Dream of the sinking ship of EvangelicalEndtimeMachine.com, formerly known as ‘Eindtijdspace’

Real proof and confirmation that Benjamin Cousijnsen uses witchcraft, working in darkness. Please pray for all of them and ask for confirmation; the Lord will show it to you.

June 21, 2023



This dream might help people to open their eyes or to shake them awake…
Please pray for all those who have been blinded by this false ministry: workers, ‘warriors’, followers, donators…., and even for Benjamin and Theresa themselves!


Hi ….,

Thank you for your email. Wow, real proof that there was and is darkness going on in Benjamin’s life, and almost sure he is using witchcraft/occultism/spells, or all of them.

This is real proof. You were indeed one of the most important players for him: the most important language and a great speaker. I was a lousy speaker, lol 😅
Not even my gift from the Lord to speak in front of cameras, but that’s another story.

It might help people to open their eyes or to shake them awake…
I now remember his ‘hidden’ anger toward me, when I went in against him for the first time, by not immediately deleting a post or an article from the website, and adding something to it from myself in order to defend myself.  🙂

Pray for …., a young woman still in the team, fasting for the truth (that she wants to hear from God himself).




Thank you for such a message with clarity. I haven’t followed Benjamin’s stuff since the Lord removed me in ….. 2012 or maybe it was ….. of 2013 with that dream of the sinking ship. I still remember some details of that dream. And I remember (not names) who was with me in that ship (two others).

I also had a frightening spiritual encounter while in my sleep that confirmed the evil of this ministry. I was awoken by some kind of spirit of death and I felt like it wanted to take my life but God would not allow it. This entity was at my side of the bed as though it were wishing to take me. I felt a huge sense of death in my presence. I knew it was of Benjamin’s doing or his evil cohorts. I remember Benjamin being very mad at my revelation from the sinking ship and departing from the ministry as I was one of the key players to his hoax in making videos.

That’s the short story of it….

Praise the Lord for calling us out. We are His!  😁



Hi all,

Perhaps take a glass of water before reading this, but most of all, please, please, please, ask the Lord, your Father in heaven, what is true what people tell you, and whether it is true what you have already been told.

He will certainly answer a sincere prayer; that’s my experience.

Greetings, your sister in Christ praying for you daily,

Marion ->


Warning to all followers of ‘prophet’ Benjamin Cousijnsen

Ask to pray with us:

First of all, I would like to ask and encourage Christians to join me in praying for all those – including supporters and members – who have been misled by the Evangelical Endtime Machine, by false prophecy, and by a false prophet. The prayer of a righteous man is truly powerful. People prayed for me when I was still in the EEM. And today people are still praying for those who are still in it, but also for those who have left ’the ship’. This is a sincere warning on my part.

To all those who are still deceived:

Please leave the sinking ship of the Evangelical Endtime Machine! In the past, one person had a dream about a sinking ship. Do you remember Benjamin always calling the EEM ‘the ship of the Lord’? In this dream he or she was able to jump out of ‘the ship’, just in time.

Bible additions, ‘dreams’, ‘visions’, ‘messages’ that contradict the Bible?

Do you remember that the 7-year Tribulation would have started at the end of 2012? After the predicted (and later ‘postponed’) Rapture dates, which Benjamin had predicted? That means that we are now living in the Tribulation for over 10 years, while God’s word is unchangeable! So ask yourself, where does that say anywhere in the Bible? I know about 7 years, but ten years?
People who dare to contradict him, he immediately points out their ‘unfair, hypocritical behavior, you name it’, so that people will not discover so quickly that it is Benjamin himself, who is a hypocrite and full of lies.

Ask yourself… why do more people notice that Benjamin does not know the Bible?

Why do more people see Benjamin contradicting God’s word and living in adultery according to the Bible? This is now his third wife.
Why does Benjamin so often have to defend himself against so-called ‘slanderers’, who see him through for hypocritical behavior, just like the Pharisees? They used the law; Benjamin uses loose and tight scriptures, taken out of context, to justify himself. And in the meantime, everything is added to it, if it suits him. ‘Verily’ and ‘Thus saith the Lord’ are just a few examples.

Why does Benjamin so often ask for money in his ‘messages’?

Why does Benjamin program everyone, who is still on the team, such as: that he ‘forgets’ things in no time, even the so-called ‘heavenly and earthly experiences, wonderful experiences’, since he was little, ‘time travel experiences’ in the future, and in the past, ‘adventures in space’, which he was allowed to experience together with ’the Lord’ or with ‘angels’, and in which he usually plays the hero? I think his family knows better, a family that he carefully conceals from the general public. I still remember Benjamin’s terrified face when Marta brought up the subject at their house.

Why should his family laugh at the story of the ’16 years coma’…

when there are witnesses to Benjamin being on the street in a wheelchair?
Why did I have to quickly remove the totally fabricated hero message about the so-called ‘liberation of 5,000 Christians from Chinese FEMA camps’ in all languages, because it had come to light that he had been guided by carnal desires, an unclean spirit, and greed for money, and his expensive Business Class flight to Hong Kong? He did not even enter China.

