Exposé of the week – What happened to Altiyan Childs?

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December 18, 2023


Exposé – Is Altiyan Childs still alive?

Or should we say, Is the true Altiyan Childs still alive?
Here is one original email from (the real) Altiyan Childs, deleted from the Internet. In addition, Ryan Zehm’s two websites have been taken offline, one in September 2023, some 4 months ago. Why?

And why did Ryan later hide the very video (= ‘hidden’ on YouTube) with the revealing email from Altiyan? Did he do it himself? Was his channel taken over? Did he go back to where he came from, which is Freemasonry? Many questions, but God knows.

This is one of the reasons I feel the urgency to repost this vanished email here, so that many may be pulled from the clutches of Freemasonry, and from the Masonic infiltrated media covering only 10% true news, or less. Note that the powers of darkness are many times more active in the world today than a century ago! What is most amazing is the gullibility of Christians.


An Email From A.C.

I’ll keep the layout the same, on purpose:

Hello Ryan,

Thankyou so very much for your email. I rejoice that my presentation has served you in some way, by God’s immeasurable grace, to draw you closer to Him, and His Rescue Mission: Jesus Christ. Words could not convey how I feel to hear it. I tell you right now, as a fact, you have caused angels to shout for joy.

The road you and I have walked, broad as it is, may have only seemed narrow due to its esoteric aspect, has had its influences cling to us, like a relentless plague of flies always returning to feed off us and the aroma of doubt that we exude, all manifested due to the inherent “mystery” of Freemasonry, and its God-forsaken claims of ultimate truth. It drove me at such a deep level that I eventually became one of them, risking the very Holy Spirit within me, which leads to Life, in an attempt to understand “the mysteries”. I cannot regret a thing, of course, as it was all orchestrated by my Father in heaven, for His private reasonings and causes. Perhaps my video and the breaking of my oaths were a part of that – for the sake of one soul out there that He wished to summon. The way He finally led me out of the Lodge was yet another supernatural event, just as it was when He woke me up on a highway one fateful night, and just before I could collide into a concrete wall, sparing my life with a whisper in my ear: “Wake up”.

Brother, I tell you all this for one reason: Now that you are standing near to Him, now that He has fanned into flames your fire of Faith, you MUST walk away from the wretchedness that is Freemasonry. As the Gospels claim, all the wisdom of the world, thickly concentrated and hidden inside the degrees of the Mystery Schools, Freemasonry being their guardian, are but FOOLISHNESS to Him, to our Jesus Christ – the only One they abhor, despise and ultimately FEAR. Remember, as Jesus so soberly declares: Unless we become as children, we shall not enter the Kingdom of God. Oh how the Initiates of the Secret Societies are revolted by this glorious Truth. For they could not possibly achieve this, so ultimately they use the Craft to attempt to create their own kingdom. Keep in mind, innocence empowers the Craft. For example: Sometimes the practitioner/practitioners restrain themselves from sexual activity for months at a time, enhancing the working of the ritual upon the release of the vital energy, combined with that, the innocence of the sacrifice. Now try to imagine the power of Jesus’ sacrifice – celibate His whole life, and the only man who never sinned. Unbelievable power. Impossible power. The power of God.

This is the task at hand now.. The victory is ours, if we hide ourselves in the victory of Jesus Christ, not the “Christ” of the Mystery Schools, but the Christ of Nazareth. We must now enter through the narrow way, and become as children: His children. There is only one single weapon that we have that our enemy, and the enemy of mankind, does not: Holiness. Let us wage war on sin, relentless war, and wage the battle where it is raging: in the spirit realm. It will take the full armour of God, because the enemy’s greatest weapon, by far, is doubt. And it will come for you, harder than ever, to implant itself inside you as a seed of doubt. Do not let them. To hell with their mysteries and secrets, for ours is the greatest mystery, the greatest secret, accessible with one degree alone, and offered to every man: Jesus Christ.

In saying all that, let me address, and hopefully for the last time (just as you so wonderfully said: You needn’t know anything more about Freemasonry), your last few inquiries:

The “Great Secret That Is Hidden From All Obtaining”: Well as part of the “Arcanum Arcanorum” (Mystery of Mysteries) I can tell you that in the end, all consciousness is to become as one – plants, animals and humans, all will be swallowed into one mind. That is their “One out of Many” motto. I have only once found a reference to it as “The Ultimate Reality”. Through the demolition of opposites (the unifying of them) they think they will achieve the one thing which they’ve always wanted, and what this whole thing is about: Eternal life. I could elaborate on this, but let me just say that this will be done through computing – which has always been a form of the Craft. So as much as I do not know the specific answer to your question, I can strongly surmise that it relates to the nature of the “obtaining” of the very last degrees of Illumination; Which all occur on the ASTRAL plane. I can assure you of that.

