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Netflix (= 99, 36=3×6=666): ‘Leave The World Behind’ | Official Trailer | Netflix, Obama’s new apocalyptic movie  [another reason not to watch TV, nor Netflix!] 

BEWARE! FDA Approves Gene Editing 

MyCHIP (= 33, 69, 88), or ‘MasoniCHIP’ (= 33), once again promoted by Freemasons & CONs, like David Icke & The Exposé, as being gatekeepers for the Freemasons and the Illuminati
myCHIP MasoniCHIP - Child ID Program promoted by Freemasons and CONs and SHILLs


Kanal13 reports, Swathes of Siberia freeze in temperatures below -58 Celsius 

The Washington Post (= 99, 223=322) reports, ‘Remarkable snow extent over Europe’ mixed with lies: ‘This year will be Earth’s hottest in human history, report confirms’

IBTimes (=77, 101, 322): COP 28-Private Planes bound for a major ‘Global Warming’ conference in Dubai Grounded Due to Ice And Snow 

Reuters reports, Sri Lanka electricity blackout – Countrywide power outage – Internet disrupted  [their logo tells you who they are and worship] 

French farmers’ signpost protests indicate a major clash on the horizon 

BNO News (= 33, 88, 1222), promoted by Twitter: Watch Tens of thousands of fish are washing up dead along the coast of northern Japan (= 911, 1313) predictive programming: ‘Stock up on battery devices and candles in case of ‘grid meltdown’ = 999, 63=666, Britons told by UK deputy prime minister’ 

BEWARE of more deception! Daily Believer (= 66, 222, 444, 63=666) promotes a false A.I. generated ‘Jesus’ on TikTok controlled by the Illuminati 

All you have to do is read the Headlines, and you already know enough.
Most of these are not as independent as they claim to be as you can see!


Exposé of the week – Craig Bong reveals what’s coming on December 12, 2023



Craig Bong COP28 UAE ‘7 Year Covenant’?
As a real insider – not a Christian – Craig Bong ‘reveals’ what’s coming on December 12, 2023
Beyond The Reset: The Antichrist’s 7 Year Plan – Craig Bong (Video): 

Watch Before That Date! [Major End-Time Event] 

Oh, how they – Craig Bong included – are looking forward to this event(s)!
Notice that 6-12=66-2023 is an important 666-date to the elite.

Who is Craig Bong?
He calls himself United Nations & COP Reporter, mmhhh….

Craig Bong December 3, 2023, straight to our faces on his Facebook, promotes ‘Everything you need’ here:

>>>‘Can’t find your ID ? No more bothering your loved ones!
Everything you need is at your fingertips ahead of the certification mark.
Say hello to the EU Digital Identity Wallet!
This revolutionary tool guarantees effortless access to private and public services, open bank accounts, make payments and securely store digital documents (including mobile driving licences, medical prescriptions, and travel tickets).
It gives every EU citizen, resident and business control over their data, privacy, and enhanced security.
Compatible with national eID schemes, the EU Digital Identity Wallet offers the ability to report suspected data breaches and enables inter-wallet interaction.
Your secure and trusted digital identity is a game changer for a safe EU digital decade.
#DigitalEU #EUDigitalIdentity #EuropeanUnion

Craig Bong
December 2, 2023 COP28 update

‘Ten days to the confirming the covenant for next seven years.
COP28 Snapshot – Day 3 – Fast Tracking the Energy Transition
Global Decarbonization Accelerator announced, prioritizing decarbonization across energy producing and heavy-emitting sectors
50 Oil & Gas companies committed to eliminating methane by the end of 2030 and fully decarbonizing by 2050
118 countries pledged to TRIPLE global renewables capacity and DOUBLE energy efficiency by the end of 2030
#COP28 #ClimateAction 

