Was John Todd a conspiracy theorist, or did he speak the truth?

News articles about and photos of John Todd (‘Lance Collins’). Some articles are from before he came to faith. They prove he wasn’t a fraud.

April 6, 2023


John Todd has once participated in the high decision-making councils of a group of witches called the Illuminati.

He has informed people in and outside the church more than anyone else with the full truth about the Illuminati.

Their plans for creating a major crisis as early as 1980 must have been messed up by John’s revelations at the time, in my humble opinion.

Please ask the Lord for His discernment while watching this video.
I did some homework on John:


The John Todd, Lance Collins, Story: Betrayal, Abandonment, Hurt & Crossing over

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Notice around 2:47 minutes: the two Freemasons in a radio program, the snake in the background, and Infowars.com.
And read in some old newspapers, written by Daily News, United Press International (UPI), shown in this video, how they totally twisted and corrupted John’s words and warnings to the world!
Also, please notice that the many, many false accusations against John Todd, and made-up stories, were published on Smokyhole.org, run by witches.

John never went back to witchcraft, and he also had not gone into a period of backsliding.


I’ve been doing some research about a man named John Todd 

Most websites report: John Todd passed away on the 10th of November 2007 in the Behavioral Disorder Treatment Unit, which is overseen by the SC Department of Mental Health, right?
Wrong, I’m afraid.

Evidence now suggests….

that he was killed by the Illuminati as early as 1979 after being labelled a heretic by the New World, satanic, witchcraft religion. It seemed to me that a lot of the details John Todd relates to, in terms of living the Illuminati life as a generational Luciferian, was too close to my own knowledge to be ignored. So after doing some research, I found something that speaks about this in detail. Let me read to you exactly what it says….

A guy named Steve Hoffer was a John Todd promoter of sorts on campus

He would spend his time passing out cassette tapes and promotional materials to the students there. I saw him last in the fall of ‘79. He had a letter he claimed was from John’s wife, and it informed him that John had been killed late that fall. In the letter he was warned that he could be in danger, because he had some close relationship, at least by mail with the Todds.

He left for home on Christmas break but never showed up there

His car was found abandoned in Cincinnati about two weeks later. He was found dead in May of 1980. He was found a few miles outside Lynchburg, tied to a tree and eroded in classic style. His body was still hanging there. As you may know, this is a special and historic method of death. It is the death of a heretic.

Todd was killed in late ‘79

His wife sent Steve a letter within weeks, and Steve was dead by the third week in December ‘79. They are related killings!


So-called ‘christians’ and ‘christian’ websites tried to silence John Todd

The so-called ‘christian’ website, Christianity Today, is one of the many websites that discredited and silenced John Todd. That’s why there are about three different accounts concerning Todd’s death. John Todd has been deceased for some time now:

Freemason Fritz Springmeier says in his book, Bloodlines of the Illuminati, that ‘John Todd was killed immediately after his release from prison in early 1994’.

John Todd passed away on November 10, 2007, while being held in the ‘Behavioral Disorder Treatment Unit, which is overseen by the SC Department of Mental Health’.

John Todd was murdered in the fall of 1979. What a price to pay for exposing the occult!

I consider the possibility of the 3rd account. I definitely do not believe the second account, even though WikipediA published that one. You can go to WikipediA, run by Freemasons, for the information, but I also know that it doesn’t measure up to scholastic criteria of an encyclopedia, which is supposed to be truth. WikipediA itself says, ‘The threshold for inclusion in WikipediA is verifiability, not truth’. 

Was John Todd really talking from prison?

I even found ‘John Todd’ talking from prison, and the guy’s voice sounds nothing like John! And his accent is also completely different. I’m not buying that one for even one minute.

John Todd had been asked about the hierarchy of the demonic spirit world

He states without hesitation that there are seven principalities and 200 powers, and then mentions the lower spirits. The apostle Paul states in John’s favorite verse, Ephesians 6:12, that our battle is against the principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, and wicked spirits.
And most Christians haven’t the faintest idea of the contribution John Todd has made by revealing the secret power structure of the Rothschild complex, who look to Lucifer (satan) for guidance, the Illuminati. The power of the occult, or the witchcraft, exerts a most powerful influence upon the whole world!

