John Todd Tape 7: The Illuminati, Moriah Conquering Wind, witches their Priesthood, and more (Transcript)

Tape 7 is not just for witches; it’s for everyone. The names of the religion of the Illuminati, their ministers, higher and lower levels, the fundamental Christian Church a threat, their knowledge of two types of Christians, effort to keep everybody at the ‘Savior station’ which means no threat, ‘Jesus People’, music their number one instrument, Christians wearing same jewelry as witches do attracting demons, all big churches discussed, they own the biggest Christian Record and Music company in the US, and RCA, the Genocide Act, ‘The Beast’, talking computers, destroy the things of satan’s kingdom in your house, and much more!
July 5, 2023


‘As I knelt there and I prayed with him, and I gave my heart to the Lord, something very strange happened to me. I had been born with all the demons of my parents. I’d been born with their sins upon me. I was a hereditary witch, meaning that I collected everything that they had. I had never known freedom, never known peace. I was afraid day and night since I was five years old. I’ll be afraid to go to bed at night and go to sleep because of the nightmares that I would have and the torment that I’d have and not knowing why.
And when I got up from there I felt a feeling that I never felt in my life. I felt free, I felt peaceful! I asked God that when I became saved, would You take the fear away? I never want to be afraid again. And even when people were shooting at me, I’ve never been afraid again. The fear went. That fear belongs to the devil. And when the devil went, my fear went.’ – the late John Todd


Listen further to what John Todd had to reveal to the world!

Some of the things he brings up again go a little deeper. Some things I left out because he told these before on another occasion.

Is this the very last tape of John Todd?
I can’t tell you for sure. Anyways, John Todd starts here with Tape 7:

I’m glad to be here this evening. We’re going to go over a few things….

How many people here have never heard the word Illuminati before?

Rather than go over the history of what it is, and how it came into being, I’m going to concentrate on what it is doing today. Now, many of you accept too many things that are, just because they’re there, and you don’t question, why are they there. So many things in America we’ve accepted as normal because we’re used to them and we’ve grown to accept them. And that’s just exactly what the Illuminati wants you to do!

The Illuminati is an organization that the Luciferian religion or religion of the occult or witchcraft or paganism or ‘the force’, or whatever you want to call it, is its religion.

And its priests are those of witchcraft

But it is a political, financial organization!
And real quickly, rather than have you take out a one dollar bill or any of that, – you can do that later – I’ll draw you this and try to explain the Illuminati through this….

All right, this is the Illuminati

I’ll describe it.
The eye in there means Lucifer.
The capstone is a Rothschild.
And if you notice, it’s suspended from the pyramid because the Rothschilds are considered deities, supernatural beings, dwelling in human bodies, gods to be worshipped, not human beings. And so they are the godhead.

Their priests is the Council of 13 or the Grand Druid Council, which I was a member of

So the things I’m saying, I’m saying from here up where I know what took place.

The next Council is the Council of 33

That is the 33 highest initiative Masons [Freemasons] in the world!

The next is the Council of 500

That is what many people refer to as the Bilderbergers. That’s the people you make rich every time you go shopping.

The Collins’s: the originators of witchcraft within the U.S.

Now, where I come from is the Todds – they were originally called the Collins’s, the particular branch of the family that I’m from. They have been in the Illuminati since May 1, 1776, when it was organized. In fact, they were one of the organizing families. They were also the originators of witchcraft within the United States. They brought it here in 1626. So this is where I came from.

I was raised a witch

And all my life I thought I was into witchcraft, till 1970, when I shot and killed an officer in Germany after reenlisted. And the Illuminati stepped in with the aid of a senator that later became Attorney General and a congressman, and about three generals from the Pentagon, ordering my immediate honorable discharge and the destruction of my military records and court martial records, which was done. Then I learned that witchcraft was more than just casting spells, that there were political and financial people involved in this thing.

I’m going to start December 1963, an interesting time

The reason I’m starting there is, 21 December 1963 was the time that it was decided that the Christian Church, the fundamental Christian Church, was a threat to the Illuminati within the United States. And at that time, they thought they could take care of it by infiltration, by bribing, by blackmail, and by scandal. Now, as of a year ago, they decided that that’s useless, and that the only answer to the Christian Church is to burn it to the ground. And we’ll be talking about quite a few things like that today.

If they are contrary to things you’ve heard before, traditional…

just pray for me; I’m sure they’re going to be.

The reason that the Christian Church became a threat to the Illuminati….

is that a particular President existed at that time, and that President, through the man that helped set up the Bay of Pigs invasion, became a Christian! It was one for the Lord, and that’s John F. Kennedy.

