David Goldberg’s secret phone recordings, the man who predicted an upcoming Iran War

Transcript of phone calls Part 1. News relating to David’s predictions of the Iran War, on Trump and Kushner, on flu vaccines, and other mysterious information.

May 4, 2023


There never came a Part 2…

Much of what David Elias Goldberg (1959-2019) posted on his YouTube account, relates to the upcoming planned Iran War, which will be precipitated by a series of False Flags conducted by the United States and Israel.


Transcripts of some phone calls 

Friday, October 25, 2019 

CALL #1  Tom and his wife
TOM: Hey David, it’s Tom again, I’m here with my wife, we want to just get you this information right away, we got the dates, I got them from my source, it’s real serious man, they’re gearing up in 2020 and 2021.

Look, my source is very high up in the military, I trust him, he would not give me something that is b.s. You got to write these dates down, this is when they’re going to initiate the power outages, they’re doing the virus, and they’re doing the round ups.
It coincides with your documents, it’s the same stuff. He’s got access to something like Project Zyphr, it has to be coming from Project Zyphr, David, because it matches up.

Now my wife’s here; she has some things she wants to say. Honey, what did you want to say to David again, because you said he needs to watch his back? Because something happened to you at work.
TOM’S WIFE: Well, he needs to be careful because I was followed, I was followed at work, and I was followed into the break room by a strange man.

TOM: Well, right, he shouldn’t have been in there. What was his explanation for why he was in there?

TOM’S WIFE: I asked him why he was following me in there. I said who are you, what do you want? It was creepy, he didn’t even answer me, he just approached me. He was very intimidating.

TOM: Right, but you said something was weird about his eyes?

TOM’S WIFE: His eyes were really, uh, I mean this sounds like I’m making it up, but when they blinked, they didn’t blink up and down.

TOM: Right, they didn’t blink up and down. Honey, there’s no way that happened.

TOM’S WIFE: I’m telling you it happened! They did not blink up and down.

TOM: I want to talk to you about this, David, we know some weird stuff going on.

TOM’S WIFE: It aint right, it ain’t natural.

TOM: My wife does not believe in this stuff, she’s Christian.

TOM’S WIFE: I’m a God-fearing woman.

TOM: So, we’re freaked out, give me a call back. I want to talk about the dates, the timeline, and maybe you know something, who this guy was. We need to know, so get in touch with me.


CALL #2  Tom message
TOM: You got the list, so you know where you want to be when this all goes down. I think where you’re going is smart, I’ve confirmed with my source on it and he agrees, so, you’re on track with that.

I’m concerned about my family, what we’re going to do, so I appreciate you sharing with me what you’re doing, and, everything with B Q is really good, I’m really impressed. I’ve already been in contact with them, we’re already talking so that’s going to be a big help. I really appreciate what you did with that, that’s big, we need to prepare too.

And we just don’t have the money to really do a lot, and I want to get out West, and we talked about some of the safe zones, Idaho, Western Washington, Eastern Washington, and if I’m going to go to one, it’s Eastern Washington. There’s a few places I’ve found, I’m really impressed with them, because of you, because of B Q, it’s a real possibility now.

I’m scared, we talked about the dates, what they’re going to do in 2020, and what they’re doing in 2021, it all coincides what we talked about…
…Why they put Trump in office, why they’re doing everything with 5G, why they’ve got free flu virus vaccine terminals in every Wal Mart, I’ve seen them in Wal Mart, I’ve seen them in other places, and they’re going to ramp it up this Fall, it all coincides, it’s scary, when you put together the information you gave me, what I got from my source. I see it all coming together, why they’ve done what they’ve done.

And you look at the past 20 years, all these people cried wolf, they said, ‘Well, this is going to happen, Jade Helm’s going to happen, this date, this date…. now I know why they did that. It’s totally crystal clear now because of what you shared with me the other day. Why did they do that?
Because they want people to cry wolf, cry wolf, cry wolf so many times, so nobody would take it seriously, nobody would get prepared, and it worked! Now nobody takes it seriously, no one is thinking about it, they got Trump in there to pacify everybody! God, it worked man, it’s beautiful, how they did it, but it makes me sick to my stomach these f*cking traitors, and what they are doing to this country.
Anyway get back to me soon.


