Root causes of problems in life: Laying the ax to the root – Derek Prince

Deliverance, the deepest roots go back to people’s past life, evidence of curses, being accident-prone, a dark shadow from the past, only two sources of knowledge: God or satan, addictions, witchcraft, divination, occult involvement, rejection, and more.
July 3, 2023


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Laying the Ax to the Root – Part 1 – Finding the real deep roots of human Problems 

Laying the Ax to the Root – Part 2 – Breaking Generational Curses


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God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to all good works.   2 Corinthians 9:8

If you are going to abound to all good works it really is necessary that you have all sufficiency in all things, that you’re not continually in need yourself.

I’m going to speak on the basis of what I’ve learned, especially in the last ten years, in ministering to people in desperate need – spiritual need, mental need, emotional need, and physical need.

The gospel is totally radical

It goes to the root of things. It doesn’t mess around with something higher up, but the ax is laid to the root.

In my personal experience over the last ten years…

I came to grips in a new way with people’s problems, and it was on the basis of helping them to receive deliverance from evil spirits. And, looking back, I realize I began with the branches, and the top branches, the thinnest, smallest branches, and I had some success in getting rid of branches out of people’s lives. Then I realized there were thick branches below those branches which still had to be dealt with. When I got down to the thick branches, then I realized that those thick branches were supported by a trunk, which had to be dealt with. Then when I got to the trunk, I realized that the trunk was supported by invisible roots, and that the only final way of dealing with a tree is to get rid of its roots.

Dealing with problems, I’ve come to realize that the deepest roots go back into people’s past

They go back into preceding generations. Some people, especially kind of the evangelical fundamentalist type, don’t like to face this fact, but in many cases our lives are the product of what our ancestors were, and what they thought and said and did. I learned the truth that’s in the 20th chapter of Exodus. God says:

If people make any other gods before Him, He will visit those sins unto the third and fourth generation.

Now, it is not every type of sin, as I understand it, that’s visited to the third and fourth generation, but it’s the sins that involve making other gods before the true God, and I have to testify, on the basis of experience, those sins regularly are visited to the third and fourth generation. I’m learning more and more that when people have problems that can’t be dealt with on the basis of the simple ministry of believe in Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved, we have to look behind it and we have to go down below the surface to look for the roots.

I’ve discovered by experience that a curse is a very real thing!

The Bible has a great deal to say about curses, and one thing it says, “The curse causeless shall not come.” If a curse comes, it comes because of a cause. I might as well illustrate this right now so that you get some idea of what I’m talking about.

About just over a year ago I taught on deliverance…

I was teaching and ministering and two rows from me, in the second row, I saw what appeared to be a family, a father, mother, and daughter. The daughter was apparently a teenager and very conspicuously she had her left leg in a cast from the thigh right down to the bottom of the foot. I didn’t know them, but as I stood there I had a very strong impression that the family was under a curse. So I just spoke to the father and I said, “I have the impression that your family is under a curse. Would you like me to pray and release you from that curse?” And he said, “Yes.”

So standing there, and not touching any member of the family, I took authority in the name of Jesus

And I released that family from the curse! And I have to say, objectively, though I did not touch one member of the family at that time, there was a noticeable, physical reaction in each member of the family as I broke the curse. Something happened that was physically visible. Then I learned that the girl had broken her leg, I think three times in eighteen months, the same leg, and that the doctor had said it no longer would set, infection had set in, it could not heal and it would have to be amputated.

After having released them from the curse I offered to pray for the girl’s leg

Because it was in a cast there was no possibility of any kind of visible evidence of healing, but I took the leg, raised it in my hands, prayed over it, and said, “I believe God has touched your leg.”

They went back to the hospital

They had further x-ray, discovered that the wound had healed, and she was out of the cast within a few weeks! As far as I know, I heard from the father about a year later, her leg is totally healed! Now I do not believe that healing would ever have taken place if I had not previously broken the curse over the family. I think we run into that one cause why sometimes we seem to minister, and do all the right things, and yet there’s no result. Now let me say…

There are certain things that I consider as evidence of a curse over a person or over a family

And one thing which is very characteristic of this case is the accident-prone person, the person who is always having unnatural accidents. I think of a member of my family (who’s now dead), a clever, able, gifted man, and yet the number of automobile accidents he had was unnatural. Apart from other things, he’d step on a pair of scissors, it would go up into his feet. If there was a deadly bug around, be sure it would get him. And really, I have to say, he died of cancer, a very close member of my family. Looking back, I’ve come to the conclusion that we failed to save him physically because we failed to deal with the root cause.