They thought they could threaten and force John F. Kennedy back in

They tried for three months. In fact, 30 days before his death, the Pope ordered him to Rome to appear before him, and accept communion at his hand. And Kennedy walked out of the Vatican refusing communion. And that’s when they decided that he had to go. So he [the Pope] ordered his death. So if you’re wondering they are ever going to solve the Kennedy assassination, don’t you believe it.

When I joined the Illuminati knowingly…

I guess I was a member of the Illuminati since I was 14, but I did not know it was the Illuminati!

What the Illuminati have been doing to the Christian Church

Now, when they decided to do this, they knew that demons were very real. There’s nobody that’s ever come out of the occult that would say that the devil’s not as active as he was during the time of Jesus, and therefore neither is his army. And they are extremely real today! I’m sure they were just as real in Jesus’s time.

They know that there are weak Christians as well as there are strong Christians!

There are two types of Christians, and they’re familiar with this! In fact, I learned this in witchcraft, not in the Christian church. There are Christians who have accepted Jesus as Savior, and there are Christians who have accepted Him as [Savior and] Lord. And there is a difference!

When the Lord is your Savior

I’ve learned more about the Lordship of Christ listening to their music and their testimony (from Christians) than probably anybody else. And they have a beautiful illustration on one of their live albums where the woman’s two-year-old boy was down at a picnic, and the grandmother and he were playing ball with a plastic ball and bat. And he got mad, threw the bat down and started stamping on the ground, and says, “Grandma, you missed my bat again! You missed my bat again!” And that’s just about us. When we get in trouble, when we don’t think the Lord did it our way, we say, “Lord, You missed my bat again!” That’s because we’re trying to run it, and tell the Lord what to do. Now, that’s being Savior.

When the Lord is your Lord

When He is Lord, we say, “Lord, what am I supposed to do for You today? How do You want it run?” And there’s a difference. And they know the difference in the occult world, and they try to keep everybody at the Savior station! They figured they’ve lost them anyway, but they’d like to make their testimony so weak and so void, that they’re not a threat to them.

How the Illuminati keep Christians at the Savior station

They use several things to do it. Their number one instrument in destroying a Christian’s strength is music. My favorite thing is to burn rock music. I just get such a pleasure out of destroying that garbage! And there’s a reason that I get that pleasure. I used to lead Zodiac Production, the largest rock booking concert agency in the United States. They decided they ought to change their name; the Illuminati quite often changes names around. At that time, that was the main reason that The Beatles and The Rolling Stones and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and Creedence Clearwater Revival, and other groups that belong to the occult, had concerts in this country…

They have now had such influence!

And since the Illuminati has bought most of the record companies anyway, you cannot produce records in this country, – as a new group getting started like Kiss – unless you are a member of some occult brotherhood, and have an initiation scar on your wrist.

Kiss: “We were told to form this group by our ministers”

Now I was shocked that one of the young people here knew a particular story that happened about six months ago! Kiss was having a press conference over a new album they were releasing. This press conference was being held in Hollywood over at one of the record companies. And somebody said, “Well, Kiss, that’s a strange name. What’s it all about?” And the guy stood up and said, “Well, I guess we ought to tell you all about ourselves. We didn’t get together and form our own group. We were told to form this group by our ministers, by our church”. And they said, “Oh, we didn’t know you were Christians!” Oh, I like the way the guy thinks! They said, “Oh, we’re not! We’re Satanists!” And they all pulled out their minister’s cards, and showed they were priests of the Satanic Brotherhood of America. And they said, “Oh”, and they kind of skipped over; they were trying to get away from it. They didn’t realize they weren’t going to get away from it. And one of the guys stood up and said, “Oh, well, you know, all the teeny boppers really, really like you”, and they said, “Well, we’re not too interested in the girls, we all like the guys”. And they all said they were homosexuals except for one; that destroyed some of the girls the other day. And then they went on to say, “By the way, our name means ‘Kings in Satanic Service’”. That’s what Kiss stood for. Now that’s just one group; a lot of them are out there.

Most of the groups pick their names for their band according to witch language

Well, the witches have had a language for several thousand years old that they communicate in, and it’s English, I think, and it consists of many words. It means many phrases, and so. They call them actually witch’s rudes. R-U-D-E-S. Rudes. And most of the rock music is written in witch language, okay? And many of the groups pick their names by phrases out of the Witchcraft Bible, the Book of Shadows, and The Beatles.

The Beatles

One of the most potent charms within witchcraft is the Scarab, which is a beetle. And that’s why they chose it [the name ‘The Beatles’]. Most people who are great Beatle fans – and this goes back to some of the oldsters here – do not realize what the occult calls The Beatles. They call them the four prophets, the four angels from Lucifer! And they believe in them so strongly, that for the first time in witchcraft history, a record album, and the words of that record album, have been adopted as part of the Witchcraft Bible, the Book of Shadows! And that was the double white album that The Beatles sang.

