Breaking News Headlines | Endtimenews & Exposé of the week November 5, 2023

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The Fake Media Industry Accuse Microsoft of Fake AI News 

France24 reporting on Gaza: 3 Women. UN 33 trucks. Shani after 3 weeks… They love their #’s 

Mike Johnson & the Rotary Club

Freemason Mike Johnson - they are all part of the Club, Netanyahu, Carlson Tucker 


Northern Hemisphere Snow Mass 250 Gigatons Above 1982-2012 Average; Electroverse again under attack for the truth 

2023, A Year Of Record Cold; Australia’s Barrier Reef Is Still Great; ‘Winter Deaths’ Surge In Scotland 

Alternative health article following Freemason Mercola’s post: ‘Top 5 Reasons to Eat Organic’

Mercola working along with another New Age website showing the hexagram: ‘Seafood Can Resolve Many Nutrient Deficiencies’ 

The following goes straight against Mercola’s fearmongering article ‘How Oxalates Can Wreck Your Health!’  [Exposed] 

So test things and keep what is good  🙂 


Exposé of the week – HAMAS founder’s son converted to Christianity?


Last week, I received a message from a Christian with the video link below, and that the son of Hamas really does worship Jesus Christ.
However, a quick search on the internet turned up the following; I’ll keep it short this time: 

Google ‘Christian son of hamas’, and Google will richly lead you to believe that the son of Hamas ‘has converted to Christianity’. But has he really?
Think twice! 

Then Google ‘A new message from son of Hamas’, and you are already flooded with what Google would like you to believe. 

These are already 2 red flags!
It makes us immediately clear, that the son of Hamas is being promoted by the Illuminati (Google, YouTube, etc.)…. at the top…. and the whole page is full of it, as you can see! 

A New Message From Son Of Hamas Leader To The World
Notice the video length is 3:39 minutes. Even video lengths are often intentionally coded because they love their numbers. 

A Christian, wearing black glasses during a live interview? To camouflage the eyes, the lamp of the body, so that people are less able to tell whether one is a true Christian or not, whether one speaks truth or not? 

Also, notice that the video comes from a channel, which YouTube promotes:

Did you notice the satanic hexagram, the 6-pointed star?
Notice the purple color, the Masonic colors red and blue mixed. 

JTVGlobalJewish = 77, 113, 169
‘J-TV: Jewish Ideas. Global Relevance’ = 115, 444, 1313 

CNN also promotes this man (Mosab Hassan Yousef):

However, CNN is lying in bed with the Jesuit Order! That is, CNN is wholly or partially Illuminati.
 See also:

Wake up, dear people, be alert, be vigilant!


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