Now, his mother was Jewish and she was a spiritist

And furthermore, I’ll have to say, he hated his mother. And looking back, I see that the evil influence from the spiritist mother was never fully cancelled in that case. He was saved, baptized in the Spirit, served the Lord as a missionary for seven years, and yet there was a dark shadow over that life that was never lifted.

Let me say this while I’m about it, and I’m not bringing you an ordered discourse today, I’m just speaking as things come to my mind. The first commandment with promise is this: 

Honor thy father and mother, that it may be well with thee, and that thou mayest live long on the earth.

Now, God means exactly what He says!

And I’m totally convinced that if a person does not honor his father and mother, it never will be well with him, no matter how long he may live! He may be a saved believer, he may be a servant of God, but if he does not honor his father and mother it never will be truly well with him all his days.

I know a man who’s going to be working with us shortly in a quite responsible capacity and ministry who realized this

And I realized that he hated and despised his father, and that there was a dark shadow over his life. He did something, which I am not saying is necessary to do, but he took a journey of about fifteen hundred miles to the cemetery where his father was buried. And leaving his wife outside the cemetery, he went and knelt by that grave. For about two hours he emptied his heart of all his bitterness and resentment and rebellion! He walked out of that place, knowing that his attitude toward his dead father was right. His wife said she has a different husband!

I remember dealing with a young man when I first came into this ministry

He came to me, he was about twenty-two years old, newly saved, and baptized in the Spirit. He was earnestly seeking to serve the Lord, and walk with God. He was in love with a young woman who was a good Christian girl. They were planning to get married, but at times he would become so insanely angry with her that he would actually be on the verge of throttling her! Well, when I sat with him in the pastor’s office, and began to talk to him, he began to use the word ‘fixation’. So I said, on the basis of that, I said, “Now, tell me. You’ve been to a psychiatrist, haven’t you?” He said, “Yes.” “Well,” I said, “I operate on a different basis. I’m not criticizing the psychiatrist. I respect what he does. But,” I said, “He operates on a psychological basis, I operate on a spiritual basis. Now,” I said, “you can have your choice, but I’m probably cheaper.” So he said, “I’ll choose you.”

Then I felt the Lord prompting me

I don’t know, I sometimes have a word of knowledge, but mostly it comes with me in the way I’m led to ask the right question, and sometimes I know for sure I’m getting question by question, exactly laying bare the roots. So I said, “Did you have an unhappy home background?” He said, “Yes.” I said, “Was your home divided?” He said, “Yes.” I said, “Your father was against your mother?” He said, “Yes.” And I said, “Whose side were you on?” And he said, “My mother.” I said, “Was your father sometimes unkind and brutal towards you?” and he said, “Yes.” I said, “Have you ever forgiven your father?” And he said, “Well, he’s dead.” I said, “That doesn’t make any difference, because it’s not for your father’s sake you forgive him, it’s for yours. As long as you have unforgiveness in your heart towards your father you’re bound to him. You can never be free.”
So it was getting late. It was about midnight, and after talking to him for a while I said, “I want to lead you in a prayer.”

I led him in a prayer of confession of faith in Jesus Christ, renunciation of sin, and claim for deliverance

Now, in my prayer I wanted to say, I intended to say, “And I forgive my father.” Put those words in his mouth, but I forgot. My mind was getting a little tired. So when he came to the end of the prayer, he himself spontaneously said, “And I forgive my father as I would have God forgive me.” When I put my hand on him, and prayed for him, two fixations left him.

So you understand the two persons you are most closely related to in life are your father and mother

Now, everybody here has a father and a mother. Some people here don’t have a wife, don’t have a husband, don’t have a brother, don’t have a sister, maybe don’t have a friend, but there’s not one person here that didn’t have a father or a mother. You are physically the product of them. There’s a relationship between you and them which is real, acknowledged by Scripture, and it’s a vital part of your life! First and foremost…

If you are in bitterness, resentment, rebellion against your parents…

no matter whether you’re twenty years old or fifty years old, you’ll never have it well with you. So if you want it well with you, you’d better decide to change this afternoon. You say, “Well, it was my parents fault.” I say, I can believe that. It always is. There are no juvenile delinquents. There are only adult delinquents. They produce juvenile delinquents. Always it’s the parents’ fault what can that little unborn or newly born baby have to say about that.

