked to?
Aha, more black sun and pyramid worshippers, all working together in unity:
Yes, you are invited to join the whole club! 

‘Hear the watchmen – worship, restoration, revival’ = 216=6x6x6  

On the left we see that specific picture, that made me curious due to the occult symbols in it: the curled serpent, a cross, the fallen angel wings, 3 pyramids, the lightning bolts, etc.
When I clicked on it, it brought me here:, whose name equals 911. It could be a coincidence, of course. And that image in the middle reminds me of the Masonic square and compass.

Hear the watchman Dallas 2024 WebBanner with Dave Hodges, Paul Begley, Dr. Carrie Madej, John Moore 


Furthermore, please do not fall for the gnostic lies of the Kolbrin Bible with the sun worship on its cover, from which Steven teaches! Whoever he may be, the ‘fruits of the tree’ should be obvious enough. Moreover, didn’t God’s word warn us against false teachings, false teachers, and doctrines of demons for nothing?


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