CALL #3  Tom message
TOM: Hey David, it’s Tom, I wanted to just get back to you on the source. I finally got the documents he sent me, and I wanted to share that with you. I think we can talk about it on the phone, because at this point they already know what we’re doing, so what’s it matter?


CALL #4  Tom message
TOM: They’re closing in, man, they’re closing in. I’m worried, my wife’s worried. We need to talk, please, call me back as soon as you can, I haven’t heard from you in a week, so call me back. Talk to you later.


CALL #5  Tom message
TOM: We talked about some of those phone calls, uh, we got something weird that happened the other day, I want to talk to you about it. It wasn’t a phone call, but it was real weird. Happened at my wife’s work. We’re freaked out about it. So, I want to run it by you, tell me what you think of it. It’s not a direct threat, it’s just weird….


CALL #7  Phone threat
You think you’re important? You think you’re important in New York City, you think you’re important in these circles? You think you matter? We can erase you, we can erase everything.
You’re pathetic, you know that. You are pathetic. You think your little YouTube channel matters, you think anything you do matters?
You opened your mouth one too many times. You’ve got a big mouth, and you have a big ego, but you haven’t anything to back it up with. You’ll see. You’ll see what’s coming your way, real soon, because you haven’t listened to reason, you haven’t listened to anything we’ve said.
Now you’ll pay the price. You’ll pay the price, little f*cking man. F*cking loser. How many warnings do you need until your shut your f*cking mouth?


Tuesday, October 22, 2019

David Goldberg’s Secret Phone Recordings – Part 1

David Goldberg’s secret phone recordings reveal new details about Project Pogo and Zyphr, as well as other mysterious information
Friends of David Goldberg has recovered over 150 audio files from David Goldberg’s safe and personal items. These files appear to be recordings of phone calls and phone messages, some of which were not authorized by the end user or were recorded sereptiously (in secret). Due to New York State’s laws regarding phone recording, and the need for two-party consent, we have taken extra care to gain the approval of the individuals who are featured in these calls.

We have contacted many of the people in these phone calls, after going through David’s personal items and making attempts to identify them. Many of these people have not returned our requests, and some of them did not authorize the release of the recordings. We were able to gain the approval of ‘Tom’, who was an associate of David’s, and as well as another friend of David’s. Both individuals requested we edit and censor certain portions of their calls, and we complied with those requests.
We also are releasing one of the many phone threats David received from an unidentified caller. These recordings are contained in our first video release, titled, ‘David Goldberg’s Secret Phone Recordings – Part 1’.

We expect more videos to follow in this series, as there are over 150 recordings and thousands of hours of audio. Some of the revelations in the unreleased audio are quite shocking and startling, and seem to involve individuals who worked for various intelligence agencies. Gaining their approval for release of the audio may be difficult, and we will, at some point, determine if censoring their portion of the phone call and releasing David’s side of the call is the best option.

Friends of David Goldberg has only one purpose, and that is to release the information David left behind. We do not take any political position, or make claims as to the accuracy of David’s information.


Posted by Friends of David Goldberg at 12:00 PM 16 comments:  

Monday, October 14, 2019

Classified documents, David Goldberg & future disclosure

The following is an update on events that have unfolded over the past month
When Friends of David Goldberg formed after David’s death in June, our intention and hope was to fulfil our promise, as his close friends, to carry on his message. In the months up until his tragic death, David had communicated to many of us his need to form a cohesive group he could trust to take possession of the sensitive materials he had obtained.

We happily complied with David’s request, and we were eager to help, as many of us had known David for decades. We are a diverse group of individuals, friends of David’s, over many decades through business, charities and David’s work. We make every effort not to infuse our personal or political views into David’s work. We want it to speak for itself and stand on its own.

We understood our friend was under a great deal of stress, and his life was increasingly coming undone. Many of us visited him in the hospital in early 2019 after he had been apparently poisoned with arsenic (later confirmed by the hospital after testing was done), and many of us were well aware of the things he was involved in, and aware of his YouTube channel.

