Breaking News Headlines | Endtimenews & Exposé of the week June 19, 2023

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FOX (= 666,333) News reports: Obama suggests ‘digital fingerprints’ to counter misinformation ‘so we know what’s true and what’s not true’ 

‘FtheWEF till the day I die’ (= 99,216 or 6x6x6) straight to our face: ‘UK Supermarkets Begin Using WEF Digital Passports To Deny Citizens Food’  [These guys are promoted by Twitter with 1 million views!] 

New York (= 666,222,33) Post reports: [666] Freemason Donald Trump raises 6,6 million in 6 days

Same circus, different clowns or puppets from the Illuminati - Biden and Trump SHARE 


CNN (= 13,216 or 6x6x6) scripted news: ‘US government agencies hit in global cyber attack’ 

Cool Italy; South America’s Extreme Temperature Drop; + El Niño Exaggerations 

BBC (= 444) reports, Masonic Scouts: Millions paid out over UK abuse in last 10 years, say lawyers 

NDTV: Scientists Create World’s First “Synthetic” Embryo With Brain, Beating Heart: Report  [August 27, 2022, or earlier already!] 

CBS: ‘Woman declared dead knocks on coffin during her own wake in Ecuador: “It gave us all a fright”’  [Do you see the all-seeing eye?] 

China: Hurricane wind in Yichang, Hubei province 

Freemason Mercola: Can Taking a Multivitamin Improve Your Memory? 

This Thyroid Condition Is A Top Public Health Issue


All you have to do is read the Headlines, and you already know enough.
Most of these are not as independent as they claim to be!


Exposé of the week 


#Hackers promise to destroy Europe’s banking system in the next 48 hours 

Who are those so-called ‘hackers’, do you think?
No, they are not ‘Russian hackers’.


‘Hacktivists of “Killnet” along with representatives of “Revil” – which was long-considered defeated, as well as members of “Anonymous” say they have joined together to achieve this goal.’ 

Multiple Freemason channels came out with this information. They made sure it went viral! No censorship, no shadow banning! Of course not. 


M van Mash means: Masons 


Here is footage released by “REvil” [= 33, 66, 111, 222] and Killnet [=99, 1111] about taking down the European banking system.

Since when did REvil ransomware group go on camera and publicly disclose their plans prior to attack? And why is “REvil” wearing a Slipknot mask?



The ciphers of the Illuminati
The hidden numbers and symbols, such as logos, reveal the message:

KillNet = 99

Moreover, the K and N are emphasized in KillNet, and for good reason. The N stands for 13, but this letter also means ‘snake’. “Kill” is equivalent to the numerical number 44 in gematria, as well as: fallen angel, nuclear war, etc. They are important numbers for the Illuminati! 

REvil… re-evil? And why is RE emphasized?
RE = 13, 22

Now, do you see who the real hackers or attackers are of humanity?
We are being fooled! It’s the Illuminati led by satan himself, using witchcraft.


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