But it may be that in the background of your family there are dark forces which you do not understand

It may be that your mother or your grandmother was a fortune-teller, clairvoyant, spiritist, Christian Science practitioner. Now, those things are what are meant in Exodus 20 by “having other gods.” They’re other sources of spiritual help to which people go. The source to which you go for spiritual help is your god! If you go to drugs for spiritual help, then drugs become your god!

A friend of mine was ministering to a woman who needed deliverance

And the spirit that was plaguing her, and binding her, named itself as “the spirit of sleep,” which is a biblical name… a spirit of deep slumber. The man who was ministering to her commanded the spirit to come out of her in the name of Jesus, and it said, “I won’t. I’m her salvation.” Wasn’t that an extraordinary thing to say? But as I mediated on it [thought about it], I saw the truth of it in a sense. When that woman couldn’t face life, you know what she did? She curled up and went to sleep for sixteen hours at a stretch! Sleep was her salvation! It was her substitute for God.

People have many, many substitutes!

Nicotine, alcohol, drugs, the television, and many other things to which we turn for help, for comfort, for strength. And when we do, we make those things our god. But the worst and the most serious is, when we turn to some form of occult power or practitioner, like a fortune-teller, a clairvoyant, a palm reader, a person who practices ESP or hypnosis or handwriting analysis, or a host of other things! We’re agreed about that, aren’t we?

Almost any form of supernatural knowledge is very, very dangerous!

There are only two sources of supernatural knowledge. One is God, the other is the devil. If it doesn’t come from God, it does come from the devil. If it comes from God it comes through Jesus Christ, because He said:

“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man cometh unto the Father but by Me.”

So if we come to God the Father, it’s through Jesus Christ

If we get into any other supernatural realm of visions or revelations or knowledge or prediction, and we didn’t go by Jesus Christ, we got into the realm of evil and of satan, and in a certain sense we have tied ourselves to false gods. We need to repent, we need to revoke the claim that they have over us, and we need to loose ourselves from their dark evil influence! And as I say, the experience may not be in your life. It may be in the life of your parents, your grandparents or your great-grandparents. In relationship to the occult, to witchcraft, to fortune telling, to divination, to sorcery…. I’ve observed that there are certain lines that follow. It usually goes through the female line, most often.

Sometimes it will skip a generation

And you’ll find that a grandmother, who’s a fortune teller or a clairvoyant, is libel to have one favorite grandchild, it’s usually a girl. That favorite grandchild will be the recipient of that evil supernatural power.

My personal experience is that children born of parents in the occult, who are practicing the occult, are frequently born with the occult spirit in them from birth: a spirit of divination, a spirit of witchcraft. Let me try to describe to you divination as I understand it.

Divination is essentially the predictive ability

You can predict certain things that are going to happen. It’s very real. The 16th chapter of Acts, there was a young woman who had “a spirit of divination,” the King James says. The Greek says “a spirit, python.” A python, you know, is a kind of snake that coils itself around the body of its victims, and is very significant. In the original version of Jeane Dixon’s story, A Gift of Prophecy, it’s related specifically out of our own lips, that her peculiar gift came to her in the form of a snake which came into the bed with her, curled itself round her. That’s left out of the later editions, but it’s there! Nothing, to a person who knows the Bible, could more clearly advertise the source of that gift!

I was in New England about eight years ago, talking about the baptism in the Spirit, and leading people into the baptism

There was one woman who followed me around from place to place about four times, and every time she came for the baptism, she didn’t receive it. So she came up at the end, and she said, “What’s the matter with me? I come up. I say the same prayers as the other people. I don’t get it.” And I’d noticed that. She stood there like wood. When everybody else was moved by the Spirit, she was unmoved.

I said, “Do you acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the only way to God?”

She said, “No.” I said, “That’s why you don’t get it.” Then she began to tell me what was really a very tragic story. She said, “I read the book, A Gift of Prophecy, and I decided I wanted it. So I asked whatever gods there might be for that gift. After that, I began to know things that were going to happen.”

In essence, everything she foreknew was evil, was disastrous

For instance, she saw in a dream her aunt dying by drowning, and her aunt died by drowning, exactly as she dreamt it. But she could do nothing about it. And then she was under a sense of guilt and condemnation that she had done nothing about her aunt, though she knew she was going to drown.

Let me tell you, if God reveals things to you…

there’s always a practical and redemptive purpose, and basically, God does not reveal horror to you.

The devil is the one who reveals horror

And his revelations will serve no practical purpose. They’ll simply enslave you. Well, I ministered to that woman. I was due to preach and I spent about forty-five minutes when I was getting ready to preach, trying to help her. I could not get her out of what she was in, and I left that scene with a heavy heart, a sense of almost hopelessness in the face of this evil power that she had submitted to voluntarily but in ignorance.