All of this resulted in David’s attempt to put together what is called a ‘Dead man’s switch’ in the event further attempts on his life were to occur. He gave a number of us access to his online accounts, access to files, documents, keys to his apartment as well as the location of his safe, and access to it. He also gave us a ‘leadership hierarchy’, which included specific roles for each of us, in the event something were to happen to him and we were to take over.

After the tragic loss of our friend, we all agreed to do our best to honor David’s memory, and carry on his wishes. So far, that is what we have done, and we have tried to do so in a way that keeps our group together and from being destroyed itself.

We now wish to share a number of important events have taken place over the past month, as our recent release of David’s final phone message and subsequent release of his hand-written notes has continued to gain attention.

The classified documents that David came to obtain, with respect to Project Pogo and Project Zyphr, appear to be of highly sensitive nature, and this has led to increasing threats and other disturbing activities.

Here are some of the bullet points we want to bring to your attention:

1) We are working closely with a law firm that specializes in whistle-blower cases.
They have continued to offer us guidance and excellent legal advice. They have also operated as a liaison between our group and outside authorities who have inquired about the classified documents David was in possession of. The information given to us through our intermediary is that if the documents are released publicly, then indictments, charges, injunctions, and other measures will quickly follow.

2) A person with direct knowledge of these activities has told our law firm that cease and desist orders are being prepared to be transmitted to Google for our YouTube channel.
We were told to ‘expect the channel to be removed soon unless they see more cooperation’. We have no intention of removing the channel ourselves.

3) We continue to see false, misleading statements posted about David, and about us, on our YouTube channel and other places.
Some of these statements appear to be of genuine intent from sceptics, while others appear to be designed to mislead or malign. In some cases, we have no way of responding to these false claims, or making any kind of rebuttal.

4) Two individuals who are part of our group have been directly threatened with phone calls, and an extremely vulgar note left at the place of work of one individual.
These threats were anonymous.

5) While we have tried to remain anonymous online, our identities seem to be well known to authorities and other individuals.
One of our members, who knew David for over twenty five years, has left our group entirely due to the level of harassment occurring.

6) We continue to press local law enforcement for details on David’s death.
Nothing has been forthcoming. We are told, over and over, ‘It’s an ongoing investigation’, and that no details can be given or discussed with non-family members.

7) We have contacted some local news media and received no responses back.

8) We have contacted David’s immediate known family, and we have either received no response back, or we have been told not to contact them again.

9) We have noticed some articles about David Goldberg in the local New York media going back over 30 years have disappeared.
None had been recent articles, but a handful were from the early 2000s and were still available on the web up on a few news websites until his death. They have now been removed!

10) David’s YouTube channel is attracting some people who appear to be insiders, or whistle-blowers themselves.
So far, we have been contacted by three people who appear to also possess highly sensitive information. Two claim to be current members of the military. We are working on verifying their information. Much of it seems to coincide with David’s information, and these individuals wish to share it.

11) An individual posting on an anonymous forum has begun to spread false claims about David Goldberg.
We are not sure yet if this is part of a larger operation to discredit David, or simply one, lone person venting a bizarre fictional tale about David’s past and other things surrounding his case.
We were advised by an individual working with us, and our law firm, that these ‘tactics’ are used to ‘muddy the waters’, and they believed this individual is doing this ‘on purpose’, and to expect more attempts to discredit David going forward!

12) David’s safe contained a treasure trove of information we have been carefully processing.
A USB drive contained dozens of phone conversations David recorded, some of them terrifying in nature and containing panicked messages left by two associates of his who are not part of our group of friends.

We have made multiple attempts to contact all of the people contained on these messages as best to our ability. So far, a few of them have been reached, and only one person has wished to engage with or speak with us; the others have either refused to or not returned our emails or phone calls.

13) David appeared to have a much larger network of sources that were not familiar to his friends or social circle in Brooklyn.
These sources, or other friends or associates, seemed to be involved in a project together which was mentioned in his notes. We have no further information on this, other than some references that are made to it in the notes and the phone messages. It appears this project related to efforts by David and others to prepare financially for what they believed is to come.

