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Headline in the media extremely scripted: Three Allegedly Dead in Rotterdam Shooting 

More Than 1,000 New Coal Power Plants Are Being Built–The Majority In China 

Know Plan Go 

‘Holy Grail’ of Northern Lights Just Turned The Sky Blood Red As Far South As France

Rare Red Aurora Borealis Canada in September 2023 large 

What Happened on the Jesuit’s Recognition Day? 

Gatwick airport just cancelled flights due to CONVID. They love that #3 

Fuel the NPC Paranoia: “Free” CON-vid-19 Tests  [sorry for the language] 

Nipah GAVI 

Marina Abramovic 

Winter 2023-24 Forecasts Are All Trending Colder — Harsh Conditions Expected For North America And Europe 

Freemason Dr. Mercola reposted: Cholesterol Does Not Cause Heart Disease 

Blue Light Is Causing Blindness 

Glycine Reverses Aging in Cells by New Ager and Maçon Mercola 

New Study Shows [Bio Ceylon] Cinnamon May Prevent Prostate Tumors 

Important to know! Hygiene Habits That Can Do More Harm Than Good  [and what you should do about it] 


Exposé of the week  


It is still not too late to prepare, although the cost to do so is much higher now than it was about two years ago, or things are even sold out.
Those who started early are now reaping the benefits. 

TPTB are alerting the common people right now, that the end of 2023 the ‘SHFT’, as they call it, is really going to happen after all; the so-called Web Bot predicts this. However, their technology is secret…. dark, occult.
Keep in mind that the source is occult, and both A.I. and witchcraft are part of it. And what about remote viewing? It is nothing but occult clairvoyance. 

Remote viewing is promoted among others by false teacher and Freemason Steven Ben-nun, Luciferian Paul Begley, and New Ager ‘Mike from around the World’, (probably double agents), working together in and puppets of the same club. They warn you of the great deception, while they themselves are major players in the very same deception, but I pray that many eyes may be opened. 

What does WikipediA, controlled by the Illuminati, say about Web Bot?

‘Web Bot is an internet bot computer program whose developers claim is able to predict future events by tracking keywords entered on the internet. It was developed in 1997, originally to predict stock market trends. The creator of the Web Bot Project, Clif High, along with his associate George Ure, keep the technology and algorithms largely secret and sell the predictions via the website.’ 

However, some of its many misses were:
‘The Web Bot gained most of its notoriety for contributing to the 2012 phenomenon by predicting a cataclysm that would devastate the planet on 21 December 2012, possibly a reversing of Earth’s magnetic poles or a small series of nuclear attacks leading up to a major attack during the year. The prediction did not call for a complete end of the world. 

A prediction that the US dollar would completely collapse in 2011, and that Israel would bomb Iran, with the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama being thrown into major chaos. 

Web Bot also failed in its special ‘Doomsday 2012: The End of Days’, just as the false prophet Benjamin Cousijnsen failed in this, picking everything from the Internet, with a touch of clairvoyance! 

I would want to expose so much more, but I lack the time; besides, I hate to do it, but feel the urgency. Nevertheless, I do what I get in my heart to do and pray for them, for they too are being deceived. If not by the god of this age, satan, then by their own greed. 

Trust no one, including me, but always do your own research! Test all things, judge all things…. 

The apostle Paul addresses two kinds of Christians: spiritual and carnal Christians.
Here, he addresses the spiritual Christians:

1 Corinthians 2:15
However, he that is spiritual judges all things, he himself however is judged by no one.

And above all, do not be afraid to prepare yourself for what is coming while you still can, as far as it is in your power to do so. 

For example, the Illuminati are already foretelling to you what they are going to do, right here in their own video.
I suspect they are part of YouTube (the Illuminati) itself, but that is my personal opinion: 

15 Foods That Will Disappear First As Difficult Times Approach

 #1 Water  [a good water filter system is not a luxery]
#2 Peanut butter
#3 Coffee  [well, there are enough good alternatives)
#4 Frozen prepared foods  [but what if there’s no electricity]
#5 Cooking oil
#6 Pet food  [TPTB know what pets mean to many people]
#7 Ramen noodles  [ready-made noodles]
#8 Protein bars and trail mixes
#9 White rice  [better go for brown or black rice]
#10 Potato flakes
#11 Fresh and perishable produce, such as fruits and vegetables  [grow your own]
#12 Bread and flour  [seek for alternatives]
#13 Dairy products
#14 Meat and poultry
#15 Canned goods 

Epic Economist:
‘Food scarcity is becoming a major concern in many areas of the globe right now. Several food staples are already facing tight supplies and shortages, worsening the growing hunger crisis that is spreading across the planet.
Supply chains are still struggling to recover, and in the event of a new pandemic, economic or financial meltdown, as well as any disaster that may hit our system, all of the improvement seen since 2021 may be rapidly reversed, leaving the country in a chaotic state and causing products to disappear from store shelves.
We all know by now that the next big global meltdown can erupt at any moment……..’


Don’t be scared; be prepared, and pray


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