I was ministering in a church in Chicago about maybe seven years ago

A woman came in and she said, “Would you pray for me? I need deliverance.” And I said to her, “No, because I believe you’re a medium, and I won’t pray for you.” So she went away. About some weeks later she came back. She said, “What you said was true, but I’ve repented. Will you pray for me?” Well, I didn’t feel really convinced that she had repented, but I thought, I really can’t refuse to pray for her on that basis. So I began to pray for her and command the evil spirits to leave her. Some of them apparently left, but it was very hard going. And I’ve learned now by experience when it’s hard going there’s a reason. However, I stopped to rest and I was leaning against the altar of the church…

She suddenly said to me in a strange voice, “I see you in a car and it’s wrecked against a tree.”

Praise God that I was on my guard! I instantly recognized that that was a divining spirit. I said, “You divining spirit, in the name of Jesus, I refuse that! I will not be in a car that will be wrecked against a tree!” But I saw something…

When a person goes to a fortune teller…

and the fortune teller says, “You’re going to divorce your husband, marry another man,” and you say, “Oh, am I?” You know what you’ve done? The fortune teller told you satan’s destiny for your life, and when you said, “Oh…”, you submitted to satan’s destiny. You made it possible for that destiny in many cases to be actually worked out in your life!

A woman came because she’d heard that I had a ministry of deliverance

I discovered that she disliked her mother. In fact, she said, “My mother’s five hundred miles away from me, but I find myself every day arguing bitterly with her in my mind.” Well I said, “That’s one of your problems.” I prayed for her, she got a measure of relief. She looked at me and she said, “Am I free?” And I gave my standard answer which is, “It’s not my business to give you a certificate, and if I did it wouldn’t be worth the paper that it’s written on.” That didn’t satisfy her, so she looked at me again, and she said, “Am I free?” I said, “I can’t tell you, but to tell you the truth, I have the impression that somewhere or other you crossed the line into forbidden territory.” She said, “When?” and I said, “I can’t tell you.” Well, she got rather angry with me and went away, but the couple that had brought her were friends of ours, and they said, “Well, listen. Don’t get angry with brother Prince. Pray about it. See if it’s true.”

Then she told me the rest of the story herself

In fact, she gave this testimony in public. She said that next morning alone in her apartment she prayed to the Lord God, and she said, “If there’s any truth in what brother Prince said, will You show me?” And immediately, her mind went back to a church of which she was a member, a Methodist church, before she knew the Lord personally, and how in this church the most spiritual woman in the church had come. She was spiritual, too, believe me! She had come to her, and said, “May I tell your fortune,” I think, “read your palm?” So because the woman was noted to be the most spiritual in the church she said, “Yes.”

The woman told her fortune

She said, “You’re going to have a child, and it will be born dead.” Later she had a baby and it was born dead. The doctor who delivered the baby said, “I’ve never seen a case like that. It was choked by its own umbilical cord, which was twice wound around its neck.” There in the apartment, meditating on this, which the Lord had brought back to her memory, she realized that that woman in that Methodist church had predicted satan’s destiny over her life! And by believing it, she’d submitted to it! And, in fact, in a certain sense, that woman was the murderer of her baby: a good respectable churchgoing murderer. And so she renounced that evil thing, confessed all that as a sin, released herself from it all by herself, and she said that she had a violent physical reaction alone in her room and was set free.

Since then she’s had a baby that was born healthy and lived

People say, “Well, brother Prince, I went to a fortune teller, but I just did it for a joke. I didn’t mean anything by it.” I’ll give you Don Basham’s answer to that one, which I think is good. He says, “What would you think if I said to you, ‘Well it’s true. I did commit adultery with my neighbor’s wife, but I just did it for a joke. I didn’t mean anything by it’” You see, one is physical adultery, the other is spiritual adultery. I believe the Bible indicates spiritual adultery is more evil than physical adultery.

I want to talk about one other type of personal problem; this root is the occult

It’s involvement in satan’s supernatural realm. My experience today is that three out of every four persons in the United States have in some way or other been involved in the occult! I was in a meeting, and a Methodist minister had real understanding; he was preaching on the danger of involvement with Edgar Cayce and Jeane Dixon. I happened to be at the back of the congregation listening. At the end of his message he said, “Now how many of you have read either one or other of those writers, been interested in them?” At least one-third of the people in the congregation immediately raised their hand. They were all professing Christian church members. So let me say frankly, in my personal opinion…

The greatest threat to the United States, and the one thing that can destroy this nation, is witchcraft! It’s unbelievably powerful; it’s unbelievably sinister! I don’t know how far I dare go this afternoon. I think I’d better go all the way.

