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NBC News reports: Obama Outed As ‘Shadow President’…  [NBC 90% Illuminati] 

PM (= 11, 99, 322): Freemason Kirk Cameron shows how Scholastic funnels ‘sexually explicit, morally disgusting’ books into American schools 

NATO Shows Pics of Netherlands F-35 loaded with Nuclear Bombs ‘Ready for Operations’ = 96, 1111 

‘#ACC “Ready for Operations”’ (= 222), 306K views which equals 666 

BE AWARE! COVID-19 vaccine to be included in Brazilian Immunization Program – Yearly vaccination 2024, making the shots mandatory for children 6 months to 5 years old!

S. 3223: AMMO Act [John Todd warned us long ago] 

WarIntel (= 33, 44, 69) promoted by Twitter is foretelling: Israeli Channel 13 senior defense correspondent Alon Ben David: – War against Hezbollah in the north is inevitable.


Freemason Glenn Beck along with his brother Thomas Massie reports, ‘New ‘drunk driving’ law gives A.I. a ‘KILL SWITCH’ (= 88, 119, 223, 216 = 6x6x6) for your car?!’ 

The People’s Voice (= 77, 166) Freemasons report straight to our faces, ‘EU Declares Citizens Who Refuse Bill Gates’ Digital ID Will Be Excluded From Society’ 

Donald Trump Takes The Stand 222 Days Before His Birthday In The 222 Page Lawsuit Against The Trump Organization Which Equals 222  [and more 222s] 

BE AWARE! Crikey (= 44, 66) reports, ‘Adobe is selling fake AI images of the war in Israel-Gaza’ 

Adobe is selling fake AI images of the war in Israel-Gaza 

Newsweek run by Freemasons: Skies Turn Blood Red as Northern Lights Hit Southern Europe 

SGT Report (= 99, 690 or 69) | Report (emphasis) = 33: ‘There Will Be No 2024 Election’ 

Fake Nashville Shooter Manifesto Presented by Shill Steven Crowder 

The Pillar Awards 

‘christian’ website CBN with the eternal flame of Lucifer reports that Mary Lou Retton needs prayer… 

The Luna Rituals: Four Police Officers Allegedly Committed Suicide 

East Asia Freezes: -40C Hits Russia, As Heavy Snow Impacts Majority Of Mongolia 

Arctic Misinformation; Icelandic Seismic Swarm; What Percentage Of Online Climate Alarmists Are Actually AI Bots?; Escape.Farm 

Freemason Dr. Mercola lying in bed with USSAnews: Why You’re Addicted To Your Cellphone 

The Genetic Conspiracy: DNA Tests Are Sold to Highest Bidder 

Exposure to PFAS and Your Risk for Thyroid Disease

Another article following Freemason Mercola’s post, only clearer and better: ‘Omega-3: What it can and can’t do for health’ 

Myths and facts about metabolism 


Exposé of the week – ‘Does hire writers?’ & Strange requests



Let’s take a look at the warning signs of a wolf in sheep’s clothing: some red flags.
Jesus warned true Christians of infiltration of those who have the outward appearance of a true Christian, but inside they are not. Always test the spirits whether they are really from God, which I did….

I got an email from Brandy N. Morrison; the following was my response to Brandy from
And my answer was also based on what I read on her website.

‘Hello, I came across your website today, and I love your platform. I am a popular Christian blogger, and Christian author. My blog is Blogging For Christ ( My blog consists of testimonials, Bible prophecies, & etc. But, the most important part of my site is the same sort of issues your publication covers. I too, feel that these very important hidden truths are so important, this world doesn’t see the true evil that goes on. On my blog, I’ve wrote articles about Adrenochrome, “aliens” really are demons, the evils of the Vatican, freemasonry, & etc. I wanted to reach out to first say how much I love your site, it’s really great what you’re doing, because it is so important. And I want to know if you hire writers that contribute to your platform, because I would very much love the opportunity to be given a chance to write for you. I hope to hear something back from you. Thanks & God Bless’  (praying hands) 


Hi Brandy,

Thank you for your email. I think it wasn’t a coincidence that you found my site.
First, a few questions, for I assume you would like to be paid for for each article that you write, is that true?

Why did you choose for a black background on your website?
And why a black round logo which almost looks like sun-worship; just a question that came up in my mind.
It has also something of a moon. It could be a coincidence, I know.  [Note: she changed her logo afterward]
Indeed, we might be a bit on the same level (of exposing); I could be wrong, of course. However, finding a career, is not my purpose or goal in life.  🙂
And my source of faith is not a blog, but always God’s Word in the very first place, you know. Moreover, it’s very difficult to find good blogs nowadays. Really good blogs!

Why do you write that God loves all of us?
15 Bible verses about God Hating People (
My Bible, – my living Word inspired by the true, living God, not the copy-cat inspired words – tells me something totally different, you see. And we don’t express our love to Him before sleeping time, but by doing this all day long, honoring Him the whole day through our faith, acts or actions, testimony, our words, our attitude toward the world and to other true Christians, our surrendering to Him, our repentance of sins, living a pure life, etc.