14) We have been advised that our YouTube channel is ‘too small’ to be used as a conduit for releasing the documents or full-scale disclosure.
We have been told that if we did so, as referenced above, that not only would the channel be quickly removed, the ‘Friends of David Goldberg’, and those involved, would face a number of charges and in some cases, be arrested. As such, we are taking a careful approach to disseminating David’s material, in hopes wider exposure will occur over time.

We do not know when or if this blog or the YouTube channel will be removed, but we believe it could happen at any time. We will press on, despite this looming threat.

Friends of David Goldberg


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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Update from “Friends of David Goldberg” on current events and future plans

We are currently taking steps to post more videos, and broaden our reach so more people learn about David Goldberg and his story.

We appreciate those who have mirrored David’s videos on other channels or other video platforms

We give full permission to do so for all of his videos, and future videos we plan to post. We encourage those who are mirroring David’s material to use the original header title, share their link in our comment section, and also link back to David’s channel from the outside source.

Absolutely no attempt will ever be made to sell any of David’s work or make any money from it

We will take legal action against anyone who attempts to re-package his work under a different name, or sell any of his materials in any way. We simply want his word to be spread for free, so more people can hear what he had to say.

Friends of David Goldberg 


Posted by Friends of David Goldberg at 12:42 AM 4 comments:  

Saturday, August 31, 2019

DAVID GOLDBERG’S FINAL WORDS: Classified docs reveal deadly “Project Zyphr” 

In David Goldberg’s final video before his death, he reveals two classified projects underway – Project Pogo & Project Zyphr – to stifle American free speech and the chilling plans scheduled for 2020/2021 that will result in the ‘extermination’ of tens of millions of Americans.

We feel David’s audio file should be released in the spirit of truth and free press.


Tuesday, June 11, 2019 

David Elias Goldberg was found dead in his New York apartment on June 8th. The death is being investigated, but at this time, authorities have given no indication as to the cause of death.

He was 59.
Friends of David Goldberg believe he was murdered, and did not pass away of natural causes. His friends were also given access to his accounts before his passing. They will be maintaining them, and posting new information as it comes in.

David Goldberg’s Iran War false flag video was posted first on April 14th, 2019, titled, ‘WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: “Tactical nukes and ground invasion planned for Iran”, as well as many subsequent videos.


WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: War with Iran planned by Trump, to occur in the Fall of 2019 

Tactical nukes and ground invasion planned for Iran, according to whistle-blower

Thursday, April 18, 2019 – Israel Today News staff

President Donald Trump and his inner circle are planning an extensive invasion of Iran, according to a source working in the White House.
The plan involves a ground invasion and the use of tactical nuclear weapons, in a campaign planned for the Fall of 2019. Iran will be ‘wiped off the map’ according to the source, and the war effort is expected to cost ‘two and half times the Iraq War’.

The war will be promoted by the news media, and Trump will go right along with it, after an ‘expected False Flag pinned on Iran, probably something involving the boats in the Strait of Hormuz’. The False Flag is an ‘integral part of the plan’ as Iran has reportedly no desire or intent to start a war, according to the whistle-blower.

The war plans have the White House staff ‘in an excited tizzy’ as war-hawks like John Bolton put the ‘finishing touches’ on the planned strike. President Trump initially showed resistance to the plan, but has since jumped on board with enthusiasm, convinced Iran is an ‘existential threat to Israel’, and as such, a war is required to ‘eliminate them’.


Further details have been revealed, including:

*100 tactical nukes will be used to eliminate the Iranian military.

*120,000 U.S. ground troops will be used in the invasion.

*France, the U.K., Canada, Saudi Arabia, and Israel are expected to join a ‘coalition’ in support of the war.

*CIA assets and counter-intel efforts have been ramped-up over the past year in preparation.

*A ‘False Flag’ is being prepared to be used before the war with Iran.

*Propaganda is being prepped by White House and Israeli counterparts.

*Israel will support the effort and Benjamin Netanyahu was reportedly ‘smiling ear to ear’ during a recent meeting with John Bolton.

*There are concerns Trump’s ‘base’ may resist or criticize the efforts, so further propaganda efforts are being made to ‘shore up support’ for the war.

