Breaking News Headlines | Endtimenews & Exposé of the week August 7, 2023

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Clown Planet (= 999): Coming to a town near you  [the Smart Check System] 

Central area of Florida may have become an ‘endemic location’ (= 66, 2666) for Leprosy 

FOX News (= 22, 99) reports, ‘AI and the Church’ (= 69, 690, 201) tech initiative aims to bring God’s power to those in need 

Fearmongering! Now SHARKS could get even angrier in warmer seas as world’s oceans hit hottest EVER recorded temperature of 20.96C after climate change heats up the planet’s waters, scientists warn 

Europe is Colder-Than-Average (And Snowy) July 

UK’s Historically Cold Summer Drags On; Greenland Ice Sheet Uptick 

The New York Post (= 66, 88, 201) aka New York Post (= 696 equals 666) aka NYPost (= 99) reports: ‘Japanese Man spent $14K to transform himself into collie’

Japanese Man in Lifelike Collie Dog suit 

The People’s Voice (= 77) reports straight to our faces, ‘Klaus Schwab’s Daughter: ‘Permanent Climate Lockdowns Coming – Whether You Like It or Not’’ 

There is ‘help’ with ‘THORN’ (= 33): Fearmongering & their so-called ‘solution’ 

Ad campaign in Germany sounds alarm about protecting children’s digital privacy | ABCNL 

BEWARE! ‘Verified human’: Worldcoin users queue up for iris scans 

TheEconomicCollapseBlog (= 77) reports, ‘The Beat Goes On: Another Bank Has Collapsed, Another Trucking Company Has Collapsed, And U.S. Consumers Are Tapped Out’, so-called blaming Biden

8/01/2023 — Earthquake activity expected spread — BLACKROCK, Very Low Frequency, and NAME GAMES 

Freemason Dr. Mercola: 13 Most Common Nutrient Deficiencies (2023) 

Aspartame Effects Show Up in Offspring 2 Generations Later 

Beets may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease 


Exposé of the week  

#MichaelYeadon disguised as a whistleblower

Dr. Michael Yeadon proclaims: “Next Manufactured Crisis Is Closer Than Ever”: 

Former Pfizer VP Warns The Next Manufactured Crisis Is Closer Than Ever

Noticed the video length? It’s 13:22 > 322  (Skull and Bones)
Numbers are extremely important for TPTB. 

Video presented by ‘LR’ = 22, 69
London Real = 220, 660  (the zero doesn’t count)


Deepfakes = 69, 88, 115, 216 = 6x6x6 or 666
The Jesuit Order = 69
Illuminati = 69
New World Order = 69
Catholic Church = 69
Queen Elizabeth = 69, 96

By the way, you’ll find the number 69/96 on the Masonic Royal Arch in Freemasonry; these things and names and numbers are no coincidence! 

So Michael Yeadon, as a fake whistleblower (or a CON or Shill or gatekeeper or agent, whatever you want to call them), foretells us that mass starvation, war, and global migration, among other things, are now around the corner. And then comes the manipulation out of his mouth…. He says, “It’s going to happen if you, and everybody else, do nothing at all”. Himself included? I don’t think so for he is part of that club.
Yes, TPTB want you to rebel, and track and trace you, and much more.

Also, notice that this very article went viral on many so-called alternative media sites run by Freemasons, or shall we say gatekeepers? Goal is to lure you into the cashless New Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution or New World Order (NWO), after the Great Reset. 

Gatekeeper Alex Jones, with his gatekeeper channels InfoWars and Banned.Video (and some other channels/sites)…. we already know who he is. 

A 2020 ‘study’ by researchers from Northeastern, Harvard, Northwestern and Rutgers universities found that InfoWars was among the TOP 5! most shared news domains in tweets related to COVID-19. And the other big Shill channels/websites are: The Gateway Pundit, WorldNetDaily, Judicial Watch, and Natural News. 