They consider every song on there to be a prophecy from Lucifer of the end times

Okay, just to give you a little clue. Now, don’t rush out and buy one, but you can rush home and burn the one you got! Now, I know a lot of the rock singers, firsthand, because of booking and because many of them were in occult brotherhoods that I used to go and minister at, and so on, when I was over.

Three Dog Night

All came out of one Coven in Chinle (?), Arizona.


And I know Santana. They were brought up from down in South America. And his brother started another group. And I know many of the groups.

What the Illuminati want with rock music is the same reason that they’ve created the jewelry!

I’ll be talking about it in a moment, and that is to weaken your Christian life.

What strong Christian, what soul-winning Christian, do you know that plays rock music?

I’ve made this statement many times in my meetings. You show me a strong Christian. And don’t come up and tell me you’re a strong Christian, and you’ve got the rock music, because I’ll set you down, and we’ll go over your life. I’ve never met one. There isn’t any. Only weak Christians listen to rock music. Only weak Christians witness they listen to Jesus rock music also.

Now, I know a little story about Jesus rock, since we’re talking about infiltration

I was in Phoenix on a guest-speaking tour. I was living in San Antonio. I was there on a function at one of the Grand Druid meetings. In fact, it was an extremely important meeting that was taking place that was discussing the destruction of Jerry Falwell’s church. Oh, yeah, all the big churches are discussed one time or the other! And when we were there, I was given a check that was made out on the Lords of London Bank in London. That’s where it originated. It was actually made out on the Chase Manhattan Bank here, but it was funds from that bank; it was stamped on it. And it was to be delivered to a Reverend, Chuck Smith, Costa Mesa, California.

Now, old Chucky had started a thing called the ‘Jesus People’

That’s really where it got started with him. And the occult got very upset! The Illuminati was extremely upset, because ministers were standing up and preaching against rock music! And the kids were burning their music! Now, they just couldn’t stand the idea that these demons weren’t in Christians homes and affecting Christians lives! It had puzzled me how the Christians found out about this! We thought we so carefully had it hidden, that we couldn’t understand why Christian ministers were preaching against rock since they didn’t know the real reason! But something inside ministers across the country was saying, this is wrong! So how do you get these demons, these same demons, into people’s hands if they’re not going to play Rock? You make it Christian!

Standard term in the Illuminati: ‘If you can’t beat them, join them!’

So this $4 million check was the second $4 million this man had received in a two year period. And with it, he built Maranatha Productions. And Maranatha Productions started what we call today ‘Jesus Rock’. Now, watch out. I’m going to give you a little warning.

The Illuminati just bought the biggest Christian Record and Music company in the United States and probably in the world about a year ago

And already, we’re seeing a change in the music. They bought Word Ministries in Texas. RCA [Radio Corporation of America] bought them up, and RCA belongs to the Illuminati.

And they’ve already brought out a company called Mer

And Mer’s emblem is the Runes of Stonehenge. That it’s one of the strongest witchcraft that would be for a witch to go to Stonehenge, would be like a Christian to go to Bethlehem. It’s that holy of a place in the occult, and they mark their records!

Witch called Honeytree

One particular witch we can’t stand, that a lot of Christians have in their home – we enjoy burning her records as much as we enjoy burning the Beatles, and that’s Honeytree, and she sings for them. Now, we know many of these people because they started out in rock music, and they were ordered over into the Christian rock. So if I can get you Christian rock music, that’s almost as fun as getting you rock music.

Five years ago, I could say, this is how you tell a witch by their jewelry, and these are the symbols

I can’t do that today because the Christians are wearing the same jewelry! Now, most people don’t know the significance of an inanimate object when its creation was ordered by the devil. Now, I don’t think anybody here doubts that the Word of God was ordered by the Holy Spirit through man. Well, certain writings and certain pieces of jewelry were ordered by the devil through occult people! And these pieces of jewelry mean things you don’t know!

About 3 years ago, the occult changed all the names to these pieces of jewelry!

What they’ve been called for thousands of years, they changed their names and called them something else. Some of the names don’t even make sense. And then they started selling them through several major companies that they owned, federal department stores, which meant that they sold them through Sears and Penneys. Then they sold (them through) Kmart and Gold Circle, and so on. Then they sold them through Standard Oil stores, Montgomery Ward…. And then they wanted to get them into everybody’s homes, that maybe didn’t buy them in the store. So they sold them through Avon. And Avon’s catalog this year is unreal. It’s got more jewelry in it from the occult than I’ve ever seen anywhere else!

Delivered because of selling the jewelry!