*Expected casualties range between 1.2 Million and 2 Million Iranians and 5,000 US troops.


Due to President Trump’s close relationship with Jared Kushner, a sense of ‘sober import’ has been placed on the war effort, which is being as a fulfilment of ‘Jewish prophecy’ within White House circles. Many in the White House believe Jared Kushner is the ‘Messiah’ or Jewish ‘Moshiach’ who cannot attain his ‘throne’ until Iran is wiped out.

The White House source is a high level official who has been right about many other things in the past, and their identity has been verified.

Further information on the war with Iran is revealed in the videos below and on David Goldberg’s YouTube channel, which of course was deleted as if it had never existed!

The information in this article was provided to David Goldberg, a Jewish advocate and fellow at the Jewish Center for Antisemitic Study, by a former White House employee only known by the name of ‘Isabel’. Her story has been aired on David Goldberg’s YouTube channel, and she continues to provide valuable information about what is going on in the Trump White House.

Antisemitic attacks against Mr. Goldberg continue, and are documented in his video series. Efforts to block this information and shut down the social media accounts of Mr. Goldberg continue to be an issue.


Later in May, David Goldberg offered further details.

Since originally posting the videos, The New York Times confirmed a month later Mr. Goldberg’s prediction that the White House was planning to use exactly ‘120,000’ ground troops for the invasion…

Published on May 14, 2019  ‘Today, the New York Times reported the White House has drawn up plans to use 120,000 troops for an Iran invasion, which I reported a month ago on Israel Today News on April 18th. My White House source has been proven right yet again.’


WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: ‘USA & Israel Plot False Flag To Spark Iran War’ 

David Goldberg says his ‘life is threatened’ as he continues to reveal secret White House plans for Iran War

Sunday, May 12, 2019 – Israel Today News staff

The plans and plot for a false flag continue forward, as the USA and Israel plot a fake war with Iran. New information has been revealed about the plans, we have already been discussed and exposed by David Goldberg.

David Goldberg has said the Trump White House will continue to put out ‘ridiculous stories’ in a ‘predictive programming effort’ to prep the American people for war.

The information in this article was provided to David Goldberg, a Jewish advocate and fellow at the Jewish Center for Antisemitic Study, by a former White House employee only known by the name of ‘Isabel’.
This page is not available on the web (in 2023) because page does not (read: no longer exists) exist. But I found the mirrored article here:
After initial denial, UAE confirms ships ‘sabotaged’ off its coast
It shows that fake false flag plans are already being conducted, as evidenced by this recent story.


More about David Elias Goldberg’s mysterious death 

‘I’m a friend of David Goldberg. I was asked to share what I know about his death and give everyone a better idea of what’s going on. I’ve known him for nearly a decade, but I’m not going to get into the details of my relationship with him because I want to keep my identity private. I’m going to leave out some of our personal reactions and stick to the facts we know, suffice it to say, we’re all devastated by this news, and it hit some of us pretty hard – especially considering David seemed afraid for his life in recent months, because of what he was posting on his YouTube channel. We all wish we had done more, but we’re not sure there was anything we could do, either.

David passed in the morning on Saturday, June 8th, 2019, in his apartment

I got word of his passing from the neighbor who found him. David was found unconscious and not breathing, after the neighbor had stopped by for a planned visit, and David didn’t answer. The neighbor had a key, opened it, and found David lying on the floor in the main living room area. I was told there was some foam coming from his mouth, and his eyes were open when he was found. The neighbor called 911 right away. The neighbor was not trained in CPR but made some attempts to try to revive him. 

When the EMTs arrived, the neighbor said there was a group of cops and other law enforcement he couldn’t identify. He thought they were detectives! The neighbor was quickly ushered out, asked questions by the cops, and police tape was placed around the apartment. All the tape was removed within about a day, and some friends and family members were allowed in to collect things. 

It was really hard to get word on David’s condition

He was taken to the hospital, but only family members were notified, and they were not even in the state. So as friends we were trying to get information, but still haven’t gotten much. All we know is he was unconscious and likely dead when the EMTs arrived, but we don’t know when he was pronounced dead, and there is still no official cause of death. We’ve asked, but we’ve gotten no information at all, as to whether there is a criminal investigation, or how the death is being treated. We’ve also placed some calls to David’s known family members, and none have returned the calls. We checked the local media reports, and there was nothing. We eventually placed calls to the local news channels letting them know what happened, but again nothing came of it.

