PART 2 Ex-Illuminati John Todd testimony of his experience in Witchcraft and of the Illuminati

‘After 14 years of depending upon these spirits to tell me everything to do, nobody was telling me anything! Because this preacher had taken authority over them and ordered them to be quiet.’
April 1, 2022


This is a follow-up to ‘Ex-Illuminati John Todd testimony of his experience in Witchcraft and of the Illuminati’, a testimony of John Todd Collins which I updated today with an important update.

John Todd was raised in witchcraft

John is from the family line of Collins that brought witchcraft to Salem, Massachusetts. His occult name was Lance Collins. John was initiated into a witch coven at 13 years of age, became a High Priest, then, at 18, joined the Military and served in the Special Forces, known as the Green Berets. His IQ tested at 175.
The most important event in his life: John was saved through the witness of a faithful pastor. After he was saved, he testified of what he’d been in.


Transcript John Todd

I was raised in a supernatural world

All our lives we had spent listening to spirit guides. Now since that preacher had prayed for me, my spirit guides had not said a word to me. I was in a vacuum. Have you ever had a trial, where you prayed and prayed, and feel like you’re not getting through? Well, this is the way I felt, and nothing was coming through and I was in a vacuum. And after 14 years of depending upon these spirits to tell me everything to do, nobody was telling me anything! Because this preacher had taken authority over them and ordered them to be quiet. As I was reading this booklet, I had sense enough to know that something was trying to get to me, something was trying to get through, but none of my spirit guides would be giving me books on witchcraft that was telling me the devil was behind it! So I threw the book away.

And I was in a bigger state of confusion that I had ever been in

I walked back to where my apartment was in the Casino building; it consists of several Night Clubs back there, and I walked into one, The Club Aquarius, walked to the back of the Club and sat down in the office all alone by myself and tried to think things out. Now I spent several hours trying to think of a Christian church that I could go to and ask questions of, that we didn’t own the minister of. Now that may seem kind of strange to you, but as an Ex-grand Druid, it is not strange at all.

Much that you see in churches that you just think is Liberalism is Pay-off-ism

I will go over that in simple terms! They have taken the money and rejected the Lord! It is kind of hard for a minister who is not sold out to God to turn down 1/2 million dollars if it is laid down as a bribe. They can get even higher! In fact, one church that I know of got 8 million dollars in two years, and another one got 10 million dollars in one year. So they can receive the money… anyway…
I didn’t have a membership list with me, so I didn’t know who we owned and who we didn’t. And I was afraid to call the wrong pastor because that could get me killed! So I sat there thinking for a little bit, and I remembered that the night before, one of our witches that was a prostitute in a downtown area, had come screaming into the nightclub about a coffee house, called the Greengate Club. Strange place!

It used to be a Burlesque place about 3 months prior to that

And this minister came in and preached an un-invited revival. The revival took about 15 minutes and 20 some people got saved, including the dancers, the bartender, the band the people in the congregation, and the husband and wife that owned the place. So when they got saved they decided to turn it over to a Baptist church that they were going to.

That Baptist church turned out to be the Baptist church that was praying and fasting for me

Now don’t confuse Jack Taylor with the other pastor. He was from another church. He couldn’t get his church to pray and fast for witches, since his church thought he was ‘crazy’ when he said ‘witch’. So he called up Castle Hills, which was well known for working in the power of God! They asked for people to pray and fast. They got about 500 people to pray and fast over that weekend, that I would get saved. And I firmly believe that that had a lot to do with it.

So, she (the witch) had told me about this place…

And she wanted us to burn it down, buy it out, or something, because it was ruining her business. I mean, here is a prostitute, propositioning a soldier, and here is somebody over here preaching the Word of God to him! It doesn’t work!
So she was very upset. I decided I would go look this place up, so I walked on over by the bus station. I went in; it was about 2:00 in the morning. The place was supposed to close at midnight. I firmly believe to this day that God breaks coke fountains! Because when I came in there the manager had stayed late to fix the coke fountain that had broken down, just as he was ready to close.

And as I walked in, he started witnessing to me

And it was fine till about 45 minutes to an hour, and then I brought up witchcraft. So in a white kind of ghostly like face he called up the pastor, and said, “I got this witch down here”. And the pastor said, “Well, we have been praying and fasting that he would get there, so go ahead and witness to him, and we will just call everybody up and start praying”.
So they started praying, and he started witnessing more, and started showing me things in the Bible, and started praying for me.

Pretty soon he was praying and I was praying, and the Lord saved me!

And I have never forgotten it! See, I was born in a witchcraft family, where I inherited everything my parents had. In other words, I inherited their demons! Or ones just like the ones they had, so I was never free from the time the doctor spanked me on bottom in the delivery room, until that night in 1972.
You may have felt great when you got saved but I don’t think that you felt as great as I felt when
I got saved! We may argue that point, but I don’t…

For the first time I could think for myself…

without this heavy like cotton in my head is about the only way you could describe it. And my decision was, that if they killed me going out of that place then I would die happy! And I walked out, not even thinking of any danger. And the next night I was thinking and saying that I would like to live long enough to enjoy this. The reason for that is, you do not leave witchcraft once you are initiated. When you are in, you are in! To prove this point:

There have been, since my salvation, about 500 people saved out of witchcraft

And that is not very many when you know how many millions are in. Fifty of them have been killed in five years! Our lives are in danger all the time, my wife’s and myself, and all the people that have come out. They start at $10,000 bounties and work up to several hundred thousand. But it is not just witches.

I have a few contacts still back in the Illuminati…

that will do me favors every once in a while. They don’t understand why I would want to be a Christian, but they don’t think I am all that bad. But I had them run a computer check through one of the computers they have in New York, that the occult owns to keep tabs on everybody. I wanted to check out what Christian ministers I might know that had this same problem on them. Brother Barry’s name came up. They have $100,000.00 on that man’s head!
Jack Chick of Chick Publications, Dr. Van Eppy, Joe Boyde, Dan Hartry, my pastor Ola Rasmussen, and many others, to go on and on. They have felt such a danger to them that they have decided that they are better dead than alive, and were willing to spend millions of dollars to make sure that it happens.

So it is a warfare!

And it goes on, and it is getting worse and worse! We had to pray much before we would come out to the East coast. Everybody said, I was crazy when I moved to L.A. to minister to the people out there. They don’t know the East coast. It has been an experience, and we ask that you pray for us as we go around ministering. My wife is usually with me on the road, but she had to go back to Los Angeles on an emergency, and we ask that you pray for her while she is on the road.

John Todd


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