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Business Insider (= 69, 222, 216=6x6x6) reports, ‘YouTube warns it might make your viewing experience worse if you don’t turn off your ad-blocker’  [Just download videos] 

The most crap website I’ve ever seen lets you see what ‘Dinosaurs’ lived near your house  [Planet Earth is only around 6,000 years old] 

Bill Gates shares not only some books, but…. Can You Spot The Symbols? 

Ars Technica (= 33): Nothing’s iMessage app was a security catastrophe, taken down in 24 hours 

Freemason Harold (Hal) Turner Age, Biography and Wiki, still begging for your money which includes your precious data, promoted by Google 

Children’s Health Defense (= 111, 115, 201) likes to fearmonger: ‘Quarantine isolation law reinstated after appellate division decision in New York’  [They do this already for years] 

Suspected ‘meteorite’ after discovery of hole punched in car roof – Fire department suspected ‘the fall of a stellar body’ (= 322) as the culprit; no object was found! 

Freemason Alex Jones & INFO WARS decoded 

Freemason Alex Jones & INFO WARS decoded GEMATRIA 


Heavy Snow Eastern Europe, Much More To Come; Precipitation Data Refutes “Experts” Climate Crisis Claims; CME; New Electroverse articles only accessible to payers 

Video from the air of Ulawun in Papua New Guinea volcanic eruption 

11/24/2023 — Largest Volcanic Blast of 2023 (so far) plus multiple large Earthquakes spreading 

11/26/2023 — Earthquake Forecast — New M7 activity due in Central America, M6+ in South Japan 

Seamount twice the size of world’s tallest building discovered ‘hidden under the waves’ 

Mid-Year Revival of the George Floyd Media Hoax Ritual 

Frontline News (= 66, 69) reports, ‘IMF: Central banks may control CBDC transactions’ 

Article from Freemason Dr. Mercola: Ibuprofen Alters Human Physiology 

Following Mercola’s post: CBSNews (= 22, 99, 330, 36 = 666) reports, ‘FDA moves to pull common drug used by pork industry, citing human cancer risk’ 


Exposé of the week –  Secret White House Surveillance Program documents ‘leaked’ 


It gives cops access to trillions of US [and world] phone records, which has been going on for decades already. I think it was intentionally leaked, and that they have total access to a person’s smartphone today. They know exactly what’s in your bank account, where you shop, how often, and how much you spend. They know your location, and your ID. They know who your friends are, your family, your phone records, texts, images, emails, recordings, you name it! 

Patrick Humphrey, Freemason, puppet, bad actor, double agent, intelligent agent, whatever he is, promoted by YouTube, made a quick video about it: 


He mentions the website WIRED (= 69) that also functions as controlled opposition:
Secretive White House Surveillance Program Gives Cops Access to Trillions of US Phone Records
‘A WIRED analysis of leaked police documents verifies that a secretive government program is allowing federal, state, and local law enforcement to access phone records of Americans who are not suspected of a crime.’ 

Patrick Humphrey talks about:
‘Senators did not know this secret.’ Don’t make me laugh; it’s much, much worse than all these CONs tell us! And they are not concerned at all.
And…. ‘You might, before the night gets over, start to realize that Washington isn’t as bad as you thought it was. It’s worse!’ (John Todd)
Also, ‘they can sweep you up’ for years already, dear Mr. Humphrey.
Indeed, ‘they can target certain groups’, and true, devoted Christians are the number 1 group.
Oh yeah, we could have known there was a domestic program if we would have listened to true whistleblowers in the past!
You are telling us about ‘Edward Snowden’, a true whistleblower? I don’t think so.
‘They already know who is good or bad’? Well, they do know who are true Christians, and who will probably not follow after the beast and the beast system in the coming NWO with its New Age religion. That’s the goal of this tracking and tracing every person on Earth.
‘The time to stand up’? ‘Time to fight back’? ‘Lawsuits’? To rebel? That’s exactly what they want you to do; don’t allow yourself to be fooled by Patrick Humphrey who is helping the government to fish for your comments on his videos, etc. 

More exposé news regarding Mr. Humphrey: 

What are Christians expected to do? I would say, pray and prepare.
‘Pray! I’ll tell you this. The only thing the Illuminati fears, as I said, is an independent person who can live, eat, sleep, stay warm, and defend themself separate from federal help.’ – John Todd 

Altiyan Childs opened many eyes:
‘The whole Freemason system is constructed by the act of lying, to the public and to the members of lower degrees. And we trust these people?
How many people, do you think, have been utterly ruined by this secret religion by breaking their oath? A lodge has the right to kill its own members; their laws are above the laws of the land!
A 33rd degree Freemason drinks blood from a human skull, and they wonder: ‘Who’s skull is this who might have broken his oath?’ Part of the ritual in this degree also involves stabbing skulls, and being humiliated, before the ‘true religion’ is revealed to you. So do you see the risks Altiyan is taking here? You need to stay to the end.
‘A hideous man, Albert Pike, who helped to construct the 33 degrees or rituals, was buried in a Masonic Temple, just around the corner from the White House. He was a giant of this secret society. He wrote ‘Morals & Dogma’, also called the ‘bible of Freemasonry’. 

The late John Todd, who was seen last in the fall of ’79, knew what they could do with your phone in the ‘70th already. You can read that here.
‘And that’s because the President has said that we need proof that everybody in the United States is a law-abiding citizen. And in order to check up on that, what better place than when somebody goes in to buy the groceries or the gasoline to check up on. So everybody’s to have a computer cart. And of course, if you don’t take the card, you can’t buy anything and you’re a bad citizen….
Believe me, the organized Christian church isn’t going to say anything about it!’ 

‘We’ve been told…. that all the National Guard in the United States…. were hooked into a computer in Dallas, called: ‘The National Security Computer’
That’s ‘who’ they call up, by the way, when they check out your Visa cards, or your Bank of America cards, or whatever the case may be! If you’ve been going to the grocery stores, and the department stores, you’ve been noticing the new computer cash registers. One shopping step type cash registers. And you put your card in it, ring up the purchase, and it does all the business for you right then and there. Well, all the stores are supposed to switch over to them. And the little poor stores are supposed to get the little phone unit, that hooks into your phone, and you zip the card through…. Then things will be a little different around here…. 

Because by then, they plan on destroying the money that you have
And then you’ll have to use the card, because the money will be worthless! Now, if you’ve been noticing all the television commercials, ‘security’ is the word that everybody’s been using on television commercials: ‘Prepare for the future. Pack up for security this and security that!’ And then they’re going to turn around, and they’re going to wipe your security off the face of the map!
Now, if I’m stepping on your little safe world, I’m sorry! I’m trying to tell you something in advance!’
You can read that here. 

Above all, the late David Goldberg warned us that they are able to know everything about you, including your voice. You can read about the A.I. plot or plan here. 

So what I want to say is, your smartphone, not just the apps you use, your online behavior on the Internet and social media, have been releasing a lot of your ‘secrets’ to TPTB for years: those who are above the ‘law’. 

All these ‘events’ keep the agendas alive, reminding us of who they should be afraid of and who they should hate. They want you to hate instead of to pray! Rule by fear and division. Putting out enormous amounts of fabricated and partly fake ‘news stories’ every day, making it impossible to keep up or to verify anything…. People simply get desensitized and brainwashed.


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