David kept me abreast of things over email, and he told me he had been given some documents he felt could, for certain, get him killed. The documents related to some internal White House memos in which a couple of New York rabbis were meeting with Trump frequently, and the memos talked about the nature of those meetings. I didn’t get full details, except that it seems the rabbis were going to deliver for Trump a re-election victory if he did things they were asking. I guess Trump was listening intently, because – well this is what David said to me – because the rabbis had a lot of power, in ways in which they could rig the elections if they needed to. The memos also talked about how Trump’s poll numbers were not very good and he could easily lose in 2020, and the White House knew this, and this was part of the reason why Trump was paying so much attention to these rabbis. I guess they just have a lot of control or something, and Trump needed them. David said the documents, if they ever got out, would be very bad for Trump, because there was no way to put a positive spin on them. He said the memos were pretty blunt, and seemed to have been written by a couple of staffers coordinating the meetings.

There were also documents in David’s safe that we were able to recover after the cops left

They took a lot of David’s stuff without any explanation as to why, but they didn’t get the safe, which was a floor safe and it’s possible they didn’t even know it was there. In fact, we’re pretty certain they didn’t know it was there, because it is very well hidden. 

David was smart and put pretty much everything in that safe that was important. David had also given at least three friends access to his online accounts, and said if something happened to him, to be ready to take over. 

The rest of his stuff, which was paper, notes, his computers, and phones, had some information but nothing like what was in the safe, where he kept all of it! The friends removed everything from his safe, and have made copies of what they could and have those copies in safe places in case anything happens.

There will be some more updates coming. We are talking on a video which will show the documents, and also we have retained a lawyer to go over how best we can present the information David left behind.’

A Friend of D.E.G. [David Elias Goldberg]


David Goldberg had posted a plea for help: 

‘I have been given further information from my White House insider, a person with very close ties with the White House, who was formerly employed there until recently – but I will not reveal it until I have insurance that my channel is given more exposure. They will shut down my channel immediately if I reveal this information.

I need everyone’s help in posting my videos otherwise they will just close my channel. I have been posting secret information from the White House for months on my channel but I have very few views, which means they can just eliminate me any time they want. I have already been threatened, I believe poisoned with arsenic, and I have also had people outside of my apartment watching me. Without your help, my channel will be deleted. I have also been hit with a barrage of antisemitic comments, which concerns me greatly as well. I need help. I’m asking for help now because things are getting very serious. 

This information is highly sensitive and they do not want it out.
I have already exposed that Trump converted to Judaism, and he believes Kushner is the Messiah or Moshiach. They do not want this information out!
I have already revealed in two previous videos detailed plans about the coming Iran War and false flag! This information is highly secret in nature. My channel may be removed any time.’

Efforts to block this information and shut down the social media accounts of David Goldberg continue to be an issue…


See also some scripted news on Iran:


VS-Israël drill is een signaal aan Iran dat militaire actie klaarstaat



‘I assume that David Goldberg, like John Todd at the time, messed up the TPTB’s plans considerably, and delayed their schedule.’

‘I’m seeing people attack Mr. Goldberg, even in death. I think they’re shills or someone trying to push the narrative away from him. I followed him from his third video when I found out about him, and his story was consistent. He was Jewish so you could tell he was conflicted but ultimately he came to realize the False Flag war with Iran was evil, and that Trump and Kushner were working toward goals he did not agree with. He was a brave man and now people are lying about him and making things up about him.’


Sources (some have now been deleted):

Israeltodaynews.blogspot.com (deleted by TPTB): Iran war planned by Trump 2019

Transcripts of David Goldberg’s Secret Phone Recordings – Part 1

WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: War with Iran planned by Trump, to occur in the Fall of 2019

WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: “USA & Israel Plot False Flag To Spark Iran War”

David Goldberg found dead in his New York apartment after predicting Iran War false flags

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