If you buy from Avon, we have a cassette tape of a woman that’s with Word of Life Ministries that owns one of their biggest executives in Maryland. And she had to be delivered from demons because of the jewelry she was selling! Her testimony is outstanding of how she tried to kill herself just because the jewelry was in her house, and the demonic activity that it created. So you might consider it twice.

Now, these are the symbols

The five-pointed star called the pentagram or the pentacle.

The six-pointed star was originally called the Hexagram or the Crest of Solomon. It has always been used for demon worship. And has anybody called it the Star of David?

The next one you’ll see on many television stars: the moon and the five-pointed star. It means you are an ordained priest or priestess of witchcraft. And I’ve seen many television stars lately wearing this on TV. That’s because you’re not supposed to know what it means.

The Ankh; they now call it the cross of life. They like to change the names and things! Now, this is what it means. Don’t come up and tell me it means a Christian symbol! I came out of the occult. They created that thing. I know what it means! It’s not a Christian cross. In fact, it came from Egypt, thousands of years before Christ ever walked the earth in a form of human body. It means that you despise virginity, that you practice orgies, that you worship the sun god Ra, which is the Egyptian name for Lucifer, and that you believe in reincarnation, which means you don’t believe in hell and you don’t believe in heaven. So if you don’t believe any of these things, don’t wear it.

The Italian horn. I don’t know why they call it that now, since it was invented in Ireland, but its real names are the Leprechaun staff, the fairies wand, and the unicorn’s horn. And it comes two ways. Sometimes it’s a twisted horn like this, a spiral horn, and sometimes the curved horn. It means, literally, you trust the devil for your finances. Now, if you don’t, you don’t wear it.

I’m so tired of seeing Christian ladies wearing this around their neck

I don’t even talk to them. I tell them to take it off before I talk to them. I came out of that thing. Now, they got these in your hands for a reason! And the reason is this. These things attract demons. Believe me, they really do, especially the six-pointed star!

We never conjured a demon that we didn’t draw this on the floor for the demon to appear in the six-pointed one

In fact, the word to cast a bad spell in order to hex somebody comes from this star. That gives you kind of an idea of it’s evil! So I’m not against jewelry, or I would preach against all jewelry, I’m just against jewelry that the devil told people to create for his worship service and for his priesthood. And it doesn’t have any place in a Christian’s life!

Now, I give you a little political thing

And before everybody rushes out of here tonight to send telegrams off to Washington, DC. I got saved out of the Illuminati; so you can save the money of sending your telegrams! If they want to vote something through, they’re going to vote it through, and you are never going to know about it….

The Genocide Act

It’s the bills you don’t hear about that you have to worry about. There’s one up for vote now that just came out of committee. It was voted down eight years ago and therefore some of you may know about it. But the President that we have now has considered it a necessary bill, so he’s been pushing it. It’s called the Genocide Act. Has anybody ever heard of the Genocide act? Few of you do. You know, that if you win somebody, even if they’re over 21 and you win them from the faith that their parents bore them into, like Catholic Jews, witchcraft, maybe a Methodist becomes born again, you know, something like this, they can have you arrested and tried for genocide, and you can serve time in federal penitentiary for it, if this law is passed, and it’s going to get passed!

You can read more about the laws, which will have serious implications for true Christians, here.

Ready to number everybody in the U.S. for the purpose of buying and selling

Now, we read over work at the other church, where I met a document from a senator Conlan of Arizona, who is a senator who sets on the Committee of International Banking for the United States, and the Federal Reserve Commission, and so on. This letter was written in April 1976. It said that at that moment, the Federal Reserve Act was ready to number everybody in the United States for the purpose of buying and selling, and was going to by 1980.

How many have heard or sawn on the news the proposed United States security card?

Okay, we’ve got to look at this. And we thought it most interesting that our President bragged that he drew the card and designed it himself, and everything on it, considering that it’s kind of an ivory pearl collar with a grey diagram with black typing over it. The grey diagram consists of this. Somebody tell me what it is. Six, six, six (666); they call it the inverted nine. Exactly what’s on it!
National or European Common Market countries: you will find this on much of the clothing.
Some years back, when the currency was printed in 1973 in Brussels, and we bought $10 billion of it, – and we have letters to confirm it by senators that we did do this – this world currency, this was on it. But then the President we have today said that his security card makes it, so that nobody ever has to carry money anymore, and that it will stop robberies. You just carry the card [instead of the world currency in cash]. Now, if you don’t think it’s close….

Computer system in Brussels and sister computer in Amsterdam called ‘The Beast’

Have you been noticing all the department stores placing computer cash registers in there lately? They’re all hooked into a computer system.
There is a computer system in Brussels that many people have heard about. Some of them have even heard of a sister computer in Amsterdam that they call ‘The Beast’. They are talking computers. Actually, the computer is larger than this sanctuary here. Just the computer, not the building.

