Breaking News Headlines | Endtimenews & Exposé of the week July 10, 2023

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This is what the controlled opposition wants us to know in advance – all is scripted news mixed with lies, using a so-called ‘whistleblower’ who works for the US Government Electronic Spionage  [4chan = 66, 222]  [Anonymous shm7k27 = 222] 

so-called whistleblower reports - Prepare for nuclear war 


France Riots & The Killing Of Nahel Merzouk Decoded 

BEWARE! Threads (= 77, 69, 633): Meta corporation has recently released its new social network; its logo contains 666 

7/05/2023 – Earthquake activity across North America, Fires in Arizona + California 

The Daily Sceptic (= 69, 223): ‘Across Europe Deaths Are Far Higher Now Than They Were in the ‘Pandemic Years’ of 2020 and 2021’  [ = 222] 

7/03/2023 – Large Earthquake activity returns – M6.9 – Two areas already struck – BE PREPARED 

Mandatory Smart Meters – Hugo Talks 

Report: Sun’s Activity Could Peak 2-Years Earlier Than Expected; Chinese Scientists Warn Of Imminent Global Cooling 

9 People Allegedly Wounded in Cleveland Mass Shooting 

UK’s Warm June Has A Natural Explanation — Leaps To ‘Catastrophism’ Are Baseless 

Insider (=111, 666) reports: More than 2,200 stores are closing across the US in 2023. Here’s the full list 

Freemason Dr. Mercola reposted: The Dangers of Copper Deficiency and Iron Overload 

The Harmful Effects of Electromagnetic Fields Explained 


Exposé of the week  

#HallTurner part of the club

The addition of WWCR means that Freemason Hall Turner will now be heard in Europe! 

Worldwide Christian Radio station WWCR = 222
The Beast of Revelation = 222
Antichrist System = 222
As Above so Below = 222
Order out of Chaos = 222
Joseph Robinette Biden = 222 

Christian Radio station? Think twice!

Christian logo?
The logo contains 3 + 3 = 6, and a sort of hexagon?, many triangles and X’s
And Freemasons love their colors blue and yellow 

WWCR mainly leases out its four transmitters to religious organizations and speakers, as well as serving as the shortwave home of Genesis Communications Network’s programs. 

Genesis Communications Network = 333, 1333
often referred to as GCN = 111, 201 

And who is also on the GNC show?
The network’s shows include, for example:
The Alex Jones Show! Hosted by radio personality and Freemason Alex Jones. As of September 2020, Jones’ show aired on 73 affiliate stations….  73 = 777 

Freemason Jeff Rense was carried by Genesis Communications Network. Well, well, well…


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