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Canadian Prepper (= 666) channel, approved by YouTube and promoted by Freemason Steve Quayle, with: so-called ‘INSIDER’ ALERT: GOVERNMENT PLANNING FOR A MAJOR EVENT, EMBASSIES STOCKING UP! 

BEWARE! Announcing RoboFab, World’s First Factory for Humanoid Robots (= 77) reports, ‘Big Brother: Your WiFi Can Now Be Used To “See” Throughout Your Home’

Your WiFi Can Now Be Used To 'See' Throughout Your Home  

The New American Classroom – Trauma-Based Mind Control 

DailyMail (= 69, 144, 216 = 6x6x6) reports, Meet NASA’s (= 33) UFO boss: Former Pentagon (= 33) liaison Mark McInerney is revealed as head of new taskforce – after the space agency backtracks on plan to keep his identity a secret  [Don’t fall for UFO lies: they are manifestations of evil spirits!] 

9/24/2023 — Earthquake Activity Spreading — Flows Across Volcanoes, Drill points, ANTENNA ARRAYS 

All News PipeLine (= 233, 216 or 6x6x6) brings you truths mixed with lies: Cascade Of Warnings About ‘Disease X’: Priming Americans For The Next ‘Plandemic’ 

Shill website The Gateway Pundit reports, ‘It Begins: Australia’s Fifth-Largest Bank Announces Digital-Only Transactions – Will Phase Out Cash, Cheque, and Phone Payments in All 80 Branches Starting Next Year’ 

Another ‘virus’! The ‘Nipah’ (= 33) virus can spread between animals & humans & currently there is no shot or treatment…. Don’t fall for it! 

So called ‘christian’ website Winepressnews (= 63, 77): ‘Death Of Free Speech: EU Signs Law To ‘Police’ The Entire Internet And Takes Down Websites With Unapproved Speech’ to make you believe that these Illuminati platforms are still telling us the trut 

Three Pillars? 

The Burning Platform, run by Freemasons: ‘PATRIOT ALERT: The Oct. 1st U.S. Government Shutdown followed by a FEMA Emergency Alert Test on Oct. 4 is no coincidence!’ 

Lost 2017 Airbus Engine Found Under 12-feet (3.66 meters) Of Greenland Ice 

High Energy Prices Likely Killed More Europeans Than COVID 

‘Snow Removal Market’ Forecast To Rise Between 2023-2030 

California’s Coldest Summer In More Than A Decade; Trudeau Uses Canada’s Wildfire Season To Promote ‘Carbon Pricing’ At UN Event 

Geoengineering Watch (= 88, 99), promoted and even approved by YouTube: Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 23, 2023, # 424 by Freemason Dane Wigington = 69 

Freemason Dr. Mercola (no membership needed here; just a repost, working all together): New Study Shows Lion’s Mane Can Boost Your Memory 

Statin Use Linked to Dementia 

Siberian Ginseng Benefits  [reposted 

How Castor Oil Can Simplify Your Beauty Regimen 

Eggs Are Good For Your Cholesterol


Exposé of the week  

#channeling through meditation

Question: What kind of spirits create a book like ‘Sapiens’, a #1 international bestseller? 

Sapiens has been translated into more than 50 languages in a very short time; the god of this world made sure of that! Satan, the father of lies, deceives the whole world through the many lies that can be found in this very book, among other things. 

VOX (= 11, 55, 88, 99) reported in 2017 straight to our faces: 

‘Yuval Harari, author of Sapiens, on how meditation made him a better…..’

What kind of mind creates a book like Sapiens? A clear one.
Yuval Noah Harari’s first book, Sapiens, was an international sensation…. VOX writes. 

I too had this one big question about him: What kind of mind or channel creates a book like Sapiens? And now I know. A clear one: 

Why Yuval Noah Harari meditates 

So the answer is via meditation!
Central is Harari’s consistent practice of meditation — which includes a 60-day silent retreat each year — to understanding the works of both history and futurism he produces. You heard that right! Harari channels a false history, – evolution – and satan’s future for us humans to us, using his voice and the false narrative in his books.
It helps him see the stories humanity ‘tells itself’, he says.
Tells itself? Yes, he claims that ‘almost 99 percent you realize is just stories in our minds. This is also true of history, he says. Most people, they just get overwhelmed by the religious stories…. and they take these stories to be the reality.’

Harari attacks God’s creation. He accuses us ‘Homo Sapiens’ of ‘believing some fictional story about God and heaven and hell’. 

Of course, Harari is referring to the living Word of God, and the stories in our Bible, and true Christian faith.
Satan hates our Creator, he hates God’s creation, and he also hates Jesus Christ, the living Word!

Historian Yuval Harari On Vipassana Meditation | Globalisation Over Nationalism | #ITConclave2018

And Harari is already practicing this kind of ‘meditation’ (channeling) for over 20 years now. Also, ‘he couldn’t have written any of his books’, he says, without allowing the kingdom of darkness to speak to his mind through occult meditation! This kind of mediation helps you to hear voices of demons, dear people. Don’t be deceived. 

It’s extremely dangerous!
‘Illuminati members who can channel powerful spirits and survive in the process will be respected, and their guidance will be sought.’ – ‘Svali’, ex-Illuminati

Unfortunately, Harari’s books change the way people think and look at the world, worldwide. Many, many have been sold already in many languages! 

Harari meditates two hours a day, one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening.

Each year he takes a two-month meditation retreat at one of S. N. Narayan Goenka Meditation Centers. Goenka or Sataya Narayan Goenka, commonly known as S. N. Goenka, a famous Indian Vipassana Guru who was born and trained his meditation technique from U Bakhin in Burma is his Vipassana teacher. 

If you think that this kind of meditation has nothing to do with channeling (so-called spirit guides which are evil spirits!), then think twice:

Did you know that Harari’s full name is a match with the New World Order? 

Yuval Noah Harari = 174, 75
New World order = 174, 75

… and with the number of the Beast? 

Yuval Noah Harari = 174, 87
Number of the Beast = 174, 87

So Yuval Noah Harari has a super-coded name; this is no coincidence!

Another important number the elite loves is 177: 

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind = 177
The Jesuit Order = 177
New World Order = 177
that old serpent = 177

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind = 156
Six Six Six = 156
As Above So Below = 156
Tribulation = 156
Barack Obama the Antichrist = 156
  [Might well be; we’re not sure] 

Sapiens = 43
Lucifer = 43
Elon Musk = 43
Masonic = 43
Freemasons = 43


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