The National Security Computer

There is one just like it in Dallas, Texas, four stories below the IBM building. It’s called the National Security Computer. And as of the first of last year, the California National Guard switched their patch over to these three overlapping sixes. We have confirmed it. We haven’t in Georgia yet because we haven’t had a chance to talk to anybody that’s in the National Guard. But in Florida and Massachusetts and other states, we have confirmed that, by the end of this coming year, all the National Guard is to switch their patch over to that six, six, six (666). And they all have been hooked as the first of this year into the computer in Dallas. Now this is the computer center that all of the cash registers, and all of the stores that are switching to computer cash registers, are hooked into, and they in turn are hooked into Brussels and Amsterdam. Now, that’s a fact; that’s not guesswork.

All the stores within the next year and a half are to switch to some type of computer verification system….

even if it’s just the thing that hooks into your phone, for those two extra buttons on your phone, that you can zip the card through, and gives a reading over the phone. And that’s because our President has said that we need proof that everybody in the United States is a law abiding citizen. I’m getting tired of hearing that term. And in order to check up on that, what better place than when somebody goes in to buy the groceries or the gasoline to check up on. So everybody’s to have a computer cart. And of course, if you don’t take the card, you can’t buy anything and you’re a bad citizen. Somewhere along the line, I think, they thought you are really get hunted down if you are a Christian. Believe me, the organized Christian church isn’t going to say anything about it.

There are two doctrines; both of them are pretrib

One, you’ll be here to see the mark, and some of you won’t be here to see the mark passed out. Whether you believe it or not, the mark is still coming; I’m just verifying it, so whichever way you want to believe… But the point is, they plan on passing this thing out in about a year and a half. They really do. They have everything being hooked up for it now. So the times are growing close, and this was all planned out!

The reason that I’m not saying the Illuminati…

To even say the Illuminati in the occult, even for the Council of 13, meant that they’re going to take you out somewhere and kill you. It’s an unspeakable word. In fact, the leader of the Council of 13 and his enforcer Isaac Bonewitz, both members of it, – Gavin Frost and Bonewitz – came to me and said, “We know that Christians don’t believe half of what you say. We don’t mind to talk about witchcraft because they still think we fly on broomsticks”. That’s what they think of you. Actually, they’re right about most Christians in that form! But would you please stop using the word Illuminati before we have to kill you. Okay? They say Moriah, the Conquering Wind.

I grew up in a thing that I never knew love

Mothers didn’t care for their children. Children didn’t care for their parents. I think that sounds something like the Christian church today. But I grew up that way. There was no love and emotion in my life whatsoever, except hate and revenge were the only two feelings that I ever felt, until the night that I met Jesus. And it must be strange for me to say this to many of you, maybe not some of you, but it shocked me to no end to find out that I could care for somebody as much as I cared for myself!

New emotions of love, compassion, and gentleness

I ran around the church that I was going to in the beginning, surprised constantly at the new emotions that I was feeling of love and compassion and even of gentleness, that I had never felt in my life and were taught did not exist, but were lies created by people who called themselves Christians, and that they just didn’t exist.

Brotherhood existed, and that was as close we could get to love

But it was a brotherhood of ‘if you betray me as your brother, I’m going to kill you’ type brotherhood. And ‘if you break your vow of secrecy and say that I’m in here, then I’m going to destroy you!’ This type of world… that was their brotherhood!
The Christian brotherhood is ‘I’m your brother because Christ has made you new as He has made me new, and we are equal heirs’.

But I was raised in this

And when I imagined many of your kids were five years old and just learning their ABCs, I was learning that the moon was Diana and that the sun was either …?, Pan or Lucifer, depending on which country you came from. And while your kids were watching the Mickey Mouse Club, I was learning that the color of green meant money, and the color of red meant sex, and so on, and how to cast spells. And when I was running track and playing football in high school like other normal teenagers, at the same time I was attending Coven meetings, and was an ordained minister of the Wiccan Church or Witchcraft Church of America. When I was 13, I went to college within the occult; I went to their bible college. I learned how to be a priest. And when I was 14, I was taken to the Ohio State University campus where I grew up, to a professor’s home there, and in this large apartment over in this kind of studio room with glass in the ceiling, and so on, I was taken back and robed and blindfolded. My wrists were tied, and a loose cord was tied around my ankle. I was led in by the person that was sponsoring me to the circle. A knife was placed at my throat and I was challenged. And I answered these words back that let me into the circle. I was unbound and I’m blindfolded and proclaimed free. And my wrist was cut and I signed a pack with my blood signature. And I was told, should I ever betray my vow of secrecy that I repeated then, that this signature would change color supernaturally, and they would come and get me. And I said, “Well, who would ever want to do that?” You know, I was so privileged and I was 14, and I was a minister. And don’t think that age is very important. My sister was a witch queen when she was 13, and she’d been in it even longer. She was given orders to politicians within the state that she was a member of because she was their minister. Age means nothing in the occult world! But when I was 18, I was made a high priest. That placed me something as the pastor here.

