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Illuminati channel Anonymous Official reports: ‘In 24 hours EVERYTHING changes for the U.S., Iran is Ready’ (= 555)  [Anonymous = CIA, CIA = Illuminati] 

10/28/2023 — No Earthquake Updates for a while – Internet shut down & MAKING NEW EARTHQUAKE PROGRAM 

Freemasons want Adelaide’s first skyscraper to be tourist draw… destroying the original crime scene? 

Freemasons want Adelaide’s first skyscraper to be tourist draw 

Israel/Iran Dream From 1/20/21 

Freemason Toyota Chairman Says [right to our faces] “People Are Finally Seeing Reality” Of EVs 

World Stage: Weekend Stories Amidst Israel-Hamas Psy-Op 

Freemasons of ZeroHedge foretell us their plans: The conflict has the ‘potential to spread well beyond the Middle East’ (= 223) 

Insurance Companies Asking ‘Where’s The Climate Crisis?’; Another Weak CME Opens A Crack In Earth’s Atmosphere 

Prof. Nils-Axel Mörner: “The Approaching Grand Solar Minimum and Little Ice Age Conditions” 

Freemason Dr. Mercola reports: ‘From Bacteria to People: Slavery in Disguise’ 

Are Your Adrenals Affecting Your Thyroid Health?  [Following Mercola’s article, but much easier to understand]


Exposé of the week – USA and Israel plot a fake war with Iran 


War with Iran was planned long ago.
Are we on the brink of Israel-Iran war?

We can see that not only words in quotation marks but also titles of posts seem to be coded here: 

The US stands on the brink of global war
‘The war between Israel and Hamas is set to intensify, with a ground invasion of Gaza believed to be imminent. Israeli forces are gathering in strength along the border, and defence minister Yoav Gallant, has told the waiting troops that they will soon see Gaza “from inside. The command will come”…….’ 

The US stands on the brink of global war = 666, 696, 216 = 6x6x6
‘from inside. The command will come’ = 911 

The Gathering Storm: Israel, Hezbollah, and Iran on the Brink of War 

The Gathering Storm: Israel, Hezbollah, and Iran on the Brink of War = 303 or 33 because the zero doesn’t count 

Even an old predictive programming book is available about war with Iran:
Iran on the Brink: Rising Workers and Threats of War = 223, 330 or 33

Note that #DavidEliasGoldberg can’t be found on Twitter, run by the Illuminati
Except, one Twitter account speaks evil of him bringing ‘fake news’, and the other one, who shares David’s important information with the world, is Eindtijdnieuws.

Information such as….

WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: War with Iran planned by Trump, to occur in the Fall of 2019
Tactical nukes and ground invasion planned for Iran, according to whistle-blower 

Thursday, April 18, 2019 – Israel Today News staff 

President Donald Trump and his inner circle are planning an extensive invasion of Iran, according to a source working in the White House.
The plan involves a ground invasion and the use of tactical nuclear weapons, in a campaign planned for the Fall of 2019. Iran will be ‘wiped off the map’ according to the source, and the war effort is expected to cost ‘two and half times the Iraq War’.
The war will be promoted by the news media, and Trump will go right along with it, after an ‘expected False Flag pinned on Iran, probably something involving the boats in the Strait of Hormuz’. The False Flag is an ‘integral part of the plan’ as Iran has reportedly no desire or intent to start a war, according to the whistle-blower.
The war plans have the White House staff ‘in an excited tizzy’ as war-hawks like John Bolton put the ‘finishing touches’ on the planned strike. President Trump initially showed resistance to the plan, but has since jumped on board with enthusiasm, convinced Iran is an ‘existential threat to Israel’, and as such, a war is required to ‘eliminate them’. 

Further details have been revealed, including:

*100 tactical nukes will be used to eliminate the Iranian military.

*120,000 U.S. ground troops will be used in the invasion.

*France, the U.K., Canada, Saudi Arabia, and Israel are expected to join a ‘coalition’ in support of the war.

*CIA assets and counter-intel efforts have been ramped up over the past year in preparation.

*A ‘False Flag’ is being prepared to be used before the war with Iran.