Craig Bong
November 30, 2023

In COP28’s Green Zone Energy Hub, you’ll discover the TREE OF LIFE, a world-first artificial intelligence (AI) interactive digital art installation and a contemporary symbol of environmental sustainability. Taking inspiration from the resilient Ghaf tree, native to the UAE and renowned for thriving in harsh conditions, this installation fuses art with AI, and serves as a unique invitation for visitors to explore the core themes of COP28.
You can also pledge your commitment of environmental sustainability through the tree of life.
COP28’s TREE OF LIFE is a mockery of the TREE OF LIFE mentioned in the Bible.
The Lord God made all kinds of trees grow out of the ground—trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food. In the middle of the garden were the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Genesis 2:9’
So far Craig Bong, promoting the elite’s agenda combining it with a false gospel and a ‘christian’ narrative. Perhaps you noticed that he suggests here that the tree of knowledge of good and evil was also good to eat from freely, which wasn’t the case of course.

My Bible says it differently, and more clearly:
“And out of the ground the Lord God made every tree grow that is pleasant to the sight and good for food. The tree of life was also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil…. [even the comma is important]
…. but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.  Genesis 2, verses 9 and 17 

Does Craig Bong promote a fake 7-year Tribulation, beginning after December 12, 2023?
On his Facebook, he’s actually advertising for the Illuminati, as a real puppet. He also might be part of the same club. 

Oh how much he is looking forward to this event, just like Celeste Solum, whom I had heard say that she is so looking forward to this, and couldn’t even wait:

Around 1:32 minutes we can hear Celeste Solum utter some New Age language:
“…..because quite frankly, the Earth’s been oppressed for a long time and there just is…. and so I’m excited too, I mean I can hardly wait for this. You can feel it in the air, you can feel the energy and the excitement of it building towards this: our steps into eternity, I’m just like I’m so ready for it!”

Celeste tells us about this ‘deliverance’, ‘after she had downloads from the heavens during conversations in prayer time that have been off the chart’…. conversations with evil spirits, posing as angels of light??? 

Not only Celeste was present there on blog talk radio, but Mr. Dan Duval also recently had an interview with the false Svali of 2023. They are all connected, you see.–fake-jesus-and-false-trinity-programming
In fact, this link was posted on the fake Svali website: ‘Svali speaks again’, a site full of lies! 

Here we have another interview, with Freemason Aaron from ‘God a Minute?’.
Notice the Masonic symbol on Aaron’s sweater & a false cheap gospel. 

SHOCKING! The Antichrist’s 17 Plans Exposed! 

‘Craig Bong reveals the antichrist’s 17 secret plans to control the world… Please note: This video is an excerpt from my recent interview with Craig Bong. Watch the full video here:

Something Terrifying is Coming from the Middle East in 2023’ 

Yes, how they want to terrify you and me in advance, and lure you into the New Age of the coming NWO! 

Perhaps good to mention Graig’s recent post, promoting this aspect of the evil agenda as well:

Craig Bong
45 min

‘The agricultural season is winding up for the season. With only a handful of harvests left until 2030, regenerative farming must be scaled rapidly to have any hope of reducing the food system’s responsibility for 30% of human-produced emissions, according to the King’s Agribusiness Task Force.

The Agribusiness Task Force has launched a ground-breaking Levers for Implementation plan, that can help make regenerative farming mainstream and reward farmers who follow the king’s transition.

The Levers for Implementation report below outlines the steps needed to support regenerative farming through 2030 and beyond, including the need to decarbonize across the supply chain.

In 2024, the Task Force’s goal will be to provide concrete evidence of the Blueprint for Implementation at work by enabling and supporting partnerships among the different supply chain stakeholders.

The Task Force is to develop the following Blueprint which shows how the four private-sector-driven Levers the Task Force has identified can be combined and put into practice to reset and reimagine farming to 2030.

Governments must seize this opportunity under the king by investing and creating the right enabling environment to support the transition and reward all those who follow King Charles’ plan to transition farming….’


Can you see how these misleading gatekeepers are being promoted by Facebook and YouTube, among others?
You might also have noticed that Craig supports Freemasons as J.F. Farag & Tom Hughes on his Facebook:


Craig Bong

J.d. FaragTom Hughes;


I only listened to some small parts of all these videos mentioned here, perhaps the wisest thing to do.  🙂


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