I have been involved in a kind of private war with witchcraft

I didn’t choose it. It happened. I mean, there’s something about that. I recognize it. Not always, I’m blinded at times [… that’s for sure!]. People come to me. They say, “brother Prince, I don’t know what’s the matter with me, but when I come near you I start to shake.”
I say, “I know what’s the matter with you. It’s my private enemy in you that doesn’t like me. We recognized one another.” You know I used to smile at this, but then God opened my eyes to the teaching of the Bible, and I saw that there is a biblical type of witchcraft which is Jezebel. She is the Bible witch. Then I saw that Jezebel almost completely captured God’s people Israel. She did it in a way that is typical of witchcraft, by allying herself with a ruler, captivating a weak ruler, King Ahab, and using his influence in order to captivate the people of God. And then I saw that her influence was so evil and so powerful that God had to raise up one of the most powerful ministers of the Bible to deal with it, which was the ministry of Elijah. And essentially Elijah was God’s answer to Jezebel. Then you know what I saw? This is what really scared me. I saw that even that great man of God, Elijah, ran like a coward from Jezebel. When I saw that, I realized that this was something of tremendous power and evil. Then God showed me in Malachi, chapter 4, the promise – the last two verses of the Bible:

…should come to pass before the great and terrible day of the LORD that I will send you Elijah the prophet? And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

Notice the word ‘curse’

God showed me, why would we need Elijah? Because Jezebel would be on the scene. The same situation would demand the same ministry. The great end-time pressure of evil would be the pressure of witchcraft. God also showed me the result of witchcraft in the home which is to divide the home, and parents from the children, and the mother against the father.

If you tolerate witchcraft in your home, your home will be divided, and your marriage will be broken!

It is the great marriage-breaker. And because of its prevalence in the United States, one out of every two marriages now ends in divorce. The unseen force behind that is witchcraft! And God also indicates in that passage from Malachi the great end-time social problem will be divided homes: parents against children, and children against parents. And God showed me too that the great responsibility for this is in the fathers. God does not speak first to the children to turn to their fathers, but the fathers to turn to their children. Let me say to every man and every father here, that’s your responsibility.

God also made it clear to me that the reason why it’s so hard to get men in America to play their part as men is because of the unseen pervading influence of witchcraft which emasculates men. Now, some of you men may get angry with me, but I don’t care. American males can be successful in almost every field: commerce, industry, sports, war…. except two, the family and the church. In most cases, the leadership is in the hands of the women. Let no one say I’m a woman hater, because I’m not.

For the woman to dominate the man is contrary to all divine order

In fact, if you go back to the origins of our problem, they started that way. When the woman took the spiritual initiative, the race got into trouble. I find that many men want to take their rightful place in the home, and somehow they can’t do it. They’re up against some unseen force that seems to frustrate them. It’s the power of witchcraft, and it has to be broken, it’s got to be broken. There’s no other way in which we can have things functioning the way they should. You say, “Well, that couldn’t happen to Charismatics.” Let me correct you. In the book of Revelation there was a spiritual group named Thyatira that had the gift, and were very active. And you know what the Lord said? “You suffer that woman Jezebel who calls herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants.”

Could you believe that Jezebel could get into a Charismatic prayer group?

Shall I tell you, that’s where she would like to be most, and there are not a few Charismatic prayer groups that are Jezebel-organized.

“Brother Prince, are their Pentecostal witches?”

I said, “Yes, there are. There are Charismatic witches too.”
I know there are a lot of Pentecostal congregations which are dominated by a woman. The woman is usually a powerful character who prophesies or gives interpretations. And when you analyse what goes on in the church, the pastor is just a figurehead, but she’s the one with the power.

In 1963 I became pastor of a Pentecostal congregation in Seattle, Washington

I discovered that the previous pastor’s wife had divorced her husband, while they were still in the church, become entangled with one of the board members, persuaded the board member to divorce his wife, and the pastor’s wife and the board member were just about to get married. And the amazing thing was that she’d convinced about two hundred people in the Pentecostal congregation that it was all right for her to do that. And people told me that she would stand behind the pulpit, and say, “How many of you are with me?” And if they didn’t put their hands up, this man told me, “I was scared of the look in her eyes.” I met that woman once, I looked in her eyes; it was like looking in the pits of hell. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know how to handle that situation, until I read Galatians 3:1:

O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you? Received ye the gift of the Spirit by the words of the law, or the hearing of faith?