Absolutely every Freemason and Mystery School initiate will be deceived. Why wouldn’t they? The whole horrid system BEGINS with deception, from the Entered Apprentice degree onward. It continues, with the 3rd degree lying to the 2nd, the 4rd degree lying to the 3rd, the 5th to the 4th, the 6th to the 5th.. etc.. (and they all know that, because that’s what they are told to do), so it naturally and rationally follows that the lying does not end. This is what most (if not all) of the initiates are blinded to. Their god is a liar, and it is HE who is wishfully going to benefit from this “ultimate reality”.

Just on a side note: Jesus Christ reveals these things to the apostle John in the last book of the Gospels: The 8th King “who was, and is not, but is” sounds like he is living and not living: alive but dead. The only thing that can fit that description on earth is Artificial Intelligence [or cloning perhaps?]: Alive, yet dead at the same time. This same “Beast” is made to be able to animate itself and speak, and it ascends from the “bottomless pit” or “abyss”. Well, that is exactly where quantum computing takes place – in a worm hole of sorts created in the centre of the machine. This is a fact as explained by the creators of the D-Wave computer, for example. Also, the “unifying of opposites” (a masonic goal preceding the ability for eternal life) has been achieved inside quantum computing, as the zero and one (male/female black/white) is unified and exists as one unit. In Masonry, the “twin pillars” become “one”, and that is exactly what was announced on September 11 in the Masonic ritual where the twin pillars became one; If you look that the design of the “One” World Tower you will see its hexagonal (interlaced triangles representing the unification of opposites) design. To end this portion, this “image of the Beast” is what eventually demands that everyone receive a mark on their right hand or forehead in order to be able to participate in the New System, and without it no one will be able to buy or sell. The Masonic New World is and has always been directed by the spirit realm, and its head. How else could human beings conceptualize these things from long ago? Via the super-intelligence of the spirit world, that’s how. See how they are doomed, losing all child-like semblance along the way?

The most decloaked manifestation I have ever found regarding the triplets or the number 3 is the means by which the Masonic work will continue to finalization: It’s 3 points are seen in their coded initials: Like M.M for “Master Mason”, only the one point in the middle is written with 3 points. These 3 points secretly signify:

1. Destruction.

2. Materialism.

3. Imposition. [Imposing measures]

It expands as triplets:

Destruction – of 1) Supernaturalism (Jesus Christ). 2) Authority (Jesus Christ’s authority) and 3) Anti-masonic activity.

Materialism – of 1) Conscience 2) Education 3) Universal State.

Imposition – of 1) Family 2) Nation 3) Humanity.

As far as its relation to Pythagoras goes, I really don’t know, but I can tell you that according to the highest Masonic authority: Pythagoras defined God as “Darkness clothed as Light”. He also was circumcised so as to be allowed to enter Kabbalistic initiations. To Pythagoras “holiness” was the emancipation of moral restraint. He was a “philosopher of numbers” and his mysterious teachings of astronomy was actually astrology. His science of numbers was based on Kabbalistic principles.

Basically, he was full of deceit, just as all initiatory processes are, and he saw the populace as “profane”. He hid reality from them by cloaking and drowning it in a system of numbers. He was a Freemason before Freemasonry took on that name. I tell you the truth when I say that the Masonic mission, as stated in the 3 means above, is to dumb us down so extremely into ignorance by Freemasonry’s propaganda that we will end up, karmically speaking, as “deserving” death, and that the Initiates will avoid punishment from either karmic forces or from Jesus Christ Himself. Filling the world with sin is crucial for them. And even lying, cussing and perving are all forms of that. Just as it is stated on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine with Katy Perry on the cover, and secretly speaking of Satan’s plan, it reads: “Conquering The World, One Sin At A Time.”

So Ryan, if the world was round, they’d tell us it was flat, and vice versa. I can confidently tell you the most outrageous idea that the earth is a plane, is supported by inner Freemasonry. Not spoken in black and white language, but strongly alluded to.

