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Leading Report (= 188, 444): What is CHiP? The Masonic Child Identification Programs Used to Track Your Child  [‘No information is kept by MYCHIP, ever.’ Really?] 

Twitter to Become ‘X’ – Total Digital Enslavement 

Elon Musk and Madonna are part of the club - X = 666 


KFC Commercial (Diablo) 

Freemason Dr. McCullough: States Form Task Forces to Address mRNA Vaccines in the Food Supply 

Dream: The Rapture, the Harvest is Ready, the Groom is Ready 

SlayNews (= 44, 99, 1322) reports: Worldcoin CEO: ‘World ID’ Is Coming ‘Whether You Like It or Not’… And he asserts that it will be here within a couple of years. 

MailOnline (= 44, 99): Indestructible Terminator-style killer robots move one step closer to reality as scientists discover self-healing metals 

Mass vaccination of a flock via drinking water (in 2008) 

Tony Bennett & Bill Geddie

NASA’s “Smoking Gun” Of Climate Fraud 

Exceptional Cold Grips Australia; New York Post Pours Cold Water On Heat Wave Fear-mongering; + It’s All A Scam 

History Of Climate Scams At The New York Times — 1978: “No End in Sight to 30-Year Cooling Trend”, 1988: “Global Warming has Begun” 

Record Cold Argentina; Mammoth Snowpack Still 500% Of Average; + Series Of CMEs Inbound 

David Icke Alex Jones Conspiracy chuckle brothers Brian Rose The Ashes 33 New York Alcaraz Alonso 33 

Moon Landing of Latitude 64 


Trump Promotes Sound of Freedom 

Carlos S …part I  [the richest man in the world!] 

The Sound of Freedom was funded by Carlos S…part II 

Fox 13 (= 333, 666) as controlled opposition just wants us to know: ‘Actor Jim Caviezel and Tim Ballard of Operation Underground Railroad – 3 Questions with Bob Evans’ 

Freemason Jim Caviezel Calls Donald Trump ‘The New Moses’ And We Can’t Let This Pass Over  [Jim Caviezel = 115; Freemasons = 115] 


Freemason Dr. Mercola: Brushing, Flossing Could Help Protect Against Dementia


Exposé of the week  

#Antivirus vs #Vaccine

This is why you don’t need to go for a paid Antivirus Program, and probably not even for a free one. It’s all total control, giving you viruses, and then coming with the so-called ‘solution’. 

Bill Gates, who  founded Microsoft in 1975, stepped down as the company’s CEO in 2000, saying he wanted to focus on his foundation. He left his full-time role at Microsoft in 2008. 

Do you think Gates didn’t sell antivirus software?
Well, Microsoft owns cybersecurity software program companies! 

This 2005 article says ‘Gates confirmed plans to sell antivirus products to both consumers and big businesses’: 

Microsoft in quandary over virus security 

The article says:
‘Last week, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates confirmed plans to sell antivirus products to both consumers and big businesses by the end of the year. But the Redmond company is mum on cost and features.

Speaking at a security conference, Gates also said the company would give consumers a free tool for combating spyware, a pesky and growing threat that can monitor users’ activities, hinder computer performance and create other hassles. Microsoft also will sell a more sophisticated antispyware product to businesses…’ 

So yes, Bill Gates sells a lot of antivirus solutions, including vaccines! 

Just for example, let’s take Avira antivirus
Since 2021, Avira is owned by American software company NortonLifeLock (now Gen Digital), after being previously owned by investment firm Investcorp. 

On November 7, 2022, NortonLifeLock rebranded to Gen Digital after completed its merger with Avast in last September. 

LifeLock was acquired by computer security company Symantec in 2017 for $2.3 billion. After Symantec sold its enterprise division to Broadcom, the company was renamed from Symantec to NortonLifeLock in November 2019, and Gen Digital Inc. in 2022. 

Norton, formerly known as Norton by Symantec, is a brand of Gen Digital (formerly NortonLifeLock) based in Tempe, Arizona. Since being acquired by the Symantec Corporation in 1990, Norton offers a variety of products and services related to so-called ‘digital security, identity protection, and online privacy’. 

Is Norton and NortonLifeLock the same thing?
LifeLock has been a prominent name in the identity protection scene for the most part of the 21st century, but just a few years ago, it gained even more traction after merging with Norton, the antivirus brand. Now known as NortonLifeLock, it’s the ‘best it has ever been’. 

Broadcom Inc.
Broadcom Corporation was an American fabless semiconductor company that made products for the wireless and broadband communication industry. It was acquired by Avago Technologies in 2016… 

Avago Technologies
Here we can see that the company’s name is Dell Inc.:

Avago Technologies – SCSIAdapter – 8/18/2017 12:00:00 AM – 

Is Dell owned by Microsoft?
In an unexpected and exciting twist for the PC industry, Dell — pending regulatory and stockholder approval — has been sold to Microsoft, Silver Lake, and Michael Dell himself for $24.4 billion! 

They all seem to be connected, one way or another, and are probably all owned by TPTB, the Illuminati. Perhaps by a different company name, but the same dark source, all working together… ‘to get her’. 

For those interested, a list of mergers and acquisitions by Microsoft: 

Microsoft to Acquire Antivirus Technology From GeCAD Software 

The article says: Future Antivirus Solutions, Windows Platform Investments Will Provide Customers With Added Protection 

REDMOND, Wash. June 10, 2003 Microsoft Corp. today announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire the intellectual property and technology assets of GeCAD Software Srl., a provider of antivirus technology based in Bucharest, Romania. Microsofts acquisition of GeCADs technology will help secure customers by providing antivirus solutions for Microsoft® products and services. In addition to developing new solutions, Microsoft will use the GeCAD engineering expertise and technology to enhance the Windows® platform and extend support for third-party antivirus vendors so they can provide customers with increasingly secure and comprehensive levels of virus protection. 

Microsoft plans to focus efforts on technologies that address both current concerns and anticipate future needs. For example, work will be done to help increase todays limited percentage of customers that are protected with updated antivirus signatures, and attention also will be given to developing next-generation solutions for evolving threat models. 

As part of its Trustworthy Computing initiative, Microsoft is committed to working with industry partners to help customers achieve higher levels of security. The GeCAD acquisition is an extension of these efforts. In April 2003, Microsoft announced a new Windows File System Filter Manager Architecture, designed to simplify the development process for antivirus software providers and improve system reliability. In May 2003, Microsoft announced the Virus Information Alliance (VIA), which it jointly founded with third-party antivirus vendors. The VIA delivers a wide range of information for consumers, including details about malicious code and Internet threats as well as a full assessment of threats based on its collective research results. GeCADs technology and expertise, with its strong track record in detecting and addressing virus threats, will help Microsoft continue to build on recent platform initiatives….’ 


When I bought my first laptop, I never bought viral software and I never had a problem….ever. My parents updated theirs regularly and struggled with issues daily. True story.


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