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DEEP (= 15, 22, 66, 322) Sentinel underwater habitat system will bring humans a permanent base underwater by 2027 

World War III has [officially] been declared, Pope Francis says 

Thousands of Birds Appear Distressed – What’s Going On? 

More staged and scripted news: ‘201 Hostages Are Still Being Held By Hamas!’ 

Breast implants, histamines, and MK Ultra – Our mental states are intimately intertwined with the inflammation in our bodies

Breast implants, histamines, and MK Ultra - Our mental states are intimately intertwined with the inflammation in our bodies


Moms Across America (= 88, 223) reports straight to our faces, ‘Contraceptive and Harmful Antibiotics Found in Top Ten Fast Food Samples’, written by ‘ZEN HONEYCUTT 53GS’ = 666 

Masonic website CharismaNews (= 44, 66, 69) reports: Freemason/Luciferian Tom Horn died from a heart attack  [Notice the eternal Luciferian flame logo] 

Keep in mind that it’s often more serious than ‘they’ let us know.
Wildlife Rabies Vaccination Project Protects People and Pets

WEF (= 15, 33, 911): Why drones (= 33, 69, 99) need to be part of public healthcare in India  [and worldwide] 

World Stage: First Humanitarian Aid Arrived in Gaza  [heavily coded] 

BEWARE! Now you can be a student of magic! Exeter University becomes first in the world to offer courses on history of witchcraft and its impact  [Todays Jesuits run university indoctrination system]

The Gaza Hospital Bombing 

Children’s Health Defense (= 111, 115, 201) reports, ‘Google, Microsoft, Facebook Among Tech Giants Illegally Harvesting Private Health Information’ 

World Stage: Staged “Terror Attack” in Brussels with Two Swedes “Shot Dead” 

Joran Van Der Sloot Admits To Killing Natalee Holloway 

322 Skull And Bones Connection To The Israel Hamas War 

Polar Bear Researchers Caught Hiding Significant Population Increases In Southern Hudson Bay; Greenland SMB Riding Above 1981-2012 Average 

One-Third of USHCN Weather Stations Have Been Decommissioned, Yet NOAA Still Uses Their ‘Phantom’ Temperature Data 

Europe’s Polar Plunge 

Freemason Dr. Mercola reports, ‘Intranasal Genetic Injections Are Here: Oh No’ 


All you have to do is read the Headlines, and you already know enough.
Most of these are not as independent as they claim to be as you can see!


Exposé of the week – What Israel is About to Do Will Shock the World! 


Freemasons Bill Salus and Janie DuVall made a video in order to shock and mislead us:

What Israel is About to Do Will Shock the World! the cross in the background is almost falling…

Bill Salus repeats the fake stream media narratives as if they were the full truth:
“Recent headlines said they were just two weeks away from having sufficient fissile materials. This is about a week ago to put together a nuclear weapon if they don’t already have one. And they have recently displayed that they have a Hypersonic ballistic missile that can travel to Israel in 400 seconds which is 6.66 minutes, 5 times the speed of sound, and can carry a nuclear warhead and can hit anywhere in Israel, plus they have ballistic missiles they can get there in, they say, in 8 minutes, and they’ve had those for a while, so that’s the big issue…”

To me, not worth listening to…
I did listen, but he barely articulates, and seems uninterested in his listeners, other than just his brother-believers in the brotherhood. His speech is without salt, almost without any emotion. And God knows which Bible verses he may be twisting and taking out of context. 

Please remember, Christianity is big, big business! This means: many truths mixed with some lies, in order to distract you from our Creator.
Also, notice the fact that YouTube is promoting this video and the channel of Jamie DuVall.
And Jamie DuVall appeared several times in Sid Roth’s shows… another Freemason.
They play both sides; they are all part of the club!

