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Redacted (= 33, 66) ‘reveals’: You’ll NEVER guess what the SIMPONS predicted. Again? DOH! 

Freemason Michael Cowan claims: ‘Death Of The Dollar BRICS Announces Gold Backed Currency!’  [It will be worthless! 

7/16/2023 – Large M7.2 (M7.4) earthquake in Alaska – Seismic spread ongoing – West coast warning  [Equivalent to 59.5 atomic bombs] 

Cool U.S.; Southern Africa Is Still Freezing; Moscow’s Year Without A Summer 

Website run by Freemasons reports: World Economic Forum Admits Taking Away Everyone’s Car is Their Actual Goal 

Summer Snows Slam Northern India, Effort Underway To Rescue 300 Trapped Tourists; Millions Of Aussies Hit By “Brutal Cold Snap” 

NEWS by 7grainsofsalt [with some of the links copied here below] 

BEWARE! FDA recommends update to COVID vaccine against latest strain 

Freemason Pat Robertson, ‘christian’ evangelist and former presidential candidate, dead at 93 

Freemason Rick Joyner Hospitalized Following Series of Strokes 

CDC still wants you… Wear a Mask So You Won’t Get Sick 

TPTB want you to get hooked to the Yoga-demon: ‘Day of Yoga 2023: “It unites body and mind, humanity and nature” | United Nation Chief’ 

FEARMONGERING: King Charles: Climate CATASTROPHE Countdown Clock with Sadiq Khan 

Don’t join them… ‘This is how we can turbocharge the global goals | United Nations | Economic and Social Affairs’ 

AI robots tell UN conference they could run the world | AFP 

BEWARE! Victory News Network (= 99, 113) reports: Tim Ballard, founder of Operation Underground Railroad, says that microchipping your children is the best way to protect them from human trafficking 


All News PipeLine (= 233, 216 or 6x6x6) making you believe in politics: Americans Dumpster Diving For Food And Other Household Items 

Dark so-called ‘christian’ website run by Freemasons, ‘COERCION CODE’ almost promotes this: ‘Disney-Produced Cartoon Features Illuminati-Style Robed Elites Drinking Blood, Sacrificing People And All Seeing Eye’  [Don’t watch the movie filled with witchcraft]               

Based (= 13, 22, 18 or 666) reports: ‘People Will Freak Out When Home Prices Collapse 50% for Some in the Coming Months’  [How they love to fearmonger and mock us!] 

Gigantic swarm of grasshoppers flying into Utah is so large it is picked up by weather RADAR 

Freemason Dr. Mercola: Top Sweetener Officially Declared a Carcinogen  [known for decades] 

How To Boost Brain Health And Reverse Neurological Disease 

What Causes Eye Floaters and Are They Dangerous? 

Baking Soda — An Inexpensive Treatment for Autoimmune Diseases Like Arthritis  [articles shared by the Brotherhood of Mercola] 


Exposé of the week  


#BlackHole hoax


Webb telescope spots a supermassive black hole formed more than 13 billion years ago
Yesterday 3:37 PM 

CNN (= 13, 216 or 6x6x6) 

The ‘James Webb Space Telescope’ (= 444, 366) has delivered yet another astounding ‘discovery’, spying an active supermassive black hole deeper into the universe than has ever been recorded! 

“This black hole clocks in at about 9 million solar masses,” according to a NASA news release. A solar mass is a unit equivalent to the mass of the sun in our home solar system — which is about 333,000 times larger than the Earth.

Webb Space Telescope = 77, 69, 216 or 6x6x6
CEERS 1019 galaxy = 177, 111
CEERS = 22, 77

So this fake space narrative went viral again.
Goal is to make us believe in evolution, the big bang, drawing us away from God, not their god, Lucifer/satan! 

These extremely silly images of an orange anus-shaped hole were originally released on April 10, 2019. And the same story was released on May 12, 2022, and made the top of the front pages of several prominent news websites, including CNN. That is 3 years later and 33 days from its anniversary date of April 10. Oh, how they love their numbers, their colors, and their symbols! 

Black Hole = 33
Orange = 33
Masonry = 33
Satan = 33(0) 
(the zero does not count)

Although they seem to be controlled opposition – notice their as above so below logo – see also: 

Proof the Black Hole Picture is Fake 

It almost looks like ‘art’, doesn’t it?
Well, it is…

Not only does the article reports that the woman scientist faked the image, but it outright tells you they edited what she said in the interview! Why would they do that, do you think?

Anyway, before I go further here is an image that the archive failed to save:

Katie Bouman created the first image of a black hole that went viral - Proof Black Hole HOAX

Just look at the picture above on her computer screen… 

This is the most dishonest science I have witnessed in my life. They are so bent on believing in black holes, that they will literally smudge the pictures to make the data look like what they think it should. 

And even the ‘data’ could be fake, who knows…
It’s all scripted news in order to lure you into their New Age and World Order, without Jesus Christ, the Son of God.


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