Well Brother, I really didn’t know how to keep this reply concise. It was always going to be tough with the nature of your email. I can not tell you how I feel, knowing that you have come to accept Jesus Christ as He truly is, and against all odds in this wholly deceptive world. Please, fight for Him, once and for all, be His Disciple. When you hold those supernatural Gospels in your hands, before even reading them, remember that it is the most hated book by the enemy of God. Remember that all the apostles were murdered for its Truth. Remember all the followers of it who were sawn in half, burnt to death, eaten alive and executed in every other kind of way. Remember its immunity to destruction. Remember its inescapable prophecies, and its subsequent demolition from the international education system and modern circles. And remember most of all, the reason for it all: For within it you will find the Name above all names: The name of our Rescue Mission. With a heart inclined toward holiness, and if you read swallow them slowly, those words will fill you from the inside. Trust the Gospels.

There He tells us in His final revelations, about Mystery Babylon.. (Freemasonry*)..
“..because with your magical arts all the nations were led astray.”

Welcome home brother. Our liberation is imminent.

GodLove, and JesusWins.

~A  [Altiyan]

*Altiyan couldn’t have known that, that it is actually the Illuminati with its religion: witchcraft, who uses the gullible Freemasons, among others. Freemasonry was started by the Illuminati! Witchcraft is simply the priesthood. Witches are the priesthood of the old pagan temples that already existed in Babylon, Rome, and Greece.

Read Altiyan’s letter in Dutch here. Keep in mind, the translation button will only translate from Dutch into English and other languages.

To translate each and every website in your own language, use one of these easy options.

Although this is already an exposé in itself, I am now beginning an important follow-up expose:


DNA Manipulation brought by Steven Ben-nun exposed

DNA Manipulation – Steven Ben-nun Israeli News Live

For I asked Altiyan Childs about it through email some time ago. Today, I have tried to remove possible language errors in my email:


Hi Altiyan,

Very sometimes I listen to one of his videos… this one has a lot of info plus red flags. Perhaps I could use this too in order to expose him.

And perhaps you know a tiny bit more about what Steven Ben-nun says here. He claims that 95-99 percent of all Freemasons don’t even know about secret societies… while they are all part of it. Isn’t that strange? Isn’t this a big lie? Because if you are in there, they need to keep it a secret to most of the people, do they?

This guy seems to know a lot, almost everything… which is already strange! He talks about Freemasonry as if he has not any part in it, but I doubt that, since he works for the CIA (again), has high connections within the Pentagon, with the Jewish Rabbis, with New Agers (and Freemasons), such as Dr. Carrie Madej, Deborah Tavares, Zen Garcia, Rob Skiba, Dr. Stephen Pidgeon, and even Luciferian Paul Begley. And many more, I think.

I have a feeling he is covering things here in this video, protecting others and himself, as if he has no part in New Age, nor Freemasonry. Once CIA, always CIA, they say, and people from the CIA are liars, we know.

Steven tells us that he personally knows the advisor of Israel, wow! And the advisor of Israel did not know that Israel will be the head of the NWO? (By the way, I don’t know if that’s true, because there is no left or right, or politics, but we will see…). Further in the video you will also hear from him that he is kind of pro-Trump, protecting him: so there you have it! Another red flag.

So his point here is, he is against the elite, he says, while he is working along with them…

Iran will start the war (WW3), mmhh, nuke Israel from the sea (navel nuke).

NWO will happen end of 2024, the beginning of 2025… but things changed: it can happen sooner, he knows… due to politics? mmhh

The war needs to be started in the wintertime, he claims. It seems that NWO and WW3 are connected: will start at about the same time. They believe this war could start next winter, winter 2022-23. That’s 2 years earlier.

Notice that this guy is arrogant, and already knew in advance who would become the next President of Israel. He can hardly hide his arrogance here.

He always speaks of ‘We do autopsies (of aliens) at the Pentagon… we do this, we know that’ as if he is completely part of it.

History Channel is pure Freemasonry, if you ask me. Steven says he heard them [the Freemasons of HISTORY] say: The army of the messiah will come out of the inner earth. Is he talking here about HIS messiah [HIS christ]: the Antichrist? It sure seems like it.

Steven seems to know or to claim that the Earth is hollow with all kinds of creatures in there….

He also talks about Planet X, which they call: Planet 9. Good to know!
Listen how he says: ‘US has documents (about Planet 9) which we don’t disclose either’…. always this talk about we.
Planet 9 visible by 2029, and the extinction event in 2031, they expect. Well, what if this will happen much earlier, I think, for it is already seen near the sun very clearly now with a telescope… Wormwood from the Bible?

Steven almost seems to smile or like what they can do with Project Bluebeam, boy.