So I knew that a [Pentecost] congregation could be bewitched

And my wife and I are pretty tough people. I mean, we went to war against that thing. We stood together and it was broken, but it’s come as near as anything in my ministry to breaking me. And, looking behind, I see the sinister force of witchcraft dominating a congregation!

I’m laying the ax to the root today

It’s not fair to preach this message without doing something about it at the end, because I suppose, at a minimum estimate, twenty-five percent of the people in this audience are in some way implicated in what I’ve said, either directly or through your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents. In many cases there’s a dark shadow in your life, an oppressive influence that you’ve never been able to analyse or laid bare, and I’m laying the ax to the root today.

People say to me one thing…

They say, “You know, brother Prince, I’m saved, baptized in the Spirit. I love to worship the Lord, but when I’m closest to the Lord in worship, and feel I’m nearest to Him, something comes down over me, and shuts me off.” And you know, through experience I’ve learned to ask, “Did you ever go to a fortune teller?” And I find about three times out of four the answer is Yes. When that’s renounced and broken there’s no barrier to worship.

The problem of rejection

At least one in four persons in the United States today has a problem of rejection. Talking again about parents, father and mother, the two persons we must have in our life, a father and mother. And every child is born into the world with a deep inward desire for love and acceptance by father and mother! But in modern America I would think fifty percent of the children born today are denied that in its full measure.

A mother resents the coming of a baby while it’s still in her womb…

There may be many reasons. She’s not in love with her husband, she feels it’s another tie to the marriage, there may be financial problems, that’s another mouth to feed, the child may have been born out of wedlock, and there’s all the embarrassment and shame that’s involved with that. Or, this is very common, the mother herself may have the problem of rejection, and she simply transfers it to her child. At any rate, the baby in the womb, an infant in the womb, is a person. All right, not according to the Supreme Courts…. terrible decision.

John the Baptist was six months in his mother’s womb

When he heard the voice of Mary, he leaped with joy! He was a person; he could respond. He knew what was going on around him! Do you realize that? And a little unborn baby in its mother’s womb is very well aware if its mother doesn’t love it, rejects, resents it, and doesn’t want it! When it comes out it will come out with a spirit of rejection already in it. Or it may be born without that, but it may be born in a home that becomes divided, father and mother separated, the father never shows the child the love that a child expects, and maybe the father actually loved the child but just didn’t know how to show it. And the child grows up feeling lonely and unwanted and unloved. And the root of that is rejection.

How rejected people act, people with the spirit of rejection

There’s basically two kinds of reaction.

One is the passive: “Well, nobody loves me. I’m on the outside looking in,” And it goes basically like this. The little, I could write it out on a blackboard: loneliness, misery, self-pity, depression, despair, and suicide. Or it may be simply the desire to die…. I wish I were dead. Have you ever said that? Don’t put your hand up if you have.

It’s one of the most dangerous things you’ll ever say!

It’s inviting the spirit of death.

Then there’s the person who’s aggressive, not passive, but active: the reactions then usually are resentment, hatred, rebellion.

Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft…  1 Samuel 15:23

Rebellion leads to witchcraft, so the rebel goes into the occult

Many of you here know that by personal experience. When you became a rebel you began to reach out for the Ouija board, the horoscopes, drugs (which is a form of sorcery), and so on. The schizophrenic is the one who reacts in both ways at the same time, both passive and active, and both lines of action are there, fighting each other continually, until that person doesn’t know who he or she really is. The person with this problem always feels left out. The attitude is, “Others can; I can’t. I’m on the outside looking in. Other people are loved; I’m not. Other people are accepted; I’m not.” And usually, as a consequence, there is an inability to love, because I think it’s true, scripturally and psychologically, that we cannot love until we’ve been loved.

It says in the first epistle of John, “We love Him because He first loved us.”

If He had not first loved us, we wouldn’t know how to love Him. That’s true of every child! The parent has to love the child before the child can love. A child that’s never experienced love doesn’t know how to love. You probably think, somewhere in this congregation, you’re the only person like that and I’m talking to you specifically. Let me tell you, there are thousands and thousands just like you.

Now, God has shown me the basic remedy for rejection

I was in a camp meeting and busy and on my way to speak, and a lady going the opposite direction literally ran into me. So when we’d recovered, she said, “brother Prince, I was praying that if God wanted me to speak to you, we’d meet.” Well, I said, “We’ve met.” And I said, “I’m committed to preach. I can give you about two minutes.”