‘….They [TPTB] decided to do something completely different. And they decided, instead of censoring everything, they decided to fund and promote gatekeeper channels. Shill channels … to simply bring together and gather all the open-minded people who are looking at the issue. They shut down some of the legitimate channels; they really did. If you follow some of that, you know that channels have already been shut down. Almost completely eliminated!’ the late David Elias Goldberg 

What are Shill channels?
A channel, for example, a YouTube channel [or another video platform], that publicly helps or gives credibility to a person or organization, without revealing that they have a close relationship with that person or organization! They can conduct their activities in media, journalism, marketing, politics, sports, trust games, or other business areas. They may also act, to discredit opponents or critics of the person or organization in which they have a vested interest. 

Gatekeepers Yeadon and Jones still have a close relationship with the organizations and/or persons that they publicly ‘attack’! It’s their greater good; they are being paid for it. So they play both sides, and are certainly not on our side! Yeadon is a bad actor; Jones acts a little better. You can often hear and read that they are anti-Biden and pro-Trump, making you believe in politics. Or anti-Ukraine and pro-Russia. Or anti-China and pro-America. Of course! 

‘Some of those YouTube channels were not part of the original gatekeeper channels; they have no connection. They are the channels that tell the truth! They eliminated some of these channels because they were considered a threat, or because they might reveal the gatekeeper channels to the public. 

One very interesting aspect of all this is, the gatekeeper channels and the shill channels are mostly disinformation channels! Disinformation channels, like Alex Jones for example, have long been disinformation and Zionist channels; very, very active in distracting people from Zionism. Alex Jones talks about everything, but he never talks about Israel. So that is an active disinfo channel that has always been around. 

What they have created with the new gatekeeper channels are very truthful channels. They are very honest; they don’t give out much disinformation. They are actually legitimate. And this is done to give them credibility with these people who are awake, or who are waking up. And this is done very specifically; the secret documents talk about that. 

Now, what is the purpose of the whole operation? The purpose of this is to broadcast truth channels, to attract people to themselves. They call this, ‘tag, track, and ID’. It’s a term, used in all documents: TTID. It’s something you’ll want to remember, because this appears a lot in these documents. They refer to it all the time! 

So what does that tell you? They want to tag you, they want to follow you, and they want to identify who you are. If you look at these channels, if you’re aware, if you’re awake about these issues, they want to tag you, they want to follow you, and they want to know exactly who you are. They want to know, and it’s about tracking people’s IP addresses through YouTube [among other things]. They have access to YouTube! They do know who you are. So this is discussed a lot in the documents. 

And there are two projects, and it’s very important to listen to this. Project Pogo is one of them. And Project Zyphr, which I’ll spell: Z-Y-P-H-R. Project Pogo and Project Zyphr are the two projects, to which the classified documents refer, and each has a different role. 

Project Pogo is about the gatekeepers of YouTube, about how they are all agents, representatives. They are all paid to bring out truthful information so they can tag, track, and identify the people who watch the videos, give likes and comments. They follow it all! 

Project Zyphr is another project. That’s the second phase: extermination. They are going to exterminate these people. Whether it’s tagging them for anti-Semitic expressions, accusing them of crimes … they want to eliminate them completely. And this is what I will talk about now. In the documents, they talk about guillotines. Viral attacks. Targeted, focused…. and about how they’re going to eliminate people without too much suspicion, without too many people noticing. 

But here’s the problem: the projects can change. As I read the documents, I have documents from 4 years ago, I have documents from 2 years ago, and then I have documents from 3 months ago. So there is a progression in the timeline, the schedule, as the projects change.’ – the late David Elias Goldberg 

You can read more about this subject here. It will open your eyes for good. 

The YouTube channel of London Real has over 2,24 million subscribers… NO censorship at all. These gatekeeper channels will rob you from your precious time, feeding you with truths mixed in with lies. To attract Christians’ attention and gain their trust, some of them use Bible verses. However, they all serve Lucifer/satan, and belong to the very same club. 


Don’t be scared; be prepared, and pray…. also for these people, that they might learn to know the One living God, through the Lord Jesus Christ. 


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