I was given 13 staff members

Actually, the female ran it, and I was her next in command. The females love witchcraft! The women run the churches.

I was draft exempt

I didn’t have to serve in service. I was given what is called a 4D status because our church was a recognized church within the United States. Tax deductible, and new ministers can marry and do all these things…. But some of us younger ministers decided that the army needed us, not to go and save our country or anything, but the army needed us as chaplains, and that the army needed our doctrine of witchcraft and satanism, or whatever particular branch we were of. So we would go in and enlist: the males and the females. And although since the army didn’t consider us ministers and didn’t consider us fitting their standards of chaplainism, we still went in, and always thought it was funny that many of the chaplains became our high priest and head of our churches and Coven, there on the basis. Because they never knew Jesus, they had to know something! That’s not saying all chaplains, a lot of our high priests were chaplains; we’ll let you figure it out. But I went through the service and served my time, reenlisted, and went to Germany. And until I went to Germany, my life was one thing: I believed I was a member of witchcraft. I worshipped gods and goddesses. I believed in ESP and psychic power. I didn’t believe in the devil. I didn’t believe in demons, and I didn’t believe in hell. Well, a lot of that was going to change very quickly.

And most of all, I never heard of an organization called the Illuminati

I was a member of the Wiccan Church of America, and there were other denominations within witchcraft, and that was it!

Next, about John Todd in the army, you can learn here.

Meeting the writer of a book for Christians who wanted to practice witchcraft

A man named Dr. Raymond Buckland met me at the airport, whose picture I had seen and books that I had studied since I was a kid. In fact, he’s the creator of what we call ‘Christian witchcraft’! He wrote a book for Christians who wanted to practice witchcraft. I think it’s a little impossible, but he thought it was. Anyway, I learned under him for a few months, and I learned that everything that I learned in witchcraft till then was a lie. [However] It’s all a lie! But he just told me everything prior to that was a lie, and that there was only one god, and that god’s name was Lucifer. And he told me a whole lot of theories that I’ve been sharing with the ministers here. And then I went to Los Angeles….

And I learned of a political organization that had rescued me

It’s called the Illuminati. I learned everything, from its foundation of May 1, 1776, till that day in 1970. Well, it was actually ‘71 by then. And I went down to San Antonio after taking initiation to become a member of its 13th level Council, or 6th level Council of 13. And I moved to San Antonio….

I moved into the Casino Building that the occult owns, where its temples are at, many of its nightclubs, and stores

And to cover the salary that they were paying me, they made me the manager and president of the largest rock concert booking agency in the United States, called Zodiac Productions. And I sat there and I managed it, plus many other nightclubs in San Antonio.

And all the time I was trying to work within the occult, within the government

Eight times a year, my only duty would be on the Sabbath, the Witches’ Sabbath, Black Sabbath, whatever you want to call it, to be somewhere in the country, where they would proclaim to me and meet in meetings of the 13, and take orders from the Rothschilds, and pass the orders and the money on down to other people.

Somewhere along the line, something took place through some letters that I read that Philip Rothschild had written to 13 people

And my life was over if I had stayed there. Maybe this one world government they were going to have wasn’t so bad after all. But just the same, I wanted out! And along came a man one day, two days before Labor Day on a Saturday, who was a Baptist pastor in town of a little Southern Baptist church. He had found out that his daughter was practicing witchcraft. And he tried to witness to her, and he didn’t get anywhere. And then he went to his church, and he asked his church, would they pray and fast with him.

They said, “What for? You can’t possibly believe in witchcraft in this day and age?”

So he called up another church, called Castle Hills. And he said, “Help. I like to have some prayer and fasting. Witchcraft has sweeped our city. Could we start praying that God would start saving people out of it here?” And the church said, “Sure”.

About 500 of the congregation started praying and fasting that God would do something

The man came in one day. He prayed, “Let me cross Lance Collins’ path”. That was my witch name. And he came on the scene into one of the occult stores that day, praying that he would cross my path.

What happened next, you can learn here.

I needed to talk to somebody in a Christian church to find out if this was all really happening…

And I thought for a while, now, who do I contact? If I’m not careful, and I get one of the ministers that we might have under our control or paid off…. that could get me killed! I’ve got to be very careful. So I decided that I would go over to this Christian Coffee house that I’d been told about the night before. And I went over there and it’s called the Green Gate Club. It had been a burlesque bar, a show bar.

