Exposé of the week – List of ministries, YouTubers, teachers, leaders, etc., you cannot rely on

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March 10, 2024


Exposé – Christianity is ‘big business’

List of ministries (businesses), organizations, teachers, leaders, and schools

‘The purpose of the following list is to give an alphabetical arrangement of particular ministries and businesses, schools, teachers, ‘prophets’, leaders, podcasters, Facebookers, Twitters, YouTubers, and so on, for you to research and decide for yourself if what they teach is Biblical and Godly, or not.

When we originally compiled this list….

it wasn’t with the ‘big name’ charismatic leaders in mind, such as Benny Hinn or Kim Clement. But we were talking about the smaller, less well-known people that are even more esoteric and far-out-there with their theology than even the regular charismatics.

Please keep this in mind: 

the charismatic movement originates from Satan himself, and is one of the major ways the demonic are infiltrating Christianity, causing many people to reject and turn away from their faith!
It should be clear to the discerning Christian that this demonic infection is not limited to just a few charismatic denominations or individuals. This demonic, charismatic mindset is quickly spreading throughout the entirety of Christendom, bringing with it false doctrines, false teachers, and a focus on the supernatural… on gifts and abilities, on spiritual experiences, on spiritual manifestations, on what can be seen and felt, on the esoteric and hidden, on following after this man or that woman, or this ministry or that teaching… on everything except the properly exegeted Word of God and the simple, pure gospel of Jesus Christ! Whether Presbyterian or Lutheran or Church of Christ or Apostolic, this ungodly mindset has infiltrated and infected all denominations to varying degrees, and it will continue until no single church is left untouched.

This is just the tip of the iceberg
So please remember that this is not a comprehensive list! Just because someone’s name isn’t on this list doesn’t mean you can consider them ‘safe’, you know. Generally speaking, any leader or minister, (by whatever title they give themselves… whether apostle, prophet, pastor, etc.), that is in the charismatic movement to any degree at all, or who has a charismatic mindset regardless of what denomination they affiliate with, should be suspect, as the theology that comes out of such charismatic-minded individuals is of Satan.
Furthermore, many of the people and ministries and organizations listed below have many different websites, many different ‘ministries’ or branches within their ‘ministries’, and many are interconnected with one another’s ‘ministries’. So it’s hard to keep up with everything.

Satan’s Plan is a huge web of deception!

And even if we wanted the depressing job of keeping up with every single individual or ministry or business that is being used to spread false doctrine (and no, it’s not the mission of this website to keep up with them!), it’s absolutely impossible.

This list names just a few of the ones that we are familiar with, either personally, or through research

Again, this list is not a complete, comprehensive list of people who are teaching false doctrine!
In order to discern for yourself what each individual/ministry/organization is teaching and promoting, don’t rely on this or any other list. Instead, line up their teachings, their character, and their actions with the Word of God. Then it should be clear if what they are teaching and promoting is of God or not. This is what testing the spirits is all about.’ 


Ministries (or businesses) and organizations to research 

Bethel Church – Todd Bentley, Bill Johnson
Breakthrough Ministries
 Rob Ruckert
BRIDE Ministries International 
(also ‘Bride Movement’) – Daniel Duval, et. al.
Burn 24-7
– founded by Sean Feucht of IHOP
Church Without Walls International (CWOWI) – founded by John Fenn
Daily Renegade – Josh Peck
Duval Coaching  Daniel Duval
Field of Dreams, Australia (also ‘City of Dreams’) – Todd and Rachel Weatherly, Senior Associate Leaders are Adam and Paula Thompson (Voice of Fire), Young adult leaders and worship Karl and Amber Smith, Worship leader Mark Jory, Women’s Pastoral Care Bronwyn Jory
Fire Rain Ministries – Rick Pino
Fire on the Altar – Rick Pino
Fresh Fire – Todd Bentley, Bill Johnson
Gateway Church Australia
Gateway Church Texas
Generation Fire – Donny McGregor, founder, Bob Crockford, Bony Baroi
GenSix Productions – Steve Quayle and Timothy Alberino
Global Fire (Murfreesboro, Tennessee)  Jeff Jansen
Global Fire (Australia)
 Senior Coordinators are Daryl and Belinda Crawford-Marshall
Glory Fire Now
 – David Burt
God’s ER (also ‘Dream Center’ and ‘Standard Ministries’) – Sandra and James Williamson, et. al.
Hagmann Report (also ‘Hagmann Investigative Services, Inc’) – Doug Hagmann
Ignited Church – Stephen Strader
It’s Supernatural – Sid Roth
Kenneth Copeland Ministries – Kenneth and Gloria Copeland
Kingdom Intelligence Briefing
 – Michael and Mary Lake
Light Bearers Ministry – Ty Gibson and James Rafferty (et al.), co-founders
Messenger International – Lisa and John Bevere
Morning Star Ministries – Rick Joyner
Paula White Ministries – Paula White-Cain
PTL TV Network – Jim Bakker
Run With Fire Ministries  Roy Fields and Melanie Fields
Sapphire Leadership Group, Inc.
 Arthur Burk
SHP Coaching – Wendy Hibbard and Darla Guerra
SkyWatchTV  Tom Horn, Derek Gilbert, Sharon Gilbert, Josh Peck, Donna Howell
The Fire Place Church
 – Daniel Duval
The Jim Bakker Show – Jim Bakker
Tribulation Now – Johnny Baptist
TwoWitness Ministries (also ‘The Great Invitation’) – Mark Corneillie
Voice of Fire – Adam and Paula Thompson 