Obviously, his powerful enemies left no stone unturned to silence John!

The majority of pastors and ministers have been heavily indoctrinated, uninformed, misinformed, or bribed. Todd created powerful, unrelenting enemies when he defected from ‘The Royal Family’, – ‘The Grand Druid Council of 13’. The enemies of John Todd have marshalled all the powerful tools, at their disposal to attack, neutralize, or destroy him, in order to protect themselves and their image, – certainly not to advance Christianity – The usual technique employed by the enemy in retaliation, in respect to somebody who has exposed some of their secret operations. The Christian area is the one in which they prefer to operate, along with plenty of money.


Emails concerning John Todd

‘I called the institute that John Todd was staying at in South Carolina, and they told me that he passed away 11/10/2007.’
[The Illuminati are of course powerful enough to hide, change, and corrupt any information.]

‘I too am from Columbus, Ohio, where John claims to be from. Listening to some YouTube yesterday jogged my memory. It’s been 30 years since I last listened to him. Anyway there is actually a small Druid cemetery in Columbus. The stones are in a circle, and have no dates or names on them. These graves may indicate the founding members of the original Lodge, that apparently left Wales sometime in the 1800s. There are also a lot of Welsh and Pictish graves nearby. John claimed to be a Druid and Pictish or lowland Scottish. The name Todd means father in Cymraeg, and is old Celtic. Columbus, Ohio, is said to have had the largest concentration of Welsh immigrants in the US. There was even a Druid Hall being used in Columbus, and so known as such up into the 1940s. It may still be there and is in an old part of town, and it and the name were openly known, which may indicate the measure of their presents.’

Another email from the same person above:
‘The Collins folks are very powerful and well connected around here. Not in public as it were, but when one does some looking into it, the truth can be found. And it’s not just the Collins folks. As I think I told you in an email: that Druid grave area have vanished! The stones were moved. It was a large scale fail on my part not to get a photo of the 13 markers, all numbered and in a circle….

It was great to get confirmation that Jack and Todd’s old pastor say that they had not heard from him since late ‘79. I am understanding here that Todd was killed very late in ‘79, his wife sent Steve a letter within weeks and Steve was dead by say 3rd week in December 1979. Looks like related killings. I am also going to believe that this letter, and any related paper tying Steve with Todd, was taken from Steve’s things. If Steve had anything at his parent’s home, it was taken as well. His parents are most likely passed on.’



‘It was quite brave John Todd knew he would be executed by sounding the alarm anyway. Much respect.’ 

‘The truth is that he was killed for what he did. and they feared his memory so much that they made sure he’d be discredited as an insane rapist even after he was killed. You think the people in power cannot forge a few documents in state-run institutions to forge his incarceration and his death? (Google satanism and the CIA). I’ve received many objections to my videos on him and my expositions on witchcraft. You don’t get that kind of heat unless you hit a nerve. Again, thanks for your post.’

‘He revealed information that was years ahead of his time, 30-40 years ago. No other Illuminati researcher alive or dead, can say the same.’ 

‘He was killed for opening our eyes. Symbols used by Governments and Corporations have meaning. A star, shell, sun, or even color, has meaning in a logo.’ 

‘John Todd was very brave! Of course, they trashed him! His videos are very informative.’

John Todd’s message was much more powerful and important today than any message I ever heard from a pastor at church. He kept stressing about being born again through repentance. This is totally missing in many churches. He said that Jesus needs to be your Lord and not just your Savior. Where is this teaching in the modern church of today? He even mentions deliverance. He kept saying that a true Christian is known by his fruit.
John Todd said that the newer Bible versions had been stripped of the power.

The most difficult to reach came to faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, including Masons.



The video has now been taken from the internet

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