*Propaganda is being prepped by White House and Israeli counterparts.

*Israel will support the effort and Benjamin Netanyahu was reportedly ‘smiling ear to ear’ during a recent meeting with John Bolton.

*There are concerns Trump’s ‘base’ may resist or criticize the efforts, so further propaganda efforts are being made to ‘shore up support’ for the war.

*Expected casualties range between 1.2 Million and 2 Million Iranians and 5,000 US troops. 

Due to President Trump’s close relationship with Jared Kushner, a sense of ‘sober import’ has been placed on the war effort, which is being as a fulfilment of ‘Jewish prophecy’ within White House circles. Many in the White House believe Jared Kushner is the ‘Messiah’ or Jewish ‘Moshiach’ who cannot attain his ‘throne’ until Iran is wiped out.
The White House source is a high-level official who has been right about many other things in the past, and their identity has been verified.

Further information on the war with Iran is revealed on David Goldberg’s YouTube channel, which of course was deleted as if it had never existed!

Antisemitic attacks against Mr. Goldberg continue, and are documented in his video series. Efforts to block this information and shut down the social media accounts of Mr. Goldberg continue to be an issue. 

Later in May, David Goldberg offered further details.
Since originally posting the videos, The New York Times confirmed a month later Mr. Goldberg’s prediction that the White House was planning to use exactly ‘120,000’ ground troops for the invasion….
Published on May 14, 2019  ‘Today, the New York Times reported the White House has drawn up plans to use 120,000 troops for an Iran invasion, which I reported a month ago on Israel Today News on April 18th. My White House source has been proven right yet again.’ 

WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: ‘USA & Israel Plot False Flag To Spark Iran War’
David Goldberg says his ‘life is threatened’ as he continues to reveal secret White House plans for Iran War 

Sunday, May 12, 2019 – Israel Today News staff 

The plans and plot for a false flag continue forward, as the USA and Israel plot a fake war with Iran. New information has been revealed about the plans, we have already been discussed and exposed by David Goldberg.
David Goldberg has said the Trump White House will continue to put out ‘ridiculous stories’ in a ‘predictive programming effort’ to prep the American people for war. 

This page is not available on the web (in 2023) because the page does not (read: no longer exists) exist.

>>>Now, we have seen that fake false flag plans are already being conducted.
Did TPTB change their plans? The timetable has changed for sure!

See also: 

>>>The contingency plan, code-named “Support Sentry,” was funded in 2018 and 2019, according to the manual, which was produced for the 2019 fiscal year. It classifies Support Sentry as an Iran “CONPLAN,” or concept plan, a broad contingency plan for war which the Pentagon develops in anticipation of a potential crisis.’ 

Support Sentry = 69, 216 = 6x6x6
CONPLAN = 13, 33, 77 

Of course, we already know from John Todd, it’s not the Pentagon, no, it’s the Rothchild family, controlled by satan, the god of this age.
Also, it’s not Iran that is a threat. So some of the information in this article, probably written by Freemasons or controlled opposition, is misleading.

So David Goldberg already warned us that CIA assets and counter-intel efforts have been ramped up over the past year in preparation of a war with Iran, and perhaps worldwide. 

And we learned from ‘Svali’ that certain chosen Illuminati members ‘are told that they get to be a secret agent for the CIA. Some systems will have internal CIA programming.
These are complex programming sequences, and are put in over years of training by the Illuminati, with periodic reinforcement. Alters may be trained to become hyper aware of their environment, and able to overhear conversations that are whispered. Internal recorders are taught to download these conversations, as well as other info. Photographic recall is emphasized, as the person will be hypnotized or put into a delta state for ‘downloading’ information to the trainer or CIA operative’. 

To conclude
‘Based on the documents: They have a 3-day blackout, they have a nationwide blackout, which lasts 2 days, and furthermore many local blackouts. So it is a whole series of blackouts they are going to perform! And of course ‘all kinds of things’ will be blamed for it. They might even blame Iran, for example! They have already prepared people for this.
There will be more blackouts, already predictively programmed. So we may start to see more of this as time passes.’ – David Goldberg


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