I went in there about 2 in the morning

I came in and a Christian started talking to me. You could see I was going through withdrawal, and he was wise about drugs, and he started talking to me about them. Pretty soon, we got to witchcraft. After he changed about three different colors, he quickly called his pastor, and said, “Pray brother, pray”. He said, “Why? You’re a Christian.” He said, “But he’s a witch!” He said, “So, wasn’t the devil defeated 2,000 years ago?” So he goes back and he starts witnessing to me, really pours it on.

I guess, it finally got down to ‘Could I be saved’?

Since I had been in witchcraft, and done all these things, could I be saved? And he reminded me of Paul and the things that Paul had done: persecuting the church, and so on, and carried many people off in chains, held the robes of the people who stoned Stephen to death. He said, “He could be saved. He turned out to be one of the greatest apostles there was. He could save you!”

So as I knelt there and I prayed with him, and I gave my heart to the Lord….

something very strange happened to me. I had been born with all the demons of my parents. I’d been born with their sins upon me. I was an hereditary witch, meaning that I collected everything that they had. I had never known freedom, never known peace. I was afraid day and night since I was five years old. I’ll be afraid to go to bed at night and go to sleep because of the nightmares that I would have and the torment that I’d have and not knowing why.

And when I got up from there I felt a feeling that I never felt in my life

I felt free, I felt peaceful! I asked God that when I became saved, would You take the fear away? I never want to be afraid again. And even when people were shooting at me, I’ve never been afraid again. The fear went. That fear belongs to the devil.

And when the devil went, my fear went

And I walked out there, in fact, it almost got me killed. I walked out there, and forgot that somebody might want to kill me for doing this. But I was back the next night explaining to them that I was in danger.

They took me to a place of safety

And I praise the Lord that the church they took me to was a Bible-believing fundamental church that raised me. I could have went to a lot of churches, and I could have been discouraged. I could have been taught false doctrines. But I went to a church that taught me the Word of God first, and ideas second. And I praise the Lord for that! That’s my testimony. And I want to close and add this.
We have been working with witchcraft for quite a while, and the biggest problem we’ve run into, – and I want to say this, in case there are those present in witchcraft that know what I’m talking about – is the bounties they place upon people’s heads leaving the occult.

If you’re here and if you have a bounty on your head…

or if you’re afraid that they may try to kill you, we have a place for you. We can take you. All you have to do is call this church later this afternoon, and tell them the problem and get with them. And they’ll get you with me before I leave here Monday morning, and we’ll arrange it. We’ll get you to a place of safety. We’ll be talking about this tonight. We’re building a retreat that will keep these people alive so they can stand on their own feet. Before you say, well, why would that be necessary? We live in America. Well, you tell that to 50 some people that have been killed coming out of the occult in the last five years, accepting Jesus as their Savior, that we live in America. It couldn’t happen to them? It has happened to them. And there are professional killers trying to make sure that nobody leaves. And the fear is really tightened up in witchcraft lately, because so many people have recently been coming out because of tracts like ‘The Broken Cross’, and the one that will be coming out, ‘The Angel of Light’.

We just ask that you pray that people will continue coming out of this…

and that the fear of the devil will not keep the peace of Jesus Christ from the people who need it. And if you’re here tonight and you need to come out, – you’re in the occult – there’s a place for you to go.

This sermon isn’t just for witches; it’s for everyone

As you go home today, I ask that you pray that when they come [people in the occult] and they hear the message, that they’ll come to know Jesus Christ as the risen Savior, their Savior.

Destroying the things of the kingdom that I left behind

We had this little burning out back, destroyed some. And then to my mass enjoyment, I left for Alabama to take care of some business, and spent 6 hours burning some of the strongest books ever written in witchcraft! So I guess I’m kind of full of stepping on the devil’s toes, full of the joy of the Lord. But I was born into a family that has always been in witchcraft.

Before I got out, we traced our family tree

And we lost it somewhere back in the Druidism of Stonehenge in England. It went some 7,000 years back, and then we lost it when records gave up. But I come from a family that was originally called the Colleens. They were what we called the Blue Picts or the Druids. They changed their name. They fled from Scotland and they changed their name to Collins in England.

They brought witchcraft to the U.S. under their leader, Francis Collins

Somewhere prior to the Civil War, a large branch of that particular family decided they were too well exposed under that name. So they changed their name again, to Todd. And they moved from the Massachusetts area and sold the famous mansion that they had for so long. Catholic School for Nuns bought it up. I don’t think it changed much. But the agreement that they made, when they signed the contract to buy it, was that no outsider should ever see the inside of that mansion! There was too much that went on inside that mansion in the Collins history, that they want. They just completely covered it up and buried it! But this was the family that I was born into.
Many of you were raised Baptist, many of you were raised in other Christian faiths, religions, doctrines, whatever. So it’s kind of unusual to have somebody stand up here and say, well, I came out of witchcraft.