She began to tell me her problems, and I realized that the root problem was rejection

So after about one minute I said, “Listen, I can’t afford to listen any longer but I know what your problem is, and I’ve got the remedy. I want you to say these words after me.” She had confidence in me. See, if a person doesn’t have confidence in you, you cannot help them, no matter how hard you try. She had enough confidence in me to launch out and say it without knowing what she was going to say. And I led her in a statement which is something like this. “God, I thank You that You gave Jesus to die in my place, that Jesus is my Savior. I am Your child, I’m not rejected, I’m accepted in Christ. God is my Father, heaven is my home, I’m a member of God’s family. God loves me. He doesn’t just tolerate me, He actually loves me.” Now I said goodbye and went.

About a month later, I got a letter from the lady

She described the incident and how we’d met and what had happened, so I’d be surer to remember who it was. She said, “Just those few words that I’d said there have changed my life. I’m a different person.”

You see, the remedy for everything in our lives is found at the cross

And let me share something precious with you. You think you’re the only one that was rejected. Nobody else has ever known the heartbreak and the loneliness and the frustration and the sorrow that you’ve gone through. I want to tell you, somebody else does know, and His name is Jesus. God showed me that on the cross, what killed Jesus was rejection. Up to that hour, He’d known sweet unbroken fellowship with His Father. But when He was made sin with our sin, and He cried out to God, “My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?”, He was rejected. No answer came back.

Can you picture a little child holding a Daddy by the hand, saying, “Daddy, Daddy, help me.”

And there’s no answer. The father turns away, shrugs his shoulder, dismisses the child. That’s what’s able to cause rejection.

Every evil consequence of sin Jesus suffered on the cross

That’s why He can redeem, deliver, and save. Jesus bore your rejection. Why? That you might have His acceptance with the Father. It may be too late to change your background, your past, your family, but it’s not too late to know for sure experientially the joy of being a child of God the Father, of having a home in heaven, of being a member of the best family in the universe, of never again feeling lonely, unwanted, rejected and misunderstood! You don’t have to suffer that. Jesus suffered it in your place.

One of the great end purposes of the gospel is to bring us to the Father

Christ died to make the way for us to go to the Father, and our redemption is incomplete until we come to the Father and know Him as Father, till we know what it is to have a Father. Every child is born into the world with a big gap which can only be filled by a Father’s love. You know, the problem with the modern generation, the dropouts, the people that are wandering to and fro across the face of this nation…. you know what they’re looking for above all else? They’re looking for a father because their natural fathers have failed them. I don’t hesitate to say that. And God help me, I’m a father. I know that I’m judged by the words that I speak.

Fathers of the past decades have given their children education, clothing, cars, sports, college, everything but fatherhood

And many of those young people have said, “What’s the use of it all? I don’t need it.” And they started on a quest that’s led them into drugs, witchcraft, and immorality. What are they looking for? A Daddy. Well, I have news for you. There is one. You know what impressed me about the 17th chapter of John’s gospel? I read again and again. Jesus says to the Father, “I’ve made known unto them Thy name.”
And I thought, “Lord, what is Your name?” He didn’t give them any name. And then one day I realized His name is Father. That’s the name that He revealed. He revealed a father. Isn’t that good news? I don’t care how big you are and how intellectual you are and how wealthy you are, you need a Daddy. Maybe you’ve been running around for years bottling up inside that loneliness and that misery and that frustration…. too big, too proud, too educated to say, “I want a Daddy.”

We have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear, but we have received the spirit of adoption by which we cry Abba.

“Daddy, I know you. Take my hand. I’m lonely. I’m afraid. I can’t face life. But God, if You’ll take my hand and call me Your child, I’m not afraid any longer.”
Hallelujah! Glory to God! Thank you, Jesus.

I want to deal with two types of problems that I’ve spoken about

I want to deal with those who know that there’s a curse in their background. Now if you don’t know, don’t probe, don’t dig, don’t get all psychological. There are quite a number of you here on the basis of the evidence that I’ve given you, that you know that somewhere from the background there’s a curse, a dark shadow that follows you up.

I talked to one young lady here…

Every one of her aunts had had a mental problem. Every one of about six aunts and her mother. And as I sat there, God gave me insight. I said, “You know your basic problem? You know your family’s under a curse, and you’re afraid that that curse is driving you to do things that you don’t want to do and into places you don’t want to go. And in the last resort, you’re afraid, it will drive you mad.” She said, “You’ve told it exactly the way it is.”

All right, you’re under a curse

Now, the remedy is in the cross.

