Some of the important highlights revealed by David Goldberg

David’s hope was to spread this information to as many people as possible.

In David Goldberg’s final video before his death in 2019, he revealed two classified projects:
Project Pogo and Project Zyphr, to stifle American free speech and the chilling plans scheduled for 2020/2021.

Most of the information about David Elias Goldberg has been scrubbed from the internet, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. And there are many disinformation articles about David that are still around, and please realize, that is exactly their game. In less than one year, they have almost made David Elias Goldberg non-existent, like he was never even born.

If Goldberg had a real White House source, and we believe he did, then the horrific things he warned of explains what really began at 9/11, and why they control all social media and press, why they control the DHS, etc.

A staged power blackout

Goldberg said that his White House sources say that Trump is working with Zionists to round up millions of Americans after a staged power blackout.

Stage one is a new strain of influenza being developed at the US-funded Lugar Lab in Tbilisi, Georgia.
In 2019 there was no talk of a worldwide plandemic yet.

Corona 'virus' part of Project Zyphr


The gatekeepers

Exposing the ‘gatekeepers’ who constitute most of the alternative media…. like InfoWars, but also most of the seemingly ‘highly credible’ news channels on YouTube… they are all part of the ‘Tag, Track, and ID Program (TTID). David Goldberg said that most of these ‘gatekeeper’ YouTube channels and websites get credibility by telling the truth.

David revealed a lot of truth, not only truths about Donald Trump, and the fact that Left and Right collaborate to advance the cabalist agenda.
And David Goldberg’s close friend, Tom, related more information on Project Zyphr, Project Pogo, the TTID Program, the A.I. Program, a classified food distribution program, the coming economic collapse, etc.


Some of the important highlights revealed:

1  Project Zyphr’s goal is to remove 12-15 million American Patriots, Christians, free-thinkers, and anyone critical of Israel from American society and place most of them in vast underground bases across the U.S.

2  Project Zyphr will accomplish its goals by making use of power outages, viral outbreaks, as well as a program involving advanced, small drones which will enter people’s homes by drilling holes in their windows. The drones will enter and then fire bursts of scopolamine, and other hypnotizing compounds, at its sleeping victims, and induce them to walk out of their homes into waiting vans and buses, to be transported to the underground bases.

3  Project Zyphr’s goals also include a gruesome Adrenochrome-extraction program that will involve the above abductees, while they are housed in the underground bases.

4  Project Pogo is a disinfo operation that has compromised hundreds of Patriot, Q-Anon, Pro-Trump, Prepper and free-thinker conspiracy YouTube channels and other media outlets. The goal of Project Pogo is to keep Americans ‘trapped’ in America by encouraging them to ‘stay and fight’ a hopeless battle against a militarized operation, conducted by a satanic world order of elites who control the most advanced technology on earth.

5  A classified food distribution program will be used to limit Americans’ ability to farm, and has been underway for years to phase-out America’s farms and food production. Bacteria-based food creation technology is used to create food in large vats in warehouses; these foods lack nutrients but look the same as food grown on trees and in the ground!

Readers are encouraged to share this information on social media, news websites and on other channels, as David’s hope was to spread this information to as many people as possible while there is still time to act.


‘As Friends of David Goldberg, we share no political view or bias. Our purpose is to follow David’s instructions and present the information left to us. We make no claim as to the truth or veracity of these claims. Hostile, threatening comments will be removed.’


Note: this article and more will also be translated into Dutch. 


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