Schools to research 

Bethel School of Healing – Bill Johnson, Chris Gore
Biblical Life College – Michael K. Lake
School of Healing and Deliverance – Field of Dreams
The School of the Supernatural Realms of Heaven – Todd Bentley 


People to research

Jim and Lori Bakker
Johnny Baptist
Preston Bailey
Glen Beakley
Paul Begley, connected to Steven Ben-nun
Todd Bentley
Lisa and John Bevere
Mike Bickle
William Branham
Arthur Burk
David Burt
Jonathan Cahn
Darren Canning
Ian Clayton
Kim Clement
Mark Corneillie (aka ‘Elder Beniah Corneillie’ or ‘Ambassador Corneillie’)
Bobby Conner
Daryl and Belinda Crawford-Marshall
Russ Dizdar
Daniel Duval
John Fenn
Sean Feucht
Roy Fields and Melanie Fields
Ken Fish
‘Zen’ Garcia
Ty Gibson
Derek and Sharon Gilbert
Laurel Glaze
Kenneth and Gloria Copeland
Chris Gore
Darla Guerra
John Hagee
Doug Hagmann
Doug Hamp
Steve Harmon
Dave Hayes (aka ‘Praying Medic’)
David Herzog
Wendy Hibbard
Benny Hinn
David Hogan
Tom Horn
Donna Howell
Jeff Jansen
Bill Johnson
Bron (Bronwyn) and Mark Jory
Rick Joyner
Kat Kerr
Patricia King
Katherine Kuhlman
Michael and Mary Lou Lake
Lyn Leahz (‘Christina’ Lyn Leahz)
Aimee Semple McPherson
Chuck Missler
Joel and Victoria Osteen
Josh and Christina Peck (Into the Multiverse and The Sharpening Report)
Rick Pino
Steve Quayle
James Rafferty
Sid Roth
Rob Ruckert
Paul Schlegel (aka ‘Professor Truth’)
Karl and Amber Smith
Stephen Strader
Rob Skiba
Adam and Paula Thompson
C. Peter Wagner
Todd and Rachel Weatherly
Paula White-Cain
Smith Wigglesworth
Sheila Zilinsky


‘Through my affiliation with certain charismatic individuals who, unfortunately, I had trusted to disciple me….

I had slowly become infected with the demonic doctrines they were teaching me. In the Fall of 2016, the Spirit of God began showing me where I had deviated, and so I began to divorce myself from everyone I knew who had been teaching, practicing, and promoting false doctrines, beginning with Dan Duval and Bride Ministries. The Spirit of God continued showing me the false doctrines that I had been indoctrinated with, and had started to believe in, and had been sharing with others. It grieved me….

Exposing what is hidden in plain sight

My main objective is to point people to what is hiding in plain sight:
-to point to and expose Satan’s global, worldwide deception that is taking them away from the Truth that will set them free
-to spell out and to expose Satanic (New Age, ecumenical, theosophical, gnostic) doctrines
-to expose and unmask Satan’s plan to Christians of how he is camouflaging Luciferian (Satanic) doctrine as being Christian doctrines, and how he is attempting to redefine Scripture, blending in with Christian environments and in Christian groups and ministries without many Christians even knowing it!

It is my hope that through the information I share, that as many people as possible are supplied with information that points them back to the Word of God, and unmasks the enemy and his plan that is contrary to the Word of God (that has been properly interpreted within context), enabling others to discern for themselves how Satan is working in the world today, and how they can avoid his tricks by getting back to the basics of the Word of God.’



Carolyn Hamlett

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