“Christ hath redeemed us from the curse, being made a curse for us.”

Hallelujah! He took the evil that we might have the good. What’s the good? What’s the opposite of the curse? The blessings.

The last attempt of satan to keep the children of Israel out of their inheritance was occult power

That was his last attempt. It wasn’t war, it was witchcraft!

The beloved of the Lord shall dwell in safety by Him. Underneath are the everlasting arms. There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling. A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand, but it shall not come nigh thee.

Those of you who realize that there is a dark shadow in your life following you up, you want to get rid of it…

I want you to stand; don’t be embarrassed. Now then, I want you to do it in your words. I’ll put the words in your mouth and I’ll pray with you, but I want you to do it for yourself. I want you to talk like this to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Say these words after me:

“Lord Jesus Christ, I believe that You are the Son of God, and the only Way to God. You died on the cross for my sins. You took my sin, You were cursed with my curse, that I might receive Your blessing. You gave me authority in Your holy name to bind and to loose. And as Your child I now take that authority. Whatever dark shadow, whatever evil power has followed me through life from my family background, I now renounce it! I take authority over it! I loose myself from it, and I forbid it ever again to affect me. I pray this is in the name of Jesus, and I thank God now that, by the blood of Jesus, I am redeemed out of the hand of the devil.”

Now lift your hands and praise God. 

“Father, in the name of Jesus, we just side with these people against the evil powers in their lives. We bind those evil forces in the name of Jesus, and we take dominion over them on the authority of the Word of God, that what we bind on earth shall be bound in heaven. We bind every evil, occult, dark power that was at work in any of these lives and families in the name of Jesus, and we loose these that have prayed this prayer in Jesus name, from every curse, every dark shadow, every occult background, right now in Jesus name. Amen.”

Praise God!
All right, you may be seated. And I want to take one more group, that is:

Those who know that deep inside you there still remains the problem of rejection…

All right, and you want to be released from it. I want you to stand to your feet, regardless of what people may say or think, if that’s your problem, I want you to stand to your feet. All right, now this is a faith transaction. There are two or three things: you’ve got to recognize your problem, call it by its right name, you’ve got to be willing to forgive your parents. In many cases, they have failed you. That’s granted, but you still have to forgive them because until you forgive them you are bound to them by your unforgiveness, and then you have to thank God that in Christ you are accepted. That’s a faith transaction. Ephesians 1 says:

God hath made us accepted in the beloved.

Turn your attention, maybe for the first time in your life, directly to God your Father, and thank Him that you’re His child. Now when you do this, there may be no particular feeling or emotion, but in quite a number of cases, something inside you is likely to turn loose. And if it does, just let it come out. I tell people…

There are a lot of knots tied inside us that only God’s finger, the Holy Spirit, can untie

If those knots begin to untie, and you feel you’re going to sob or weep, that’s not unmanly, that’s not emotionalism, that’s relief. Accept it! And you’ll be a different person when you walk out of here. Maybe for the first time in your life you’ll really know that people who’ve loved you for years do love you. You’ll really be able to love people and show them love.

All right, I want you to say these words:

“Heavenly Father, I thank You that You loved me and You gave Your only Son, Jesus Christ, to bear my sin, to bear my shame, to bear my loneliness, to bear my rejection, to die in my place. I have received Jesus as my Savior, and I believe His blood has cleansed me from all my sin. Lord, I now forgive my parent any harm, any wrong. I forgive them, God, as I would have You forgive me. And I now lay down all bitterness, all resentment, all hatred, and all rebellion.
I thank You for Your forgiveness and for Your acceptance in Christ. I thank You that You are my God, that You are my Father, that You do love me. I’m not unwanted, I’m not rejected. God is my Father, heaven is my home. I’m a child of God, a member of God’s family, accepted in Jesus Christ. For this I thank You now and praise You in Jesus’ name!”

Now, begin to thank Him, turn loose, accept it by faith.

“Thank You, Lord, in the name of Jesus. Now, Lord, we pray for any that’s bound by the spirit of rejection. We loose them now in Jesus’ name from inner turmoil and conflict. We release them in the name of Jesus, right now, from any inner binding that holds them back from loving and responding. We release them in the name of Jesus. We thank Thee for sweet release in Jesus’ name, in Jesus’ name, in Jesus’ name, in Jesus’ precious name. Thank You, Lord.”

All right, if you’re standing up, turn round to somebody and tell them right in the face, “God loves me. I’m His child.”

God bless you.



Laying The Ax To The Root by Derek Prince

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