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ABC7 (= 11, 13, 22) reports, ‘Scientists unveil pair of ‘mummified alien’ corpses to Mexico Congress’  [Thanks to John Todd we know better now] 

Aliens? They are only demons in another manifestation (AKA fallen angels, AKA evil spirits or lying & deceiving spirits, all working with satan/Lucifer), the god of this world

Mummified aliens = 777, like Aleister Crowley - a huge deception! 


Washington Times (= 77, 88) run by Freemasons reports so-called ‘revival’: ‘200 Auburn students baptized in one night after campus worship program’ 

Satanic Rituals: Apple Unveiled iPhone 15

CNN (= 11, 13, 55, 216 = 6x6x6): 6 takeaways from Apple’s iPhone 15 event; it comes with the ‘Dynamic Island’ (= 223, 303 or 33) tool – home to alerts, notifications and other controls, and also includes an Ultra-Wideband chip to power a handful of ‘new features’! 

French iPhone 12 warning: European regulators examine alert on radiation levels 

Argentina’s September Snow Dump: Las Leñas Receives 10ft, Patagonia Ski Fields Extend Their Seasons; Muzzled Climate Dissent; YouTube 

Factors Combine to Suggest A Powerful Arctic Outbreak (Polar Vortex) Could Strike This Winter 

South Africa Endures Record-Breaking Polar Blast; Las Leñas, Argentina Receives 3.3 Feet In 24hrs; Surprise CME 

BE AWARE! Deadly jib jabs are coming again, with boxes labelled ‘2023-2024’: ‘Who should get the new COVID vaccines?’ 

Death Toll From Hawaii Government’s Fire Drop to 97 by the Numbers 

Epic Economist, run by Freemasons, reports, ‘15 Shortages That Will Affect Everyone This Fall’ 

Whoopi Has A Cold 

9/11/2023 — Large eruption at Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii — Fissures and lava flows — Unrest hit 

9/13/2023 — Something big going down 

Freemason Dr. Mercola reposted his article: What Are Some of the Best Brain-Boosting Foods? 

A better article on this, however, is: The Best Food For Brain Health 


Exposé of the week  

#Patrick Humphrey

Freemason and (bad) ‘actor’ Patrick Humphrey, always sitting in his car, announces:


Working along with:
‘Please check out this channel, Off grid with [Freemasons] Doug and Stacy, as they teach tons of knowledge about homesteading and survival while staying healthy.
Off Grid with Patrick Humphrey- Patrick Humphrey prepper’ 

Their goal, too, is to track and trace real preppers, true Christians, etc., so that TPTB will know who is prepping, who are true Christians, and so on! Don’t be fooled; don’t share your data with them, not even your comments. Furthermore, silver and gold will be worthless soon. 

Promoted by YouTube with tons of views in only 4 days, without being banned:

53K views – Sept 14, 2023 #shtf #prepper #offgrid
#prepping #shtf #survival #homesteading #offgrid #prepper #emergency
And Hashtags linking to other prominent channels on YouTube as you can see. 

‘Follow me on Twitter Just in Case’:
Notice the blue checkmark, which means that his Masonic account has an active subscription to X Premium and meets Twitter’s eligibility requirements. 

‘Email Signup:’
I would advise, don’t even think about signing up with this puppet of Freemasonry. He too has been deceived, like most of the Freemasons are. 

His fear-mongering message to keep you distracted from God the Father:
“A presidential alert has been issued by the President on live TV and he’s warning that things could become a lot worse. Biden and the White House are warning of an emergency that will be declared. Prepare now for nationwide travel restrictions and checkpoints. Prepare for teotwawki [‘the end of the world as we know it’]. Survivalism will be key if the power goes off. Prepare now and get off grid so the grid collapse or EMP won’t affect you. Prepare now to bug out and pack your bug out bag. An EMP could collapse the power grid forcing you off grid. The grid could collapse and you should be off grid. WW3 world war three is closer than ever. Shtf [‘SHIFT’] is here in 2023 and you should be prepared. Prepare for wrol [Without Rule Of Law] in 2023. Watch Patrick Humphrey who brings you breaking news. Become a prepper. Buy silver and buy gold so you are prepared for shtf 2023.
“Stand firm, and you will win life.” Luke 21:19”  (end of the message) 

So as a puppet of the elite, even promoted by YouTube, owned by the Illuminati, his agenda is fear-mongering, helping them with the TTID operation! 

Please remember…
‘Now I’m going to talk about, what is the purpose of the whole operation? And the purpose of this is to put out truthful channels to attract people to them. They call it ‘tag, track and ID’. It is a term used throughout the documents: TTID. It’s something you’ll want to remember – this is very common throughout these documents. They refer to it all the time.
So what does that tell you? They want to tag, they want to track you, and they want to identify who you are. If you are watching these channels, if you are informed, if you are awake on these issues, they want to tag you, they want to track you and they want to know exactly who you are. They want to know, and it talks about tracking people’s ID addresses through YouTube. They have access to YouTube. They do know who you are.’ – the late David Elias Goldberg 

Also, notice the Masonic hand gesture Patrick Humphrey makes at the start of his video. He also does the ‘M’ of Masons, and more…

Patrick acts like a ‘christian’, uses biblical terms like ‘god bless’, and uses a Bible verse in order to lure you in, especially the Christians. 

How are TPTB to gain control of the world?
‘New York City is more or less the world.’ TPTB say: “We have won when the lights go out in New York City!”
And I don’t mean the power failure, people, either. They will shut down all the trucks leaving, all the ships coming in. They will shut all the planes coming down. ‘When everything was shut down, then the lights went out for good.’ – the late John Todd 

Furthermore, don’t fall for the lie that John Todd is still alive, that he has a ‘friend’ who wants pictures of a certain YouTuber spreading these very lies. A so-called ‘friend’ of John, who responds very unchristianly, very angrily, suggesting that John Todd is of the same caliber! Also, don’t fall for ‘new information’ on YouTube about John Todd; it’s all meant to mock John Todd, and republish his audios completely (or probably partially) on YouTube, cut from John Todd’s original audios. 

Don’t be scared; be prepared, and pray


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