Why did Benjamin deliver a message (again full of lies) about an astronaut and the ‘Moon mission’…

which we all know are Freemasons, while the whole Moon landing never happened?
Yes, the astronauts would even have seen some angels near the Moon during their mission!

Why is a heaven and a hell not enough for Benjamin?

And does he invent the unbiblical ‘Valley of souls’, a way station where one can still repent?

Why might the ‘Rainbow Covenant’ in the Bible no longer be in force?

Why does Benjamin claim to know the date of the Rapture…
while even the Lord Jesus (and therefore also the Holy Spirit in the true believers) does not know this?
If this were true, then by now this would also be known to the evil spirits, who can infiltrate our minds if given the chance, wouldn’t they?
And if this isn’t shocking enough…

Why does Benjamin defend himself under the guise of his own so-called ‘Bible study’ (Teaching)…

in which he indicates that thousands of ‘messages from the Lord’ have already been conveyed?
Why is he highlighted in that video and dressed in white, like some kind of whitewashed grave?
Why did Benjamin dye his gray hair almost black?
Why is Benjamin now suddenly claiming that everything that is done there about making videos and pasting images for the EEM is all done under the ‘guiding of the Holy Spirit’… afraid of losing even more people?

Why does Benjamin add his own things to the Bible…

such as his own addition in Zechariah, namely, ‘that you may not persecute a prophet of God’? And that while we were warned about the many false prophets in the end times, and encouraged to test them correctly!

Why does Benjamin manipulate and intimidate the people hurt by him and his ‘messages’ with:

‘Then you should examine yourself carefully! Because when you get angry, you “return evil for evil”?’ Mmhhh, did Benjamin accidentally misspeak, and does he know very well that he is indeed doing evil by lying, among other things?

Why is Benjamin full of himself, saying

“If you hurt Theresa or me, you hurt the Lord”? But what about all those people he hurts and has hurt? And what about all Benjamin’s lies and deceptions that he has sent out into the world?

Why are the ‘workers’ or the ‘warriors’, who have left the ship, suddenly possessed…

by an evil spirit, or gossipers, or slanderers, or haters, or ‘a spiritual murderer of your brother/sister’, or ‘let themselves being used by satan’, while they want to bring truths to light with all their might, after they have tested this ‘prophet’? Some, unfortunately, let their flesh speak, or may not yet be able to forgive what has been done to them, which Benjamin can use and abuse skillfully, because these people simply play into his hands. Please also pray for these people, who get angry because after a long time, they discover that they have been cheated!

Why does it seem that Benjamin is trying to do something with his eyes in his ‘Bible study’?

Is he hypnotizing with his eyes without blinking?
Great, I haven’t had such a good Bible study in ages! It sounds more like a lamentation about how evil people speak so much of them both. So there must be peace (in the ship) again, and also: ‘We do it together’. It is so very important for him to defend himself.

Will Benjamin’s true nature and character soon emerge again…

when the money gates may close, and the so-called ‘messenger angels’ must be sent back to heaven, whence they came? Or will Benjamin – if it does not succeed in this lovely way – send the ‘messenger angel Thunder’ to us, with a new thunderous message? Or… maybe the ‘messenger angel Lovesadai’ with a handy addition to the Bible, in crooked Dutch: ‘Ask yourself this question; why did you kill your brother or sister? See this spiritually’.

Is this really ‘God’s work’?

Yes, satan is cunning, and yet really wants to convince you that this is ‘God’s work’! Unfortunately, many were deceived – and some were even badly deceived.
Can we now expect more pathetic messages, with distortions and using the Holy Spirit to control people? His family already assured me: Benjamin is very good at acting pathetic.

Don’t fall for the lies!

Please don’t fall for the lie, ‘that we must be peacemakers with a (false) prophet in order to be called children of God! Otherwise, we are not Christians!’ Yes, you heard that right.

Beware of the lie that the ‘ministry is not Benjamin’s’, because it certainly is. They are certainly not ‘God’s words that come from the Throne of God’. Don’t be fooled! Don’t be swayed by nice words about your past or about your life. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, folks.
Beware of the wolves in sheep’s clothing, who say they love the Lord, but do not show it in their works, behind the camera, hidden on their island. Their love is money support. By the way, you are also a warrior, if you do what the Lord says and what the Lord has spoken through ‘all messages’. Help! But where is the daily eating and reading of God’s word, guided by the Holy Spirit?

In my case, I lost my personal relationship with the Lord

Anyways, after 8 years I no longer had a personal relationship with the Lord, and I barely read my Bible. That’s one of the fruits of following a false ministry; it pulls you from a living relationship with the Lord.
And another important thing to mention, after my departure from the EEM, the Lord suddenly gave me openings again to witness for Him, and real joy and peace in my heart, instead of fake peace and contentment generated by witchcraft.

Breaking down sorcery and witchcraft in church or a ministry…

Tears streamed down my cheeks as the Lord touched me, and I prayed the prayer of Derek Prince to break that spirit of witchcraft (manipulation, intimidation (scare with lies, curses), and dominance) over myself, and to break the strongholds of satan. It was also necessary to smash and dispose of the amulet, the emblem.