Lie: ‘The elite is altering human dna for Planet 9’s influence soon’, but they don’t want us to be saved by the Lord Jesus Christ, plus they hate God’s creation. ‘They are altering your DNA now’, he says… through the vaccines.

Right after WW2, they started to create the vaccine. Doesn’t surprise me! Listen: Steven is also connected to the false Dr. Mikovits, who is highly connected to Sacha Stone and the UN, and being paid by the UN, just like Dr. Carrie Madej who had to keep her mouth. [Well, that’s what she tells us as a CON]. So she only tells the things her handlers allow her to.

What!? Steven simply protects the elite by telling us: ‘I don’t know if they expected the people to have all these adverse effects and the number of deaths!’ Wowww. This is a big red flag to me, one of the many.

Doctors of the Pentagon tell us: Within a year and a half of taking the vaccine, you will see the effects of what’s going to happen as a result of that.

He knows that too… my fingers are almost itching to expose Steven Ben-nun for what he really is…

Might be that you know a tiny bit more,  🙂




On February 18, 2022, I received the following email from Altiyan:

Hello Marion, my dear. I’m just letting you know that the link you supplied is not loading. Can you check on this please? Then I can respond properly. Bless your heart my dear Sister. You are very intuitive. Very few Christians indeed even know that the modern State of Israel is not what it seems.



Notice: he uses other words and the email suddenly has another layout!

So the video ‘DNA Manipulation – Steven Ben-nun Israeli News Live’ was deleted by the uploader

As you noticed, you can’t open the link anymore; the video was taken down! So I sent the already downloaded video online to Altiyan. Yes, I’d saved it in time! However, I never received any response to the above email back. What happened to Altiyan Childs around February/March 2022?


This was my next email to Altiyan Childs:

Hi Altiyan,

A very good morning!

Wow, it has been scrubbed from the Internet: too much info I guess… [about who Steven Ben-nun really is]
But here it is: you need to download it within 1 week. I had it saved on my computer, phew.
Feel free when you see something on the Internet in order to expose it, – to send it to me… but you already know that, I think.  🙂

Greetings from the Netherlands, God bless you too


Know that in the past, in the beginning of January 2022, Altiyan knew already about Steven Ben-nun, and thanked me for it:

……………..Thankyou for telling me about Steven Ben-nun. Please feel to elaborate on how they are misleading us?

Once again, I very proud of you for not holding anyone up to idol-levels, including apparent hero’s such as Trump. As Jesus alluded to in the last Book of the Bible: Who can fathom the depths of Satan? Thank God that Jesus can..

GodLove, and JesusWins.



December 2021:

Dearest Marion,

………………Thankyou so much for your email. I’m immensely grateful that you have taken my painstaking presentation and sustained it with more life on your wonderful website. I’m so very impressed with it, especially in the area of Donald Trump, as Freemasonry has duped so many by him. Your further insight that you share with others on your sight is truly great. I’m so pleased to know that you are sharing this world with me, and fighting the good fight in Jesus’ mighty Name.


However, on March 13, 2022, I received the following impersonal email from Altiyan…. taken over bij AI, or not yet?

Hello there,

Thankyou for reaching out. I am briefly writing to you and to others to let you all know that I have recently been moved by the Holy Ghost to begin production of a sequel to my first video, “X-Factor Winner Reveals World’s Secret Religion”. I want to assure you that I will be replying to your previous email (God-willing) once this strenuous process is complete. Please note that this may take many months. In the meantime, I do wish you the best and earnestly hope that you keep inspired out there. Write to you soon.

~No reply necessary.

GodLove, and JesusWins.


Altiyan’s email are becoming a bit ‘strange’ here, more impersonal….
The Holy Spirit in his emails is lacking, it seems. Besides, it’s absolutely not like him to stop answering here my very few emails. So what’s going on here?
A visitor to the website helped me to confirm my suspicion about Altiyan Childs and A.I.: she got quite a sensation in her hands, the Lord showing her that something is very, very wrong here. The same sensation was felt with Steven Ben-nun’s video.
This is the way the Lord always makes it clear to her when something is wrong and she herself cannot possibly know it. See it as a kind of warning of danger from the Lord to herself and/or other persons.
She wrote, ‘If he had been hacked, I’m sure he would have found another way to reach you. It’s happening again now that I’m talking about it. Brr, something is not right at all’.
These days, I myself feel always sad when opening this one and later emails (AI-generated emails?) from Altiyan Childs. Even his wife’s Facebook page appears to have been taken over, showing as if he/she is still a worldly Christian: a Christian in the world. And the Lord warned and confirmed us with the same sensation here!