Yes, I keep on praying for all our leaders, worldwide, because the deception is humongous today. That means that I also pray for the Illuminati, Freemasons, etc. I don’t like to expose but the Holy Spirit appears to be urging me now and then to do so. The Lord even gave me a dream about it. And in the past He inspired me with the very name for my site. 

Why do you visit Coosa County Schools, run by Freemasons, showing it openly?
And ‘Class of Two Thousand Twenty-Three’…. 223 or…. Skull and Bones? Just something the Holy Spirit showed me. With their emblem/logo of the broken cross, mocking Jesus? And the famous Masonic Lion? And the French Lilies…
Why is your daughter – if it’s your daughter – making the Freemasonic hand sign; she doesn’t look very happy, too: 

Another question: Why do you share pictures with Bible verses from Jerusalem Prayer Team, highly Luciferian, promoting the f@ke narrative of all the media today (both mainstream and alternative media)?
Notice the hexagram that gives them extra power and influence.

By the way, you do know this governor is a Freemason and or Illuminist, do you? 

And why do you promote Freemason or satanist Jonathan Cahn? I’m a little bit of flabbergasted…

In closing, I could go on and on and on with questions, but I’ll leave it at that. I love you and I pray for you, too, daily. It’s part of my spiritual warfare to pray for all people, especially for those who visit Eindtijdnieuws dot com and my social media, whether they are Christian or not.

Greetings, GodLove, and JesusWins 

Eindtijdnieuws – Shaking the world 


Another red flag: Blogging For Christ is promoted by ‘Christian FeedSpot’ which equals 69 and 77:

100 Best Christian Blogs and Websites

Sun worship and Moon worship logo 

>>> And here you have it, the original black sun or moon logo!
I would say stay far away from them all, promoted by FeedSpot with their triangle logo and 3 blue stripes.

*Freemason Jonathan Cahn×419.jpeg

And many Freemasons love to use those prayerful little hands posing as ‘christians’. 

Not a good sign when the Lord warns us of danger:
A website visitor I know personally confirmed that there was something ‘strange’ about this email and question. When in danger, the Lord usually alerts her by giving her a certain sensation in her hands. She regularly gets free stuff from people, and very sometimes there is something among these objects that she should not take in, but destroy. Call it a spiritual gift, but she is always right.
I myself am alerted by a strange feeling, making me cunning as a serpent. 

However, most ‘strange’ emails go straight into the trash, such as:

‘Please put me on the appointment application list please. I’m a 64 year old male that use to be in pretty good shape until September 28, 2021 somehow an aggressive infection hit me. Over the next 17 months I had 13 surgeries. Both knees replaced again (first time in 2013) 2 abscess’s off my back. Had to go back and clean them out again after wound vacuum failure, had to redo right knee cause infection came back. Septic kidney failure and heart went afib then they had to put 4 pins in my back from #10 down to my hip, all this in 30 days except back surgery. Moved me to rehab Nov 3 and I was paralyzed from my shoulder down and have worked and got most of my movements back and am up to a walker and a cane so please help me. Thank you’

And a far from innocent email from ‘frere’ which is French for friar, monk, and brother, who loves the numbers 13 and 31: 

‘Can you tell me more about your organization? What denomination etc

Eschatology persuasion etc

Thank you’


Maybe I could start giving away free fishing rods, since people like to fish. 😅 

Once, there was a person on Facebook under a different or false name, – that’s what Facebook ‘told’ me, and that he created an extra account for this, Facebook said too. He wanted to be ‘friends’ on Facebook.
It was a four-star general, and he was in command. It’s almost the highest rank in the US military (or navy). Compared to the Netherlands: 

Does the Netherlands have a four-star general?
The Dutch armed forces typically have one four-star position, that of the Commander of the Armed Forces (CDS). The position rotates periodically among the armed forces (a general if from land or air forces or a lieutenant admiral if from naval forces). 

These are Illuminists and possibly Freemasons, given their hand gestures: posing with arms crossed, and hands or fingers clearly and deliberately crossed (one hand hiding the other hand…. don’t know the right words to describe this hand gesture that you see all over the TV and on YouTube, for example). Almost all of them do that, because no one apparently knows that gesture. 

This does confirm again that Eindtijdnieuws is found by the Illuminati/Freemasons/satanists, etc. 

Clear. So most of the time, I don’t do anything with it and listen to my first impression: ‘be careful, don’t just reply….’
And sometimes that sensation is intense, sometimes less intense, possibly to indicate the degree of danger. God knows, and I thank Him that He reveals it each time, especially after prayer and after testing! It’s clear that the spiritual enemy doesn’t like spiritual ‘daggers’ from non-controlled opposition.

Jesus said: “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and innocent as doves”.  Matthew 10:16 

…. innocent as non-controlled opposition, for example.


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