Please share this with anyone you may know who has connections or is part of the ministry, or any false ministry for that matter.
In recent days I have also been thinking more and more about the growing number of false ‘christian’ ministries, and also the well-known large YouTube channels, but it is impossible to expose them all, such as: Lion of Judah, AoC Network, Israeli News Live, Fact News Network, Steven Ben-nun (YouTube), End Times Productions, Nicholson1968… not to mention, a lot of so-called ‘christian’ websites and alternative websites: truths mixed with lies, and sometimes even more lies than truths.

I think it’s time to expose the following now; I’ve put it in the translation machine for you:


EvangelicalEndtimeMachine.com, the one and only true website?

‘Verily, welcome to this one and only true website, the Evangelicalendtimemachine.com, of which the LORD, Yeshua HaMashiach, YHWH, Jesus Christ Himself, is the Captain and King of kings.
Verily, my name is Raphael, and I am a messenger angel of God. 

Have you ever been on a beautiful boat?
Then surely you know that one must obey the rules when one is on the ship, and this also counts for the LORD’s holy ship, the Evangelicalendtimemachine.com. And so the LORD, Yeshua HaMashiach, YHWH, Jesus Christ says the following to you as Captain and the King of kings:
Keep in mind My kadosh, holy ship rules to sail with. If you visit this unique website, this holy, beautiful white ship, then you must also be able to take into account the commandments laid down and the kadosh, holy messages of God.

Verily, but if, therefore, you do not heed this website and come here to break the rules and sin, and to hurt the Kadosh, Holy Spirit with gossip and slander, and to copy and change the kadosh, holy messages and to be able to speak evil about, then yes, beloved Prophets of God, among other things, then you are therefore violating Biblically, these kadosh, holy rules, and you are not welcome here before the Kadosh, Holy Spirit, nor in God’s sanctuary: heaven, and then these apply to you, if one does not repent very quickly, these prophetic words: ‘forbidden entry’!

Verily, and then one is not ready for the Rapture when He returns!
Blessed and kadosh, holy is he or she who partakes of the good.
Verily, also listen to the message titled, ‘Some Christians share fake news through social media!’

Yes, that’s me among others: ‘real dangerous news’ to ‘prophet’ Benjamin Cousijnsen for he might be exposed too soon by it! He is so afraid that his followers and donators will find out the truth about him, especially on social media.


A great mighty army of God now surrounds Benjamin’s city Enschede? 

‘Verily, the LORD, Yeshua HaMashiach, YHWH, Jesus Christ has taken greater security measures.
I, the messenger angel Cheliach, come to you God’s servant, Prophet Benjamin Cousijnsen, with the great mighty army of God, who are numerous and surround your city!
Finally, I tell you, everything is now sharper under supervision!’

These were Benjamin’s recent writings (not of God) in order to ask for more money, magnify his own name and ministry even more, and to fend off so-called ‘evil speakers’ who are actually testing the spirit, and looking at his ‘fruits’. That’s pretty much all that Benjamin Cousijnsen can talk about nowadays.

Do you learn from these so-called ‘messages’ that are actually his fruits? Not at all.
Do you feel heavily intimidated and get scared by them? Those who accept his very own words, plus more and more Bible text additions, probably will, because there is a lot of manipulation, intimidation, and finally domination in them.


Personal ‘message’ to Marion on March 23, 2013 from Benjamin (not the Lord) 

‘Verily, you are the administrator of the tithes and gifts.
Benjamin is responsible what is done with it. I will make it known through him.
Half of each amount goes into a special jar now, for unexpected expenses.
Should one wish to evangelize, place an advertisement on the Eindtijdspace YouTube channel among others in Indonesia, or the Philippines or Germany, or…? it can be claimed. So this jar you keep for evangelization.
The other half of the tithes and gifts is for needs. Keep this private for the workers; should someone be unable to pay for internet, or some other need among the workers, it can provide relief. Everything is in consultation with Benjamin and Marta.’

So yes, I had nothing to say. Sometimes I got annoyed green and yellow at the high amounts for private use, but was truly bewitched.

Again, of this, I am prayed free. Thank you, Lord!

And yes, I could show you the proofs of the expenses and what for: a kind of simple bookkeeping, even though I have absolutely nothing to do with bookkeeping or with calculation. It’s not my gift; I even hate it.
Marta, and later poor Josie, had absolutely no insight (as the second person, for control), even though this is forbidden by law, but I was enchanted! And it felt not good!


See also:


See also ‘sinking ship’ (zinkend schip in Dutch): 



Matthew 7:15-23  Beware of false prophets!

“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns? or figs of thistles? So every good tree bringeth forth good fruit, and a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit, is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Therefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Not everyone that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven, but he that doeth my Father’s will which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not by thy Name prophesied, and by thy name cast out devils? and by thy name done many great works? And then will I profess to them, I never knew you, depart from me ye that work iniquity.” – Jesus




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