This is the video that Steven Ben-nun quotes in his own deleted video: from the History channel, run by the Illuminati, or at least the Freemasons!

Ancient Aliens: ALIEN REPTILES MANIPULATE HUMAN DNA (Season 14) | History

Note the capital H in the black sun, – sun worship – and the 2 pillars of Freemasonry in the H, the colors red, black and white (and black and gold). They are not on our side! YouTube clearly approves and promotes HISTORY.

HISTORY = 33, 69

The Masons = 33
Masonry = 33
Order = 33
Secrecy = 33

Genetic hybrid = 69
Elon Reeve Musk = 69
Illuminati = 69
The Jesuit Order = 69
New World Order = 69
Catholic Church = 69


Is there anyone who has had personal contact with Altiyan Childs after February/March 2022, or knows what happened to him (and his wife)?

I also expose here those images of his ‘new songs’. I hope and pray that you see the defeated attitude of Altiyan depicted on ‘his’ DVD covers, and the almost meaningless DVD titles. Moreover, I could hardly understand the words sung, due to the worldly pop/rock music. Even the best subtitle app often couldn’t understand ‘him’!

‘He looks like a dark person standing there. The music and voice sound quite artificially created. No comments? That’s not right either. What a hell of a noise’, someone noticed.

Also notice the one eye symbolism. So an image, generated by AI, and even one eye symbolism in it: someone who is completely without power or authority, and stands there bewildered, without people being able to see joy or love in his eyes; totally nothing from the Holy Spirit. And where is the powerful name of Jesus? That was pretty much my first impression.

A website visitor got the idea that Altiyan has been taken out, not being sure whether they were just personal thoughts or from the Lord.

The real Altiyan was also very open to other Christians

And he always was a witness for the Lord; that was striking! You could learn from it; it was never empty talk.
His email address no longer works: ‘full’, it says. So why not email us with a new email address? Possibly completely disconnected from the Internet, but I always feel a kind of sadness when I read his emails again. I think there is indeed much more going on.

Can anyone who is native understand Altiyan’s words in his songs?

Something doesn’t feel right, and we have been praying to the Lord about this about what could be going on here. I once asked for Altiyan’s lyrics (words of his songs), but so far no response…. and that feels and is very strange. 🙁

The red white black website Showbizcorner, run by Freemasons, makes you believe that the current DVDs are really ‘his’. Meanwhile they debunk him, ex-Freemason Altiyan Childs, and speak ill of him.

Showbizcorner = 77, 1777, 360=36=666 because the zero doesn’t count

Another website, Dead Or Kicking, is also involved in debunking this ‘issue’:

Deadorkicking = 66, 111, 222, 666

The Masonic website tells us: 

Altiyan Childs Death Fact Check
Altiyan is alive and kicking and is currently 48 years old.
Please ignore rumors and hoaxes.’

Well, don’t believe everything they say, nor contact them!
Also, don’t believe that Altiyan’s video that went viral was a hoax, such as in: ‘THIS VIRAL VIDEO WAS A HOAX with Altiyan Childs’. Please don’t buy it!
But the question remains, is the real Altiyan Childs still alive, or is he in hiding, cut off from telephone and internet, or…, or is he with the Lord?


“ What I tell you in the darkness, speak in the light; and what you hear in the ear, proclaim upon the housetops! And you should not be afraid of those killing the body, not being able however to killing the soul; however you should rather fear the One being able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” – Jesus  Matthew 10:27-28


Something that had been in the works for decades….

“People think that’s shocking, even though mass killings by governments occurred all throughout the 20th century. We’re so deluded we think it can’t happen to us…..

Three phases were to be used, including a ‘flu virus’ outbreakpower outages, and physical round-ups…..

There is also an A.I. program or an AI plot….. to create an A.I. profile that would later serve to ‘replace’ them in the online world. The technology exists to not only replicate their online behavior and personalities, but also their voices and physical features. They can make a fake phone call from your father, who they’ve already killed, and you will think he’s still alive, and they can also create a fake video conference call or face time call.
They will find someone they don’t like, kill them, then replace them with these A.I. avatars that serve to convincingly replicate everything about them online, over the phone, and in video, except for their actual physical existence.” – true warnings from the late David Goldberg


See also:





May 12, 2021  An Email From A.C. [Altiyan Childs]

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