The Holy Spirit gives power to forgive and love your enemies by Corrie ten Boom

1974  A powerful, moving testimony of the work of the Holy Spirit in Corrie’s life. ‘The greatest of these is love’. Love to forgive your worst enemies.
31 maart 2023


Corrie ten Boom spoke so many years ago as she told this story. There is redemption in it and there’s also a story of the love of Jesus Christ, even under the most difficult of circumstances. That’s what makes Corrie’s testimony so inspirational. That you could love your enemies was one of the greatest lessons she’d learned! She faced horrors that most of us could never even imagine, and yet, through it all, she trusted God to guide her:


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Only a few of the Headlines:

‘I have a message for you from Piet Hartog. Don’t wait till the last week of your life like he has done, but give your life today to the Lord, and say, “Lord, use me! Take my life, and let it be consecrated to You”. How you will say it, I don’t mind, but tell the Lord, that He may take you to use you as a light of the world, and then I can tell you, He will use you.’

‘…. I had given him my last penny! But I know that hatred means murder in God’s eyes.’

‘I myself have suffered terribly in three different prisons, but I have forgiven you (her worst persecutor who later repented), and that is because Jesus is in my heart. And when Jesus tells you to love your enemies, He gives you the love that He demands from you.
And that man wrote me: “That you could forgive me is such a great miracle, that I have said, “Jesus, when You give such a love in the heart of your followers, there is hope for me…”’

‘…. And he (a prisoner interrogator) was angry, and he called the police, and said, “Bring her back to her cell!” The next day, I was again brought to him. And then he said, “I could not sleep this night. I always had to think of what you told me about Jesus… first you must tell me what you know about Jesus”. Boy, that was a chance.’

‘“Oh God, these people may not see me! God, send Your angels, and let they surround me.” But then I thought, but angels are spirits and you can look through a spirit! I said, “God, make Your angels un-transparent today!” You can pray very unorthodoxly when you are in great need, but God did it! God did it!…. and they did not see me. So I came with my (little) Bible in prison.’

‘The Bible was a forbidden book! But twice a day we had a Bible message in barrack 28. And God had used for that: angels and lice. Hallelujah! God can use everything, and what a joy! Many of the people around me were killed or died, but many died with Jesus’ name on their lips.’

‘….I asked the lady, “Have you ever sought the Lord Jesus as your Savior?” She said, “I go every Sunday to the church!” I said, “That’s good, but a mouse born in a biscuit tin is therefore not yet a biscuit”. You know? To be in the church doesn’t make you a child of God! She said, “But my father and mother are very fine children of God”. I said, “But God has no grandchildren”. You have to make a decision, because the Lord loves you. And He likes to hear that you say, “Yes, Lord Jesus. I thank You that You love me and I will love You. Thank You that you died at the cross for me”. Now, I’m glad she did it, that lady. But now, there comes such a terrific joy in your heart when you know that your sins are forgiven, that many people say, “Hallelujah, I’m saved. That’s the end!” Now you may say, ‘Hallelujah’, but don’t say it’s the end. It is the beginning.’

‘One of the great promises of the Bible is that Jesus said, “I will send you the Holy Spirit”. The Bible says, ‘Be filled with this Spirit….’

‘One experience of a short time ago, I was in Russia….
Oh, it was a joy. It’s always a joy to give these people comfort. But one morning I was in my hotel room, and I said, “God, I like to bring the Gospel to the communists. They have an eternity to lose or to gain, Lord. You died to take on the sins of the whole world. Lord, I cannot reach them. Lord, I need a miracle but You are a God of miracles. Give me the miracle that I can reach the communists today”. The same moment I saw on the floor, little holes in the form of a pepper box. The holes in the pepper box. I understood there is the secret microphone. In all the hotel rooms in communist countries there are secret microphones. They take every word you say on that microphone, on the tape. I said, “Thank You, Lord, for that answer!” What a joy! I could give a message to communists! If they listen, they not only listen, they took it on the tape. They did not keep the tape. They gave the tape to their chiefs! We prayed for all the people who had to read these tapes. And boy, I had a joy! I said, “I have here in my hand a book. A book almost bursting by good news. In this book is among all the riches is the great answer for the two paramount problems that every human being has. And that is the problem of sin and of death. For in this book you can read everything that you have to know about Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who died at the cross for the sins of the whole world. When you receive Jesus Christ as your Savior, and you repent of your sins, then He will cleanse your heart from your sins, and He will fill you with the Holy Spirit. And the fruit of the Holy Spirit is peace and joy and love. And Jesus gives you everlasting life. And that means life in Heaven. That is the answer for your death problems. And Jesus has said, “Come unto Me all”, and ‘all’ that is also you there!” What a joy. So, people pray….’

‘I’ve here a glove that cannot do anything. But when my hand is in the glove, it can cook, it can write, it can do many things. No, I know that isn’t the glove, that’s not the glove, that’s the hand in the glove. You and I are nothing but gloves. And the hand, that is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit does the job, that He makes you children of the Light. The Light in this very dark world. But you must give room to the Holy Spirit. When my hand is only in the midst of the glove, now the glove cannot do anything. No, you must surrender every finger, every corner of your life, to the Lord. He will fill you with the Holy Spirit. Hallelujah! Amen.’


No one is immune to deception

Beware, satanist Jessie Czebotar, Witch Kathryn Kuhlman, and Freemason Billy Graham, among others, used Corrie ten Boom for their ‘business’, their agenda. Christianity is big business!


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