You were raised as a child to believe that witches flew on broomsticks…

had warts on their nose, and in the 60s twisted their nose and made things appear, but none of that went on. But witchcraft is extremely real.

Many people ask me what witchcraft is

Witchcraft is simply the priesthood. Witches are the priesthood of the old pagan temples that existed in Babylon, Rome, and Greece. And many of them worshiped the same gods that Paul confronted. It’s funny when he went up and preached about the unknown god in Greece, because they had so many gods! That’s about witchcraft. They have so many gods, they can’t keep track to them on the lower levels.

And then, when they progress up, – if they ever do – to the very higher levels that consist within the Illuminati, then they learn that there is one god, and his name is Lucifer, and that the lesser gods are in human bodies, and they try to make everybody a god, and so on.

I extremely enjoy this day…

because it means that there’s an empty grave somewhere in Jerusalem, and my Savior sits on the Throne. I met Him five and a half years ago on Labor Day. I think the Lord must have had it planned, so I’d always know my birthday. Many Christians don’t know the day they got saved, but I really enjoy celebrating my spiritual birthday. I try to forget that I’m close to 30 and I quit celebrating those birthdays. I think when I get to be 30, I’m going to stay right there. But I celebrate very hardly my Christian birthday. And it happened on Labor Day 1972 in San Antonio, through three different independent things that God had all planned out:

I watched a movie called The Cross and the Switchblade
I was given a tract on witchcraft, when I left the movie theatre
And following about 2 hours later, I went down to a [Christian] Coffee house, called the Green Gate Club

I went in there one night at 2 in the morning. And about 4 in the morning, I wasn’t a witch any longer. I was a born son of the King of kings, and Lord of lords! And I would never go back now.

It’s very interesting how Christians, – many of them – sway back and forth

A person coming out of witchcraft doesn’t have a chance to be weak one moment and strong the next; their life is at stake. They start at $10,000 upon anybody’s head leaving the occult. And they send not amateur people who want to pick up a few dollars, but they send professional people. In fact, one of the jobs I had before I became a very important witch was that, when I was in the service at Fort Bragg, I would recruit people leaving the Special Forces and the 82nd Airborne Rangers, and so on, as professional killers for the organization. These people who like to go around doing a lot of killing this way, they got paid a very handsome sum for it.

You’ll hear much today that is unusual

You won’t realize that such a world does exist! But consider this. There have been not very many won from the occult in the last five years, about 500. That’s not very many at all. That’s because of the fear on many people’s hearts that leave it! But out of that 500, 50 have died from bullet wounds and bombs and stabbings. So, see, it is an area that they leave, when they come to the altar or when they call up the minister and pray with him on the phone, as most of them do, or they read a tract and give their heart to the Lord. It’s not an easy matter.

They’re not just considering making Jesus their Lord, as many of you have considered

They’re considering placing their life on the line. I think that’s why they all love the old prophets in Israel. I think Jeremiah is my favorite. These prophets got out, and they weren’t loved like we love them today. They were very well hated.
And they [those coming out of the occult] also liked Paul…. here was Paul who was once held.

I remember the night that I was saved

I said, “I don’t think that I can be saved. I’ve done so much. I’ve taken human lives. I’ve worshipped the devil. I proclaimed him as Lord. I don’t think I can be saved”. And he said, “Well, here’s a man who held the coats of the men who put one of the followers of Christ to death, and he became one of the greatest soul winners in the Bible. If He can save him, He can save you”. And that changed my heart.

A man was asking me, did I ever have any doubts that I was ever a Christian

Have you ever had a doubt that Jesus ever saved you? I think that every Christian somewhere along the line that’s been generally saved has had a doubt…. ‘has He really forgiven me?’, at least in the beginning. But praise the Lord for some strong Bible teachers that demonstrated love as well as the Word of God!
And while Christians would come up and say, “Oh, I don’t want to shake your hand, you may still be there”, there were those who came up and said, “Praise the Lord, you’re my brother in Christ! I’d rather have you my brother than my enemy!” You know, in this type of atmosphere. There were those that really gave me love, that prayed with me, when I was having doubts and discouragements. And they brought me through. And I’m saying this, in case those are won from the occult today, and you know they have been won from it….

Show them love

Show them that Jesus saved you and has saved them, and they’re not a witch any longer but a brother and sister in Christ. All right? That’s all I really want to say. I know there are a couple of people been asking me questions all week, so don’t be hiding your hands, just because your parents are here. And if any of the adults want to ask questions, please feel free to…



John Todd


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