Now let’s take a look at Bill Salus’s channel…

Prophecy Depot Ministries Bill Salus 

Prophecy Depot Ministries Bill Salus = 696 

My eye fell on one video, which I didn’t listen to:

Iranians Learn Bible Prohecies (Elam and the Rapture)

>>> Below his video, it says that it was filmed in the studios of Iran Alive Ministries. Hormoz Shariat is the founder of Iran Alive and the host of the TV show, who interviewed Bill Salus in April, 2014.
Notice the Masonic V sign at 0:04, notice the blue and red in the studio, and notice the big V in their logo. They are Freemasons, dear people. They are not Christians, nor can you feel or experience anything of the Holy Spirit in them. 

Who is behind this ‘Iran Alive Ministries’?

>>> First, we notice the Masonic symbol with the Luciferian cross and a sun in the middle (sun worship), and the blue and red colors.
Now, do you really think that ‘God is transforming Iran into a Christian nation, one soul at a time’?
Iran is governed and controlled by the Illuminati, not by Christians: 

‘Iran’s parliament building is a giant pyramid with 33 windows, representing the symbolism of Freemasonry. They work together on this; Iran is basically a Luciferian subordinate, used as a convenient bogeyman. No one else sees that Iran is part of this; they don’t see the real picture here.’ – the late David Goldberg 

Iran's parliament building, a giant pyramid with 33 windows, representing the symbolism of Freemasonry 

So this ‘god’, who is transforming Iran, is satan/Lucifer. 

What is the V sign that we just saw? 

WikipediA says, ‘The British Prime Minister Winston Churchill [a famous Freemason] is one of the first people to have used the V sign. It is often interpreted as indicating the word “victory” which was widely used when the Allies won World War II’. 

So the ‘V’ sign, made by holding up the index and middle fingers, initially was used to signal victory by Allied nations during World War II. Anti-war activists later adopted it as a symbol of peace, and today the gesture is known as ‘the peace sign’.

What’s really behind the peace symbol?
‘The peace symbol up there is not the peace symbol. I didn’t have to do the initiation that contained the ‘broken cross’, because I was born into witchcraft, and that wasn’t necessary. And people who have no Christian background do not have to do it. But if a person raised in the Christian church, whether they were Christian or not, wants to join witchcraft, they must take a ceramic cross, turn it upside down, and break the crossbars down, symbolizing their rejection of Calvary and the Christian church. This is said to bring you peace of mind, while you practice witchcraft. That is where it got the word peace symbol from. We have called it the peace symbol for the last twenty years. They called it the broken cross for several hundred years. Now which are you going to believe?’ – the late John Todd who became a Christian 

So TPTB, who also control Iran, introduced the peace symbol, which in reality is intended to represent a broken cross, in order to mock Jesus and His finished work on the cross of Golgotha by shedding His blood for you and me! 

Peter said to them, “Repent, and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit”.  Acts 2:38 

These false ‘christians’ will never reveal to you that mystery Babylon is the Illuminati, and their religion, witchcraft. Plus they make you believe it’s still coming while it’s already been here for some time: 

Mystery Babylon aka The Coming Roman Empire
>>> You only need to read the title of the video. 

Come out of Babylon! the Bible tells us.
The whore of Babylon is the Catholic church. Babylon represents the Illuminati. And their religion is witchcraft! Spiritual Babylon, representing the false religious system of the last days, is deceiving all nations with witchcraft before judgment falls. 

Revelation 18:23 talks about Babylon’s future
…. and the light of a lamp will never shine in you again; and the voice of the groom and bride will never be heard in you again; for your merchants were the powerful people of the earth, because all the nations were deceived by your witchcraft. 

So do I trust this man who has uncovered The FUTURE WAR Prophecies?
Well, I don’t trust his sources for sure, nor the timing of the Gog and Magog war! 

Bill Salus claims to have the exact outcomes including how Israel will defeat each of their enemies.
Of course, for it’s partly scripted by TPTB! They just make known their plans in plain sight!
Bill revealed how Israel becomes the next Middle East superpower…
In my opinion, they wait with eager anticipation for the coming antichrist – the false christ – to be revealed. And Bill’s so-called ‘equipment’ is for his fellow believers in the brotherhood who will be left behind, if you ask me.

Prophecy Depot Ministries
>>> We can see that Bill Salus promotes other Freemasons on his website; test who are his connections! And follow the money… 

Bill Salus Net Worth


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