Exposé of the week – Who is ‘whistleblower’ Edward Snowden working for?

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April 21, 2024


Exposé – NSA ‘just days away from taking over the Internet’?

So-called ‘whistleblower’ Edward Snowden, making one of the many Masonic hand gestures in his approved and promoted blue tick Twitter account, is already scaring us people with:

‘The NSA is just 𝗗𝗔𝗬𝗦 from taking over the internet, and it’s not on the front page of any newspaper–because no one has noticed.’


‘Well, they took it over years and years ago!’

‘They already do what they want. It just gets official.’ 😂

Edward Snowden, part of the club of spying powers….

Notice the many blue tick Twitter users (those with the blue checkmark when you are paying and not being censored) who support Snowden! Did you notice their numerous views? That says it all.

Did you also notice the many Freemason and Illuminati websites that promote the article about it as well?

‘NSA ’just days from taking over the internet’ warns Edward Snowden’

We already know who Edward Snowden is, don’t we? Exactly! Snowden aka Greenberg, connected to Mark Zuckerberg, his cousin.

Plus the Lord already made it clear to us that something is very wrong with this Snowden and the article going around, that fear mongers the hell out of people. ‘Shock and awe’, which is their goal, of course:

About a week ago:

‘The United States National Security Agency (NSA) is only days away from “taking over the internet” [= 99] with a massive expansion of its surveillance powers, according to NSA whistleblower [one of the biggest CONs and gatekeeps] Edward Snowden.

He ‘warns’ of a new bill that could see the U.S. government surveillance powers amplified to ‘new levels’.

‘The bill in question reforms and extends a part of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA = 13, 66) known as Section 702.’

‘Currently, the NSA can force internet service providers such as Google and Verizon to hand over sensitive data concerning NSA targets.’ [Dear people, they started doing this a loooong time ago!]

‘Democratic Senator Ron Wyden [part of the same club] described the bill as “terrifying” and said he would do everything in his power to prevent it from being passed through the Senate. [Oh yeah, really? Do we believe this political play and deception?]
“This bill represents one of the most dramatic and terrifying expansions of government surveillance authority in history.”’ So far.


NBC – almost completely Illuminati, or totally Illuminati by now – revealed:

‘Biden signs bill reauthorizing contentious FISA surveillance program:
Section 702 permits the U.S. government to collect, without a warrant, the communications of non-Americans located outside the country to gather foreign intelligence.’

Thank you, John Todd, for warning the people just in time!

‘Besides, two of the major Networks in this country are completely Illuminati owned lock, stock and barrel: ABC and CBS. And NBC is 90% Illuminati. And then, most of the Christian television I don’t watch, because they receive large donations from them to tone the programs down.’ – the late John Todd



CBS, completely Illuminati owned: ‘Biden signs bill reauthorizing contentious FISA surveillance program’

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